Lunar Sloth's Second Darkness

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But down in the underground
You'll find someone true
Down in the underground
A land serene
A crystal moon
(David Bowie, Underground)

Map of current encounter Here.

Map of the Gold Goblin - All 3 Floors

Map Locations:

1. Grand Entrance
2. Casino Floor
3. Cashier
4. Cashier's Cage
5. Guardroom
6. Cash Storage
7. Counting Room
8. Night Vault
9. Floor Manager's Office
10. Private Dining Rooms
11. Cellar Entrance
12. Kitchen
13. Scullery
14. Staff Lounge
15. The Goblin's Tankard
16. Privies - These are private bathrooms marked with a sword and a cup, but no other indication of what gender each bathroom is meant for.
17. Atrium
18. Master Suite
19. Guest Rooms
20. Guest Suite - A nicer version of the guest suite that includes lodgings for servants.
21. Linen Storage
22. Staff Quarters - These are for common staff, or temporary hired guards.
23. Dressing Room - Includes costumes for theme events, or for performances.
24. Waiting Area (Where you met with Saul)
25. Owner's Office - Saul's personal office.
26. Record Room
27. Dining Room
28. Saul's Personal Bedroom
29. Your Quarters. Three bunk beds are shoved against the walls next to a pair of wide wardrobes. A small table with three chairs is pushed into one corner, and two overstuffed chairs sit on a wolfskin rug before the hearth. The entrance to a small privy is covered by a thin curtain.
30. Security Catwalks
31. Wine Cellar
32. Wrangler's Chamber
33. The Red Room (underground bar)
34. Guard Alcove (secret entrance to the fighting pit)
35. Armory
36. Infirmary (For Injured Animals)
37. Kennel (currently has a fat boar [Pigsaw], 5 dogs, 2 monkeys)
38. Arena (holds 30 spectators, 1 sp cover charge)
39. The Octahedron (main fighting pit)

Map of Riddleport

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Any comments about Yuelthea?

Karl Sarvo:
Everything else is detailed and doesn't leave me with any questions/clarifications.

It may make your backstory a little easier to read if you give your multiple friends names. Right now, the both seem to be the same person on the first read-through.

Lunar Sloth:

Thanks for the feedback. The tropes help me get my head wrapped around the character too. I think Pluck is ready to go for Judgement Day.

Lunar Sloth:

I have some points to make about your questions. To facilitate clarity and accuracy, I will use bullet points.

  • Bullying:
    Why does it seem disconnected with the rest of the story? You never indicate why other than that you don't seem to like it. And before you claim that this is a random personality bit I threw in, please read the following: "Because she was weaker than the other children, she was bullied frequently. She tried to deflect their taunts and jabs as best she could, though she was not always successful. The experiences were valuable, though, because out of them she developed patience and a steely inner strength." Sounds like a valid reason to hate bullies. Unless you feel that childhood events shouldn't influence her as an adult.

  • Elven Society:
    What story point brought you to the conclusion that she was raised outside of elven society? I'll tell you this much, no such point exists because I never made it, either explicitly or implicitly. She lives in the city with other elves. Being that Absalom is a diverse city she would have been exposed to children of other races. There are many large groups of elves that live in an urban environment, and this is no exception. Please, kindly provide your reasoning as to why you have this concern.

  • Elven Knowledge:
    As to her knowledge, I direct you to something: "She was given access to any material she desired (not that she really studied with a gift such as hers), from those pertaining to her race, to literature pertaining to the religious." Sound familiar? It should as this is in her story. Divine knowledge is a real concept in the game. I accounted for this in the mechanics by making her an Oracle. I also draw your attention to a sentence in the opening paragraph that describes the Oracle class: "These divine vessels are granted power without their choice, selected by providence to wield powers that even they do not fully understand."

If you are going to provide feedback then you need to tell potential players your reasoning so we can see your point of view. Not doing so means that it looks like you merely don't like something rather than having a legitimate concern. Save time and post ALL relevant info so the best decisions can be made from the beginning.

You seemed to glossed over the story on several points. This led you to jump to some conclusions regarding such. For the sake of all players, don't. Instead of assuming something you should always ask first. Less stress overall.

Envoy's Alliance

lunar sloth:
I'm wanting to make a fairly sheltered life character. He never really had any amazing events happen to him. He makes friends, he does his job and gets good grades in school. He never had anything tragic happen to him either as he never even left riddleport. He is an only child. He is chaotic because he follows Riddleports rules and stuff which is far from societies rules.
Edit: added more backstory to go more into detail about the events of his life.

Hah I mixed up my Feat and Trait sections. Do not have access to my character sheet from work so I'm going off memory as to what 2nd Feat I picked. It's updated. Let me know if there's anything else that needs to be done.

In my head Hisao's past isn't very far behind him and he just arrived at Riddleport. He heard it's a good place to get lost and start fresh and being Chaotic Neutral kinda it fits his personality to a T. Really though he leans a bit more towards CG than CE.

Grand Moff Vixen:
I'm very sorry that you seem to think that I wasn't clear in my reasoning. Let me explain myself a little here.

I thought that you were Forlorn, as Absalaom, while a very diverse city, doesn't have many elves or a elven society within it. Lore keepers, in particular, are more associated with Kyonin. In my copy of the Guide to Absalom, it says that elves are actually rather uncommon, and tend to be either the Forlorn or adventurers leaving their home town.

Thank you for pointing out that part of your backstory. I hadn't made the connection earlier.

Thanks for the additional background.

Thanks for the clarification! And I figured it was something like that.

Lunar Sloth:
You make a good point. Aviara's personality seems disconnected some from her history. Let me see if I can do it more justice!

I apologize in advance for the long post! I hope you enjoy reading it and that it answers your questions about Aviara's feelings and interaction with the world.

The loss of her family has left her with a complicated guilt-trauma complex. There is the sadness of losing many of the people she loves and now being alone in the world, as well as a sense of that it was her fault. This guilt comes from two sources. First of all, she grew up being told that she is a sign of good-fortune. Second, she did not kill her original captor when she escaped from him.

When it comes to the beliefs surrounding her divine sign, how much her presence in the world influences things. She is doubtful that much that was prophesied about her is true. Yet, the sign does have power, and to be treated as a living boon, it is difficult not to have it go to your head.

Regarding her escape from her first captivity, she believes, in hindsight, that she did not behave as a good jarl's (grand)daughter should. While it may have been risky, her captor may have woken up, she should have killed him in his sleep, to ensure that he did not make it back to his clan. In truth, the other clan may have descended on her people anyway, but she has convinced herself that had she only killed the brute who had carried her off, she would have prevented this terrible thing.
Further, there is much shame about her fleeing from her people, especially when the enemy was there because of her. In hindsight, she wonders, if she had simply let the enemy clan take her, when they arrived, maybe her people would have been saved.

The process of grieving goes through a number of stages, starting with denial, then anger, and then bargaining. However, I doubt the process goes cleanly and unmixed. Aviara has mixed feelings of denial, anger and often bargains with herself. Every day and night as she goes to sleep or wakes up, she attempts to convince herself that some of her family must still be alive somewhere, waiting for her. She believes that one day she shall find them, if only she should go to the North again. Sometimes she tries to convince herself that nothing like this really happened, that her entire life up to this point is a bad dream, and she is often angry. She carries feelings of wrath especially for the man who first captured her, anger at the greed and folly of humanity, but mostly, she has moments of anger for herself. If only she had not run away!

She believes that before she can face the North again, she must somehow redeem herself. She must become stronger, learn who she is in her own way, and prove to herself that she can face adversity, and overcome it, rather than running away. She has vowed then: never again shall she run away from an enemy, unless she is the last person in a group to run. Should an enemy be at her mercy, she shall not let him run free ever again, even if it is risky to kill him, or somehow place him under captivity. Finally, there is a dept to pay. When she finally returns to the North, she must find that first man who captured her, and be the one personally to send him to the Boneyard. She takes care to constantly remind herself of his appearance, and his name, so she may hunt him down eventually. She must avenge her family, or right her failure so long ago. And she must find anyone who survives of her family, even if they are now thralls. However, how can she face them, until she has made herself a better woman, and killed the man who first wronged her, who wronged them?

Finally, there is the issue of her heritage as a half-elf. She grew up in an Ulfen community. However, she knows next to nothing about the elven half of her heritage. Her being half-elven was a big part of her perceived divinity, because the elves are considered almost spiritual beings, regard to be more like fey, among the Ulfen. She is convinced she must learn more about the elven people, and what it means to be an elf, or a half-elf, in order for her to understand everything that has happened in her life. Exactly how she shall do this, or exactly what she shall learn, she is uncertain, but she "knows" that she must.

At present, in Riddleport, she is mostly lost. She wishes for redemption, to learn about her elven heritage, to become stronger and seek vengeance; however, she is unsure how to do any of this. The opportunity with the Golden Goblin Casino is something she would likely seek, merely because she doesn't know what else to do, but she has to do something. At least there is danger here, and this time, she is walking into to danger with back-up rather than running away alone.

Thank you so much for reading all of that! It seems I may have to re-write Aviara's personality tab to incorporate all of this, though probably in summary. Does this cover what you are looking for, or do you feel I am still missing something?

Lunar Sloth:

Tell you what, how about I change the city she grew up in? It wouldn't hurt the backstory at all, and it would place her in an area which makes more sense for elven society. Since I don't know the major cities as well as I would like, do you have any recommendations? I only have the Guide to Korvosa at this time so I don't know the other cities. I have the Cities of Golarion, but I don't know how useful it will be. I am currently perusing the Pathfinder wiki for a suitable place. As for Kyonin, what continent is it located on, and which nations are next to it? If it is a suitable choice I may just use that.

Let me know.

Grand Moff Vixen:
Kyonin, as a nation, is located near Lake Encarthan, Razmiran, Durma and the River Kingdoms. There's a Varisian elf society as well called the Mordant Spire.

If you still want your character to be from Absalom, we can still tie that in. For example, your parents could be from an elven society originally that moved to Absalom. It's not that big of a deal.

Done and done.

Lunar Sloth:

That works for me as well. Based on what we have discussed, is there anything regarding the character you have further questions about?

Sovereign Court

Continuing the background of Variel...

Chapter 4:

Variel had arrived in Riddleport only 1 month earlier. Not sure of the area at first Variel was surprised to see what he would call unlawful acts of theft, arson and even murder. Even though Variel had seen such actions during his time at sea, he was perhaps taken more aback by the fact that this was in a city. Even with all of his years of experience Variel still held to some naive notions about life. That naivety quickly evaporated though in the city as Variel went about his so called life. So called as Variel was still lost in the dark plea within himself.

As luck would have it though Riddleport was perhaps the best place for him. His dark mood matched the city's atmosphere well and there was enough risk just going down the street that Variel had to pay attention constantly just to remain alive.

Each day Variel would spend a portion of the day along the Wharf district looking for work among any of the ships that were sailing out or as a guard for any of the warehouses that were storing supplies. None of the ships needed another hand and the warehouses just laughed at the look of Variel. Variel couldn't blame them as being an elf his build was more slender then a human, half-orc, or dwarf. That and Variel had no references to prove he was trustworthy and wouldn't steal from them., Nonetheless Variel kept trying each and every day as his supply of money from selling their, well his now after the death of his wife, house would not last forever.

After spending the morning fruitlessly obtaining work, VAriel would then spend the rest of the day walking around town getting to know the lay of the city. He didn't know how long he would stay in Riddleport at this time as the first job offer may take him elsewhere but it would be good to know where things were in the meantime. VAriel visited the free coin district and watch the games of chance that were popular by many, With such limited funds though VAriel refrained from drowning his sorrows in ales while gambling his money away. He once paid to enter into one of the facilities, The Dragon's Hoard, to watch others entertain themselves. All Variel saw was poverty and squalor trying to get lucky and escape their fate. Variel knew that from experience that the gods did not smile down on people or bless them in such ways. Only the ignorant that did not suffer the hardships he did believe that the gods actually helped people. NO, these people would rot here gambling their life away. Variel's life, as harsh as it was and as cynical as he sometimes was, was better than theirs. He left shortly thereafter and never returned since.

Variel is still looking for work and following his routine.


Variel has long brown hair and facial hair just like his profile pick. He stands at 5'10" and 160lbs. His cold grey eyes reflect the hardship he has gone through. Being an elf sets him apart already in Riddleport. Other than that though his right arm has a long scar where he burned it on a rope that slipped from his grasp when he was first learning the sailor trade.

Sorry about that spell. It was a holdover from a previous incarnation of Variel. However since you ask at second level it works nicely with the magus as he can use that spell through his rapier to deal damage with both weapon and spell. Having the multiple attacks is nice as A magus can get 2 attacks a round with spell combat and spell strike. I can easily remove it and add a different spell.

Grand Moff Vixen:
Everything looks good!

I am a little hesitant about that spell. I would prefer if you replaced it.

I've chosen a feat, and have expounded the backstory!

Sovereign Court

That is not a problem at all. Like I said it is a carry over from a previous campaign.

Dark Archive

Your question: A serious question: Riddleport is a chaotic city, and you may have to do many things that are against the law to survive. Crimelords rule the city, and you may be asked to work for them in a variety of ways. How will your character manage to balance both being able to do what's needed to be done and maintain his required alignment for his class abilities?

Lawful Neutral: A lawful neutral character acts as law, tradition, or a personal code directs her. Order and organization are paramount. She may believe in personal order and live by a code or standard, or she may believe in order for all and favor a strong, organized government.

Lawful neutral means you are reliable and honorable without being a zealot.

From Kavaki's background: his master contributed a suggestion to help him with his first steps, by stating, "to understand peace, you must experience chaos." Kavaki's not exactly sure how to interpret his master's wisdom, but Kavaki has set out to to find an answer. Not knowing any real profession, he has found his intimidating size and monk training helpful to put some coin in his pouch as well as keep up his practice.

. Highlighted some key aspects of my alignment, followed by an excerpt from my background.

. The "neutral" releases him from living in the confines of acting upon written laws, and into the confines of his "personal code". High in his personal code is the role of his monk master. Should his master have instructed him to carry out an unsavory request he would most likely done exactly what was asked of him. He could easily perceive the crime boss as a "master outside the monastery", and would handle requests in the same mannor.

. The "experience chaos" quote from his background could be viewed as an understanding of his master, that he may need to do things Kavaki would not normally do, during his time away from the monastery. A monk is required to be "Lawful" in alignment which can fall under Lawful Good, Nuetral, or Evil.

. Depending on what happens during the campaign, he may shift at times between all 3 of these, but we can only find out what will become of Kavaki, IF he is accepted into the adventure.

I hope this helps answer your "interview" question. If I missed anything, or you have further questions, please follow up with me. Thank you.

Sovereign Court

Switched it out for chill touch from the APG.

If there is anything else I can answer for you please ask.

Grand Lodge

Lunar Sloth:
I changed one of Mazra's feats from Extra Channel to Selective Channel. He already gets six Channel Energies. He would rather not Heal his enemies than have two extra Channel Energies. Hope this change is acceptable.

Lunar Sloth:
Velisa's clan began to rely on her to make decision as to where they would go next or whom to add to the group. They would also make her "judge" in cases of internal theft. She didn't feel qualified to make those types of decisions and felt the only way to get away from their dependence on her was to leave the group.

When she left the clan, Riddleport was the closest settlement, so she hooked up with another Varisian clan that was passing by and accompanied them to Riddleport. She traded her skills in healing to pay her way.

Now that she is in Riddleport she has heard about the dark blot blocking the sky and stars, and feels that Desna would want the mystery solved, so she has begun to investigate. She is staying in a modest inn, but is thinking about taking a job soon to pay her way. She heard a friend she made while trading in another settlement is going to be at the the Gold Goblin Gambling Hall, and is hoping (s)he might be able to help her find a job or assist in solving the mystery of the blot.

Velisa is a devout follower of Desna, and especially believes in the power of harrow decks, thinking of following in her mother's footsteps. She is kind to others and more trusting than one would expect from a travelling Varisian.

As a general reminder, today is the last day to submit a character!

Thanks for the update. You have permission to use any of the channeling feats that are scattered across the books, by the way.

Thanks for the expanded info!

Sovereign Court

I know I am anxiously awaiting to see who the people are that are chosen. Good luck everyone.

Yeah, good luck everybody!

Waiting and hoping. Good luck to all.

Do you still anticipate having a week between the end of recruitment and the party selection?

I am also very much eagerly awaiting the chance to play in my most anticipated AP. Fingers crossed.

My hope is to post before next week. I have nearly decided, but am waiting for any last minute submissions before finalizing matters.

I dont envy your decision Lunar. It is the hardest one to have to make as a GM. I got lucky and inherited a group of people to run Wrath and Winter campaigns so I didn't have to decide on a whole group from the outset. Good luck to you as well running this and thanks again.

Here's the party! I accepted a sixth person.

1. Alraniel "Nel" Sandhal (Cavalier)
2. Tamiro (Samuri)
3. Pluck (Wizard)
4. Mazra of Sandpoint (Cleric)
5. Varknanrost Kettlewidget (Bard)
6. Aviara (Druid)

Discussion thread is here.

Silver Crusade

Oh well, happy hunting everyone! :3

Enjoy your selves guys.

Sovereign Court

Good luck everyone. Sorry to not be joining you

Don't die TOO soon. You should enjoy yourself a bit before dying horribly.

Good luck everyone.

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Rulebook, Starfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

We are recruiting for a replacement character. You are all invited to resubmit characters!

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