Lunar Sloth's Second Darkness

Game Master Slothsy

But down in the underground
You'll find someone true
Down in the underground
A land serene
A crystal moon
(David Bowie, Underground)

Map of current encounter Here.

Map of the Gold Goblin - All 3 Floors

Map Locations:

1. Grand Entrance
2. Casino Floor
3. Cashier
4. Cashier's Cage
5. Guardroom
6. Cash Storage
7. Counting Room
8. Night Vault
9. Floor Manager's Office
10. Private Dining Rooms
11. Cellar Entrance
12. Kitchen
13. Scullery
14. Staff Lounge
15. The Goblin's Tankard
16. Privies - These are private bathrooms marked with a sword and a cup, but no other indication of what gender each bathroom is meant for.
17. Atrium
18. Master Suite
19. Guest Rooms
20. Guest Suite - A nicer version of the guest suite that includes lodgings for servants.
21. Linen Storage
22. Staff Quarters - These are for common staff, or temporary hired guards.
23. Dressing Room - Includes costumes for theme events, or for performances.
24. Waiting Area (Where you met with Saul)
25. Owner's Office - Saul's personal office.
26. Record Room
27. Dining Room
28. Saul's Personal Bedroom
29. Your Quarters. Three bunk beds are shoved against the walls next to a pair of wide wardrobes. A small table with three chairs is pushed into one corner, and two overstuffed chairs sit on a wolfskin rug before the hearth. The entrance to a small privy is covered by a thin curtain.
30. Security Catwalks
31. Wine Cellar
32. Wrangler's Chamber
33. The Red Room (underground bar)
34. Guard Alcove (secret entrance to the fighting pit)
35. Armory
36. Infirmary (For Injured Animals)
37. Kennel (currently has a fat boar [Pigsaw], 5 dogs, 2 monkeys)
38. Arena (holds 30 spectators, 1 sp cover charge)
39. The Octahedron (main fighting pit)

Map of Riddleport

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Tamiro was born to an honorable family of samurai, his father serving a lord in the government of Minkai, where he spent most of his childhood. His father spared no expense in his training, and upbringing. He was taught the way of the sword from a young age, learning the ideals of bushido, and the old ways that his father followed. He took his duty and his honor very seriously. That changed when the government of Minkai did.

When the Emperor went missing, many lords began to be hunted by ninja, and creatures beyond explanation. Many nobles fled, many others stayed to try and fight. Tamiro’s father was in the service of one of the last group. Before the bledshed began though, he gave his wife, and his son all that remained of their belongings, and wealth, sending them off with other caravans fleeing over the crown of the world.

Tamiro knows not what happened to his father, but in those weeks and months of travel, his sense of duty, and honor degraded. He saw little necessity of lords or their courts, for in the wilds of the crown of the world, they were little more than scared and helpless men, honor got men nothing more than a fair death. So he travelled, on, doing what he could to protect his aged mother. When finally they arrived in Varissia, half of the caravan was dead. Tamiro had successfully looked after and protected his family though, and they quickly found a home in Riddleport, a port of pirates and thieves. Using the remainder of their wealth, his mother constructed a bakery, and he stayed to protect against the thieves and pirates of the city. This is how they have lived for the last several years, making a healthy living and surviving in a city that is very different and very far from their original home.

Tamiro in his boredom has turned over the last year to drinking and gambling in his off hours, when the house becomes quite and the premise locked down, he would go off to the gambling halls. This has given him a substantial gambling debt. The gambling tournament, in the Gold Goblin Gaming Hall, interested him greatly. With the earnings he could finally pay off the debt he had accrued and start over with a fresh start, using much wiser investments.

Relationship with Riddleport:

Interested, free time permitting, I'll see about getting a submission together today. I tend to gravitate towards chaotic characters so Riddleport appeals to me on that level.

Here's my submission! It's difficult to follow, how are the rules different in this one from DM Evastor's?

I am not familiar at all with DM Evastor's recruitment. However, the important things to note (from character creation) are:

25 Point Buy

Average Wealth minus 10 for your class (ie, your alchemist would only have
95 gp for gear)

APG/Core only, unless permission otherwise granted

2 traits, preferably one with a campaign trait from Second Darkness's Player Companion

Max HP at 1st level

Lawful and evil characters are discouraged.

No backgrounds involving drow.

Found a mistake in the math for my character's starting gold, fixed it.

Envoy's Alliance

Fixed my statblocked.
I didn't have the spoilers set right, so gear was located directly under offense and defense.

LOL, just noticed that my character's alignment is a combination of what you aren't looking for.

in that case, I think Tamina's good to go! Thanks LS!

Here is my updated version of Aviara Mjötviðra, half-elf druid, adapted for Second Darkness specifically. I hope you like what you see!


Name Aviara Mjötviðra
Gender female
Race Half-elf
Class Druid 1
Alignment N / NG
Deity Yggdrasil (Gozreh)

Initiative + 2 Senses Low-light Vision; Perception + 12

Ability Scores
Str: 11
Dex: 15
Con: 13
Int: 12
Wis: 17
Cha: 14

AC 16 touch 12 Flat-footed 14

hp 12 (1d8 + 4)

Fort. + 3 Ref. + 2 Will + 5 (+ 2 vs. charm and compulsion, + 2 vs. enchantment)

Immune Sleep


Speed 30 ft.

Club + 0 1d6 B 10 ft. thrown

Dagger + 0 1d4 / 19-20 S or P

Sling + 2 1d4 B 50 ft.; 10 bullets


Orisons per day: 3 prepared; at will.
Lvl. 1: 2 per day (1 + 1 bonus) Plus domain spell: entangle.



Domain Powers

Wooden Fist (Su) 6 / day

Skill Focus (Perception), Toughness

Acrobatics + 2
Bluff + 2
Climb + 0
Diplomacy + 3
Escape Artist + 2
Handle Animal + 6
Heal + 7
Knowledge (Nature) + 7
Perception + 12
Sense Motive + 3
Stealth + 2
Survival + 9
Swim + 4

Birthmark, Looking for Work

backpack, bedroll, blankets (2), club, common lamp, dagger, druid vestments, flint and steel, grappling hook, hammer, heavy wooden shield, hemp rope, leather armor, 2 pints oil, pitons, quarter staff, sling and bullets, spade, soap, traveler's outfit and spare 3 torches, 2 waterskins, whetstone
Much of her gear is carried by Heidrun the mule.
Remaining coin: 11 gp 3 sp, 5 cp


When Aviara is in the company of strangers, she prefers to cover herself up. She wears clothes that are good for traveling, and seem typical of the tougher women in her area. This would most likely be a typical female buccaneer's outfit. Over this she wears a traveler's cloak of plain earthen color, with the hood pulled over her face. The shape of her body and her hair are hidden beneath the cloak. However, her bright, blue-green eyes, like luminescent sapphires shine from beneath the hood, and the vague form of a feminine angular face can be seen.

When Aviara withdraws her hood, she exposes her long, golden blonde hair, which she typically wears in a pony tail or as a single long braid. She also reveals the full splendor of her attractive, angular face, and her pointy elf ears. Her piercing blue-green eyes are even brighter and more intent, and whether shining from beneath the hood, or unshadowed by headgear, her eyes are always surveying the surrounding, seldom looking in one place at any given time.

Beneath the cloak and the bucaneer's outfit, Aviara wears plain green cloth with a leaf motiff woven into it- if anything at all. It is then easy to see that she has all the best combinations of human and elvish features. She has the angular face and lithe form of an elf, yet the voluptuousness of a fine Ulfen woman. Full body portrait.
Aviari's eye color.

While she covers in the company of strangers, she prefers in private to dress in her leafy linens. One notable feature of this outfit is that she leaves her navel exposed, and the area of her belly around it. To the careless observer, this is merely provocative dressing. However, a close look reveals the ghostly outline of what appears to a be a great tree. Those with knowledge of Ulfen runes recognize this as Ygg'drasil, the World Tree, whose branches and roots hold together heaven and earth. When Aviara walks in the woods at high noon or midnight, these faint marks glow gold like the sun, or silvery blue like moonlight. They also shine whenever she uses her magic, or summons thorns onto her hands. This birthmark seems to have the same magical potency as holly leaves, serving Aviara as a divine focus for her magic when she casts spells, as well as endowing her with a strong mind. She prefers to leave her magical birth mark exposed while she is meditating for spells in the morning, or when she is wandering
in a familiar and relatively safe part of the wilderness. However, she all to often hides her mark, and much of herself in order to blend in with the flotsam of Riddleport. All the better to remain hidden.


While outspoken, and personable, Aviara is hesitant to say much about herself. As an outsider in Riddleport, she puts on a tough demeanor, presenting herself as a healer who can handle herself when trouble descends. She generally seeks to draw attention away from her heritage as a half-elf, typically by drawing attention toward the immediate surroundings or the task at hand. She seems in the moment, pragmatic, and focused as a result. She'll talk about others to no end, however, she answers any questions about herself with questions about others.

This out-ward directed, and pragmatic personality is Aviara's persona, her mask she wears as a lone half-elf girl with a troubled background in a strange place. She is slow to trust a person; however, once she does, she begins to open up. She reveals a warm personality, a devout love of nature, and surprising to many, a goofy sense of humor and a love for laughter and drink. She claims that ale and mead are Nature's gift and love to us, and that laughter is a secret language shared by true friends. There have been very few with whom she has shared this connection. She hopes to find it with a motley crew of like-minded adventurers.

Despite her true cheer, she is something of a fatalist. Few things in life are permanent, so we should enjoy them when you can. The world is the gallows, keep so keep dancing to life's music so you don't fall down. She describes her grim view of life with a pensive smile, and distant look in her eyes. Her odd outlook is probably the source of her draw toward adventure, her love of laughter where she can find, and is likely the result of her dark history. When one learns of her past, many are surprised how well she handles it.

Background (Includes her connection to Riddleport):

The jarl Renir had daughter by his beloved wife. He had married a woman whose family had a proud reputation: they were blessed with the touch of lycanthropy. However, they were not merely the children of true werewolves and humans breeding, but they had supposedly bred themselves to every variety of shape-shifter in the Northern wilds, and the result was a breed of woman who had an exceptional connection to the natural world. The jarl hoped his children by this wife would prove blessed with the strength and cunning typical expected of such a privileged line.

His daughter grew to adulthood, and at the yuletide festival took an elf lover. The elf was drawn to her immediately, and almost with no courtship, the two shared several nights of passion. Just under a year laughter, the jarl had a granddaughter. This half-elf child was the realization of all of his hopes: for on the babe's belly was the symbol of the Ygdrasil, the Tree of Life, the World Tree whose branches and roots hold together heaven and earth. The mighty steed of Odyn (Nethys), where the god hung for many days in order to learn the secrets of runes and magic. This child was born both of privileged Ulfen blood and sired by the seed of the Bright folk. She would bring fortune open the jarl's people.

The child, named Aviara after her grandmother, had a childhood of mixed blessings. Due to her triply auspicious birth, she was treated as a living good-luck charm for her clan. While everything good that happened to the tribe was credited to her, everything bad was blamed on her as well. As she grew to be a woman of impressive beauty, with a natural rapport with animals, who never seemed lost in the wilds, and who could sprout leaves on her fingers and thorns on her hands as the holy sign on her abdomen glowed, the beliefs surrounding her auspicious birth only intensified. She was blamed and praised all the more for hardship and benefit, and spent all the more time wandering the wilds far from her clan, honing her sense of nature, her senses and her skills as a young druid.

Then one day, a reaver from a rival clan captured her, and carried her off. She escaped him while he slept and wandered the wilds back to her home. Days after, the clan of her captor descened upon her own and made slaughter on her Ulfen half-kin. Aviara managed to escape in the chaos, and has only managed to elude re-capture by always being on the move.

She has traveled far south down the Cyrusibakri trade route, plying her trade as healer among the wandering Varisians of the land. Discovering the city of Riddleport, she figured a large city and crowds of people would be the best hiding place for her from any Ulfen pursuers. It would be like trying to find a single drop of water in a pond. Blending in with the masses, she seeks to find work among the people of the city, and has recently discovered an opportunity at a certain casino within.

Her connection to Riddleport is that the city provides her with a hiding place from her past as well as an opportunity for a new life.

Here is my submission as a replacement for the Haloniel character. Looking at the number of fighter submissions I was tempted to offer something else, but I had originally said that I would be submitting a fighter, so here he is. Please let me know if you want to see any changes made or more information added. I probably should have made it more clear in the background that Rothgar was actually raised in Riddleport, the story implies that but does not come out and say so outright. Also, I need to track down a second character trait for him, and am probably going to have to get the player's companion for this adventure path somehow. Other than that he should be good to go.

Rothgar Stoutheart wrote:
Here is my submission as a replacement for the Haloniel character. Looking at the number of fighter submissions I was tempted to offer something else, but I had originally said that I would be submitting a fighter, so here he is. Please let me know if you want to see any changes made or more information added. I probably should have made it more clear in the background that Rothgar was actually raised in Riddleport, the story implies that but does not come out and say so outright. Also, I need to track down a second character trait for him, and am probably going to have to get the player's companion for this adventure path somehow. Other than that he should be good to go.

Link for Second Darkness traits. Each trait is hyperlinked.

Was just curious if a magus would be allowed. I know you said core and apg material but thought I would check with you first. If so I have a elven magus that I would like to submit.

He was in 2 previous different campaigns that did not work out and I want to see how he progresses after 4th level. Hoping that you allow it as I would love to try him out in this campaign.

Grand Moff Vixen wrote:
Rothgar Stoutheart wrote:
Here is my submission as a replacement for the Haloniel character. Looking at the number of fighter submissions I was tempted to offer something else, but I had originally said that I would be submitting a fighter, so here he is. Please let me know if you want to see any changes made or more information added. I probably should have made it more clear in the background that Rothgar was actually raised in Riddleport, the story implies that but does not come out and say so outright. Also, I need to track down a second character trait for him, and am probably going to have to get the player's companion for this adventure path somehow. Other than that he should be good to go.
Link for Second Darkness traits. Each trait is hyperlinked.

Thanks. I greatly appreciate that.

And he now has his campaign trait, "Into Enemy Territory" arranged to give him a +1 bonus on Will saves.

This may have been mentioned already, but what is the submission deadline?

First post, all the way at the bottom.

This will be sixteenbiticon's submission. After looking over the party requirements and the characters already submitted, I chose to go with a gnome buffer bard. I'll hopefully have him finished up today or tomorrow for your approval.

Edit: Would you allow the Flagbearer feat?

Varknarnost - I'll allow it.

DM Variel - I'll allow a magus.

Rothgar - Everything checks out!

Tamina - Are your feats listed somewhere? Also, I noticed you've taken Ship's Surgeon as a trait. That's a Skulls and Shackles-specific trait and not meant to be taken out of that campaign, plus it doesn't seem to match your background.

Karl Sarvo - Thanks for fixing the error! If you want to rework your background any, you're more than welcome to make changes before Friday!

The only change I could make is have him be Neutral Evil instead of Lawful Evil. Would that be better for you?

Thanks! I will be taking Flagbearer as my first level feat.

Seeking approval on the gnome alternate racial trait Bond to the Land as I will be taking Underground. I realize this is meta, but I also know that this is a very difficult AP and had already planned on writing a significant portion of his background as taking place underground (he has a very bad mishap at a performance and is ostracized from his community, he takes to refuge in an underground hovel for many years, only recently emerging to look for work in Riddleport.)

LS, any comments or questions on Aviara?

Envoy's Alliance

Question for the DM. Since I worship Cayden, do I still need to make religion checks to recognized things that are directly related to him, or would I get a free pass? I know some DMs say that if you worship a deity, you wouldn't need to make religion checks that deal with your deity.

Aviara doesn't have any major flags for me right now. I plan on going through and giving more detailed feedback on Wednesday. Right now, it seems like your character has a lot going on in their backstory. How do they feel about their almost divine status?

Varknarnost - In some ways, building a character is the best time of meta knowledge, as it gives you the right context to go forward in the story. Taking Bond to the Land makes sense. Are you planning on being a more tank-y bard or a support bard?

Rakdon - Well, it depends. There are some things where you'll get a bonus to the check if it wouldn't be common knowledge among practitioners or part of an alternative form of practice. For standard things, such as what his holy symbol is, you'll be considered as knowing your own deity.

I am a buffing support bard. My goal is to enable the rest of the party to be as strong as they can be, and with bardic knowledge and versatile performance, I can fill the role of skill monkey to boot.

Thanks for the question! (^_^)

Aviara is ambivalent about her "almost divine status." On the one hand, she remains faithful to Gozreh / Yggdrasil, and the symbol of this deity appears on her as a birthmark. This mark has the same magical potency as holly and mistle toe, and helps her focus her mind. Further, she is quite proud of how well she has taught herself how to survive. So, in one sense, she would be rather proud of her abilities as a druid.

On the other hand, over her history, most of the times she was blamed or praised for things, in truth they had nothing to do with her at all. She received this praise and blame as a result of beliefs and superstitions surrounding her birth. In this sense, she is aware, or at least would like to think, that much of her status was embellished.

While she would like to be seen as a druidic prodigy, she has no desire to recreate the same status she had in her Ulfen clan. Also, since she is still "on the run" for the time being, she likely would be a bit more humble about her abilities than she would have been during the better times among the Ulfen.

Looking forward to your feedback tomorrow! (^_^)

Hey, new to Pathfinder altogether but would very much like to play. If you'll have me I'll definitely have a character up by today :)

Oh, and I'll either me making a Rougue or a Wizard.

I'm happy to look at your character. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Shifted Karl to Neutral Evil, now he's down to one discouraged alignment.

I would like to submit an Oracle of Dark Tapestry for your consideration.

Velisa Starmarked

Female Human (Varisian) Oracle 1 (Pathfinder RPG Advanced Player's Guide 42)
CG Medium humanoid (human)
Init +2; Senses oracle's curses (clouded vision), darkvision 30 ft.; Perception +2
AC 17, touch 12, flat-footed 15 (+4 armor, +1 shield, +2 Dex)
hp 10 (1d8+2)
Fort +2, Ref +2, Will +5; +2 trait bonus vs. fear
Speed 20 ft.
Melee heavy mace +1 (1d8+1)
Ranged light crossbow +2 (1d8/19-20)
Oracle Spells Known (CL 1st; concentration +4):
. . 1st (4/day)—cure light wounds, shield of faith
. . 0 (at will)—create water, detect magic, read magic, resistance
Str 13, Dex 14, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 17
Base Atk +0; CMB +1; CMD 13
Feats Combat Casting, Extra Revelation[APG]
Traits into enemy territory, stoic optimism
Skills Diplomacy +7, Heal +6, Knowledge (religion) +4, Sense Motive +6, Spellcraft +4, Stealth +2
Languages Common, Varisian
SQ mysteries (mystery [dark tapestry]), revelations (cloak of darkness, touch of the void)
Other Gear hide armor, light steel shield, crossbow bolts (20), heavy mace, light crossbow, backpack, bedroll, waterskin, 18 gp, 9 sp
Special Abilities
Cloak of Darkness +4/+2 (1 hours/day) (Su) +4 AC, +2 Stealth.
Clouded Vision You cannot see beyond 30'
Combat Casting +4 to Concentration checks to cast while on the defensive.
Darkvision (30 feet) You can see in the dark (black and white vision only).
Stoic Optimism You realize that accepting the pain in life accentuates its joys by contrast, and so your hope sustains you where others despair. You receive a +2 trait bonus on saving throws against fear effects.
Touch of the Void (1d6, 6/day) (Su) Melee touch attack deals 1d6 cold damage.

Velisa was born to a traveling harrow-reader mother. Her father is unknown to her, but is rumored to be Sczarni. Her mother gave birth to her alone under a night filled with stars. She was on her way to Galduria to find a mid-wife, but did not make it. The birthing was difficult, and she prayed to Desna to see her and her child through safely. There was a flaring of stars in the sky forming the outline of a butterfly. Her mother passed out. She awoke several minutes later to find a baby girl swaddled, lying on her chest with deeo violet eyes that appeared to hold the night sky in them, stars and all.

Velisa grew up travelling with her mother throughout Varisia. She was unable to assist with driving as she could not see more than 30 feet in front of her, but she found as time passed on, that she could see in the deepest darkness while others could not. Over time, her mother joined with a larger traveling group that included performers. Velisa was often consulted by others as they believed her to be marked by Desna. Feeling that the group has become too reliant on her, Velisa has set out on her own heading for the city of Riddleport and all its mysteries.

Velisa is small of stature standing a 5' 3" and weighing 135lbs. She has black hair and violet eyes that appear to be obscured by the night sky.

Envoy's Alliance

Bionicllama wrote:

Hey, new to Pathfinder altogether but would very much like to play. If you'll have me I'll definitely have a character up by today :)

Oh, and I'll either me making a Rougue or a Wizard.

Glad to have new players. =]

Kind of curious though, you say you are new to pathfinder, but have you played D&D before of any version, or are you completely new? I ask because I wouldn't mind helping someone learning the game either way.

Crunch is complete. I am working on his fluff and should have it done in the next day.

That is great. I will work on converting his backstory and profile to match your requirements. Annevsary today so will get it to you tomorrow. Outside of 1 day things like this I am on daily and posting at least once a day is not an issue.

Joel VA - I notice your character is new to Riddleport. How long has she been in town? What is she doing currently? In addition, just to confirm, does your character worship Desna?

Varknarnost- Thanks! I'm looking forward to the fluff. What banner do you intend to bring as we start?

DM Variel - Thanks for the head's up!

Karl - Noted. Thanks for the consideration.

My only feat is Skill Focus (Heal) listed under Special Abilites with my traits. My bad on the trait (I was using the wrong list it seems), it's been changed to Fools for Friends. Tamina is always pretty helpful.

I plan on attaching the banner to my spear (a common use of the ability I found after searching around the paizo boards.)

As to exactly what the banner will have on it as the game actually begins, I pictured it to be an idea Vark comes up with on the fly. Something like:

"I want to inspire our group to feats unimaginable. What type of symbol do you think would inspire you to greater deeds?"

That type of thing. Does that sound reasonable? I am getting into his background a lot. The words really started to flow this afternoon. Hopefully I can finish it up for you tomorrow. I also noticed that Hero Lab didn't list a few relevant skills in the stat block. I'll be sure to update that as well when I have time tomorrow.

Some more detail and polish on the history and Riddleport relationship coming tomorrow, but here's michaelane's Wizard (Scroll Scholar) going Cyphermage submission.

Dark Archive

This won't be the place to get into this debate, but just for a few points. A flag is a specific item, a spear is a specific item. You can't combine them into 1 item in same hand. I think your describing a specific wonderous item Banner of the Ancient Kings which specifically states in it's description that is can be attached to a longspear or pole.

Of course, if GM will allow it, great idea. But RAW would treat a flag as a 1-handed item, and wouldn't allow you use it AND a 2 handed spear. Or if allowed to be attached, when you use the 2 handed spear, you don't have a free hand to use the flag, and therefore lose the benefit it's use confers.

Varknarnost, I also have a bard I use the flagbearer feat with, it's awesome and thank you for being the unselfish one who wants to help everyone else get the glory. :)

I spoilered this as I don't want to clog up your recruitment thread with debate. KZ is probably right, but either way you rule the use of the flagbearer feat is fine with me since it doesn't really matter if Vark wields a spear with a banner attached or a flag in one hand and a one-handed weapon in the other. Ultimately, I just thought it was a neat idea.

I could interpret the description of the feat both ways as it states in the description:

Flagbearer wrote:
You must hold the flag in one hand in order to grant this bonus.

But then in the description of the flag itself it makes no mention of an actual pole, but describes it as a banner:

Flag wrote:
A flag is a colorful banner that bears the heraldry or symbol of a nation or organization.

But then goes on to state that a free hand is needed.

Either way, you just give our your ruling and I'll update his character sheet. Thanks.

Flag Discussion:
Flagbear never calls out that you receive the flag with the feat. Much like a cavalier's banner class ability, you have to purchase it. There's only one flag listed in the equipment section, which is the banner.

Banner (Price Varies): This is a banner, flag, or pennant. You tie it to a pole, lance, or polearm. Most are woven, dyed, or painted with a pattern or symbol, such as a knight's crest or a country's flag. A simple banner with one field color and a simple insignia such as a weapon or shield costs 1 gp. A banner with two to four field colors and a complex insignia such as a lion or dragon costs 5 gp. A detailed banner with four or more field colors and a very complex insignia, such as a heraldic device with eight or more sections, costs 20 gp.

So, the banner can be a flag, which satisfies the flagbearer feat's requirements. It can also be mounted onto a pole, lance or polearm. Now, while a longspear doesn't qualify as any of those things, it seems nonsensical that you wouldn't be able to attach a flag to it, if you could attach a flag to a pole.

TL;DR, I'll allow it, even though technically a spear isn't an option.

Velisa has been in Riddleport for a few days, and has been investigating the shadow in the sky as she feels it is an afront to Desna.(Yes she worships Desna) She has heard a former acquaintance of hers is in town and will be attending the event at the Golden Goblin, and hopes to meet him/her there. Her funds are starting to diminish, and she may have to seek out work soon.

My submission is complete. His background/appearance/personality can be found in my profile.

As to why Varknarnost is in Riddleport, he is newly arrived looking for work as an entertainer at the Golden Goblin and, in the process, hoping to find any information on what the darkness in the sky portends.

I am also EST.

Oh! I just remembered one more thing. The one player I've already chosen (mainly since I'm running the game for her is a cavalier. I know that cavaliers provide morale bonuses via their banner ability. You may want to double-check and make sure there won't be overlap with Flagbearer.

Yes, there does seem to be some overlap with the bonus to saves against fear and charge attacks. How about if you still deem this character worthy of your game then we can discuss the finer points of build synergy once the party is finalized. I'm sure we can work something out. Sound good?

Hey, I know I said I would do feedback today, but a few things came up in my personal life. I'm still working on it, but it may not be posted until tomorrow.

Dark Archive

thanks for update

Real life always comes first. Best wishes to all! ^^

Sovereign Court

DMVariel here...

Chapter 1:

There are many tales such as mine. The tale of a vagabond roaming around looking for a chance to prove himself to others and more importantly himself. Not many are granted that chance by others. Most of the time one has to take matters into his own hands. Such may be the case when dealing with any undertaking I set myself on. But I get a head of myself.

It's easy to see looking back how I became a vagabond drifting along life with no purpose or direction. I was left in the care of an orphanage at an early age. The only possessions were the clothes I was wearing and a pendant n the shape of a dolphin with the word Shanxia inscribed upon its back. I was too young to remember the details of that time. The only thing I remember is a what appears to be a youthful elven woman with flowing red hair. Who this person may be I don't really know, but I assume that this is my mother. Likewise I assume that the word inscribed upon the pendant is either her name or has some other relation to her. I have spent most of my adult life looking for her or trying to find out more about the word Shanxia. Unfortunately not being one of much wealth, I have not been able to pay for the direct means of magically divining what this word may entail. The only other possible clue to her identity is the hope that she has made a name for herself with magical talents. You see I inherited some gift of magic as well. Wether this is from her or my father's side I don't know speaking of my 'father' of him I know even less unless you call my surname a clue. Perhaps some day I will find the answer to these life questions and I can know the circumstances of my orphanage.

My childhood was typical of one raised without parents. Cared for but not loved, I was put to work when I was able to earn an income. Living in a port city there was always work around the docks, running messages, crawling into tight spaces adults couldn't fit into etc. It wasn't long before I started living more at the docks than at my 'home'. I grew up listening to stories of the sea and how to drink and fight. About the most exotic women and strange faraway places.

Chapter 2:
Barely out of my elven teens, I signed on as a crewman aboard a 'merchant' ship. This was the life. Sun, wind and the sea taking me to places I only heard about in stories. Little did I fully understand the 'merchant' ship was a group of mercenaries looking for easy money. Well I learned a lot about actual fighting from them even though their methods were crude. Piracy was one thing, murder after surrender was another. Back in port I ended my contract and went to the local bar. Know of any ships that need a good hand. Looking for work and willing to put my skills and blade to the test as well.

Life on the sea was a great experience and probably the first real love in my life. The second love of y life was with an intoxicating pilot named Rain. She was exactly as her name described her. She could be bitter cold if you offended her and she could melt your heart with a glance 5 minutes later. It was not to be though as our paths took us in different directions. She was a pirate, born and raised on the sea and I was just passing through. I won't forget her nor the time spent on the water.

Chapter 3:

After I parted with Rain the life on the sea seemed dimmed and I longed for a change in my life. Perhaps it is the capricious nature of the long lived elven folk that allows us to change with and try new things. If we were forced to do the same thing for hundreds of years we would find life dull and boring. This new venture took me inland were I tried to settle down and build a house and eke out a living transporting people and goods by ferry across a river. After a few years i met a lovely half-elf woman named Aneira. As luck would have it we fell in love and got married. Those were the best 10 years of my life as I had a job that allowed me to still work on the water while having a secure and stable relationship with a woman i loved. I wish those years could have been longer as we were just about to have our first child when Aneira died in childbirth along with the baby.

Grief swallowed me completely and I lost a year of my life as I can't remember anything during that time other than sorrow and pain and guilt for not being able to do something about it. That grief and sorrow caused me to leave home and find a new beginning and a new life. I took the river to Riddleport to try something new. I don't know why exactly I am here or what I will end up doing but Riddleport is bound to have need of someone of my experience. If I keep my eyes open I will find something. Hopefully that something will turn into more and I can focus myself on living 1 day at a time until enough time has passed that it doesn't hurt to take each breath or to reflect on my past.

More to come on Riddleport tomorrow and how Variel is interacting with the city.

Profile being updated in the alias. The only thing that will not be official is the feat choice. I am hoping that I can decide that if chosen after seeing the party composition. If there is not another front line fighter then I will take toughness to boost HP. IF there is another front liner than can soak some hits via HP or AC then I will take combat casting.

As I was converting this character I noticed that I originally had a racial trait from the advanced races guide. Was wondering if you would allow Arcane focus: swap out weapon familiarity for +2 to concentration while casting defensively. IF not no big deal but thought I would ask now about it. If it is allowed then I will definitely be taking toughness as my level 1 feat.

Feedback within spoilers.

I believe you're missing a feat. As a half-elf, you receive Skill Focus as a free feat, meaning that you still have one remaining. You have also spent 115 gp, when you should have spent 95.

For your background, you don't seem to go much into why your character is in Riddleport. Yes, you explain that she's looking to strike out on her own, but why Riddleport and not, say, Rahadohum or another city? What's your character's thought process in deciding Riddleport?

Varknanrost Kettlewidget:
Normally, I'm a little hesitant about gnomes because of their racial characterization by players. However, I really like how you've characterised him - he's gnome-y without being an absurdist caraicature. I have no real questions or other comments left.

You're missing a feat and a trait. In addition, has Hisao just arrived to the city of Riddleport, or is he more established?

Your background is pretty sparse and doesn't give me much of a feel for your character and how he reacts to situations. What other major events have happened in his life that would affect how he sees the world?

Elizabeth Ardoc:
Could you go into your background or personality a little more?

There's a lot going on with your background. So far, your character has had her birth divinely marked, been kidnapped, escaped being kidnapped, had another attempt made to kidnap her, and her family slaughtered. However, there's not a lot of depth given to how this effects her or how she's interacting with the world. I'd like to see more depth given to how she feels about these events and how it's changed her.

I don't feel like I can really get a grasp on your character's personality yet. She seems to have made some hard decisions, such as leaving her family, but you barely touch on how she made that decision. For example, with her family being too reliant on her, is she feeling like she's being held by back her family, or is she feeling like they're putting themselves at risk? Does she balk at her blessed status, or is she proud of it? Finally, it seems like she hasn't been in the city long. What exactly was her journey like, and how does feel in regards to being away from her mother? What is your character planning on doing in Riddleport, besides seeking out mysteries? Is she looking at becoming a cyphermage? In either case, what has she been doing once she's been to the city, and what has her experience been? Is she frustrated?

Your character backstory seems a bit disconnected. Why does your character hate bullies? It seems irrelevant and disconnected from the rest of the narrative. In addition, I'm very confused as to how your character is connected to the elves of Golarion. She's grown up outside of Elven society, but has been granted access to information that only elves raised within Elven societies can access. Something isn't connecting here.

I really like your character and how it fits into Riddleport. I don't have any questions or see anything that needs to be clarified.

Everything looks good. I like your flavorful choice of class/prestige class class that you're planning on eventually going. The addition of tropes at the end of your description sections was nice and lets me easily picture your character in this campaign.

No on the trait. I want to keep the ARG off the shelf for this game. In addition, can you please explain to me if there's anything weird that'll happen with Frostbite as it interacts with the magus? I like the character progression you show in your background. It gives me a good feel of where your character comes from and where they may be going, as well as showing what matters to him as he makes decisions. Looking forward to seeing his connection to the city.

Saturday Draud:
I'm not familiar with the Light Sleeper trait, and it doesn't appear on any SRD that I can find. Can you clarify this for me?

Kavaki Zhen:
A serious question: Riddleport is a chaotic city, and you may have to do many things that are against the law to survive. Crimelords rule the city, and you may be asked to work for them in a variety of ways. How will your character manage to balance both being able to do what's needed to be done and maintain his required alignment for his class abilities?

Karl Sarvo:
I think your point-buy is off slightly. Your current stats clock in at 24 pt buy for me, assuming that you put your racial +2 in Strength. If this is wrong, please let me know.

Elizabeth(Liz) is the rebellious daughter of a crime family who didn't like the fact that she would never be able to be anything more than a political bargining chip to them(Married off to some sclub who gets to build golems while she stays in the kitchen.) Leaving for Riddleport is a new start for her, she knows she is starting from square one but believes it is better than living in such a poisonous enviornment as Kaer Maga. I'm hoping to work on her personality as the game goes on. Perhaps a kind of weariness, crime in Riddleport wouldn't come as a surprise to her because she was up to her neck in it in Kaer Maga

Lunar Sloth:
Actually I put it in Dexterity, but seeing your comment made me decide to revaluate the point distribution. Changes have been made to the character sheet. Is there anything else? Did you find the back story and personality to your liking? Any changes you'd like to see made?

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