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Fireday, the 14th of Sarenith, 4715AR
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human/wererat (Tian-Dan) lunar oracle 5 AC:21/13/18 HP:34/39 F:+2 R: +4 W: +7 Init: -1 Perception: +11 spells: level 2 5/5, level 1 1/7, gift of claw and horn 6/6, disguise DC 19

Okay had a couldn't sleep moment last night and I remembered Aster got an ability from her praying earlier.

You gain the ability to touch a creature and provide healing while alleviating them of an effect, similar to a paladin's mercy ability. For the next 24 hours, you can touch someone to heal them 1d6 hit points, and immediately provide the effects of either a liberating command spell, or a dispel magic spell. The dispel magic spell only functions to dispel enchantments. You may use this a number of times equal to 3 + your Wisdom modifier. You can use this ability on yourself.


The "The dispel magic spell only functions to dispel enchantments." bit is the only part that might not work, right?

DM Intervention 1/1

That's a great idea and I'm glad you remembered it. However, unfortunately, Blindness/Deafness is a necromantic effect.

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Female Human Fighter 6 | HP 58/58 | AC 26, T 12 FF 24 | Fort +9, Ref +5, Will +4 (+8 vs Fear) | CMD 23 | Init +2 | Perception +1

Just to mention this, since I haven't before (or I don't remember it, which means it never happened), GM Fox, I don't know if it's the AP or you, but the ambience and the environment here are magnificently varied and complex, and your descriptions are great. Go you!

Hostile terrain is something that's really hard to GM (from my experience playing sci-fi games), and so far it's been pretty hostile!

DM Intervention 1/1

Thank you! That's very high praise. I actually needed to take a moment to let that sink in. Thank you

I've rewritten this entire adventure except for the fact that it's underwater, there's a village that needs to be rescued, and Menotheguro is a wizard Aboleth. The gaping chasm and the wrecked ship are mostly the same as well, although the differences end regarding what's inside both of them. I kept that set of descriptions pretty much the same. This is by far the most alteration I've done to any of my pre-written adventures.

I really like hostile terrain, and ideally I try to incorporate it into my encounters. 5e has done some of this with their 'Lair Actions', I felt like the rushing current was a great way of showcasing it, and the webbing was something I came up with over time. I watched a lot of videos about the diving bell spider. Super creepy.

HP 47/47; Initiative +4; AC/Touch/FF 22/16/18; Fort/Ref/Will 3/11/6; CMD 21; Perception +16; Effects:

I must say I find it a bit overwhelming for a group of level 6 characters, and that is also probably why we received so many gifts, and NPCs to accompany us?

Being underwater is a tremendous strain on resources, then we have simultaneously Perception (I assume we did not notice the web in time to react at all?), then Dex (Acrobatics DC20) which is not easy at all for most members of the group, then Str (swim), then entangled vs an opponent which is in its environment.

Again the gifts, but not really our own resources, will help here. But it still seems there are good chances several of us (if not all) risk failing at least one of these.

Ederion likes challenges though, so let’s get cracking. Will have a post up as soon as I can.

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human/wererat (Tian-Dan) lunar oracle 5 AC:21/13/18 HP:34/39 F:+2 R: +4 W: +7 Init: -1 Perception: +11 spells: level 2 5/5, level 1 1/7, gift of claw and horn 6/6, disguise DC 19

I love it! unless we die and then I'll only like it.

DM Intervention 1/1

This part of the adventure path was written for a group of four level 7s. I definitely went above that, so I wanted to provide the extra help. You're also low on gear, so that made me more concerned. I do want you to feel like you're a bit strapped for cash, such that you have to pick and choose what you fund (your strength, or your rebellion), but not quite to this level.

The perception check was to notice the bag, and the swim check was to grab it before being swept down. It was a nice little cash/utility grab.

Oh yeah, especially in this encounter I fully expect the possibility of the entire group getting entangled. While that would suck, I still fully believe that you can defeat this foe. Now that I think of it, it would have been so nasty to give it 10ft reach. I'm not that mean.

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