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Town map (Talmandor's Bounty)


A1->Dock -> Cleared
A3->Provisions building ->cleared
A4->Tool storage ->cleared
A5->Smithy ->cleared
A6->Chapel -> Haunted
A7->Large home ->cleared
A8->Pallisade gate -> Cleared
A9->Governor's house -> cleared
A10->government building ->cleared
A11-> Soldier barracks -> cleared
A12->colony square ->cleared
A13->Planted lands(crops)
A14->Main street
A15->Crop patches
A16->another garden
A17->plum trees
A18-> Levin farm

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Hello we will get started once I've selected six characters to be part of this adventure.

Silver Crusade

Have two ideas atm. One is a Aquanaut fighter, the other is a Rune-sage wizard from the acadamea looking to get a leg up on any exotic artifacts and to find any relation to the Thassilion. I'm leaning towards wizard though, as I haven't played one in quite a while.

As a note one thing I am looking to avoid is a full party of aquatic races. While a good portion of the adventure takes place underwater I would like most of the group (at least 4 maybe 5) to be unable to breathe underwater.

Here's my idea, DM. I'm flexible on race if you'd prefer him not to be an undine. In that case I'd probably just go human. I'll work on putting together a profile with crunch.

Archaeologist bard/tomb raider. I'm thinking of an amphibious undine from a line of Chelaxian nobles who have intermarried with undines since the beginning of their line. He knows he's never going to inherit, so he had to do something to make a living, but given his family he had his pick of doing something he loves. Family lore says they can trace their lineage back to old Azlant (even though they really can't), and they somehow attribute their undine-ness to the sunken ruins of the ancient empire.

If you're against aquatic races being common in the party, I'll bring in another idea. Dwarf stalker or something similar, a monster hunter.

@karlprosek You could just be an undine who doesn't have the amphibious trait. Whitout it undine have a swim speed but still need to breathe air.

Silver Crusade

yeah, I think I'm going to go ahead with the wizard. I haven't set on a particular race just yet, but I'm thinking he is from the acadamea, learned about azlant in his time there and just recently joined the pathfinder's after leaving the college to have an easier time gaining access to potential artifacts and the like.

In other words, I'm debating between the two related triats.

for personality, I'm thinking a more elegant man or woman. Who doesn't particularly like the rugged environments, but is more than willing to withstand the discomfort for the promise of knowledge, connection to thassilonian, and or artifacts.

though if there are a lot of others applying for the arcane position, I may swap. I have wanted to play both for awhile.

Posting here, just crunch so far. Not an aquatic race, but the Kraken Caller archetype gives some scaling bonuses to swim that at high levels amount to almost that. I will take the risk to get tentacles though :)

Swim speed if fine I just want to avoid races that can breathe underwater indefinitely without any magical assistance.


*Skips into thread*

Hey YA there! (^_^)

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hey, I need to rework a bunch on this character (was part of another Azlant that the GM had to leave) but I'd really like to play this guy. Human Oracle of Waves.
Are we doing background skills?


Hi there, was wondering what the character creations rules for this would be?
Would you be open to Spheres of Might/Power?

Silver Crusade

Diremerc, I'm making my wizard, (runesage) so he is going to be of the universalist "school" I was wondering if I could talk to you about the "hand of the apprentice" ability?

Perhaps a runaway daughter of the infamous Ardoc family who wanted a clean start in a far away land? Wizard(Crafter)

Sorry to ask, is this a closed recruitment?

I actually would be tempted to do a Dwarven Eagle Knight Recruit who’s father was an Archaeologist, and whose mother was a warrior working with he Eagle Knights as trainer.

@helikon I believe I have already been submited more than enough characters I haven't had the chance to check em all yet. Feel free to submit a concept I will get back to you tomorow.

almost finished with the adjustments.

I have a great character for this.
A human fighter, and member of the pathfinder society!
Bastien is a sword and shield type of fighter, ready to protect the others and dish out some decent damage!

I've been toying with an eldtritch poisoner alchemist for this adventure, half-elf total nerd character in search of ancient formulae and uncharted wildlife ripe for chemical experimentation.

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Making an Elf Investigator with the Cartographer Archetype from Ultimate Wilderness with the Expert Explorer campaign trait.

I always mean to make an investigator as I really like the class but I end up scrubbing it halfway through making the character for something else but the Cartographer archetype fits great with Ruins of Azlant.

@aipaca Would you be open to Spheres of Might/Power? Not sure what they are but I am pretty open to all characters to be honest I'm just avoiding aquatic races because A it doesn't make sense for colonist from Andoran going to colonise land would all be aquatic water breathing races and B it would make some parts of the game boring.

@helikon go ahead and post a character concept I will add it to the list.

@rorek I saw your pm and forgot to reply I am fine with you adding your int to damage instead of str it's not really game breaking I think.

I am keeping a list of submisision so far here is what I have

Azlant campaing characters
-rorek aquanaut wizard(runesage)
-karlprosek undine archeologist(class?)
-decimust dwarf ranger or stalker
-Quelth tiefling Kraken Caller druid 1
-rhmg animator ??
-suny ???
-dismedes wayfair human oracle of waves
-gm red box ???
-Aipaca ???
-LizArdoc Wizard
-Arknight dwarven eagle knight
-Jovich human Swasbuckler
-Helikon (bastion) human fighter
-kevin o'rouke 440 elf investigator

let me know if I missed something

You already added me to he list.
The concept is a fighter born to the pathfinder society, and trained as a shield warden. Giving the wizards and other casters a place to hide behind to do their magic! ;-)

Just dropping In to say, spheres of power would require you to completely force all other casters to use it, and likely ooverhaul enemy magic as well.

yeah actually looking into it we wont be using sphere of might or power for this.

This is an alias for karlprosek's archaeologist. I have some background fluff and am finalizing numbers.


In progress- House Vashnarstill traces its lineage back to the beginnings of Cheliax, claiming their founding member was a ship captain under General Coren in the Taldan Third Army of Exploration that landed at Corentyn over 3000 years ago. They claim their magic-infused blood comes from an ancient pact their ancestor made with genies that blessed his line with an affinity for the sea. House historians claim their ancestry goes back even further than the founding of Cheliax, to Azlant itself, safe in the fact that the truth is unprovable either way.

The Vashnarstills were a major noble family in Corentyn with vast mercantile and shipping interests until they backed House Davian against Thrune during the Chelish Civil War. When their forces were decimated at the Battle of a Hundred Kings they quickly bent knee to House Thrune and were rewarded with exile to Kintargo rather than destruction and being wiped from the history books. In the hundred plus years of their exile the House has regained much of its influence and wealth.

Giordano- Jordy, to his friends- is the fifth child and third son of the first son and heir apparent to the head of House Vashnarstill. Given the long lives of members of the House- a Vashnarstill can expect to live as long as a dwarf, if not longer- and his low rank among his father's children, Jordy knew from a young age that he was never going to inherit. He loved being out on the ocean, even the cold seas off the coast of Kintargo, and loved almost as much the stories of ancient kingdoms and faraway lands.

Drawn to study and read and travel, Jordy used his family's connections to gain sponsorship into the Pathfinder Society. When he heard about the Andoran expeditions the Azlanti isles he just had to go. Too late for the first wave, he applied and was accepted into the second wave, where he befriended the like-minded historians Carver Hastings and Perrell Beys.

Someone asked above if we were going to use Background Skills. I missed the response; is there any chance we'll be doing that, DM?

Ah I read that as background traits before. Looking at it that seems like a sensible system I think using that would be just fine.

So yes give yourself an extra 2 skills points per level that can only be used for Appraise, Craft, Handle Animal, Linguistics, Perform, Profession, and Knowledge (engineering, geography, history or nobility)

Qlippoth are dark tentacled things that dwelt in the abyss before even demons. Now they live in only the deepest darkest places of even that hellish plane, waiting, always waiting, and hungering for the destruction of everything mortal when they will once again hold dominion.

Quelth carries the tainted blood of such abomination, his dreams are dark and terrible. He spent his early years in a cage aboard the Pirate ship The Crimson Kraken. Besides him in cages of their own were his siblings, almost all of whom were far less human than his, oozing balls of writhing tentacles, deformed things that howled and raged. He only knew comfort from the human woman who would visit him on occasion and sing him soft songs while she wept.

The rest of the crew had dead eyes, and whenever one would recover themselves they would be dragged kicking and screaming to the Captains cabin where the sad woman lived with something terrible.

After years, Quelth still is not sure how long, perhaps a decade, The Crimson Kraken met its match. The ship and its crew were taken in minutes and a massive half orc smashed his way into the Captain's cabin before emerging locked in combat with a hideous slimy egg shaped thing over eight feet tall covered in writhing tentacles. Quelth knew instantly that this was his sire.

Then the half orc changed blurring into an enormous octopus and tearing the abomination to shreds in a brutal frenzy. The half orc returned to his normal form and began slaughtering all of the caged things. Only the woman weeping before him spared Quelth the same fate.

The half orc, Captain Brath Gouger, took the woman as his and treated Quelth like an animal, but to Quelth this was the greatest kindness he had been shown - at least he was out of his cage. Gradually he learned to speak, found that the woman was his mother, the former Captain of the Crimson Kraken Elleera Agradine, who had foolishly summoned the Qlippoth to give her an edge over the other Captains. She had used it to mind control powerful new crew members, but soon enough the Qlippoth turned them on her and took over, controlling every mind aboard The Crimson Kraken except hers as she lived the horror of birthing the things spawn. Only Quelth had been almost human.

Gradually Quelth who followed Captain Gouger everywhere began to pick up Druidry, following Besmara and learning the ways of the deep. The surly half orc came to view him as a son and even bestowed upon his the offspring of his formidable Elasomosaur animal companion.

A year ago his mother passed away of a fever, and after a couple of months when Captain Gouger had taken a new woman he set Quelth ashore in Absalom. He told the young man that seeing his face brought back too many painful memories, and that he was not a man who wanted to live in the past. He left Quelth a bag of silver, and his pet Sklith the young elasomosaur and set sail back to the Shackles.

Quelth still dreams of writhing dark things, and tentacles. His first reaction is invariably a dark one, but he always remembers what the thing that spawned him did to his mother. He is not a good man by any means, a pirate, with little conscience, but he sees his mother in most people and holds back the dark thoughts...

Now something ancient familiar, and at once utterly alien calls to him and he finds himself seeking passage to a place that may hold the secrets at the core of his being. If he gets the chance he will answer the call and hurt whatever is making it until it stops.

This is one of my favorite characters. He is a sailor, but he is unable to breathe underwater (at the start, at least).


Here's an elven magus I made for another game. Would love to try this AP.

Silver Crusade

I'm finishing up my wizard. He is elven nobility (Minor Nobility, but he won't tell you that) most of his money was spent on arcane schooling at the Academae. He is self serving, prideful, has an obsession with magic, magical knowledge, and artifacts. Should have the completed character with background finished by the weekend's end.

He is a runesage (starting out with transmutation focus), and possibly a bonded wizard, undecided on the last bit.

Submitting a northerner ex-slave tiefling summoner with a crodilian rakshasa eidolan who has some issues dealing with her new found freedom and anti-social 'partner'.

DireMerc wrote:

Azlant campaing characters

-Suny ???


Hey-Ya there! I is a Elf! *Points to naturally, tanned self*

I come from tha' islands... waaaay over that a-way... *Points off into the distance*

I is here all about learnin' all'a people's stuffs! *Nods enthusiastically*

How is all'a every one be doin', hey?? *Begins to skip around and offering to shake people's hands by way of greetings*

So, working on a 'Monk/Ninja' build. Need to work things out since they change the way traits and feats work.

Back in the day one could be a 'Non Lawful' Monk... but things have changed and I need to work through things.

EDIT:Would the DM like to peruse the traits "Adopted" and "Enligtened Warrior" ? The wording of 'Enlightened Warrior' originally read that one's raising elders imbued the child/character with the serine behaviour allowing for Neutral good alignment Monks. Wording has changed and now only allows actuaol Aasimars access to the trait. Adopted is still pretty straight forwards. Cheers.

Much cheers and best wishes to all! (^_^)

I have 3 Character Ideas I submitted via PM, and know that 3 should get the GM OK before I think about which one to make.

Dark Archive

Dotting, will return with a human occultist Pathfinder.

Submitting my idea for a hobgoblin slayer who's backstory is basically he was raised by hobgoblins, found that he didn't like other hobgoblins and decided to just f*** off and live in the woods. When that didn't work and he heard about this whole new colony thing he decided to give that a try instead.

@Suny yes if you take both adopted and enlightened warrior you can be a neutral or neutral good monk

Half-nymph Ranger being worked on.

Silver Crusade

Vinnick Varzel

This is my character I am applying with, I need to flesh out the background a bit, but other than that I think everything is good.

DireMerc wrote:
@Suny yes if you take both adopted and enlightened warrior you can be a neutral or neutral good monk


Ah! Thank'e muchly Master DM, Sir! (^_^)

Um.. unless ye is bein' a lass... Um... (>_>)


*Gives bounce of joy and skampers off to get character all worked up and squared away...*

*Runs back into thread*

We's goin on a ADVENTURE!

*Skampers off again...*

*Skips back into thread*

Hey YA there!


I is ready.

Am all happy fer peoples ta' be lookin' at m'selfs an' seein' if every thing is where things need bein'.

*Begins to skip around and offering hand shakes to people*


Alright so accepted characters
-rorek vinnick Varzel elf wizard(runesage)
-karlprosek Jordy vashnarstill undine Bard (archaeologist)
-Quelth Agradine druid (kraken caller)
-Diomedes wayfair (oracle of waves)

I will pick two more which I am still thinking about it. The remaining two will be a strong front line combatants fighter or monks and maybe an archer or another fighter or monk. I will go over the rest of the applicants and decide soon.

I'll see if I can get my ranger finished before noon-tomorrow...

Congratulations to those chosen!

I accepted you in my other game RHMG so I will pick others for this

My final two will be
-Jovich Trakas Aeramirdal Human Magus
-Bastien Navarre Fighter

Sorry if I didn't pick you there are a lot of variables I consider when picking characters (party balance, how interesting the backstory, if I know the player, if they applied in my other games as well, your intro post ect)

I will make a message here if any opening comes up. Sometimes player I pick fail to show up or vanish early on.

If your in and you character is ready make a post in ooc discussion to let me know

cool. Looking forward to it!

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