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loot list

Town map (Talmandor's Bounty)


A1->Dock -> Cleared
A3->Provisions building ->cleared
A4->Tool storage ->cleared
A5->Smithy ->cleared
A6->Chapel -> Haunted
A7->Large home ->cleared
A8->Pallisade gate -> Cleared
A9->Governor's house -> cleared
A10->government building ->cleared
A11-> Soldier barracks -> cleared
A12->colony square ->cleared
A13->Planted lands(crops)
A14->Main street
A15->Crop patches
A16->another garden
A17->plum trees
A18-> Levin farm

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Thanks, DM. Looking forward to this.

Actually I forgot I had a slot reserved for a returning player from one of my old games who initially sugested I do ruins of Azlant.

My final two will be
-Bastien Navarre Fighter
and a character by skorn who will be making an elf rogue/eldritch scoundrel

Congratulations to those selected

Congrats everyone, have fun. Thanks for considering my submission.

Congratulations ta' ever one! *Waves*


Would anyone like to join this game in progress?

I have two or three openings, We are not very far into it.

Level 2 with 1000 gold for gear.

Silver Crusade

DireMerc wrote:

Would anyone like to join this game in progress?

I have two or three openings, We are not very far into it.

Level 2 with 1000 gold for gear.

Sure :-).

Note - am currently playing in a campaign. In fact, this is the (now deceased :-() character I started that campaign with. If that is an issue thats fine. (I'm fairly good at separating player and character knowledge. But I'm human and hence imperfect at it :-().

As far as I can see you never specified point build and the like. Assuming 20 pt build I'd submit Pitran. 1/2 Orc Druid specializing in shape shifting (Feral Shifter archetype).

PDF character sheet

Can we get some details on character creation?

It's 20 pt buy, 2 traits, no drawbacks, background skills, no 3rd party as I recall

Thanks dio I was trying to track down the original recruitment tread and couldn't find it.

How far in are you? I have this character that is in a currently in a campaign that has lost the GM. We were not very far in, though, so I would have some basis for what is happening, but maybe missing a few details.

However, reading over a bit of your journey so far, I think I would rather submit a human alchemist with infusions or a wizard that brews potions... someone that can help buff the party through collecting and processing the local fauna sort of thing.

Arrived at the island investigated the original landing site. Found no signs of the original colonist but found clues that there might have been infighting between them, went to secondary side joined up with the rest of the crew and made way back to first landing side and currently working on rebuilding it. After a string of choker attacks the group found a cave with a nest of chokers and are trying to clear them out.

How about this as an alternate: Gizmo, a Human Grenadier Alchemist, Tinkerer and Engineer.

Background Story:

Frank Ghizmadeus comes from a decent family, one with enough wealth to afford to send him to school. He excelled at studies of chemistry and engineering, as well as learning much about spellcasters and the principles behind magic.

Unfortunately, Frank was a bit awkward, finding it hard to make friends. So he would spend most of his time creating chemical compounds or tinkering with his gadgets, most which did not work but every now and then he would create something fun. His classmates would call him Gizmo, and the moniker stuck.

Gizmo was also quite the history buff, with ancient Azlanti being a particular interest. Still, when he heard they were recruiting people to start a new life as a colonist, he balked at the idea. "Why would I ever leave the comforts of home?"

One fateful day, a man approached him to help with a "project". The money seemed good, and he was board, and most importantly, the man seemed quite friendly, and Gizmo always wanted friends. Sadly, it turned out this man was using the scholar to create methods for smuggling in illegal substances, and then he wanted Gizmo to start creating poisons and other dangerous compounds for his criminal organization. Once Gizmo found out, he wanted no more part of it, but he was in too deep to easily get out. So instead, he enacted a plan to destroy all of his work, and put a significant dent in the organizations business.

Realizing he had not thought through to the end, he suddenly needed to disappear, and quick! Now, the prospect of moving away to a deserted colony became quite attractive, and he immediately signed up for the next transport. Luckily, the Bountiful Venture Company saw a use for his engineering and survival skills, and were happy to have him.


Frank "Gizmo" Ghizmadeus
LG Human Grenadier Alchemist 2
Languages: Common, ancient Azlanti, Dwarf, Sylvan, Gnome, Aquan

Movement: 30 spd
Init +2 (+2 Dex)
HP 17 (8 +1 Con +1 FC/5+1+1)

AC 17 (+5 armor +2 Dex), touch 12, flat-footed 15
CMD 13 (10 +1 Str +2 Dex)
Fort +3 (+2 class +1 Con)
Ref +4 (+2 class +2 Dex)
Will +1 (+0 class +1 Wis)

Defensive Abilities

Base Attack +1; Melee Touch +3; Ranged Touch +3
CMB +2 (+1 BAB +1 Str)

Extracts Prepared
1.1 Cure light wounds
1.2 Monkey fish
1.B Shield

Melee Attacks
Dagger +2 att / 1d4 P or S dmg 19–20/×2 10 ft. (+1 BAB +1 Str)

Ranged Attacks
Heavy crossbow +3 att : 1d10 P dmg 19–20/×2 120 ft. (+1 BAB +2 Dex)
Dagger +3 att : 1d4+1 P or S dmg 19–20/×2 10 ft. (+1 BAB +2 Dex, +1 Str)

Bombs +3 vs touch : 1d6+3+1 Fire Dmg 10 ft.

+1/+1 Point Blank Range

Str 5 14 14(+2)
Dex 5 14 14(+2) - AC, Finesse (touch)
Con 2 12 12(+1)
Int 7 17 +2 17(+3)
Wis 2 12 12(+1) - Spell level + DC Need 19 by level 16
Chr -1 9 9(-1) - Number of uses

SKILLS 16 (4 +3 Int +1 Human/4+3+1)
Acrobatics +3 (+2 Dex)
Bluff -1 (-1 Chr)
Climb +2 (+2 Str)
Diplomacy -1 (-1 Chr)
Disguise -1 (-1 Chr)
Disable Device* +6 (1 rank +2 Dex +3 class)
Escape Artist +2 (+2 Dex)
Fly* +2 (+ Dex)
Heal* +5 (1 rank +1 Wis +3 class)
Intimidate -1 (-1 Chr)
Knowledge(arcana)* +7 (1 rank +3 Int +3 class)
Knowledge(local) +5 (1 rank +3 Int +1 trait)
Knowledge(nature)* +7 (1 rank +3 Int +3 class)
Perception* +6 (2 rank +1 Wis +3 class)
Ride +0 (+0 Dex)
Sense Motive +1 (+1 Wis)
Slight of Hand* +6 (1 rank +2 Dex +3 class)
Spellcraft* +8 (2 rank +3 Int +3 class)
Stealth +2 (+2 Dex)
Survival* +5 (1 rank +1 Wis +3 class)
Swim +3 (1 rank +2 Str)
Use Magic Device* +9 (2 rank +3 Int +3 class +1 trait)

Background Skills 4 (2+2)
Appraise* +7 (1 rank +3 Int +3 class)
Craft(alchemy)* +8 (2 rank +3 Int +3 class +1 /2level) for crafting
Knowledge (Engineering)* +4 (1 rank +3 Int)
Knowledge (History)* +5 (1 rank +3 Int +1 trait)
Linguistics +4 (1 rank +3 Int)

The alchemist’s class skills are Appraise (Int), Craft (any) (Int), Disable Device (Dex), Fly (Dex), Heal (Wis), Knowledge (arcana) (Int), Knowledge (nature) (Int), Perception (Wis), Profession (Wis), Sleight of Hand (Dex), Spellcraft (Int), Survival (Wis), Use Magic Device (Cha). Added Knowledge(history) as trait. Skill Ranks per Level: 4 + Int modifier.

Artisan's outfit (1 gp)
Chain shirt (100 gp)
Buckler (5 gp)


Dagger (2 gp)
Crossbow, heavy (50 gp)
Bolts (20) (2 gp)
bombchucker (12 gp) - +10' range

Alchemist lab (200 gp)
Hybridization Funnel (200 gp)
Formula Alembic (200 gp)

Backpack (2 gp)
Bedroll (1 sp)
Waterskin (1 gp)
Masterwork Thieves' Tools (100 gp)
Ink (1 gp)
Pen (1 sp)
Torches (10) (1 sp)
Rope 50' silk (10 gp)

Acid (3) (10 gp)
Alchemist's Fire (3) (20 gp)
Antitoxin (3) (50 gp)
Tindertwigs (10) (10 gp)

PP – 0
GP – 23
SP – 7
CP – 0

FORMULAE BOOK 2+3int+1 2nd lvl
1st Level: Cure light wounds, enlarge person, monkey fish, touch of the sea, shield

Martial Weapon Proficiency (Trident) Brew Potion (Grenadier Alchemist bonus)
Throw Anything (Alchemist bonus)
Point Blank Range (Human Bonus)
Precise Shot (Level 1)

Precise Bombs (Grenadier Alchemist 2 bonus)
Infusion (Level 2)

Azlanti Scholar: You are familiar with an aspect of Azlanti lore. Maybe you first became enamored with this ancient culture after stumbling across a copy of the first volume of the Pathfinder Chronicles or after learning about Azlant in a university or another type of formal education. Perhaps your parents or guardians were scholars and you’ve grown up hearing about and reading about the ancient Azlanti. For years you dreamed about visiting the continent’s ruins and returning with a discovery that could propel your career. Due to this scholarly bent, the Bountiful Venture Company selected you to join the colony at Talmandor’s Bounty.
You gain a +1 trait bonus on Knowledge (history), Knowledge (local), and Use Magic Device checks, and one of these skills is a class skill for you. In addition, you gain Azlanti as a bonus language.

Pragmatic Activator: While some figure out how to use magical devices with stubborn resolve, your approach is more pragmatic.
Benefit: You may use your Intelligence modifier when making Use Magic Device checks instead of your Charisma modifier.

I may change the Martial Weapon Proficiency to Bow rather than Trident, or maybe even something else. It comes with the Grenadier archetype, but I think the crossbow is more in flavor with Gizmo's love of engineering.

Let me know what you think.
Thank you!

Liberty's Edge

Interested, will poke around and try to come up with a Character and then submit something by Saturday (if not too late).

Should be fine they are going back to town to rest now and I will have you join them for their next outing.

Profile created

I'd like to submit my druid Joshua Jericho for this recruitment.

Liberty's Edge

Unfortunately I haven't had the time to put anything together, I hope you all have a lovely time.

Alright so we will have Gizmo and Joshua join the group when they return to town.

Go say hi in the discussion tread for now.


Grand Lodge

If that third slot is still available I would be happy to build something to fill any holes the group has.

If I can get some guidance as to what the group wants I could have something together by tonight.

One of my missing players has return so the group is back at six members for the moment. If any opening comes up I will let you know.

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