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My word I didn't think it had been so long since my last post. I thought it had been like 2 weeks.

I think I should call it and just end this game. I have too much going on that I simply forget to come on here on a regular basis and I feel bad that I'm always leaving you guys hanging. I'm gonna stick to running my games on roll20 going forward instead of play by post.

They are on draft horses (heavy). They aren't riding very fast so it should be possible to keep up with them so long as they maintain their current speed.

Yeah all good points, this was originally a playtest to see how it would work out and to plan it out to play for my real-life group.

I have enough saved up to keep this on the back burner to take out for my group someday so we can stop here if you want.

However, if you wanna keep it going as a less freeform game and more of a choose a path from multiple choices game I can do that as well.

Knowing the approximate departure time of the outgoing patrol you make your way back to your ship and cross to the other side of the river. From there you find a nice spot to watch the exit of the Ballantyne and early in the morning, you are lying in wait until you spot a patrol heading out.

Looks like a group of eleven on horses. Ten soldiers following a captain. You notice the ten soldiers have blue capes and the captain has a red cape.

They are heading east into the mountains at a slow trot.

At this time they seem pretty relaxed they likely don't expect to be attacked this close to the castle.

Right sorry I kinda got distracted with other stuff since I have two RL games going with weekly sessions plus work right now.

I think it might become necessary for me to push things forward a bit more and turn this into a more story driven campaign and less of a sandbox experience like what I was aiming for previously.

I'm still around when you guys have settled on a course of action I will jump in.

Finding a person with a deadly plague plan likely wont work but you may be able to make the plan work by using a scroll of contagion or something similar.

The town to the south refer's to Roslar's Coffer. It is quite far...~150 miles south. See the Lastwall map linked at the top.

Alex takes some time talking to the dwarves and learns they were hired to replace some foundations that had started to weaken on the Balentyne walls but he isn't able to get any specific details from them other than they should be working on them for the next ten days or so.

Stannis finds a place that will sell him a cheap coffin for a single as 2 gold. He can find all kinds of goods for sale in the market that he could store in the warehouse to make it seem used.

Having gathered some information you all meet up again to share what you have learned.

If everyone is still around and up to keep going I will resume posting shortly. Was busy with the holidays for a bit and then I was sick and bedridden for like 4-5 days after but I'm fine now.

The merchants tell Cori about a contact who manages contracts and gives them out to mercenaries looking for work.


It doesn't take long for Alex to find the dwarves sitting at an isolated table in a tavern enjoying some drinks. They are covered in grime and sweat after a long day of work.


They explain the crisis and you quickly realize they are talking about the town of Roslar's coffer that was annihilated during the weapon test that you had a hand in organizing. The blast that destroyed the town also create a massive horde of undead that was left to it's own devices and started rampaging across the land. You realize that this is going to draw a large portion of the military of the Last wall to the south of the nation for quite some time.


You notice Alex and Casta in the tavern with you chatting up the locals you aren't quite sure where to find the others but you can meet them at the place you decided at the appointed time.


He nods and agrees to your price.

Sorry guys I thought I posted these replies about a week ago but I either forgot to hit save or the forum ate it.

The novice listens to your story and seems quite confused and you are not quite certain if she really believes your story or not. Finally, she says "I can take you to the Dawnmaster (head cleric) and he can give you some suitable tasks to help you redeem yourself if that is what you need or you can always try your luck finding a group of adventurers in need of a healer. There are a few groups of them in town and our ranks are quite diminished since most of us went south to deal with a crisis so none of us are available to help them."

Not sure if maybe you misunderstood? He said the Captain was taking a patrol out of the fort to go scouting tomorrow morning as such he is likely at the fort now and not in the city.

"Not sure where he could be, probably staying at a woman's house if I were to venture a guess."

Stannis has little trouble finding what he needs pretending to be a merchant or trader he finds a man called Charles Ritkin who offers to rent him a small warehouse (20 feet wide and 30 feet long) with a small sleeping quarter (Basically just a small room with a bed a desk and a chair) he charges 20 gold per day or 100 gold per week. He also arranges for a wagon and horse for 150 gold. The man does ask a few questions about what you're trading and whether or not you have a ship coming in soon.

[b]"Plenty of ships dock here for trade and we do get of a fair share of mercenaries and would-be adventurers willing to brave the lands to the north for some quick coin."


Asking around a bit you are able to find a place that off-duty guards are known to frequent it's located in the Auld'lrey district it's an alehouse and Inn called The Lord's Dalliance. "A captain eh? Probably Captain Eddarly then. He's the only one that leaves the Ballantyne to go on patrols. I'll gladly pass on your thanks! You may even have the chance to bump into him. I hear he comes into town at least once a week but nobody seems to know where he goes when he does. He doesn't come here in any case. Ah! but I heard he was taking another patrol out tomorrow morning and won't be back for six days, maybe you can catch him after that if you're still in town."



The first place of drinking you find is the lord's dalliance. It is a pleasant enough place with strong drink and adequate food. You quickly notice Casta chatting up a soldier in the corner and you go about doing the same. You ask if the soldiers have caused any trouble and the bartender you talking too quickly dismisses it. "Lord Havelyn is very strict, if any soldiers causes trouble and he catches wind of it he would likely have them whipped...No the soldier knows better than to cause trouble...Those dwarves thought...I heard they're in town to fix up the Balentyne, some basic maintenance or what have you but every night they come down and cause a ruckus, drinking, fighting. I even heard some of them were accused of picking pockets but the guards are ignoring it! In any case just stay clear of them and you should be fine."



They are quite well stocked and carry a decent assortment of items. (anything under 4000 gold is readily available, anything 4000-10000 is very likely to be available but in short supply) anything higher than that might be there but not likely.

Hmm a fair point. I left it very open-ended on purposes there is at least 10 different ways you could possibly go about this that I came up with and there are probably many more that I haven't thought of. Ultimately I figure your reason for being here is to gather information about anything you can to weaken the Balenthyne. this is in fact completely optional you could if you wanted to go right to the fort itself and start looking for ways to infiltrate or sabotage it yourselves.

If you want to roll gather information checks you can just let me know what it is exactly your asking about. When you visit specific places I may give you more hooks but at the moment you're just roaming the streets.

I think Alex said he was going towards Auld’Irey reading back so will update on that.

I actually see now I did miss one request from Casta and Alex

Asking about the Balentyne he learns that the families of many of the soldiers in the castle live in this city. There is quite a bit of back-and-forth travel by the soldiers who come to visit during their days off some to visit families other to simply play games and drink in the local taverns.

There is no temple of Gorum in this city only Iomedea, Sarenrea, Shelyn, Torag, Abadar, and Cayden Cailean are present.

Alex moves along the streets going towards the center of town going into Auld’Irey. The place is bustling with traffic and dozens of merchants sell various wares here. Most of the foot traffic is either coming into or coming out of the largest structure in the center which was once a grand temple. A large sign reads "The Marsten Emporium".

Are you waiting on me? I don't think anyone asked anything that requires my input so far

Rent an apartment and stash one there? That said You could also keep it on the ship. Assuming you turn to gas because you got reduced to 0 hp you need only reach a coffin within 2 hours to be safe. You travel at 60 feet per round so in that time you can cover 12 miles.

@Stannis by my count we are on the 4th day the attack arrives on the 30th day.

sorry took me a while to piece this toghter

So what places are you interested in visiting now that you are here?

about farholde:

The key to understanding Farholde is water. Almost every structure in the city of Farholde is built on one of nine hills. The reason for this arrangement is simple – Farholde floods. Almost every year in the spring, The Path river brimming with mountain runoff, overflows its banks and floods Farholde. These floods are usually predictable and brief. They have never in memory crested any of the nine hills. These floods are a boon for Farholde. They deposit rich lake sediment all over the delta plane and create rich arable land for the growing season. No one in Farholde worries about leaving fields fallow or fortifying their soil. The mighty Path River handles all such labor. But these floods also mean if you build a structure beneath the floodline, you had better be prepared for it to be underwater for at least two weeks a year.

Points of interest might include:

Abbey of Saint Cynthia-Celeste
Usually called simply the Abbey by locals, this large walled manor house is home to a devout order of warrior nuns. Followers of Irori the nuns are a common sight about town dressed in their dark blue and white habits. These “Maidens of Enlightenment” are a chaste and cloistered order, but still must frequently leave their abbey to conduct their business. They are a relatively young order, Having been founded only a hundred years ago or so.

Built upon the largest of the nine hills, this is the oldest section of Farholde and the only part of the town surrounded by a wall. When the hill fort that became Hamorhall fell, there was across the river a small Iraen town. The town surrendered without battle and was captured intact. Auld’Irey (pronounced all-DIARY), a corruption of “Old Iraen”, is the rebuilt remains of that settlement.
Today Auld’Irey is the mostly densely populated portion of Farholde. Every available plot has been developed and buildings are stacked upon buildings. The majority of commerce is done here and the lionshare of Farholde’s shops, taverns and inns are located in this quarter.
This quarter is not just filled with shops. Many people live here and the oldest houses in Farholde are located here. Once Auld’Irey was the nicest place to live in Farholde but recently that honor has been usurped by the manors of Calliver Green.

Built upon the largest of the nine hills, this is the oldest section of Farholde and the only part of the town surrounded by a wall.
Today Auld’Irey is the mostly densely populated portion of Farholde. Every available plot has been developed and buildings are stacked upon buildings. The majority of commerce is done here and the lion's share of Farholde’s shops, taverns and inns are located in this quarter.
This quarter is not just filled with shops. Many people live here and the oldest houses in Farholde are located here. Once Auld’Irey was the nicest place to live in Farholde but recently that honor has been usurped by the manors of Calliver Green.

Calliver Green
This gently sloping hill is amongst the highest points south of the Scardynn delta and has become home to the wealthiest residents of Farholde. Access to the Green is blocked by a small private guard post. Without a pass granted by a resident, access is not allowed.
Only six estates stand on the hill owned by the wealthiest families in town. (including one Baron Vandermir)

Templeton Rise
Located at the highest point in Auld’Irey is the center of all trade in Farholde — the Templeton Rise. Originally, a temple to all gods worshipped in the area. The temple was sold to the Marsten family, very rich merchants who repurposed it. The family remains the current owners and this is the hub of their mercantile empire.

Newchurch is the name of the neighborhood, the hill it sits on, and the common title given to the Iomedean church at its center. Several other smaller churches to Sarenrea, Shelyn, Torag, Abadar, and Cayden Cailean surround the temple of Iomedea.

This is the low-lying middle between Auld’Irey, Newchurch, Estell and Jasperhill. Being one of the lowest areas around the delta, no one sane would live here and yet it is crowded with temporary structures, water-logged shanties and traveller’s tents. This transient community is definitely the bad part of town. It exists because the town watch has repeatedly proven it is loathe to come down here. This is understandable, it is not easy to get to Drownington from Auld’Irey. The bridge that connects Auld’Irey to Newchurch is separated by a wall. The eastern gate that connects Auld’Irey to Estell has no access to Drownington. You have to leave through the north gate and trudge through hundreds of yards of muddy bog to make it to Drownington. The guard rarely bothers. Thus, there is effectively a small lawless zone right in the middle of Farholde.

Lord Drownington’s Manor
There is only one permanent structure in Drownington built on a slab of rock that is mostly above the flood line (by almost four inches!). There stands a stout stone bunker that has barely survived a hundred floods. A crudely made sign in front reads “Lord Drownington’s Manor”. Equal parts bar, brothel, fight club, black market and thieves’ guild, this is without a doubt the most dangerous place in Farholde.

Corgan’s Landing
This is a large slab of stone built on the banks of the Path river almost two centuries ago. Though it has settled some, it remains comfortably above the flood line. Thus, it is completely filled with warehouses, businesses and offices of all sorts. It is also the home of the Harbormaster’s House.

The ship stops a few miles short of the town and you walk the rest of the way.

You arrive on the outskirts of the City of Farhole.
Farholde overview map
Population ~9,600 (~7,500 humans; ~1,100 half-elves; ~650 elves; ~125 dwarves;~ 90 halflings; ~135 other)
Standing garrison ~1000 fighting men.
Primary resources: Salt mines, farming, and fishing.

The Balentyne is about 3-4 miles west from Farhole along the coast.

Most of the city itself is outside its wall and only the most prosperous citizen live inside the walls of the town. As such, there is no gate to prevent you from entering until you try to get into the inner city.

You spot groups of guards milling about patrolling the roads but they don't seem too concerned with you only giving you the occasional glances and a few stares as you do stand out a little bit. That said the town does see the occasional groups of adventurers passing by before going into the dangerous lands to the north to look for ancient ruins or treasures as many such places (like the keep you recently acquired) do remain still. So they likely assume you are another such group.

Having made you're preparation you board your new ship and make the trip down to the city.

Do you sail right to the city and dock at the port? or stop away from it and walk the rest of the way?

Also the Drake saddle was available in the market but not the reduction harness there were however scrolls of reduce person.

That being said Andrastus take Stannis aside for a short discussion in private.

Once they are done he will check if anyone else has any requests or questions if not he will leave teleporting away.

I assume you take the ship down to the city of Farholde?

"The count has so far been reluctant to offer his aid you will need to visit him and see if you can convince him to join or side." replies Andrastus

"The undead rowers are below deck and won't be seen unless the ship is boarded. It also carries markings as a merchant vessel from Ustalav. While Lastwall may not like the use of undeads in Ustalac their use is legal and so long as the undead remain onboard the ship you are not breaking any laws."

The ship provided is a Clipper ship with six human sailors and 8 undead rowers. It can travel 8 MPH and can make the trip down to the Balentyne in 4.5 hours

"Yes, focus your attention on the Balentyne for time being, as for the elf and the treant...I suspect I may know who you're dealing with. It's been over a century since we crossed paths but you are likely dealing with Calliaste a shapeshifting Azata posing as an elf. She and that pet treant of hers are likely watching this place from afar looking for signs that someone is trying to wake this place up. I doubt they will make a move until you begin the ritual so best to avoid them until you are ready...That being said it may be possible to trigger her into attacking the Balentyne or Farholde if you can convince her they committed some atrocity against nature or those under her protection."

"The boggards are of no import, deal with them as you will. I'm surprised the daemons are still here after so much time has passed. They must have agreed to some very unfavorable terms on their contract." Andrastus almost laughs and seems genuinely amused at this. "I sense the undead spirits in the walls, be wary of them, they hunger for the living and may eventually forget about your agreement."

"The ritual that summons the clouds of darkness. I need you to complete this ritual within a year (once started the ritual takes 222 days to complete). Once you begin this place will draw a lot of attention however so make sure you are prepared."

"I also wanted to tell you there is a lord Baron Vandermir, you may be familiar with him. He lives in Farhole just beyond the Balentyne. He may be amiable to help your cause. I happen to know a few of his secrets, namely that he is a vampire and was formerly a member of the brotherhood that operated out of this keep."

"I only just arrived and haven't had the chance to meet the locals yet. Do you mean the undead I sense lurking around or the local primitives?"

A large blue-skinned humanoid creature standing almost 9 feet tall approaches "This the new clients?" he says examining you with his six eyes. The creature is dressed in a flowing multicolored robe and wears a turban.

Yes, Tabernarius. You will visit this keep regularly and see to the needs of these people and you will find it quite the lucrative arrangement I'm sure.

Knowledge the planes dc 20:

This is a Mercane. Mysterious merchants of all things magical, mercanes are relatively weak and noncombative for creatures of their size. They prefer to bargain and haggle rather than to fight, but because they wander the planes seeking and trading magical goods, they typically travel with an entourage of hired bodyguards. Mercanes are capable of defending themselves, and often carry masterwork Large falchions. Yet these weapons are primarily for show, as mercanes prefer to let their bodyguards deal with violent opponents. If a situation turns ugly, mercanes typically use their magical abilities to flee, abandoning their hirelings if necessary.

Mercanes are known throughout the planes as traders in magical items. Each has a secret chest filled with wares stashed away, ready to be pulled out when it’s time to haggle and close a deal (or to bribe a potential obstacle). Mercanes are therefore not easily robbed, and they only surrender the contents of a secret chest when they have no other choice. Mercanes have no interest in mundane goods, no matter how fine or rare. Only magical objects earn their attention and their coin. They’re known for driving hard, but fair, bargains, and for hiring adventurers from time to time to recover certain goods of interest for a fair price. Although they are not particularly brave, they hold contracts sacrosanct and keep their agreements.

He looks down at you. "I will be stopping by once a week or so and I am interested in purchasing any magic items you get your hands on and do not need and in exchange I will be providing some for you. My stock is random and as such, I cannot guarantee a specific item but I am sure you will find something to your liking."

Andrastus points down to the river. "The ship I came in on will be staying here as well. You can use as you like I will be leaving here by teleportation".

I think the best way to move the story forward is to return to the keep for now. I am also changing a few things I had planned out to make things a bit easier for all of us lol

Having completed your shopping and gathered some juicy intel you leave Freetown behind and for now, return to the keep. You rest for the night before going back.

The next day you travel back and return to the keep which takes up most of the day you report your findings to those who stayed behind talk about your plans and get some rest.

The next morning a ship arrives at the dock. It's a small merchant vessel bearing the markings of Caliphas.

Andrastus is on board with a small screw. He leaves them behind and comes up to the keep and greets you. "How is your new home? I hope you find it to your liking. I've brought you a faster means of travel as well as some merchant connections that you may find useful in completing your tasks."

Ok so once you are done shopping you return to the keep?

You do not need to Rp it at this point just let me know what your looking for and it may be available to depending on the item I may roll to see if there is one or how many there are.

So let me know what your looking to buy and we should try to move on.

Maybe not the most interested but he probably is offering you the best price you can get in freetown at the moment. I don't want to spend too much time RP-ing every merchant encounter as I don't want people sitting at base with nothing to do for too long lol.

The alchemist smiles. She gives him the 4 potions of protection from good she has in stock. "People do tend to overly rely on those who can cast spells and sometimes forget that the simplest solution can be found in a bottle she answers.


You pay the merchant his coin and he relaxes."Very well, if you change your mind about the gold come back later."

Anything else you want to do in freetown

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So you pay cash then

Of course, this is only the gold items that are selling at 60% of their value.

If you pay mostly with coins you can minimize your loss.

I had mentioned that Freetown was a place where you weren't likely to get very good prices. After Cori's "Encouragement" he really did open with close to his best offer. What you were doing was kinda like being the guy on pawn star that has the expert come in and says "This item would probably sell at auction for like 100 000$" and then the guy looks to the pawnshop owner and says I want 100 000$ for it then the pawn shop owner says 60 000$ and the owner of the item says 95 000$.

Obviously, the pawn shop owner isn't going to take that deal.

The situation is also being affected by the fact that the town is being pressured/extorted to raise money by the clef heads so the merchants are being pressured to try and make as much money as possible on each deal.

Hope that clears it up.

"Perhaps we can arrange something when you bring me some items but I don't have the luxury to make promises on purely good faith at the moment."

You get the feeling he is at the edge of his max at best you might be able to 65% but it would be hard to push him further now. You also come to realize that this is likely related to the situation with the Clef Head's Tax. Were that resolved he might be more willing to negotiate higher.

"Not. a. chance...and you can forget about leaving here with those items unless you pay for them." Says Kemler growing frustrated. You get the feeling that any goodwill you've acquired with Kemler is quickly fading away and there is no way he can agree to pay more than he already is. "If you don't like my prices you can offload your stolen gold somewhere else"

Arshoon is impressed by your formulea's and happy to meet a fellow alchemist.

She would also like to copy some spells from you.
Blur, bears endurance, Cat’s Grace, Bull’s Strength, Ironskin, Acute Senses

Since she is taking more than you are she offers 300 gold of store credit to make up the difference.

She doesn't have those poisons in stock however all the ones she has are injury types of poisons meant to be applied on a weapon.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- --

Kemler laughs "At 60% I'm already giving you the rate I would give my own mother. The only reason I am offering you such good prices on these items -other than the wonderful lady here. Is I hope to recoup my losses by re-selling your gold. Any other merchant in town would likely give you closer to 40% I just happen to be in a good mood at the moment."

Kemler is past his prime and you get the feeling he was never a very good lover. Focused only on his own pleasure he treats Cori much like a piece of merchandise that he acquired. His only redeeming quality is his enthusiasm, you get the feeling that it has been quite the dry spell for him.

When his time is done sweaty and exhausted he motions for you to get your comrade once your dressed.

He offers to buy your gold at 60% of it's market value but he can only offer items in exchange (no coins) because of the taxes being levied by the clef heads.

Why would he want the flower? Implying Cori is a succubus or something lol

@Casta Sorry forgot your response last time.

She considers for a moment and says "Very well show me yours and I will show you mine but coping costs extra."

Her formula book contains the following.
3rd—absorbing touch, heroism; Amplify Elixir; Displacement;
2nd—alchemical allocation, barkskin, false life, invisibility; cure moderate wounds, delay poison;
1st—bomber’s eye, cure light wounds, disguise self, expeditious retreat, shield
comprehend languages, detect secret doors, endure elements, identify;

It is in fact the same shop It's Kemler's General Goods

"Alright, you have a deal. He looks to Stannis you will need to wait outside until we conclude our business." He gives a short whistle and what appears to be an animated wooden mannequin comes out of the back. "Close the shop for a bit and keep an eye on things" he tells the mannequin.

As Alex enters the building he just gives you a quick look and says "I do but we're closing at the moment come back in a little over an hour."

Knowledge arcana for identifying the mannequin

The merchant ponders the offer for a time and finally says "17 000 for the belt and the amulet."

Other items he has are (Ring of fire resistance 12 000 gp) (a ring of Sustenance 2500 gp) (wand of mage armor 750 gp) (A Talisman of Arrow Protection 600 gp) (A ring of spell knowledge III 13 500 gp) (Amulet of Natural Armor +1 2000 gp)

The man considers you for a moment "One hour in the backroom and we have a deal but best I can do is 16 000 or the governor will have my head"

@Casta Peeking into my recipe books is a premium service dear, I can't just go around giving away all my secrets now can I?

She has a decent selection of poisons of varying potency.

@Alexandr "We will consider your offer...If the Clef Head leadership were to be eliminated by a third party unrelated to us, however, we would be amenable to a change in allegiance. Until then this conversation never happened. Never heard of the boots but I believe Kemler's Goods might have the eyes you're looking for."

Cori/Stannis: The merchant's eyes open wide at the sight of the gold. "Well of course for such a discerning customer I can take out my finest item.
He shows you a belt with a large platinum buckle that shows the symbol of Irori on it. This magnificent belt will enhance all of your physical attributes by a decent margin (+2). This rare and powerful item can be yours for a measly twenty thousand gold pieces or items of equivalent worth.

Alexandr: Alexander is allowed entry and given an audience with two people (and their guards) a middle-aged man (Garrik Bitune) and a middle-aged woman (Marguerite Drovenge). These are the two of the three surviving members of the gang of criminals who founded this town.

They are surprised by your first claim, they have clearly no idea who you are but try to hide it by showing a mask of indifference.

The man speaks up. "As interesting as your proposition is the cleft heads are underlings for another far more powerful group. If we ally with fire-axe and defeat the cleft-heads. Ardax White-Hair will march his army down here and raze freedom town to the ground. We are aware of the growing strength of the fire-axe but they are still no match for the Empty Hand tribe.

Casta: Casta enters the store and is pleased to this store has a decent selection of potions, poisons, and ingredients. A tiefling woman with deep purple skin greets him as he enters. "Greetings, I am Arshoon. What kind of problem do you need a solution for?"

"I do have some special reserves, like this ring of fire resistance to protect me from hot stuff like you. What kind of items are you looking for?" replies the shopkeeper.

Asking around Alex finds that the governors of Freetown are pretty information on how they run things. If you have something you need to discuss you can just go to their manor and ask for an audience and in most cases you will get it.

Cori enters the General store and sees that the place is stocked with all sorts of hunting, camping, fishing and survival gear and lights sources like torches and lanterns. There is also books and writing supplies and locks and manacles as well as a section for some technological trinkets imported from Numeria.

The central area of the town seems to have a Bazaar of sorts set up with various miscellaneous goods being sold. There is a weapon's shop (Slicers and Dicers), an alchemist shop (Bottle solutions), a general goods store (Kemler's Goods and supplies), a butcher shop (The good Cut), and a trap shop (The dirty Trap).

It will take several days before R'yzzntyg hears back from the druids. The treant doesn't appear to come this close to the fortress R'yzztyg sees no sign of it. R'yzzntyg does make some headway however in learning to summon mudmen and mud elementals from the magic pool below by studying the murals on the second level.

I don't really have more to add at the moment. Pretty much just waiting to see what you decide to do.

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