DM Panic's Scourge of the Slavelords Prologue

Game Master wakedown

Prologue in the Free City of Greyhawk to a campaign that may lead into the Scourge of the Slavelords arc.

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butch female Dwarf Per +8 | Fort +10 Ref +4 Will +7 | AC 18 (f17/t14) | CMD 20)
Martigan the Sun-Touched wrote:
Petrel wrote:
I'm going to Paizocon this year as well. Forgot to sign up for games though!
We're you at? I'm going to the Convocation and Banquet and I'll be wandering around at the Runelords signing.

Have you two heard of cell phones? Yeesh.

Was working today - I'll be there Sunday though. Hopefully the dealer room isn't emptied out by then, sounded like some interesting kickstarter projects would be on display.

Male Human (Oerdian) (Per +2 | Fort +5 Ref +2 Will +1 | AC 26 (f24/t12) | CMD 21)

Finally leveling up. Sorry for the delay.

+1 Strength
+1 BAB
+8 HP
+1 Fort Save
+1 Feat (Weapon Focus, guisarme)
+4 skills (Acrobatics, Climb, Swim, Perception)

Male Dwarf Wanderer

Still @ PaizoCon. I think it's unlikely that I'll get anything up before Sunday night.

Had a great time hanging with Martigan (and Mrs. Martigan) last night.

And chances are that we'll see/meet Petrel on the morrow.

Male Human Rogue 4: Knife Master, Sanctified Rogue

I'll be at Paizocon tomorrow - hope to see Mukluk, Martigan & others!

male Gray Elf Alchemist 4

Level 4

HP 6 (8/2 +1 base, +1 favored, 0 CON)
Stat increse - INT +1
+1 BAB
+1 REF
Discovery - Precise bombs (yeah!)
Extracts per day - one 2nd level (+1 for INT) - TBD
- one learned at level 4. Others can be added like a wizard
Skills 8 (4+INT)
+3 Acrobatics
+1 Craft traps
+1 Know Arcana
+1 Perception
+1 Spellcraft
+1 UMD

Need to choose an extract, but wanted to get something up before I'm without a computer and only on phone. Then I need to raid that grumpy dwarf's spellbook.

male Gray Elf Alchemist 4

Still need to pick one extract, but profile is updated. I'll be on phone only unti Thursday night.

Human Cleric of Pelor 4

Leveling now. Had to leave PaizoCon Sunday morning to get the wife to her dino dig, but next year I'll be there all 3 days.

Human Cleric of Pelor 4

+1 Cleric

7 HP
+1 Wisdom
+1 K. Religion
+1 Spellcraft
+1 Diplomacy

+1 Fort
+2 Will
+1 BAB

Spell list updated to something useful.

The Exchange

Male Humanoidish Yahoo 4/Painlord 6/Punk 2/Cleric of Happiness & Sunshine 1
Martigan the Sun-Touched wrote:
Leveling now. Had to leave PaizoCon Sunday morning to get the wife to her dino dig, but next year I'll be there all 3 days.

Hanging out with Petrel and Brock at a bar in Seattle. We missed you this morning.

Hope you had fun.

Human Cleric of Pelor 4

I had a great time. I'll be sending Brock an email today or tomorrow, really wish I'd had the chance to chat with him more but the Con was just too crazy.

Male Human Rogue 4: Knife Master, Sanctified Rogue

Petrel will take another level of rogue. I'll get stats up later - I need to find my notes on character advancement I made before I moved! Or just pick something.

His first Sanctified Rogue bonus kicks in btw, think it helps out the bad saves fr his class.

Everything appears straightforward so far.

Mobled and Doruk appear complete.

Tiabrar's still picking an extract, and possibly revising what he prepares after the next rest.

Martigan's updating his spell list.

Petrel and Mukluk still in progress...

male Gray Elf Alchemist 4

Tiabrar will take vomit swarm. I was tempted to take skin send just for the fun of it.

The prepared formula will be the same with the addition of 2 vomit swarms since that's the only one he knows.

Male Dwarf Wanderer

I'll have MM up in a few hours.

Lots of PbP to catch up upon.

You could always learn Lesser Restoration from the scroll, Rabbit. Er, Tiabrar. :-)

Male Dwarf Wanderer
Saint Bernard de Clairveaux wrote:
You could always learn Lesser Restoration from the scroll, Rabbit. Er, Tiabrar. :-)

I think in non-PFS play there *is* a difference between divine and arcane scrolls. GM Panic may feel the same (given that he made the point of labeling them as such) but not sure.

Or, are Alchys both arcane and divine?

butch female Dwarf Per +8 | Fort +10 Ref +4 Will +7 | AC 18 (f17/t14) | CMD 20)

That's definitely a challenging one for the newer base arcane base classes. I've never knowingly played with that rule in a 'home' campaign, but then I usually play with 'cheaters.'

Eh, lesser restoration is lesser restoration.

I don't play as if there are 2 different versions of any spell. If it's on your list, you have access to that spell regardless of who scribed it.

Any reference to it as divine vs arcane more indicates if it's classically a wizard or classically a cleric spell.

Human Cleric of Pelor 4

It's a distinction that made more sense when you just had clerics/paladins/rangers and wizards/sorcerers, and even then bards kinda messed it up (damn bards!).

Male Dwarf Wanderer

Mukluk's level

+1 Wizard
+7 hp (4+2+1 FC)
+1 to Int

+9 Skills:
+1 Know (Arcana)
+1 Spellcraft
+1 Know (Religion)
+1 Know (Dungeoneering)
+2 Know (Local)
+1 Know (Nature)
+1 Know (History)
+1 Linguistics

Spells: Shatter, Fog Cloud

+1 Language (Giant)
+1 Language (Abyssal)

Male Human Rogue 4: Knife Master, Sanctified Rogue

+1 Rogue: +1 bab, +1 ref

+1 con

+9 HP (+5 class, +3 con, +1 FC)
Also +3 retroactive HP from improving con..

Divine Purpose (Su) (replaces uncanny dodge)

"At 4th level, the favor of a deity or religious institution grants a special blessing on a sanctified rogue, shoring up some of her weaknesses. She gains a +1 sacred bonus on Fortitude and Will saving throws."

Rogue Talent: Underhanded. 1/day

Skills (9 points: 8 class, 0 int, 1 human)
+1 acrobatics
+1 bluff
+1 disable device
+4 escape artist
+1 Perception
+1 stealth

Male Dwarf Wanderer

Damn you, Panic! I'm trying to go to bed and you post that?!?

Yeah...must sleep. I reply on the morrow.

Way to mess me up.

LOL! I thought that as you signed off.

Idalla just wants a hug!


A hug?

Human Cleric of Pelor 4

Let me get my spiked armor on first...

male Gray Elf Alchemist 4

I'm looking at throwing a bomb at a grappling monster. It looks like the grapple rules are just as friendly for bombers now as they are for archers. I should be able to bomb the rug without bombing Petrel and exclude him from the splash damage.

However, given the situation, an animated rug surrounding a character, I'm open to a house-rule for this situation that bombing the rug will get Petrel.

At a minimum I'm not going to use the explosive addition because I can't wrap my head around Petrel being unharmed while being enveloped by the burning rug.

One discussion.

Because the rug is 20ft by 10ft, you can absolutely bomb the other end of it.

If it were grappling several different people with each corner, then you'd likely have to deal with hitting someone, but at the moment the northwest corner is grabbing Petrel, and the southern edges are completely ignorant of the beauty that is Mobled.

Crazy week... update is coming with the map in the AM so I can go pass out now!

What was that about?

When did threatening to attack another PC then declaring that you've effectively done so but "pulled the punch" become how we behave in this PbP?


My apologies if it seemed like I was actually doing PvP, D30. I'm not personally feeling the need to attack you or Petrel.

I am trying to roleplay how Mobled might respond to being compared to an orc. She's a bit of a bully and sensitive to certain slights, like being compared to her people's greatest mortal enemy, who've been holding her captive and torturing her for weeks or months.

Honestly, it would probably be more in character for her to start wrestling Petrel to the ground, but I'm trying to avoid actually have her assault the party...

I totally respect the weird delusional creation that is Petrel, but I don't see a way around an argument in this situation.

male Gray Elf Alchemist 4

Throw Anything (Ex): All alchemists gain the Throw Anything feat as a bonus feat at 1st level. An alchemist adds his Intelligence modifier to damage done with splash weapons, including the splash damage if any. This bonus damage is already included in the bomb class feature.

Somehow missed the part about all splash weapons. Wow!

Busy, post-holiday work week culminates in a big software release tonight and then I'll be back to posting an update!

Male Dwarf Wanderer

Mukluk scratches his 'nads in eager anticipation.

Human Cleric of Pelor 4

I'll be out of town Friday and Saturday, will post again on Sunday.

I've been very sick the last few days - hope to be posting again once I am better.

Male Dwarf Wanderer
D30 wrote:
I've been very sick the last few days - hope to be posting again once I am better.

Get better, Petrel. :(

Summer must be ending... folks are getting sick, work is kicking into high gear again, PbP updates are slowing.

Update coming, need access to Photoshop so I won't be tackling it at work.

Male Dwarf Wanderer
Mobled Muletender wrote:
Why didn't anyone ping me? I've been monitoring activity in the list of active campaigns under my user profile, and for some reason this campaign's activity hasn't been indicating there...

Sorry, sorry. I hadn't pinged/talked to you much during the slow periods here. For some reason, I just thought you knew or were posting slow.

I should have known something was wrong when you didn't respond to the fart post because, really, who doesn't love fart jokes?

I just heard that Paizo was doing website work, which might be why my RSS feed was quiet. I'll catch up tomorrow!

male Gray Elf Alchemist 4

I propose that we put a hold on this game for right now. DM_Panic seems quite busy and we've lost a lot of momentum. It's a good stopping point and I think I'm not the only one feeling a bit apathetic about the current paths available. Tiabrar doesn't really have the skill or knowledge to deal with the woman and is not quite reckless enough to accidentally provoke a combat or other interaction. Also, my work week just went from 40 to 50-60 hours a week, so my availability will be dropping too.

If we continue, I could use some more hints or hand-holding as to how to proceed.

Male Dwarf Wanderer

Mukluk steps forward to speak.

"Uh yeah...I agree with the elf. I prefer a consistently paced game wherein it's easier to keep our motivations and storylines moving. I'm happy to wait until we can get time to commit to this game and make it all that it can be."

Mukluk steps back after speaking.

I don't know that we've finished the current module, however, I would like to finish that and get to a good/better stopping point.

Looks like my RSS reader has completely failed me yet again on the posts in the OOC thread.

Yeah, I'm sure you guys have noticed I've gotten swamped at work, and my usual routine of a morning post and an early evening post has been spotty morning posting and sometimes 2am posts!

You guys have basically finished the healthy encounters from Forge of Fury. You could go on a murderous rampage and slaughter the trog women and children, or negotiate with them. We can roleplay the negotiation, or you can leave it to NPCs like Rinalda to eventually do.

I will need copious time to plan what's next for this group. My original ambition over a year ago was to finish a conversion of Slavelords from 1st Edition to Paizo rules and start it around level 5. That's probably beyond my reach now given that my work-fu seems to be continuing through at least the holidays.

My top idea would be to continue into Speaker In Dreams, which was the next module that Wizards printed for their vanilla 3.5e progression to follow Forge of Fury.

We can use November to wrap up any loose ends, and see what Petrel may do with Idalla and you guys can take it easy. When I'm ready again, I'll poke you all in Chris's game.

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