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Brave adventurers tackle the many problems of the Darkmoon Vale, and beyond.
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Apologies, I didn't get to making the background for my character, so I'll have to withdraw.

Good luck all!

I'm hopeful

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I’m pleased to announce that my selections are:

1. CaptainFord: Adrac Rhaddyn the human monk
2. Digger: Tarkus Shieldsplitter the dwarf fighter
3. Feth: Mirode Sharo the elf cleric of Sarenrae OR Davi Accerlas the changeling swashbuckler (Feth’s choice)
4. French Wolf: Herral Hinn the Halfling Inquisitor of Desna
5. Kubular: Anthony Read the tiefling magus
6. Orannis: Soroza the human ranger

Please report to the discussion thread. Feel free to dot the gameplay thread.

This was a rough choice. There were so many good submissions. I hope that those who didn’t get in won’t mind it if I keep your submissions on file, in case a player needs to drop out. I plan on running this for the long haul, so there will be players coming and going.

Thanks so much for your submissions.

Wow, this is great! I was dying from the suspense. I'll have something up after I get home from work. Thanks all for making such great competition!

Congrats winners!

Liberty, if you ever need me to fill a slot, I'm usually around. Thanks for your time and consideration.

Congratulations to the winners! It'll be fun reading your adventures.

Congrats to you all.
This looks like it will be a great PbP campaign.

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Happy gaming chaps. Desna smiled on Herral this time but I hope you get the same next time round.


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Overjoyed to be selected, and once more would just like to state that there were just *so many* excellent characters. Seriously, congratulations all for bringing such quality to the recruitment. I'd be happy to play in a future PbP with any one of you. If I ever try my hand at running one again some time in the future, I may PM some of you!

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--oh snap! I made the cut? AWESOME! I'm legitimately surprised, this was some tough competition!

I'll admit I'm a little disappointed in not getting picked, but 'that's how the cookie crumbles'

Congrats to all those selected - I think this will be a great game.

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Congrats to everyone who got selected! It was an amazing group of applications and I'm very excited to be one of the chosen! For those who didn't get selected I hope you follow along. If we ever need a replacement player there are a LOT of you I'd love to play with.


but there's no arguing with those submissions. Solid characters all around.

Have fun everyone.

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