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Female Human (Chelaxian) Ranger (Urban Ranger/Divine Tracker) 1, AC 17 (Touch 13, Flat-Footed 14), HP:-2/11, Fort. +3 Ref. +5 Will. +1, CMD 15, Initiative +3

About Soroza Alessio

Soroza Alessio
Class: Ranger (Urban Ranger, Divine Tracker)
Race: Human(Mutt, faint traces of Orc and Elven heritage)
Deity: Calistria
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 24


Soroza is a tall woman, just under 6' in height. At a glance her features are relatively typical of Chelaxian women, but a closer look reveals her dark hair to also be thick and heavy, her jawline unusually delicate, and her "trademark Celaxian paleness" is really more of a greyish pall.

She carries herself with a fierce confidence and openly acknowledges everyone around her with at least a polite nod or friendly smile. When interacting with others she frequently manipulates their personal space, either by frequent, light contact with those she wishes to ingratiate herself towards or by standing close and emphasizing her height to those whose will she wishes to press.


Soroza was born to an unusual pairing: a half-elf father named Markel and a half-orc mother named Reshina Alessio. Her parents met each other while both "working" as prostitutes at a seedy, cruel brothel in Egorian owned by House Arionne. Her mother, a Calistrian Courtesan, had been indentured there by a cleric reflective of the less reputable aspects of The Savored Sting's faith. Her father had lived at the brothel all his life.

Soroza's mother and father became fast friends and through Reshina's teachings of the Calistrian faith, Markel learned the first he knew of positive, loving intimacy. For nearly two years they kept the nature of their relationship secret from the slavers that operated the brothel, but then Reshina found herself pregnant and they hastily devised a plan to escape the city and head for Kintargo.

Their escape was partially foiled by the arrival of a young, minor member of House Arionne at the brothel. He had been tasked to the brothel to learn the ins and outs of the House's slaving business. During the escape, Markel found himself impaled on the end of the noble's sword. Knowing his life was forfeit and that some sort of distraction would be needed to ensure the escape of his lover and unborn child, Markel grabbed a nearby vial of alchemist's fire and shattered it across the young man's face. As Reshina escaped, she heard the noble screaming to his attendants, "Get them off! They're stinging me! Get them off my face!"

Reshina succeeded in reaching Kintargo, where she was taken in by a Calistrian temple with a much more benevolent bent. Reshina was eventually given a job as a temple archivist and shortly thereafter gave birth to Soroza, who spent her childhood being raised in the temple and taught the Calistrian faith. This particular arm of the church was more invested in The Lady In The Room's role as a seeker of secrets and knowledge, but maintained a small sacred brothel. Her mother was initially reluctant, but eventually gave her blessing for Soroza to begin training as a Sacred Courtesan when she came of age. Mother and daughter lived happily for a handful of years.

Things changed in Soroza's twenty-first year. Reshina fell ill to dementia and, feeling her mind, memories, and sense of self begin to fade, told Soroza of her father, their past, and what had become of him. Soroza's worldview was irrevocably altered. The knowledge of such systemic injustice in the world, the revelation of the all-to-close-to-home impact it had had on her parents' lives, and the darker aspects of her faith that were complicit in it fundamentally shifted something in the core of who she was.

She immediately began seeking out Calistrian priests more acquainted with the goddess' role as The Savored Sting. Most ignored her, for fear of encouraging against her mother's wishes, but some indulged her questions. And one agreed to train her.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"You want revenge, Little Wasp?", Rebecca d'Eradi smirked at Soroza the first time they spoke, "At who? The noble who gutted your father?"


"But he is a cog. He is nothing. He is little more than the blade that did the gutting. You wish revenge on House Arionne?"


"But they slave and kill at the behest of House Thrune, rulers of all Cheliax. They are but Thrune's sword. You wish revenge on House Thrune?"


"But they are an expression of an idea. They exist because there will always be someone who seeks to rule with their boot heel. To not only elevate themselves above others, but to own them. You wish revenge on a truth?"

"Yes! Anyone! Anyone who crushes others beneath them, robs them of their own body, deceives them and does evil in the guise of love. All of them!"

"Hahaha!", Rebecca's laugh contained mirth, but little joy. "So noble! Such altruism is ill-fitted to The Savored Sting. Perhaps you'd make a better acolyte to The Everbloom, hmm? But your family was greatly wronged, and your father's token vengeance is hardly sufficient to balance the scales. And I know real wrath when I see it, the fire in your eyes burns with a fury that belies your high-minded ideas."

Soroza began to speak in protest, but Rebecca's finger on her lips silenced her.

"I will train you. I will train you to hunt those you hate, to beat them, and to kill them. Oh, you *will* kill them. I can see it in you. Perhaps not all of them, but some. You fascinate me, Little Wasp, so I would set you on the world and see what you would do in our Lady's name".

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Shortly after, Reshina succumbed to her illness. Soroza continued her training under Rebecca d'Eradi with an even greater fire. Two and a half years later, with a fire in her heart that hadn't yet decided on justice or revenge, Soroza left Kintargo and Cheliax as a whole. In her studies she'd read about Andoran. Their lofty ideals of personal freedom intrigued her, as did reports that despite these ideals evil still found purchase within shadowy corners of the nation.


Str. 12 (+1)
Dex. 17 (+3)
Con. 12 (+1)
Int. 14 (+2)
Wis. 12 (+1)
Cha. 12 (+1)


BAB: +1
CMB: +2
Initiative: +3
Movement: 30’

Whip +5, 1d3+1, crit: 20 (x2), Slashing, Reach (15’), Non-lethal, Disarm, Trip, Doesn’t Threaten

Short Sword +4, 1d6+1, crit: 19-20 (x2), Piercing

Short Bow +4, 1d6, crit: 20 (x3), 60’, Piercing


HP: 11
AC: 17 (Touch 13, Flat-Footed 14)
CMD: 15
Fort. +3
Ref. +5
Will. +1


Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Whip
Weapon Finesse
Weapon Focus: Whip


Acrobatics (1) +8 (+7)
Bluff (1) +6
Climb (1) +5 (+4)
Disable Device (1) +7 (+6)
Intimidate (1) +5
Knowledge: Local (1) +6
Lore: Calistria (1) +6
Perception (1) +5
Profession: Courtesan (1) +5
Sense Motive (1) +6
Stealth (1) +7 (+6)
Survival (1) +5


Reckless: +1 to Acrobatics, Acrobatics is a class skill

Secret-Keeper: +1 Bluff, +1 save vs. Divination effects, Domination effects, and effects that compel telling the truth.

Calistrian Courtesan: +1 Sense Motive and Diplomacy (Gather Info), Sense Motive is a class skill

Hedonistic: Must gain 10gp or more in rewards or treasure OR spend one hour on entertainment or pleasure each day. If not, must make a DC 20 Fort save at the end of the day. If failed, spends the first 4 hours of the next day fatigued. Effect removed if sufficient reward or entertainment or pleasure is obtained.

Class Abilities:

Favored Enemy: Humanoid (Human)
+2 on Bluff, Knowledge, Sense Motive, Perception, and Survival checks against Humans. +2 on
weapon attack and damage against humans.

+1/2 Ranger level (min +1) on Survival checks to track.

Favored Weapon
Proficiency with Calistria's favored weapon: Whip

Racial Abilities:

+1 Skill Point/Level

Bonus Feat
Bonus feat at 1st level. Must meet prerequisites.



Common, Dwarven, Elven


Studded Leather, Buckler, Whip, Short Bow, 20 Arrows, Short Sword, Entertainer’s Outfit, Masterwork Backpack, Canteen, Belt Pouch, Thieves’ Tools, Trail Rations (x3), 8gp, 5sp

Weight Carried: 47.5 (Light Load)