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Concept :

Hello! I am looking for somewhere between 4-5 players to romp around Andoran with me. We will be beginning with “Into the Haunted Forest”, at level 1. I plan on wrapping up around level 12-13. It is possible we could go longer than that, to tie up loose ends, but I don’t want this to become a high-level campaign.

I will not be using exp. Expect to level around every 1-1.5 modules. This means you level slowly. If you hate hate hate the low levels this might not be for you. Plan your character accordingly.

Houserules :

1. I track weight (including gold), rations, and animal feed. I have Hero Lab so I can keep track of this for you. Remember to start play with at least a belt pouch (for gold), backpack (for the rest of your stuff). Bandoliers or Adventurer’s Sashes can be used to store stuff that may be used in a fight.
2. I use confirmed crits and fumble tables to do cinematic things with your character. You “confirm” a fumble by rolling an attack again, and if you miss that second time, you get a fumble. This stuff is for PCs only. The kobolds won’t crit and chop your head off instead, I promise.
3. You can either use craft checks or pay an appropriate crafting NPC (blacksmith) to resize weapons and armor. It takes a day to do this.
4. Dirty Trick can be used in place of a single attack, similar to trip and disarm.
5. I GM fiat a lot, especially to make the story more interesting.
6. I reserve the right to ask you to retrain mid-game if your build choice is dominating the game and making other players feel useless, or detracting from their fun.

What I’m looking for…

I want players who like to RP, who give their characters personality, and who are able to keep the game moving forwards. Characters that weave their build choices (traits, feats, weapon choice, archetype/class) into their character’s background and personality. Characters with clear motivations and goals.

Characters will be evaluated based on how well they fit the setting. You don’t necessarily have to be a native of Andoran or anything, though that is an easier option to work motivation around. If you’re a wandering kitsune monk from Tian Xia (for example), you had better have a good reason you’re going to spend possibly the next year or more of your life in Andoran. Reading some setting info will help.

We will eventually explore some dark themes. One of the modules, Carnival of Tears, is a horror-centric module. Be aware of this.

Character Creation Rules (Crunchy Stuff) :

1. Paizo stuff only.
2. All classes allowed. Playtest stuff from the Occult classes welcome. Please don’t go for a conjuration-y class where your main goal is to swarm the board and take a bunch of turns with a bajillion models.
3. If you’re going for a prestige class with roleplay requirements, tell me ahead of time.
4. 20 point buy.
5. Paizo races only. No “monstrous” races. I mean orcs, goblins, kobolds, half-ogres, the kinds of races you’d expect villagers to bust out pitchforks for. If you’re unsure, ask.
6. No chaotic evil. No pvp. This means no stealing loot, no attacking other players. If you choose an evil PC, you need to tell me exactly why your PC is going to play nice with a party of good PCs, and why they will be motivated to do stereotypically heroic things such as save a town from a plague rather than getting as far away from said plague as possible.
7. 2 traits from any sources other than adventure paths. Work these into your backstory.
8. You can take average starting wealth from your class or roll for it. You can roll a number on the boards, then if it is lower than average, just opt to take average instead.
9. You may craft starting gear/scrolls by rolling for it. If you fail, you lose your invested money. Obviously, tell me if you do this.
10. Max HP for level 1. Afterwards, roll 3 times, take the highest number.
11. Please tell me how many active PBP campaigns you are currently in.
12. You can choose your age, height, and weight. Don’t be under 18 years old, please.

Background and History (Fluffy Stuff) :

You should, at minimum, go read up on “Andoran” on one of the Pathfinder wikipedias. The best aid for you will be Andoran, Spirit of Liberty which is a player’s companion by Paizo. I obviously don’t expect you to go buy it for a pbp you might not even get into, but if you happen to already own it, give it a look through while making your character.

I expect you to integrate every inch of your “crunch” choices into your character concept. Especially traits. If you have the “Keleshite Princess” trait, but you tell me that your character is a Ulfen barbarian, that won’t fly. Your archetype choices should likewise make sense for the character you are trying to build. Don’t pick the “Gladiator” archetype for fighter and tell me they’ve never fought a gladiatorial battle in their life. I like using the Paizo fluff.

You will begin play accompanying an alchemist’s merchant cart travelling from Falcon’s Hollow to an inn between Olfden and Oregent. Exactly why is up to you. You could be related to the alchemist, her apprentice, a temporary bodyguard, or just hitching a ride. I expect you to explain why in your character concept, though.

Character Ideas :

Some quick character inspirations that would groove well in this campaign. Maybe not for all the modules, but at least for some of them. No, you don’t have to pick from the list, but this will help you get on the right track, similar to the Player’s Guides for APs.


  • Your character is a resident or native of the following locations in Andoran: Falcon’s Hollow, Augustana, Sauerton, Piren’s Bluff, Chimera Cove, Bellis, Almas. Falcon’s Hollow is the most relevant location out of these, as we will spend over half of the campaign in Falcon’s Hollow or in the nearby environs, unless sandbox brings us off to the larger cities (Augustana, Almas).
  • A character who is really into killing werewolves (they’re a major problem in the area), or who hates kobolds for whatever reason.
  • Your character is regularly employed as a caravan guard for the many merchant caravans that move through the area.
  • Your character is an herbalist, naturalist, or alchemist who is apprenticed to Laurel, the alchemist you are accompanying at the start of the campaign.
  • Your character has come to Andoran to explore the numerous dwarven ruins in the area. Particularly if they are a dwarf themselves.
  • On the subject of dwarves, there is a Sky Citadel under their control in Andoran called Highhelm.
  • Your character is related to lumberjacks in the Darkmoon Vale, but has always wanted more out of life than chopping timber.
  • Your character is related to Andoren nobility.
  • Your character wishes to champion for the girls forced to work in an illicit brothel in Falcon’s Hollow. Perhaps you are related to one of them, in love with one of them, or are an escaped girl yourself.
  • Your character has ultimate goals of joining the Eagle Knights.
  • Your character is related to people who have served in the Andoren army, or is ex-military. (The Andoren army is volunteer-based.)
  • A purely gold-motivated mercenary would probably get by in this campaign, though I expect you to gain some sort of emotional investment in the area over time.
  • A former fisherman, or child of fishermen, from Chimera Cove.
  • A character who is motivated to champion for an exploited working class.
  • A character who is motivated to monitor the effects of logging in the area on the balance of nature (such as a Druid, or other nature-oriented person)
  • A character who has ties to, or is interested in, the fey. (Gnomes, for example.)
  • An elf, or half-elf, former beekeeper from Bellis, moved on after the competition got too fierce there.
  • An ex-slave from somewhere who is attracted to the “Birthplace of Freedom”. (Such as a Halfling from Cheliax)
  • A devotee of Iomedae who is trying (so far unsuccessfully) to find converts in the Darkmoon Vale.
  • Other good religions: Cayden Cailean, Erastil, Abadar, Shelyn, Gozreh.
  • Or, on the other hand, Andoran is a place for freedom of religion. Unpopular faiths (such as evil deities) that would be persecuted elsewhere are welcomed, or at least tolerated, here. (This is why Iomedae is not gaining much of a foothold here.) Also, stubborn Arodenites maintain a small population in Andoran.
  • If you want a pet/familiar, consider a falcon (using Hawk statistics), as falconry is common here.
  • And of course, Pathfinders are all-purpose sorts of adventurers. There is a lodge in Almas and in Augustana.

Modules Used

Please be upfront if you have played, read, or GMed any of the following. It won’t disqualify you, unless you have already played a significant amount of them (say, half or more).

We might not play all of these modules. I expect to modify them, and am open to a more sandbox experience to pursue the PC’s goals (as long as we stay in Andoran, of course!). Many of these will be “cannibalized” and adjusted so that they are relevant for higher levels of play (especially the PFS ones). In particular I am excited for the upcoming Campaign Setting guide on Andoran which will hopefully have plenty of adventure hooks within it.

Modules: Into the Haunted Forest, Hollow’s Last Hope, Crown of the Kobold King, Revenge of the Kobold King, Carnival of Tears, Hungry are the Dead, Guardians of Dragonfall, Tower of the Last Baron, Treasure of Chimera Cove, Realm of the Fellnight Queen

PFS: Prince of Augustana, The Beggar’s Pearl, The Pallid Plague, The Stolen Heir, At Shadow’s Door, Web of Corruption, (Those last two would probably be cannibalized for set pieces and modified, if used at all.)

Post Rate : Post at least 1/day. More than that is awesome. If you go 36 hours without a post, and we are in active combat, your character will be going on auto-pilot by me to keep stuff chugging along until you return. If I am forced to post for you because of this more than 3 times, we will start looking for a replacement. If you need to go on hiatus for awhile, please say so. You will go on auto-pilot for combat while you are on hiatus, though, don’t expect the game to stop for you. If a player fails to post for 7 days, without some sort of warning or acknowledgement of what is going on, we will start looking for a replacement.

I have a vacation planned in late April for 1 week. I will broadcast this in advance.

Thanks for reading all of that. I look forward to reading your submissions.

Submissions will be accepted until March 27 . A decision will be made on the 28th.

Official play will begin March 29th.

Grand Lodge

Dotting for later. I have played The Pallid Plague though, as a warning.

Pallid Plague:
Would have had a bit more fun with something less Dwarfy, but with the Aether Kineticist, it rounds out about the same. Would have loved to have more back story during it though, but most of us were too stupid to know things.

Thinking of a new Pathfinder Kineticist (Aether) coming home from his Confirmation, and help out the family business.

I also love the fact that you're using crit/fumble tables, as they WILL make things fun.

I am definitely interested and will work on hammering out a concept over the weekend.

My two impulse concepts are 1) dwarven foreign affairs rep, also known as town blacksmith/armorer/weaponsmith. With Highhelm in the area, the dwarves send senior apprentice smiths out to spend time with the humans before returning full time to the dwarven forges. It gives the humans a skilled smith and allows the younger dwarves a chance to gain insight into the shorter lived races and report that back to Highhelm.

2)A fleeing slave from Chelix that has began to manifest arcane abilities. Unsure of the bloodline, but he was to be sacrificed but due to the intervention of other adventurers, he was spared. All he knows is one spoke of their home in Falcon Hollow and it has became a mantra to him that he would be safe once there.

I am currently in 1.5 games, the second off to a slow start due to unforseen RL issues the DM is having, but have no experience with any of the modules. I am recently returning to gaming, so most things are brand new to me.

I'll be building someone for this, definitely.

I love the character hooks, it's a really wonderful way to get the imagination rolling. I sort of like the idea of an escaped slave making her way to Andoran (or maybe a girl escaped from the brothel) and sort of falling into the adventuring life somewhat by accident.

To my knowledge, I've not played any of these modules, though my GM tends to port chunks of thing he likes into his homebrew world, so I may suddenly sit up and say, I remember this! Though I won't actually SAY it, and I certainly won't use any player knowledge.

As far as crunchy stuff goes, I've wanted to play an alchemist since the APG first came out. I'm going to have to get creative blending the story to fit, but it shouldn't be too bad.

And I'm currently in 2 pbps, though I've my hat in the ring for a couple of others.

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I am in 3 other PbPs, but the posting rates on all three are spotty (and kind of frustrating). I'm also participating in an "endless encounters" thread which are occasional single encounter scenarios. Would really be interested in getting into a game with a steady post rate. As for the modules, the only one I have played is Pallid Plague.

Looking good so far! :) I'm so excited.

Just as a warning that I forgot to mention, if you're unfamiliar with the Andoren setting, it is basically colonial America meets high fantasy. So if the anachronism bothers you, thats a good sign this won't be for you. I, on the other hand, love the visual aesthetic this brings. Spectacles, in particular, are common in Andoran for that perfect Ben Franklin look.

With the modules I am currently looking into using, though, the amount of the "colonial America" stuff will be minimal compared to the good old fashioned D&D dwarves and kobolds and zombies and dragons stuff.

The "American" themes are mostly about rugged individualism, freedom of religion, democracy, and the belief of personal rights. There is an interesting contradiction in that Andorens as a rule despise slavery, yet many of the underclass live as wage slaves (the lumber consortium, the aforementioned brothel). So heroes interested in that sort of thing will have the opportunity to right some wrongs. Or, maybe darker characters will want to uphold the status quo, because they view capitalism and the free market as the ultimate freedom. Or maybe we'll skip all of this stuff entirely because the final party will be more interested in unearthing dwarven ruins or treating with the fey than getting involved with local politics. I'm happy either way!

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drawback for third trait allowed?

Drawback allowed. Be aware I'll make a point of making it relevant, though. ;)

Sovereign Court

No problem, I like having my drawback used against me as it provides for fun RP. :)

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I use Hero Lab also. I can email my .por file after the build for you. Just let me know if you are missing modules so I can click them off before building the character.

Elf alchemist 1 (Pathfinder RPG Advanced Player's Guide 26)
CN Medium humanoid (elf)
Init +6; Senses low-light vision; Perception +6
AC 16, touch 14, flat-footed 12 (+2 armor, +4 Dex)
hp 9 (1d8+1)
Fort +3, Ref +6, Will +1; +2 vs. enchantments
Immune sleep
Speed 30 ft.
Melee spear +0 (1d8/x3)
Ranged bomb +5 (1d6+3 Fire) or
. . shortbow +4 (1d6/x3)
Special Attacks bomb 4/day (1d6+3 fire, DC 13)
Alchemist Extracts Prepared (CL 1st; concentration +4)
. . 1st—cure light wounds, reduce person (DC 14)
Str 10, Dex 18, Con 12, Int 16, Wis 10, Cha 10
Base Atk +0; CMB +0; CMD 14
Feats Brew Potion, Point-blank Shot, Throw Anything
Traits indomitable faith, reactionary
Skills Craft (alchemy) +7 (+8 to create alchemical items), Disable Device +8, Heal +4, Knowledge (arcana) +7, Knowledge (nature) +7, Perception +6, Spellcraft +7 (+9 to identify magic item properties), Stealth +5; Racial Modifiers +2 Perception, +2 Spellcraft to identify magic item properties
Languages Common, Draconic, Elven, Gnome, Sylvan
SQ alchemy (alchemy crafting +1), elven magic, mutagen (+4/-2, +2 natural armor, 10 minutes)
Other Gear leather armor, arrows (20), blunt arrows (20), shortbow, spear, alchemy crafting kit, backpack, thieves' tools, 3 gp
Special Abilities
Alchemy +1 (Su) +1 to Craft (Alchemy) to create alchemical items, can Id potions by touch.
Bomb 1d6+3 (4/day, DC 13) (Su) Thrown Splash Weapon deals 1d6+3 fire damage.
Elven Immunities - Sleep You are immune to magic sleep effects.
Elven Magic +2 to spellcraft checks to determine the properties of a magic item.
Low-Light Vision See twice as far as a human in low light, distinguishing color and detail.
Mutagen (DC 13) (Su) Mutagen adds +4 to a physical & -2 to a mental attribute, and +2 nat. armor for 10 minutes.
Point-Blank Shot +1 to attack and damage rolls with ranged weapons at up to 30 feet.
Throw Anything Proficient with improvised ranged weapons. +1 to hit with thrown splash weapons.

Lyrune's History:
Lyrune was born into slavery in Oregent, when Andoran was still a part of Cheliax's empire. Her father owned one of the mines in the region, and bought slaves to work them. Her mother was his housemaid and mistress, and Lyrune was raised in unusual circumstances. Though a slave, she received an education suitable to a free elf of a good family, learning fencing and archery, and studying arcane lore. She was still a child when the Andorans broke away from Cheliax, and had the misfortune to be with the last loyalists to take ship in Almas for Egorian.

Her father/master, about to lose his mines and on the brink of poverty, had sold her mother to a brothel before leaving Andoran. He used the proceeds to apprentice Lyrune to a respected alchemist, who treated her no differently than his other apprentices. At least, until she ran away. For two weeks, she traveled east, walking at night, pilfering what food she could from villages as she passed them. Slave-catchers tracked her down, though, and she was returned to the alchemist, who kept her in leg irons after that.

One of the other apprentices taught her the trick of opening the shackles. That girl had been a servant in one of Calistria's temples, and taught Lyrune to bide her time and wait for the right opportunity. Despite the chains, the alchemist treated them reasonably well, and Lyrune knew better than to incur his wrath by trying to escape again.

She completed her apprenticeship shortly after her 120th birthday. The alchemist returned her to her father's house, where she was set to work brewing potions and other alchemical substances for sale. By then, her father's finances had recovered, and he had a new slave/mistress. When Lyrune asked after her mother, he freely admitted he knew nothing of what had happened to her since he'd sold her, forty years earlier.

Detecting a sullen streak in his daughter, he determined to sell her. A trader bound for Absalom was impressed with her education, and instantly recognized the value of an elven alchemist as a slave. She was sold for a small fortune. To protect his investment, she captain of the slaveship kept her in his cabin during the voyage, thinking himself safe as long as she was in chains.

When an Andoran ship gave chase, the slaver raised all sails to run, knowing the Andorans would steal their cargo. With the captain on deck, Lyrune was left alone. She released herself, and opened the cabinet where the captain had stashed her alchemist's kit. When she heard the sound of combat on deck, she knew they had been boarded. She let herself out of the captain's cabin and found herself in the midst of a chaotic melee. She cleared a path to the Andoran ship with a couple of bombs, and picked up a fallen sailor's bow, firing arrow after arrow at the Chelaxian captain.

The Andorans recognized that she was a cut above the ordinary, and invited her to join their crew, but she told them her mother was in Falcon's Hollow. They put her ashore in Almas, along with the rest of the captured cargo of former slaves. For her help in the fight, they gave her a half share of the spoils, which she used to equip herself for her journey. Determined to find her mother, though the trail is over forty years old, she is making her way to Oregent.

PM for my e-mail if you want to send me a .por. I have all the modules, and appreciate the time-saving. Google docs works too.

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~excert from Mission Briefing given to Tarkus Shieldsplitter by Low Chief Ironfounderson of Highhelm~:

"It is with great pride that we send you out into lands of man in service to the King. The races of man, elves, the union of man and elves are our allies, but we must treat them as we treat iron. We must put them in the fire and seek to heat out the impurities to ensure our trust in them. As Torag spoke when he breathed life into the first dwarf, ~All others shall fail you, for they do not have the strength of the stones as I have given to you~.

You will go to their towns and work as a craftsman of stone and steel. You will eat, drink and sleep among them, but always remember you are of this Clan. The halls of Highhelm are you home and your allegiance is first and foremost to it. Remember the lives of the others, save the elves and fey, are but brief candles and you must not allow their haste to influence your actions. Arm and defend them, but do not lose sight of your service to the Clan and Highhelm.

May Torag the Forger and All Father keep you safe."

Crunchy bits and a more fleshed out background to follow. This was best I could whip up to lock in my idea for the char before heading home.

@Lyrune: Love your backstory, but the traits don't match. Consider swapping them out for something like "Freed Slave (Andoran)", "Andoren Freedom Fighter", "Alchemical Adept", or "Stealthy Escape".

Or, if getting that +1 will save/initiative bonus is that important to you, rework your backstory to include the bullying/unpopular religion aspects of those traits.

Thanks GM, I had thought there were connections, but I certainly see that they were on the tenuous side.

I'll go with Freed Slave and Alchemical Adept, then.

[edit]...and profile updated.

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here is the start, will have history after my mid term tonight:


Jondyn Norham
Male human (Taldan) swashbuckler (inspired blade) 1 (Pathfinder RPG Advanced Class Guide 56, 125)
CG Medium humanoid (human)
Hero Points 1
Init +4; Senses Perception -1
AC 18, touch 14, flat-footed 14 (+4 armor, +4 Dex)
hp 10 (1d10)
Fort +0, Ref +6, Will -1
Speed 30 ft.
Melee dagger +2 (1d4+1/19-20) or
. . mwk rapier +7 (1d6+4/18-20)
Special Attacks deeds (derring-do, dodging panache, opportune parry and riposte), panache (4)
Str 12, Dex 18, Con 10, Int 14, Wis 8, Cha 14
Base Atk +1; CMB +2; CMD 16 (16 vs. disarm)
Feats Combat Reflexes, Fencing Grace, Weapon Focus (rapier)
Traits extremely fashionable, rich parents, threatening defender
Skills Acrobatics +7, Bluff +7 (+5 for 24 hours when you fail an opposed Charisma based check), Climb +4, Diplomacy +7 (+5 for 24 hours when you fail an opposed Charisma based check), Disguise +2 (+0 for 24 hours when you fail an opposed Charisma based check), Intimidate +7 (+5 for 24 hours when you fail an opposed Charisma based check), Knowledge (local) +6, Sense Motive +3, Swim +4
Languages Common, Dwarven, Sylvan
SQ hero points, inspired panache, vain
Other Gear mwk chain shirt, dagger, mwk rapier, bedroll, belt pouch, jewelry, masterwork backpack, signet ring, silk rope (50 ft.), waterskin, whetstone, wrist sheath, spring loaded, 10 pp, 5 gp
Special Abilities
Combat Reflexes (5 AoO/round) Can make extra attacks of opportunity/rd, and even when flat-footed.
Fencing Grace Add Dex instead of Str to rapier damage. +2 CMD vs. disarm if you have at least 1 panache point.
Hero Points Hero Points can be spent at any time to grant a variety of bonuses.
Inspired Panache (Ex) Gain no panache from killing blow, only from rapier crits.
Panache (Ex) Gain a pool of points that are spent to fuel deeds, regained on light/piercing crit/killing blow.
Vain -2 to Cha checks for 24h after failing an opposed Cha check

I apologize for the rambling backstory, but I got caught up and couldn't stop typing.

Mission Letter:
~ Mission Briefing given to Tarkus Shieldsplitter by Low Chief Ironfounderson of Highhelm~:

[i]"It is with great pride that we send you out into lands of man in service to the High King Borogrim the Hale. The races of man, elves, and of half-bloods are largely our allies, but we must treat them as we treat iron. We must put them into the fire and seek to heat out the impurities to ensure our trust in them. As Torag spoke when he breathed life into the first dwarf, ~All others shall fail you, for they do not have the strength of the stones as I have given to you.~

You will go to their towns and work as a craftsman of stone and steel. You will eat, drink and sleep among them, but always remember you are of this Clan. The halls of Highhelm are you home and your allegiance is first and foremost to it. Remember the lives of the others, save the elves and fey, are but brief candles and you must not allow their haste to influence your actions. Arm and defend them, but do not lose sight of your service to the Clan and Highhelm.

May Torag the Forger and All Father keep you safe."[i]

Tarkus Shieldsplitter, son of Tarken Shieldsplitter and grandson of Delgus the Giant Bane, grew up wanting to be like his elders. By day Tarkus apprenticed with his father at the forge, learning the secrets of iron, steel, silver and gold in all of their glory and by night he would sit at the feet of his grandfather and listen to the tales of battles past, friends lost and honor for King and Clan gained. It was quite simply a perfectly normal life for Clan Shieldsplitter, one of the many clans comprising the Sky Citadel Highhelm.

With the forge carving out a dwarven frame as strong and sturdy as the stones themselves, Tarkus' family began training his mind as well. He was given lessons in the trade tongue of the humans, taught the barking and hissing based language of the kobolds that infested the region like rats and was allowed to attend

He also began practicing, first with heavy wooden replicas and then blunted steel, with the Waraxes that earned his grandfather the name Giant Bane, a title which came from striking the Stone Giant shaman Grehindal so hard that it resounded like thunder in mountain range, halting an attack against Highhelm and giving the dwarves enough time to mount a counterattack of their own.

When the time came and he had mastered the fundamentals of the weapon, a process that only took five years, Tarkus was allowed to begin striking scrap armor and stone cooling frames with the other Highhelm apprentice fighters, scrap armor being armor improperly tempered and therefor susceptible to breaking quicker, to learn where the vulnerabilities were most evident. This knowledge was used to deepen his understanding as both a craftsmen and a warrior of Highhelm.

The day after his 75th birthday, Tarkus was summoned to the Low Chief's home and given his first clan assignment. While the duration, a short 25 years among the races, was not what Tarkus had expected, it was an assignment that he relished. He was not sent out to be the face of the Highhelm dwarves, but to establish himself at one of the larger human cities and send simple reports back to the Low Chief and practice his craft along the way.

Taking only the basic supplies, Tarkus Shieldsplitter headed to Andoren, trusting that Torag would guide him to where he was needed.

Combat Stats:

Male Dwarven (Mountain Dwarf) Fighter 1
LG Medium humanoid (dwarf)
Hero Points 1
Init +1; Senses: Perception +3
AC 19, touch 12, flat-footed 18 (+7 armor, +1 Dex, +1 Nat AC)
hp 12 (1d10)
Fort +4, Ref +1, Will +2
Armor: Scale Mail (+5 AC, -4 ACP, +3 Max Dex)
Shield: Heavy steel shield (+2 AC, -2 ACP)
Speed 20 ft.
Melee Dwarven Waraxe +2 (1d10+3/x3) or
. . dagger (1d4+3/19-20 x2)
Str 16, Dex 12, Con 14, Int 12, Wis 14, Cha 10
Base Atk +1; CMB +4; CMD 15
Feats: Ironhide (APG), Weapon Focus (Dwarven Waraxe) (PHB)
Traits: Warsmith; Glory of Old
Skills: +8 Craft (Weaponsmith), +4 Intimidate, +5 Knowledge (Dungeoneering), +3 Perception
Languages: Common, Dwarven, Kobold
SQ/RA: hero points, Slow and Steady, Darkvision, Craftsmen, Hatred, Hardy, Stability, Stonecunning, Weapon Familiarity
Other Gear: Fighter's Kit (backpack, belt pouch, bedroll, flint and steel, iron pot, mess kit, rope, soap, torches (10), trail rations (5 days worth) and waterskin), masterwork artisan tools (Craft Weaponsmithing), signet ring, waterskin, whetstone, pp, gp

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Tarkus is looking great! The mission letter is a great touch, and I especially like that you integrated the languages as more of an IC decision. I understand that language choices tend to get kind of meta-gamey no matter what, but little details like that help keep things seamless.

For anyone else thinking of submitting we have so far:

An alchemist.
A swashbuckler.
A fighter.
And possibly, a kineticist.

If a divine caster doesn't pop up (or make the cut), then fear not, I'll let you start with some potions of cure light wounds as a gift from the alchemist NPC you're traveling with. Unless Lyrune is happy with taking the support role. There are so many ways you can build an alchemist it is hard to be sure. :)

Just got home, so hopefully this is good. As for your coin weight, I believe the average calculations are (C*2)/100 to get the weight, am I correct? Also, I may dabble in the divine later, just for UMD stuff.

Volreg Sundek Stat Block:
Volreg Sundek
Male Human (Andoran, Ulfen) Kineticist 1
NG Medium humanoid (human)
Init +3; Senses Perception +4
AC 15, touch 13, flat-footed 12 (+2 armor, +3 dexterity)
hp 12 (1d8+4)
Fort +6, Ref +6, Will +0
Speed 30 ft.
Ranged Telekinetic Blast +3 (1d6+5/x2) or
.. Point Blank Shot Blast +4 (1d6+6/x2)
Str 11, Dex 16, Con 18, Int 11, Wis 10, Cha 8
Base Atk +0; CMB +0; CMD 13
Feats Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot
Wild Talents Light Touch
Traits Caretaker, Deft Dodger
Skills Heal +5, Knowledge(Engineering) +4, Perception +4, Survival +1
Languages Common
Combat Gear Pound of Pebbles (50), Leather Armor
Other Gear Traveler's Outfit, Backpack, Bedroll, Beltpouch (2), Survival Kit (Flint/Steel, Waterskins (2), Maps(Basic), Mess Kit, Utility Knife), Sunrod, Trail Rations (3) ; 4sp
Special Abilities
Telekinetic Blast (Sp): You throw whatever unattended object happens to be nearby at a single foe as a ranged attack. The object must weight 5 lbs. per kineticist level you possess or less. If you hit, the target and the thrown object each suffer an amount of bludgeoning, piercing, or slashing damage equal to 1d6+1 + your Constitution modifier. This damage increases by 1d6+1 for every 2 kineticist levels you possess beyond 1st. Spell resistance does not apply. Even if a telekineticist uses this power on a magic weapon or other unusual object, the attack does not use any of the magic weapon’s bonuses or effects and simply deals the telekineticist’s blast damage.

Light Touch (Sp: You are able to control the raw telekinetic power surging within you, allowing you to move objects in a less violent manner. This ability is similar to mage hand except you can move an object that weighs up to 5 lbs. per 2 kineticist levels you possess (minimum 5 lbs.) and you can move magical objects. If you possess the extended range wild talent, you can increase the range of your light touch to medium range and increase the rate of movement to 30 ft. per round, and if you possess the extreme range wild talent, you can increase the range of your light touch to long range and increase the rate of movement to 60 ft. per round.

Volreg's Backstory:
Born in one of Carpenden’s many wineries, Voleg was the son of two hand workers. His father, who had to retire early from the Andoran army because of wounds during training, was a stern, yet caring figure. Teaching the child from an early age, that one must take responsibility in all of their actions, and that it wasn’t strength that made people strong, but rather their determination to succeed. Voleg’s mother, had come from the northlands, and was a mountain of a woman. While some claimed that she may have Giant blood in her, as she was quick to anger yet slow to calm, she was a proud Ulfen woman. It was she that had noticed that her son was special at a young age, as she had found him moving things without touching them. It was discussed between the parents as to where he should go once he got older, and an agreement to help teach the child as much as they knew.

Years had passed, Volreg’s parents had been teaching him to be kind and help others, while keeping one’s self from being taken advantage of, as well as the basics of traveling and engineering. When he wasn’t on the farm, Volreg was either in the town’s library reading as much as he could on various machines and buildings, helping the medical staff with tasks at one of the many training sites for the army, or at the smithy’s to see how things were built, how things fit together, and how a series of objects are needed various projects around the area.

In his teens, Volreg had started to help train the soldiers by using his telekinetic blast to throw rocks at them to see how well they could dodge or deflect the oncoming missiles. Seeing how well the training improved, and to also bolster his ego, tried the test with the soldiers throwing rocks. After a couple of months of training, Volreg was dodging with the best of trainees. During these years, Volreg’s interest into adventure started after hearing of his mother’s tales with the Pathfinder Society, and how many lands she had seen.

At the age of twenty, Volreg had decided to go join the Pathfinder Society, and had bade his family farewell. The first year went somewhat uneventfully, as it had been mostly bookwork and studying around the island of Kortos. His second year with the Society though, was extremely eventful, as there were more field sessions and combat training. Gnomes with giant cats, fighters with sticks that shot lead balls, and robed figures flying, shooting colors of the rainbow at targets. Volreg was amazed to no end at the variety of people in the organization. While he made a few friends, three had stood out the most. The first was a Wayang who had taught him that the most unlikely of people can be all the difference in an adventure, as they themselves are not what they seem. Secondly, was a Sylph, who mentioned that enjoyment can be found anywhere, even in the greatest depths of despair and agony, and that second chances should be taken. Last, was a dwarf, who had mentioned that improvisation is the best friend of an adventurer and that one’s resolve is what will let him succeed or fail.

On his twenty third birthday, Volreg’s confirmation to the Pathfinder Society occurred. Saying his farewells, and grabbing his papers, Volreg boarded a ship back to Andoran, then to travel as a guard for various traveling merchants on the way back home....


This looks like it would be fun. Is it alright if I submit a tiefling hunter with an eagle animal companion?

I have not been in games with any of those modules, and am quite sure I can manage to post once a day.

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Hello GM of Liberty, I think you are setting up one heck of a game, and I'd like to throw my hat in the ring.

I have a concept and a crunch in mind (either Skald or Bard but with a little twist) - I just need some time to put it down in words. Should be able to put something up later today.

Would a follower of Sivanah be able to enter the Veiled Illusionist PrC later in the game? I'm thinking of a heavens oracle if that's OK, maybe a lunar oracle with a real problem with werewolves if not.

I'm in one other PbP at the moment. I've played none of these modules and don't have a lot of familiarity with Andoren yet (I'll read up before posting a character). Posting at least 1/day shouldn't be a problem, though if you use the likes of Roll20 or Skype I would likely have some difficulty getting on at times convenient to Americans.

The Exchange

Dotting for now. Looks like you put a good deal of effort into this, so I'll see if I can come up with a decent character.

I like the looks of the sneaky branch of the Eagle Knights called the Twilight Talon (on wiki). Do you have any ideas on how they would recruit and from what areas? Pathfinder Society? Military scouts?

I have played in many games on the boards and Hollows Last Hope was one of the first. Currently I am playing in about five games having lost a six year old game of Crimson Throne last weekend. Posting is no issue but I may need some help embedding my PC into Andoran since I do have the Spirit of Liberty book.

The only other adventure I have played (to completion) is the Last Tower of the Baron.


The Exchange

avr wrote:

Would a follower of Sivanah be able to enter the Veiled Illusionist PrC later in the game? I'm thinking of a heavens oracle if that's OK, maybe a lunar oracle with a real problem with werewolves if not.

I'm in one other PbP at the moment. I've played none of these modules and don't have a lot of familiarity with Andoren yet (I'll read up before posting a character). Posting at least 1/day shouldn't be a problem, though if you use the likes of Roll20 or Skype I would likely have some difficulty getting on at times convenient to Americans.

avr, I looked at that PrC last night, its a really cool idea you have going there.


@Volreg: Looking good! In Pathfinder, 50 coins are 1 pound. regardless of denomination (silver, gold, platinum). It is a good idea to convert to platinum to reduce weight. There are a number of banks in Andoran to deposit money into. (Being related to a banking family wouldn’t be a bad idea for anyone wanting a noble PC with rich parents. Just cut me some slack and give a good reason why mommy and daddy won’t buy you all the magic items junior ever wanted.)

@Fortuna: Tiefling is fine, but understand that you will have some social repercussions, though you don’t need to worry about being attacked on sight. The social repercussions will come more so from being associated with Cheliax than from being a tiefling, Andoran is known for sheltering misfits to a certain extent.

@Avr: Veilied illusionist looks really cool. Just remember that we’re capping at level 12, and it also might take awhile to get there, so make sure your build is “online” at early levels. This is also going to be a purely text based pbp, so no worries about skype and stuff.

@French Wolf: The Twilight Talons recruit you, they don’t go around accepting applications. Showing the skills they value (espionage, surveillance) and becoming renowned in Andoran will go a long way. Honest adherence to their ideals will also be necessary: the preservation of liberty, equality, and unity, not just in Andoran, but for all people in the world. Knights of the Inner Sea recommends infiltrator inquisitors and chameleon rogues as common members, with good skill in bluff, disguise, knowledge (local), sense motive, and stealth. Keep in mind that initiation into the Eagle Knights would be something to end the campaign with, as an Eagle Knight you will be charged with liberating slaves and overthrowing unwanted dictators beyond Andoran’s borders, and therefore will have no ties to the campaign (which focuses on problems within Andoran’s borders). It is a good long-term goal to have, though. And as for Last Tower of the Baron…

French Wolf:
The Last Tower of the Baron, depending on how you run it, gives great opportunities for an “infiltration” type character to shine, and therefore catch the eye of the Twilight Talons ;)

Cool, my calculations were correct. Yay maths! No family in the banking business, so hopefully the society will help set up an account...

@GM of Liberty: Thanks for the thumbs up on the concept. I know the writing was a bit rough towards the end, but I promise I can clean it up to smooth out the rough edges before start if I make the cut. It looks like everyone is really bringing their A game for this one, so it will be two weeks of virtual pacing to enjoy. :)

This is my submission: Soroza, a half-orc Urban Ranger and worshiper of Calistria. I'm using the "Faithful Combat" option for Rangers, which lets you chose a Combat Style based on the deity you worship. If that option does not fly with you, I can convert her to something else (probably Inquisitor).

I don't have a detailed background completed yet, but the rough draft/quick and dirty version:

Rough Background:

Soroza is the somewhat rare sort Half-Orc: born to two Half-Orc parents.

Her parents are both dead.

Her mother and father were both prostitutes at a shadily-run brothel in Magnimar that was tremendously exploitative to it's workforce.

One of her parents was killed as they tried to escape the brothel, along with newborn Sozora. The surviving parent raised Sozora in the Calistrian faith before passing away when Sozora was about 10 years old.

After spending several years at the church, initially as an initiate and later as a sacred courtesan, she set out into the world to pursue her life's work in the name of her goddess and exploited parents: acting as a vigilante in the name of Calistria, punishing those who would abuse or exploit sex workers or romantic partners.

She often struggles with her inherently good nature and her consuming need to exact symbolic revenge for her parents tied up with her faith's ethically neutral views on revenge. She frequently finds herself consumed with the urge to act on passion and instinct, despite being quite intelligent and a capable planner.

Her initial goals for heading to Falcon's Hollow is learning of the illicitly run brothel. She hopes to at least break it up and liberate the workers, and if possible perhaps even take it over and establish it as a legitimate temple of Calistria.

I have a vague familiarity with some of the listed modules, but nothing concrete as far as I can remember.


Faithful combat is good. Whips are cool! I'm a big sucker for religious characters, I think it's because I find the Golarion pantheon fascinating.

How did she find her way to Andoran? Just passing through?

The brothel is in a small town of 1,400 people. It is a poorly kept secret, but still, you would need to at least be in the Darkmoon Vale to hear tale of it. Just trying to better connect the dots from Varisia to Andoran.

So I have an idea for this campaign, but I'm not sure if it will fit with your vision of where this is going to go:

I'm thinking of something like an Inspector Javert/Pinkerton sort who's not a merchant himself but is definitely tied to the moneyed elite and basically working directly for "the Man" as it were. Do you anticipate that becoming too much of an issue to be playable?

@ Soroza: I can see our characters knowing each other. Perhaps having met at some point in the past, depending on timelines, or maybe at a temple of Calistria on the way to Falcon's Hollow.

I will have to regretfully duck out. My laptop was damaged seriously yesterday, and I don't have the money yet to get a new one. I wish for everyone else to have fun.


A guy working for the moneyed elite would work fine, but I'd rather your investigations focus on other elite, rather than going the classic "Pinkerton agent busting up the unions" approach. Mostly because the working class in Andoran currently has no champions, so it'd be like kicking a dog that is already down. And if they end up gaining champions, it'd likely be your fellow PCs, and I don't want to go down a PvP road.

Ideas for hooks off the top:

> Elite family wants to bring down another elite family by exposing violations to trade/working restrictions and therefore shut down their operation.
> Elite family wants to expose other elite family's secret ties to Cheliax. Oh, and they're not above planted evidence either.
> Elite family attempts to move in and challenge an established monopoly, but their men sent to start up the industry "mysteriously vanished". The government agents failed to find signs of foul play, chocking it up to known evil doers in the area (kobolds, werewolves, whatever) but they're not satisfied. So they send you.

A better approach would be a straight-up government inspector. This would eliminate a lot of shades of grey, morality-wise, so that may not be an agreeable compromise for you. Basically, the Andoren government has been wanting to cut down these greedy companies for awhile now, but their lobbyists are powerful, and their connections are strong, so using the usual legislative methods does not work. So sending a guy to conduct an investigation would be the first step in the process. Hopefully to expose some rule-breaking, tax evasion, or illegal activity that would bring them down. It would be an undercover kind of gig. This would also be a good road for a PC who eventually wants to join the aforementioned Twilight Talons, since that is basically what they do abroad. It'd be like moving up from a PI to MI6.

Finally, the only approach to this that I am 100% against is a PC working strictly for the ideals of the Lumber Consortium. That group is pretty much cartoonishly evil villains, like straight up Scrooge. It would require all 4 PCs on board with going with an "evil campaign", or else it would likely devolve into pvp, and from the looks of submissions so far, more people are interested in playing the hero.

@Fortuna I'm sorry to hear that. I hope you manage to get things fixed soon. Thanks for showing interest!

Speaking of the Eagle Knights, I know I said previously that joining the Eagle Knights would be more of a capstone to end the campaign with, but if someone wanted to pursue the Steel Falcon prestige class we can make it work, since it's so tailor made for this campaign.

I'd probably spin it as your commanding officer giving you a small-scale, domestic mission (or 2 or 3) to tackle before formally joining a squad heading abroad to bust slaving ships and all that jazz.

Well this sounds interesting, and I would like to join.

So without further ado let me introduce Aster Domus

Aster Domus

Str 14 Dex 10 Con 14 Int 10 Wis 18 Cha 10

Urban Druid (favored Class) – Nobility Domain Leadership subdomain.

Human (Male) 24
skilled, focused study (bonus skill focus at 1, 8, 16)

skill focus diplomacy

Magical Lineage (flame strike)
Magic's Might (+1 vs spell resist)

Ranks: Diplomacy 1 (+4), perception 1 (+8), kn geography 1 (+4), kn nature 1 (+4), survival 1 (+8)

Gold 70 (I just took the average)

Hide Armor 15g 25lbs
Scythe 18g 10lbs
backpack 2g 2lbs
belt pouch 1g 0.5lbs
flint and steel 1g
mess kit 0.2g 1lbs
soap x2 0.02g 1lbs
sack 0.1gp 0.5 lbs
spell component pouch x2 10g 4lbs
torches x4 0.04g 4lbs
trail rations 5days 2.5 g 5 lbs
waterskin 1g 4lbs
Explorer's outfit 8lbs
whetstone 0.02 1lbs

19gp 10sp 12cp
Weight 78.5

light load: 58 Medium: 116 Heavy: 175

AC: 14 ff:14 Touch:10
Fort:+4 Ref:0 Will: +6

Attack w Scythe +2 2d4+3

Special Abilities: Inspiring Command – Standard Action +2 insight bonus to attack, AC, CMD, skill for 1 round. Affects one +1/3 lvl. At will.

Spells prepared:
0 – Create water
Detect poison
Know Direction

1 – Bless (D)
cure light wounds

If you have a problem with leadership as a feat then we can discuss it, or we can change it, or at worst I just get nothing at lvl 8 from my domain.

Born to a Noble family that stayed with Adoran through the transition his mother died in childbirth, and his father died in war soon after. He was raised by his grandfather a powerful Wizard. His grandfather watched Aster's development eagerly hoping that he would develop a talent for wizardry as his father did not. Unfortunately he eventually learned that Aster would never have the talent to be an arcane caster.
Just as his grandfather had given up on Aster's taking up his mantle he came across a rare Sorcereous bloodline that Aster would be talented at, so instead of consigning him to the clergy, Aster's grandfather decided to try to take fate into his own plans, and began researching a complex ritual. When Aster was 13 the ritual was finally ready, or as ready as it was going to be.
The ritual tried to infuse some empyreal essence into Aster, however perhaps the gods took offense to this and the ritual failed. It did not end there however and Aster took ill, very very ill and the illness simply did not let up. At first His grandfather thought the fever would break, and did not seek help. Then the fever got worse as the months passed and he still did not seek help, as what would he tell the people? He realized that if he told anyone what he did there was a good chance it would end in his execution. So he waited.
Three years later months after Aster turned 16 the fever broke, and it took him another 6 months to physically recover, but the experience left him physically tougher. His outlook had also changed The fever had deluded his mind in pain and hallucination, but free of it now he just wanted to leave. His grandfather begged him to forgive him and stay. Aster explained that he did not really blame his grandfather, but he was leaving never the less. His grandfather asked that he at least take some of the family's wealth with him, and some servants. He could live in another family house if he wanted. Aster was having none of it and simply left. His grandfather let him.
He wandered a while and reviewed what he had learned in his life, and he realized that he had just spent almost 4 years pondering everything he knew and found the education of his upbringing lacking. He found a small cabal of druids eventually, and was trained. He learned and well, but when his apprenticeship was over he left, because in the end his teachers had not been really right about life either, there were good things in what they taught but he felt that they were too rough on civilization. Sentience is just as natural as a forest isn't it? It was to him. Well he had wandered around a bit and had a feel for the land and it's people and could say that he thought that life was good here, he couldn't understand what people were complaining about especially from what he heard everything was worse literally everywhere else.
He is pondering this and a letter from his grandfather that finally reached him after searching for him for over a year while sharpening his blade on the back of a carriage on his way from falcon's hollow to a small in he was particularly fond of.

The letter was simple:
Aster when you receive this letter please contact me, I have respected your desire for space, but I need you to come home, there are things I must discuss with you that are too sensitive to put into a letter. Please.
Love Rast

I am in no pbp games and this would be my first.

GM of Liberty wrote:


Faithful combat is good. Whips are cool! I'm a big sucker for religious characters, I think it's because I find the Golarion pantheon fascinating.

How did she find her way to Andoran? Just passing through?

The brothel is in a small town of 1,400 people. It is a poorly kept secret, but still, you would need to at least be in the Darkmoon Vale to hear tale of it. Just trying to better connect the dots from Varisia to Andoran.

Ah, sorry, neglected that on my "quick bullet points" version. My idea was that after leaving the Calistrian temple in Magnimar to pursue her vigilantism, Soroza has been gradually making her way east from town to town. While she's "corrected" an exploitative pimp or abuser along the way, she hasn't pulled off a "big hit" yet, mostly because she's still honing her skills and lacks person power. Arriving in Andoran (specific location/township can be determined later, still familiarizing myself with the geography) she put her ear to the ground and heard about the brothel in Falcon's Hollow and that it may not be "on the level". So far, it's the first shot at a significant victory that's potentially within her means that she has come across.


Aster looks good! The druid cabal is something that would be easy to integrate.

Leadership is fine, however, I don't let my players build their own cohorts, I make them go out and befriend a NPC and recruit them. By level 8, though, you should have met a number of good options. If there is a specific class that you really really want, we can discuss it before the game begins, and I will make sure there is a viable NPC available of that class in the game world.

...within reason. No samurais or stuff like that, because of the setting.


Alrighty! Sounds good. There's plenty of girls who need the help ;)

You mentioned gnomes with fey connections would be well. So a gnome first world summoner from the Darkwood would fit well?

Or would a Daniel Boone musket master fit better?


Lyrune wrote:
@ Soroza: I can see our characters knowing each other. Perhaps having met at some point in the past, depending on timelines, or maybe at a temple of Calistria on the way to Falcon's Hollow.

I have no problem working out a link in our backgrounds or establishing that we perhaps have even been traveling together for a short time before the current events of the campaign. As I mentioned in my previous post, being only one person places certain limits on what Soroza can accomplish and she's toying with the idea of recruiting like minded folks to her cause. Perhaps even one day trying to turn it into a movement within the church? Who knows? *~*~*~obvious character hooks~*~*~*

@Jubal Breakbottle

They'd be equally viable, so it'd come down to what you'd rather play.

The gnome would particularly work well in certain modules. Understand that a gnome would have social repercussions in the area due to some strained relations between the fey and the lumberjacks. You would ultimately be called to "take a side" as it were, or make working for diplomacy a point of the character.

The musket master bleeds colonial America and would fit the aesthetic. I use emerging guns, but if there was a gunslinger in my campaign, I'd probably add a gunsmith NPC to falcon's hollow selling ammo and early firearms, as well as enemy gun-wielders every now and then. Otherwise you'd be the lone musket wielder in a world decorated with revolutionary war aesthetic...and wouldn't that be strange?

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I know I'm already in one (Hollow's Last Hope, specifically), but I'm enjoying it so much (the atmosphere is fabulously terrifying), I'd like to try out another run, and I've never actually done Into The Haunted Forest. In fact, the only one of these modules that I really know is Hollow's Last Hope... because I ran it waaaaaay long ago when I was first starting PF and had no clue what I was doing (and I'm pretty sure our GM is going off the rails enough that I have no clue what the original path is like).

Point is, I know I'm already in a game like this, but I'd like to try another more sandbox-y one. Which means I'll have to work extra hard to make this app stand out!

@GM Cool I'm glad you like Aster. As for the cohort, well I had no real preferences for what it would be other than I like to play casters either 6's or 9's. I assume heroic NPC? Also how do you feel about item creation? I mean for Aster not the cohort.

1 person marked this as a favorite.


As long as you can restrain yourself from metagaming away from some of the twists, no big deal. The whole Darkmoon Vale set of stuff is extra spooky. I've been lurkin' in Hokina's pbp as prep for this and I hope I can live up to what he's done.

Right now my plan is to transition "Into the Haunted Forest" into "Hollow's Last Hope". That will LIKELY go into "Crown of the Kobold King", since the hook tying the two together is big and obvious and I presume most heroes will be intrigued enough to go for it.

It will probably feel kinda "railroady" at the beginning for that reason... but since this isn't an AP there is no mysterious BBEG trying to conquer all of Andoran for the PCs to unite together against. More like a whole bunch of little problems here and there that the heroes will be able to choose and prioritize as necessary. (Hopefully my character hooks have given you a good sense of what those problems are.)

So I think a little railroading will be necessary to get the 4 PCs thinking of themselves as a band of adventurers, by circumstances of fate shoving them together. By the end of "Crown of the Kobold King" you will be level 3 and will have fell a number of evil-doers as a group so there should be some nice camaraderie going on. That is where I'm predicting the sandbox will open up.

From there the modules will be sprinkled in depending on what goals the party has, and what meaty background story hooks you've given me. ...though I'll admit that either way I will force "Carnival of Tears" on the group eventually. I'm super fond of it.


Yep, heroic NPCs.

Item creation is fine. The area mostly consists of low population towns so it'll be helpful.

Though I should stress these modules are 3.5 conversions, and are on the lower side of difficulty....(most of the time). So no need to min/max.

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@GM Mostly I like item creation so that I don't need to min max. if I take craft wondrous, (and if you allow it I will) the first thing I will probably make is a headband of int, because of the skill points thing. Having 1-2-3 skills maxed out that you don't need to spend your precious points into is really nice. Also pearls of power for endurance.

Silver Crusade RPG Superstar 2014 Top 16

I'm unfamiliar with the modules in question, but when I read up about Falcon's Hollow, the picture shows a waterfront.

Would a nautical character be a "fish out of water" in this campaign, or will sea based skills have a place here? To include sea based prestige classes and such.


There is a river adjacent to Falcon's Hollow. It is primarily used for moving timber (it is a logging town).

A nautical character would not feel in their element in this campaign. However, 1 module (Treasure of Chimera Cove) involves a small sea adventure. It is a higher level module (level 7), though, and is an exception, not the rule.

...To put that in perspective, with the leveling rate I expect, it would likely take us 2-3 years to get there, and the module itself would only last a few months.

So with that information in mind, it is up to you. :) I probably wouldn't try it, though. Better to have a more land based character with maybe a point or two in Profession (Sailor) so that when Treasure of Chimera Cove comes along, you can save the landlubbers' butts and sail the ship for 'em.

Tarkus will be able to assist in the item creation realm, especially the arms/armor side of the house and in time might want to dabble at gunsmithing, just for the challenge of the craft. Nothing as dwarven to me as the image of one holding an axe with a blunderbuss slung across his back.

Truthfully, I could easily switch out or multi-class Tarkus into a Forge Priest of Torag. It would allow for some character expansion, while still fitting nicely into my mental image of him.

Depending on how long he has been away from Highhelm, he could also be networked into helping freed/runaway slaves relocate. The prospect of a race owning another for forced labor is not one that sits well with him.

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So, updated summary of submissions:


1. Michael_Hopkins – Volreg Sundek the Andoren/Ulfen Kinteticist (Aether) – Pathfinder, son of Carpenden winemakers
2. Digger – Tarkus Shieldsplitter the dwarf fighter – Blacksmith from Highhelm
3. Snake Charmer – Lyrune the elf alchemist – Ex-slave, seeking mother sold to brothel.
4. Galahad0430 – Jondyn the Taldan swashbuckler (inspired blade) – No fluff yet
5. Orannis – Soroza the Half-orc Urban Ranger – Worshipper of Calistria, seeks to abuse those who exploit sex workers
6. Hogeyhead - Aster Domus the Human Urban Druid – Andoren noble, raised by a wizard, but ended up falling in with a druid cabal

Dotted for Interest:

1. Feth
2. Edeldhur (Albion, the Eye) (Skald/Bard)
3. Avr (Follower of Sivanah, future Veiled Illusionist)
4. French Wolf (Twilight Talon wannabe)
5. Derz (Inpector Javert)
6. Jubal Breakbottle (Gnome first world summoner OR Daniel Boone musket master)
7. CaptainFord
8. Zahir ibn Mahmoud ibn Jothan (Nautical?)

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