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[Spheres of Might] Question about shove and counterpunch.

Legendary Villains: Vigilantes Symbiotic Slayer

[Legendary Games] Ultimate Relationships Expansion Forum!

[Legendary Games] Legendary Cavalier open playtest

Question regarding some of the wording for Aegis Customizations

(Spheres of power) Mana siphon and vancian casters.

Spheres of Might and Unchained Rules

Walk Me Through It: Spheres of Power

Need Advice on Hawkguard Feats

Path of War - Premade NPCS (or at least manuver blocks for them)?

The Slumbering Tsar - Starting, DM Set up, Questions, and Advice

Occult Casting + AoA

[Dreamscarred] Question about the Pack Leader Ranger's pack

Questions about False Idol template’s Mark of the Idol ability

Spheres of Power Classes and Feat-Granted Sphere Access

Spheres of Power: Technician (Mad Scientist Archetype) and Reanimation Ability

Shape Veil, Psychic Searcher Oracles and Essence Pools

Focused attack + Speed weapon = Allowed? Is it worth?

Psionics and Ioun Stones

Spheres of Might Errata?

Spheres of Power Doomblade question

(Please clarify rules) Issue with enchancement bonus on unfinished 3rd party product.

Spheres of Power and the Lancer Sphere.

[Spheres of Power] : Explain the Archaic Alchemist archetype to me (please !)

The Vitalist: I want to believe (that it's not OP)

Life Domain

Question About the Psionic Power Psychokinetic Charge

Returning Player Question(s)!

Dissolving weapon and critical hits

Metacreative Villain Idea

Dreamscarred Press - Ultimate Psionics: Advanced Constructs Feat (Utility Menu Option)

Psion - Dual Disciple and Psychokinesis

Psychofeedback Augments(DSP -Ultimate Psionics)

Rule Question: Warsoul / Soulknife: Bladeskill Enchant

Pathfinder Compatibility Questions

PoW Mystic Glyph self-target?

Looking for 3PP Fighter book

The Wolf Shifter of Wayfinder #5

Art Domain Masterpieces and Effective Bardic Performance Rounds

Elements of Magic PF Compatibility

[Dreamscarred Press] Elan "Rest" and Power Points

Players in Way of the Wicked!

How do Spheres of Power compare to Path of War balance-wise?

Activating Ambush Hunter's Ambush Tactics with ranged ranger? (plus other Ambush Hunter stuff)

Spheres of Power - omni mental familiar bonus?

Mass combat: do Fine-size armies not normally gain class abilities?

Would it be a bad idea to ask for a criticism?

Arcaknight help?

Umbra Class - Shadowstrike

Umbra Class - Shadowstrike

Is sacrificing feat progression for Spheres of Might access worth it for me or should I multiclass?

Broken Blade Stance with natural attacks

WarSoul (Archetype SoulKnife) Explain Need

Path of War Sweeping Gambit confusion

Rule Question: Warsoul / Soulknife.

Spheres of Power?

Need some clarification on the Elemental School feature for the Elemental Ninja archetype.

Need Help - 3rd Party Fear Based Build

Advice for Wizard in group (feel kinda useless)

Symbiat clarification

The OGL and Free Content

The Giant Blister Beetle stat block is wrong, isn't it?

Path of War: Deadly Agility

opinions on what blade skill to pick

VMC for Psionic Classes

Rappan Athuk - Starting, DM Set up, Questions, Advice and Stories / Run Through Experiences

"Assume Equipment" as an Uncarnate

Inquisitor of the Void Domain

[Pow][Spheres of Power] Eldritch Scoundrel Hidden Blade 'Rogue' build help.

Soul Archer and Gifted blade

Path Of War: Maneuvers and Stances

Build Advice Needed: Medic

Path of War - CopyCat Cut question

Gonzo 2, Sparkle Princess Useless Sparkles?

Unwilling Participant Question

Path of War: Aquatic options

Psionics and Demiplanes

Extra Mutant Abilities

[DSP] Path of War (including Expanded) assistance please. GM here.

Looking for alternatives to Wands & Staves

Skulls and Shackles: Swing and a Miss with Siege Weapons

Elocater - Has any one played one?

Path of War - Do Teleport Maneuvers suffer mishap chance?

3rd-Party Character Samples

[DSP] Mythic PoW...

Protecting teammates, Spheres of Might VS Path of War

Spheres of power and Dreamscarred press psionics--compare?


DSP - Virtuoso Highlord Class Skills

Path of War Prestige Classes - Swap Maneuvers at even levels?

Multiclass Adept and maneuver swap question

Spheres of Power Conversion to Spell Slots?

does this seem balenced

whats that class

Warder, Hawkguard and Eternal Hourglass

Racial Hybrids

[POW] what does "made manifest" refer too?

The Lost Lands - how to start.

(advice) Martial Speaker for the past Shaman with monk dip build

How Do Prestige Classes Work?

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