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New metamagic feat

Spheres of power, Spellcrafting and class concept creation confusions

Clever Curses

Netflix's Castlevania for Pathfinder?

Hamon Monk

Dragon Stuff - Advice?

Streamlining ans simplifying character creation : [3 / 5] Too few hp at level 1

100+ Random terrain

101 Celestial Bodies In Your Solar System

It's a Round Earth Conspiracy!

Streamlining ans simplifying character creation : [2 / 5] Abilities Scores

Space Fantasy Campaign

Streamlining ans simplifying character creation : [1 / 5] Skills choice

MTG Slivers

Kirthfinder - World of Warriorcraft Houserules

100+ Spells From the Lost Spellbooks

Is this the place to talk about homemade campaigns?

Flavor Build, Fell Rider, Order of the Whip

It's a Small world after all

Is this the place to talk about homemade campaigns?

My collection of Revised Pathfinder Rules

New Combat Mechanic

Custom Kineticist Item

Multiclass Archetypes XI: Resurgence

Your Best Insomnia - A Place for Ideas While You Can't Sleep

New Monk Only Style and Feats

Thoughts on my first homebrewed magic items?

Worldbuilding Exercise - Get 5 Random Races, Build a Setting

The White Whale: A Journey to the First World - Gestalt 20 / 20 One Shot I Wrote

Wounding Strikes (or Greater Called Shots)

Harrow Summons

Frosty's Horror Homebrew

Pathfinder Grognard Roll Call! What Sub-systems & Houserules will you use?

Dual Alignment Cleric-esque Class

Converting Harry Potter Creatures to PF

Cooking like a boss ( skill cook)

Thoughts on My Custom Spells?

1001 Inconsequential Flora & Fauna

A Dual-Alignment Cleric Archetype

Barbarian Archetype balance Help

High Tech Gear

Vengeful Bramble (A Custom Spell)

Please Rate my Magus Handbook.

Sample Character Backgrounds

Psychlings (psychopomp aasimars) playable race

Homebrew Reach Weapon Feat

[Time of the Tarrasque] My homebrewed Pathfinder setting

Thoughts on allowing a full-round action to grapple?

What would you think of a racial ability that prevented being in an anti-magic zone?

Suggestions for Inter Abyssal War needed!!

New Abjuration Spells

Horror Home brew; opinions, advice, etc.

100 or more Space Ship, Installation, or Base Rooms

Which Demon to select?

I had a brilliant nightmare

Creating Cybrids for Iron Gods

Feedback Request: Arcane Star (Magus Archetype)

Middle Earth / Golarion travel

Gods of the Land of Souls. Wip

Looking for a dragon

Dual-Edge Artifact - Abilities?

Feedback Request: Custom summon lists

Monster Hunter Rajang

Summoner Meets the Enchantress - Archetype Assistance Desired

Thoughts? Kitsune reskinned as a half-elf variant, called the Ilyanosti

Critique My Class: Demonbrand

Combat Manager application

Need advice / suggestions for Trade factions and PF trade resources

Mystic Theurge Necromancer

Homebrew Class Balance

Made That Way - Alternate racial traits and feats for Androids

Homebrew: Green Knight

[Spheres of Power] Expertimenting with de-elementing Nature and Elemental Transformation.


Buffing Overwhelming Soul

Balancing Characters with a Different Campaign

Summoner Archetype - Suggestions?

Modified Heal Skill, Input Appreciated

Green Knight Archtype Changes

Revenant Revenger - Vigilante Archetype

Guru Pathik's Guide to Opening Your Chakras (Onion Banana juice Not Required)

Modified Improved Precise Shot

Magic items and weapons for Bards!

Parapromo 2018 - 1001 PC Race Ideas

Unfettered Monk (thoughts and constructive criticism welcome)

White-Haired Witch Base Class

Seeking Feedback - Martial Magic

Homebrew Librarian Class

Amulet Artifact - Advice?

Home brew Underdark stealth Druid help

Mass Combat Rules - redone

What are YOUR houserules?

1001 adventure ideas

First Homebrew Class-Advice?

A couple of homebrew races

PaRaProMo 2017 - 1,001 PC Race Ideas

Reimagining the knowledge skills

Homebrew Avowed pact, the Lucky pact

Gotham City setting, homebrew D20, suggestions

Expanded Point buy table?

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