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Middle Earth / Golarion travel

Racial Feats for Dual-Edge Genesis - Advice?

True Gods of Dual-Edge Genesis - Taking Suggestions

The ferocity discipline revisited

WIP: Using a Jenga tower to simulate siege defence

Homebrew Librarian Class

Protoss Race revision

What top 3 House Rules would you use to create a d20 low magic campaign setting?

My collection of Revised Pathfinder Rules

New Class: The Channeler

Low Magic, not No Magic Campaign

Some Races I Made - Fine-tuning

Revising Magic Items

Help me balance my homebrew spell

Parapromo 2018 - 1001 PC Race Ideas

Shattered Diamonds, A New Pantheon

Kirthfinder - World of Warriorcraft Houserules

[homebrew]Gm needs help with making a custom multiclassing option.

I created a Pathfinder Unchained Character Sheet!

How many deities can dance on the head of a pin?

Solo Level 20 martial-only character vs Cthulhu

Redoing Kobolds, and bringing in their Cousins. (PEACH)

Are my homebrew spells balanced?

Something silly, Pathfindertale


Statting the Cat with Hands?

Sorcerer Bloodline: Dragonmarked

Kingsmaker athmosphere

Homebrew Elan Origin Idea

The Tattooed Monk (Complete and fully Updated)

Two Occultist archetypes I would like to see made official...

Combat Manager application

More Favored Class Bonus Options for Everyone.

Slim Jim's Choppy Shoppe

Homemade Class Based on Force Users from Star Wars (suggestion for alterations)

Multiclass Archetypes XI: Resurgence

A Monster Template and a Device - Advice?

Old Spice 'Gentleman' Class

P6 Codex - E6+Pathfinder

Leveled Mutations

A Reskinning Project: The Awakened Wombat

[3.5 Conversion] The Ardent, a highly customizable psionic class

Fixing the Drake Companion Archetypes

Transcendence of the Spheres

Removing rings of protection and amulets of natural armor

Vermin Shape 3 and 4

Converting weapons and armor from other franchises.

Running a foot race

Dual-Edge Genesis Campaign - Homebrew Advice?

Pathfinder Grognard Roll Call! What Sub-systems & Houserules will you use?

Help me brainstorm

Making Magic Items feels more important

Sorting patrons

New Abjuration Spells

The Home Brewed World!

[Time of the Tarrasque] My homebrewed Pathfinder setting

EctoplamaCist (totally different from the ectoplasmaTist...), PEACH

Magus Spell preparation as Arcanist

Revising Core Feats

Revising the Core Classes

Repriced Rings of Wizardry

Homebrewing a Dragon Arts Campaign - Advice?

Warcraft Campaign

New Skinwalker: Wereape-kin

StarCraft: Protoss Race and Zerg Monsters

Dark Knight Prestige Class

Spell & item for visually impaired ?

Graven Shifter - an Undead Shifter Archetype

JoJo's Bizare Campaign Setting

Revising the Core Races & Introducing Backgrounds

Merciful Spell: House rules for SoD and non-hitpoint damaging spells

Radical Proposal: Removing BAB from half BAB classes


Homebrewing a mouse familiar

Unfettered Monk (thoughts and constructive criticism welcome)

1001 adventure ideas

The Salvation of Korthos (Free Adventure Module for Levels 1-3)

Mythic vetala template (CR + varies)

Repairing Magic and Mundane Items

Critique my Bard / Fighter hybrid class, the Battledancer

Orcs, orcs everywhere! NPC's, PC's and NP-PC's!

Need help creating a spell!

Minor changes to the Paladin's Code of Conduct

Campaign help

Alignment of Brigh

Paladin Code: Brigh

Building Random encounter table help / advice

Is this Racial Trait balanced?

How guns and bows should be handled (i.e., no new rules or splat required), and everything you need to know about guns for RPGs

Making a Balance of Power between PF and KF

In need of something out of pure nightmare, ideas? (or own homebrew)

I'll see you in court! Trials in PF

Help building god level hidey hole.

My Fighter Fix

Abilities change

Balancing a Homebrew Animal Companion

Need help creating a spell!

Pathfinder Campaign setting idea: Blood Magic

Set's Stuff

Stando Power? Only half joking here when I say that

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