Wrath of the Righteous

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"Game Time" for Wrath of the Righteous?

A "retinue" for Korrimazah?

'By expending one use of Mythic Power'?

(Spoilers) Profane Ascension - Now What?

2 questions about the AP

5 paladin party...

6 man party

Ability score generation

Abjuration school / Rift Warden PrC?

Abrikandilu Art

ACG Playtest and WotR - Sword of Valor Edition

ACG Playtest and WotR - Worldwound Incursion Edition

Adding encounters / side-treks in Porphyry city

Adding Plot to Wrath

Additional monsters that can be used

Additional powers for Terendelev's Scales

Additional Rules

Additional scenes / incidents in WWI when PCs are in city

Addressing balance issues from the start

Advancing the NPC cast for WotR *SPOILERS*

Advancing the NPCs

Advice for House Rulings

Advice from those who have run it before...

Advice on Drezen

Advice requested - are those cultists really that dumb? *SPOILER*

Advise for deal with Jerribeth? (Spoilers)

Alchemist Shenanigans (Game Story)

Alternative Companions? (spoilers)

Alternative to journal entry for WotR Campaign

An Ode to Kenabres

An unexpected nemesis [Book 2 spoilers!]

An unexpected turn of events

Android Holy Gun

Animal Companion Advice

Anti-paladin of Noctycula.

Anti-Party Balancing (minor SoV spoilers)

Anyone deal with the Barbarian Come and Get Me Guardian build yet?

Aponavicious and mythic (contains spoilers)

Arcane trickser and magus in Wrath of the Righteous

Are demons allowed to summon during the AP?

Are we clear to start posting questions / ideas regarding the Worldwound Incursion?

Areelu Vorlesh's CON Score

Aron Kir faith question.

Aron's aid in Drezen, worthy or wasted?

Arueshalae remain with party?


Assist, please, on a character background

Baba Yaga in WoTR

Balance WotR against 5 PCs with high rolled stats

Balancing power with Sword of Valor.

balancing without mythic

Banishing PCs

Baphomet's Magical Items?

Baphomet, a Midnight Isle

Battlebliss Combatants

Battlemap for Clydwell's Plaza

Best Cover Ever

Best description of Nocticula came from our Magus

Between a dungeon crawl and a free place

Beyond,,,, *SPOILERS*

A bit of fluff for the opening scene of Part 1

Book 1 and Charm Person

Book 2 Question (Spoiler)

Book 2: Mass combat rules without a kingdom

Book 3 Pit falls

Book 5: Discussion on Iomedae [SPOILERS AHOY!]

Book quality

Bringing in a late hero, suggestions for mythic powers? (SPOILERS)

Building Bren of the Laurelshield

Calling for any help in changing parts of book 6

Campaign Trait choice

Campaign Trait Conclusions (Spoilers)

Campaign Trait issues / mistake ?!

Can Aravashnial regain prepared spells whilst blinded?

Can this AP be run suitable for children?

Can Wrath of the Righteous be run without using mythic rules?

Can you Purify a Tiefling?

Can't find the Woundwyrm

Candide's WoTR campaign thread *SPOILERS*

Capt. Collateral Damage's WoTR Campaign Journal + Optimized baddies!

Cavalier's battlefield orders ?

Celestial Counterpart to Cambion?

Celestial Poisons for Ninja?

Changing the Herald. Spoilers.

Chaotic Evil / Demon-aligned PCs?

Character concept...

Character Conceptualization (crunch ignored)

Character planning advice, no spoilers please.

Character planning in a non-mythic environment...

chatting with gods(spoilers!)

Chief Sull and Seer Opoli

A few questions from a brand new GM

A little filler help - book 1 - part 1

A Paladin an Oracle and .......

A Paladin's Prayer.

A Party for 7

A party without a full caster doable?

A question about the campaign traits

A Righteous Path, A Wrath of the Righteous Campaign journal.

A unexpected enemy behind the whole Demon Invasion and the Worldwound!

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