Anyone have the characters attack Nocticula?

Wrath of the Righteous

If so what did you do? I would have her cast mass suggestion to make them all start fighting over her (yes, including the female pcs).

Sorry about the double post... and double delete, too. I'm not sure what's going on. To sum up, that seems in character for the First Succubus, and I'm fascinated-- why the heck would they do that?


I mean are you running the AP or your own game? Improvisations are fun, but sometimes you need to keep things in line.

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Nocticula is one of the extremely few written up NPC's who would have very little problem taking out any group at even full level 20 / tier 10.

And given her development, one of the few that would actually let them live after this. She is trying to be a better Demon, after all.

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Plus, isn't the whole reason you're meeting with her an offer of mutually beneficial assistance? So there isn't really much reason to attack her, other than she's the Succubus Queen, no redemption for her sort of thing.

But redemption is a part of the AP, and even if you do attack her for some bad reason, it's totally within her perrogative to fight back, then heal you, then ask if everyone could actually get down to business please?

I mean, really, now, trying to take a swing at an honestly helpful deific figure for no reason? Who'd do that?

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