Lowering the Mythic Level of the PCs

Wrath of the Righteous

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So from reading a few threads and some discussions about mythic play, would the reduction of mythic tiers down to either 3 or 5 improve the AP and the power level of the encounter?
I redo all my encounters so some rebuilding isn’t a bad thing.

Check out the mythic rebalance provided by a 3rd party group to fix a lot of the woes.

Is that the Legendary Games stuff?

Yes thats exactly it. Worked great for me.

Which items they have a ton of mythic stuff

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I wouldn't pay too much attention to "threads". These forums are filled with a lot of misinformation. Tiers are accumulated over the course of the entire path, so reducing them makes little to no sense as they are required for the later encounters.

It is worth reading Mythic Solutions from Legendary Games for ideas dealing with mythic gameplay. If anything, a simple cap on regaining daily mythic points goes a lot further than other limitations and doesn't take abilities away from the players. In my games, mythic PCs regain their Mythic tier in points (starting at 2nd tier) each day. This makes them a more valuable resource and less likely to be used to trivialize simple encounters and saved for the more important encounters.

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In the later books, having no tier 7 or 8 can be absolutely devastating, but truly, if your PCs optimize like degenerates, and use obvious combos (Ranger vs Outsiders, Paladin (any kind) or any cheesy known build) they will annihilate everything in any AP.

I listened to the guys saying in the forums that Mythic was broken and I quote "Impossible to play without breaking everything" Now, 6 books after I can see that depends on the group, we had no problem, and I regret changing those things at the beginning

Good luck with the campaign Joey! I follow your posts normally, the one from Rise of the Runelords it's awesome! with the modified creatures! :D

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I've recently finished GMing this AP, and my PC faced the last encounter with only 2 mythic tiers (I gave them one at the end of book 1, and one after the fight with the chimera in book 2).

I've balanced that a bit by removing about half of the "boss" lackeys, but otherwise, didn't adjust the "boss" sheet. The combat went on for about 5 rounds. It was difficult, yes, but they managed to win in the end.

And I think I need to point out that, barring the last 2 fights of the AP, my PCs totaly wrecked the opposition from the middle of book 2 to the 1st half of book 6 with only 2 mythic tiers (taking into acount that i've heavily beefed said opposition).

Honestly, the only use I see for the mythic rules are the mythic monsters : they are way less broken than PCs/NPCs with mythic tiers and can be used as tough - but still beatable - opposition.

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Welllll, by saying you changed EVERYTHING, you really didn't run the adventure as mythic. It's not broken and easily compensated for by a GM that knows how to handle APL and CR.

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