need (sort of) Wrath of the Righteous advice / contains Spoilers

Wrath of the Righteous

if you are in Hamburg Germany, please don’t read on, chances are you might become one of my players.
Some of my potential players have played the AP, I don’t want to rely on their short memory while asking these questions.
I don’t intend to play Wrath of the Righteous (WotR) so feel free to be as specific as you like, thread title has a warning.

I‘m home brewing a campaign along the crusader road and am wondering just how usefull „antimagic“ weapons and/or shields would be further up north, or how much of an essential ingredient to the success of WotR they could be made out to be.
The setting is supposed to be sort of parallel to WotR with the PCs on a supporting mission to keep supplies flowing: The bandits and pirates are getting greedy with the incursion up north upping the demand for suplies.

I‘d use the weapons, shields and other magic items to power a McGuffin in the hands of BBEG and leave them sucked to sort of negative levels of magic with a function similar to a Brooch of Shielding.They‘d absorb magic (not just magic missils) aimed at the wielder, but instead of crumbling to dust they are slowly restored to their former function. They are mostly dragon bane type of weapons or energy damage blocking and plenty are cold iron.

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