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This first post is going to ramble a little so bear with me.

For the few people out there still playing a nearly 10 year old AP, I figured I would start this post. I have been gaming since the late 80's and this group in various forms has been together for several years. For many of those years we would game the traditional way, face to face. 6 to 7 people gathers around the table in a basement with $100 sub shop order, laughing and being roudy from 7pm to 11pm every friday night.

Like many we have transitioned online thanks to covid. On the good side no more 45 minute drive each way for game night. But even my nongaming wife sais she misses seeing everyone show up. the group now consists on myself as GM and 6 players, 2 of which now live out of state. Win for online.

Live Play Podcasts have ruined me as a player. For much of my gaming Life I have been a player, and our various groups never had long lasting campaigns where you could develop a character. It was always a group of players with a rotating Gm who would last a few sessions before losing steam and wanting to be a player again. And then two things happend, I saw Critical Role, and read
Way of the Wicked. I wanted a long campaign with a good story. If I had to run it I would. with 2 full AP's and 2 half done under my belt I still consider myself a mediocre GM. Thanks to what I have found in this forum, This AP has received the best feedback from my player I have ever had. I have incorporated several elements no into the game that would be there if Paizo did not have to worry about word count.
thank You to all the contributers in this forum whose ideas i have borrowed.


Wrath tech info.
For each of the games I have run I set up a Google drive folder to store all of my player visable content as a reference for them. Game handout, maps, NPS lists, Character creation docs. I have found this to be a useful tool and will be sharing some the items I have stored there.

I had been using Roll20 for my last game, but have transitioned over to Foundry for Wrath. our group runs two game, alternating weeks, and the other GM used foundry for his game. I liked what it had and with his administrative help we started Wrath on Foundry. He hosts the game and is the Admin for technical issue. This has worked well since there is, I think, a bigger learning curve to get the most out of Foundry but it is superior to Roll20.

We also run a Skype session for our voice and video.

This setup has worked well for us.

The party

There are six players in this group. I am not great at tweaking encounters, and have chosen to run the game encounters mostly as written. At low levels through the first book this will give the party an advantage. As the XP will be split 6 ways there will be a slightly slower level progression. My intention is to have the party about 1 level behind on book progression to account for the 2 additional characters adding to APL. this should start to balance better in the following books. If I see them start to falter I may bump them up a various points. These are all very experienced games who know how to maximize pathfinder. The Mythic progress will follow the book.

We are currently halfway though the first Book so I will list the current levels

Our initial Party

Drazz Blackshaft NG Male Halforc 19yr old, follower if Gorum. Slayer 1/ Fighter (Titan fighter Archetype). player chose not to take a Wrath Campaign trait going with Giant-Blooded and Defender of Society. Back story is he is a pathfinder society novice and he is in Kenabres ,at the wrong time, with his sponsor in the Society. He will not get any of the Wrath Campaign trait bonuses but I will be using the plot line from Children of Crusade for him.

Adamar Faceran NG male Elf 90yr old, not religious but respects Nethys.
Archanist lev3 (White Wizard Archetype) with the Riftwarden Campaign trait. Is a student under Aravashnial at Blackwing.

Vanidur N female Halforc 20yr old, follower of Dretha the dark Mother. Skald lev3 with Chance Encounter trait. In kenabres as a musician at the Alodae Amphitheater

Hskoro Nebuloso CG male half-elf 52yr old. Oracle lev3 (Pei Zin Practisioner archetype) of Sarenrae with Touched By Divinity background was a herbalist providing illegal substances until a dream hit him to straighten out his life and joined the crusade as a healer.

Ulgaart Gambogtoush LG male Goblin 13 yr old Samurai 1/ Paladin 2 of Sarenrae. Exposed to Awfulness. was rescued from the Kenabres sewers by a Knight of Sarenrae and adopted as a "mascot" by the order. has a scar/tattoo shaped like Sarenrae's symbol.

R.J Cross Fighter 3 Exposed to Awfulness. Player was not thrilled with this character due to two other front line fighter already in the group. R.J. AT Denfenders Heart Gets assignments from Irabeth to do other things and becomes an NPC for me. replaced by..

Kerrick Murton NE male Human Rogue 2 (unchained)/ Slayer 1(Sniper) Stolen Fury traight. Cursader with connection to the DemonBlood trade. War=Profits.

That is the party as of 11:30 pm last night. We have completed the basement trap and will continue in two weeks with the Chest.

At the start of the Campaign I sent out two docs.

My character creation doc sp=sharing&ouid=104629181249202504802&rtpof=true&sd=true

And The Call to Arms sharing

I also made sure players had the Players Guide

And a map of Kenabres in its prime and gazetteer.

The party starts out with each character know one other and several of the important NPC's. They all have meet Lady Terendelev and she "takes a special interest in them".

We did a little bit of session 0 stuff via e-mail and Skype.

Book 1 Worldwound Incursion
Session 1 Arodus 16th Starday 4713AR Midday ( A Call to Arms hand out and Session One Intro narative)

Party attends Start of Armasse celebration when demons attack. They are plunged into the underground when fissures open up. The band of nine people (3NPC, 6PC) seek a way out. Find long abandoned Temple to Torag. Get in fight and Drazz and Hskoro contract Filth Fevor (DC12 Fort starting on 19th) Camp for the night

I adjusted the extended intro from

I can not say in praise of the contributors to that thread. Your content fills the story gaps that are in Wrath due to word count limits. Thank You

I stead of doing one long narrative opening, as the initial scene unfolds, I flip to two characters at a time. I have each do some kind of skill or combat action and brief interaction with main NPC before they fall in to the Underground. I repeat this with each group of two. I close the narrative with Terendelev looking at each as she is beheaded and they fall.
Underground I start with the NPC's finding each of the PC's before running the Underground as written.

Session 2 Arodus 17th Sunday Morning (Prologue 1 Threashold)

Leave temple and have fights. Rescue Crel a mongrel from rocks and are invited to Neatholm w/ Crel, Dyra, and Lann. Meet and impress Chief Sull. Session ends midday.

The party had found the Scales and used the cloud pillar to raise the rock off of Crel.

With 6 players I added 2 additional scales with different powers. Everyone has one unique scale.

Session 3 Arodus 17th Midday (Prologue 2 Yaniel and Radience)

Shopping, RP in Neatholm. Mongrels , Aravashnial and Horgus made Helpful. Rest for night.
Arodus the 18th Moonday. Head to Traitors guard post in morning and fight. Drazz and Vanidur get filth fevor (DC 11 Fort on 20th for Vanidur and 19th for Drazz) Capture Wenduag and retreat to Neatholm to recover session ends midday.

Session 2 and 3 unfold as written. when I send out the weekly e-mail reminder for game night I include the attachments I think are most relevant to the upcoming session or as background. these are listed in parentheses
next to the session number. these additions are drawn from content on the Narrative prologues / cut scenes thread mentioned above.

Session 4 Arodus 18th Midday (Cutscene 1 Dreams)

Rest up in Neatholm and have dreams overnight.
Arodus 19th Toilday Drazz and Hskoro make first of 2 consecutive saves vs Filth Fevor.
Second go at Traitors guard post. Defeat Hosilla and Traitorus Mongrels and 2 Dretch Demons. Recover Radiance. Session ends Midday. Player handout 1 Hosilla’s orders

this session attachment (Dreams) I reworked extensively to fit my specific player backgrounds, but again the core concepts came from the Narrative thread. At this point the characters had reached level 2 and the Goblin Samuri had added Paladin. there are no followers of Iomadea in the group and they were going to by pass Hosilla's room so I had Radiance give Ulgaarth a tug to come find me. I the Goblin Paladins hand Radiance transforms into a Small Scimitar. they skipped the underwater stash and win first fight against Dretch Demons.

Session 5 Arodus 19th Toilday midday still in the Underground. (Prologue 3 Questionof Faith)

Party makes way to sewer level and out into destroyed Kenabres. Fight Cultists in the streets. And arrive at BlackWing Library and rescure Librarians Lenna, Bria, Anna, Court and March. Capture Chaleb Sazomal. Party reaches level 3, rests for the night.

Arodus 20th Wealday Drazz and Hskoro 2nd save success no more fevor and Vanidur 1st success. The Party leaves Blackwing and Aravashnial behind, crosses a rift in the ground and start heading towards Horgus Gwerms manor in upscale section of the gate District. Session ends mid morning.

A session or two ago in preparation for Above ground I had the player each make a percentage roll and a Perception check. I used these 6 rolls to establish in advance the first 6 random encounters. I then did a perception check for the enemy and whoever had the higher got a surprise round. thsi allowed me to set these encounters in Foundry in advance to speed up the game. I the gate district I am doing one random between each main location/ in New Kenabres district I think I will do 2 random.

They gathered a few rumors here.

Session 6 Arodus 20th Wealday mid morning

no attachment for this week

The party crosses a rift and into a upscale section of town where they run into a Howler. They put this demonic tiger down but not before Adamar, Drazz and Hskoro are effected but its cursed Howl.
The party continues to Horgus Gwerm’s Home to find it intact but abandoned. He rewards the Party with 2000GP for getting him home and offers his home for the night which the party accepts.

Arodus 21st Oathday. Leaving Gwerm behind, the party sets out for Anevia Tirabde home further north in the Gate district and are attacked by Dire rats along the way. R.J. and Ulgaart contracting filth fevor in the process. Late morning they arrive at the Tirabade residence were they are ambushed by Vagorg, an old advisory of Irabeth Tirabde. Vagorg is subdued and bound. A note from Irabeth is found directing Anevia to Defenders Heart where the remaining crusaders have established an impromptu fortification. After fighting some Cultists staking out the Defenders Heart the Party arrives late Afternoon. Session ends.

Session 7 Arodus 21st Oathday late afternoon (From a great height)
attachment again from Narrative thread

Meet up with various NPC’s.
lot of RP tonight, Meet Sosiel from Book2 as head of the healers at Defenders Heart. meet a Tiefling 10yr old who I will be adding in as a recurring NPC to deflect for suspicions in Book2 (this is my PC as a child in our other game Strength of Thousands)

I tried to give each player a solo interaction scene here. of specific note was our Goblin Paladin. I felt he should take a vow. In front of all assembled at Defenders Heart I had Ulgaarts old Captian adnmister the Sarenrae Paladins oath. I basically read the Edicts and Anathemas from
I then had Irabeth issue The Crusaders Oath. I don't remember where I found this but credit to the creator. sharing

Settle into the Defenders Heart for the night of rest. Party gets fully healed of all hp, and negative effects.

Ardus 22nd Irabeth Assigns two missions. R.J. will join a group of Knights to check on Gwerm, Aravashnial and the Mongrels. The party will Investigate the Templar of the Ivory Labrynth Safe houses. They are assigned a crusader guide named Kerrick Murton. This is where Player changed characters.

Fighting some Fiendish Vultures on the way to Topaz Solutions. The store is not empty, there are half dozen looter who they convince to leave with diplomacy checks. A secret door is found to a basement room. Ulgarrt sets off the magic mouth trap and he and Drazz are impacted by some mysterious effect.
Session ends, noon Ardus 22nd Fireday.

Thank you for taking the time to type this out (and for the link to the thread of narrative prologues!)
I'm 6-10 months away from beginning to run Wrath of the Righteous so I'm starting to look at options for it. I'm curious and excited to see how it goes for your group and if you need to make adjustments to the power level to help balance things.

My current thought is to use Mythic Solutions as well as the Mythic Rulebooks from the same company (Legendary Games) in order to give players more options, especially since at least two of them want to play classes that came out after Mythic Adventures.

Session 8 Ardus 22nd Fireday noon inside Topaz Solutions

Player Ulgarrt will be late to todays session.

The PC’s gather on the main floor to avoid the effects of the Bilious Bottle. Ulgarrt is suffering from a 1d4 nonleathal nose bleed every 10 minuntes for an hour and has glowing red eyes. No one else has long term impact. After the cloud disapates in the basement they head back down and check out the Chest under the table. They retrieve the note and the Holy symbols. Adamar and Hskoro are poisoned, but recover. The party leaves Topaz and heads through a gap in the damaged inner wall to the New Kenabres District. The hear smashing sounds and a woman screaming. run Besieged Shop random encounter and they rescue the shop keepers. Ulgarrt escorts them back to Defender’s Heart while remaining 5 party members head on towards the Tower of Estrod.

They use the password to gain entrance and converse with Faxon. I altered this encounter by adding 6 more cultists. The PC’s had made good bluff vs Sense motive checks so the cultists were caught off guard and I staggered their entrance into combat. Faxon tried to charm and then curse our low wisdom two handed warrior who made his saves and took Faxon down in two rounds. He was stabilized and tied up. Cultists did some decent damage, but thanks to a well placed Obscuring mist the PC’s took them down. Towards the end of the fighting I had the door guards bail just as player Ulgarrt logged into the game. His Goblin Paladin fought them at the main doors. One was subdued but one did get away. Final toll, faxon and one cultist captured, one got away and six killed. Session ended on Ardus the 22nd Fireday late afternoon.

This was a tough fight but 2 cultists (CR1) and Faxon (CR4) as written would have been a waste of time. Party of 6 4th level PC’s has adjusted APL of 5. As I indicated at the beginning am only going to slightly alter the AP as written and rely on 6 pc’s splitting xp to balance our encounter levels. I will probably bump them up at some points in the future. I expect them to reach 5th level somewhere inside the Gray garrison. They will not reach 6th until somewhere in the start of next the book.

Session 8 Ardus 22nd Fireday Late Afternoon tower of Estrod

The party has captured the Tower of Estrod, along with 2 Templars of the Ivory Labyrinth and Faxon (the current Head). They secure the two and rummage through loot and documents.

23rd Starday Ardus morning starts at Defenders heart.

Head south through gate district, Tormented Survivors random encounter. Goblin Paladin with nonlethal feat knocks out the commoners one by one while the rest of the party engages the 3 Quasits. One gets away. Proceed to Nyserian manner and find it destroyed. Return to defenders Heart at night fall to find other party returned from Mongrels and start war council.

Session 9 Ardus 23rd Starday Evening at the Defender’s Heart

Warcouncil at the Defender’s Heart. Many crusader captians in attendance. Irabeth and Quednys Orlun give a rundown of the plan and some wardstone background. Irabeth will lead a party of Mongrel men and the PC’s to the grey Garrison and attempt to find and destroy the remaining chunk of the wardstone.

Ardus 24th Sunday people spend the day making Preparations for the attack on the Grey Garrison.

Ardus 25 Moonday early morning they leave the Defender’s Heart. Irabeth , lann and 6 mongrels along with the PC’s. On the way through the Rind District they have a not so random encounter with 3 demons which they dispatch. Reaching the Garrison they take out the front guard after watching many demons leave to investigate the war horns sounding around the city. They climb the walls to the 2nd story window and enter the Aviary RM13 13b. kill the demonic flys and session ends.

Posted late. this session was 2 weeks ago

Recently, my gaming friend of 20 years John the player behind the Goblin Paladin Ulgarrt passed away. Last weeks session was a one shot in his honor allowing us all to share memories of his past characters. I know how I wish to honor him in this game, but do not know if the gaming gods will align for it. In the mean time.

Session 10 Ardus the 25th moonday, early morning The Grey garrison

Gathered in the Aerie on the second floor. Ulgaart with his mount Squeek climb back out the window to go coordinate defense of the garrison with Irabeth and the Mongrel archers. The five remaining Pc’s start to make their way into the hall and immediately start to descamate the teifling guards in the second floor hall. They raise the call of intrudes and a this turns into a continuous fight across both floors of the garrison as the party takes great damage , mitigated by Hskoro the cleric. Adamar and Kenrick score killing blows against the Schir and Abrikandilu. This will earn them the righteous medal of valor. Drazz gets down to single digit HP several times during this long fight. After about 20 rounds of combat they have cleared both the first and second floor , except for the scrying chamber zombies and above. Sessions ends at 11:20 pm real world as combat finishes after 2+ hours session of continuous combat.

At this point party has 3 devotion points for the garrison

All party members will receive Righteous Medal of Clarity for documents recovered here and in the tower of Estrod.
Drazz, Kenrick and Adama will receive Righteous Medal of Valor for killing blows on Demons of higher level.

The Campaign continues every other week, I have just been lazy with updating this thread.

The final fight leading to Mythic ascension went smoothly for the PC's. I used an extended narrative inspired by STIP. To honor the passing of our friend and gaming companion John, his character Ulgarrt was consumed in the holy light of the shattered Ward Stone and ascended to Sarenrae's divine court. the fight won, the remaining pc's passout, have a dream where they have an initail meeting with Iomedae and gain their Mythic tiers and Devotion point boons. They awaken a month later and the Queens army is there. The march towards drezen is a slaughter. The Paladin army tears through every enemy they encounter, not even taking any damage. We have just completed The Lost Chapel. So far they have missed every chance to find the traitor in their midst or discover the addict. They did restore hope to Arles. Next session will start with the cleansing of the chapel a chance to discover the addict and Arles asking for Atonement. They will have a brief Dream session that night befor befor heading onto the swarm and they should reach the outskirts of Drezen by the end of next session.

for characters we are currently at Class/mythics we have

Adamar Arcanist(white Wizard)5/ Archmage 1
Drazz Slayer 4/ Fighter 1/ Champion 1
Kenrick Rogue 2/ Slayer 3 / Champion 1
Vanidur Skald 5 / Trickster 1
Hskoro Oracle 5 / Hierophant 1

my players missed nurah and were devestated when she betrayed them at the Staunton Vhane fight. Great moment

In the basement i had kiranda (i moved her there) pretending to be that lost awashbucklerly crusader. the players were eventually convinced and brought her back to camp. i had her murder sosiel and eacape to raise stakes (amd make them
more initially suspicious of arueshalae) - i then had waxberry (book 5) become their cleric to make her eventual capture feel more personal

I had eustoryiax kill Sosiel’s partner as well. too many npcs. Irabeth, Galfrey, Waxberry, Horgus, Avenia, Aravashinal and Arueshale were plenty

If you ever have your pcs use the planetar summoning ability of the Sword of Valor I highly reccomend having it summon the herald

glad people are still playing this. If you use scorpions alt stat blocks and just use the very basic mythic rules (no feats and paths) it is well balanced and a terrific story. we start book V in two weeks (my group plays 1/month for marathon sessions)

In a very fun run a player guess Kiranda was a Succubus, and bluffed her into believing Nocticula backs the crusade to murder Baphomet and Deskari.

Oh well Mr. totally not une Succubus, why do vou believe that le Crusade is as succesfull as it is? Do vou think it was divine intervention for such a merry troupe of insane mortal murder hoboes to be where they needed to be? Now, who could possibly be supplying the crusades with information? Who could possibly benefits from le goat and le bug being bumfouled, humiliated and distracted? And who perhaps had une hand, or perhaps finely manicured claw, in the interesting fact that truely powerful demons are always elsewhere whenever this troupe shows up?

It made acts 3 and 4 far more interesting. Nocticula was informed that a crusader pretending to be a Nocticula worshipper reformed an errant mythic Succubus named Kirandra into worshipping her again, and not Baphomet.
The "man bites dog" nature of this caused her to have a slight chuckle.

Last session the Knights of Kenabres have reached the outskirts of Drezzen. The army took Paradise Hill and freed the Rescued Mercenary Army. Based on the luck of the die rolls, the army fights are going to be a minor distraction and I am debating on just making them narrative events to speed up the sessions. The party suspects Nurah and have missed all checks on Aron so far. He will disappear soon I think.

This coming session should complete the skirmishes and battles.

I did another round of dreams to show the moment that the players were “touched” with the spark that would allow them to become mythic. This is separate from, but in addition to the champaign trait background. The Bug and the Bull are not the only demon lords playing the long game. Our Lady in Shadow will not tolerate a second god in the abyss. Of course in 2nd ed, The Redeemer Queen does not reside in the abyss.

I am not planning on this altering the Champaign flow, just more behind the scenes NPC motivation for me. Filling in the story holes.

I am running it again and am toying with the possibility on including Nurgal (demon lord of the sun, senseless warfare, mercenaries, tactics) as another demonlord with a bit of an interest. His domains have a lot of overlap with Iomedaes after all.


I dont get why the f$++ing bug boi has such a hateboner for the disappointment. Man, Aroden had balls at least to come to the Abyss, but the disappointment? Nope.





And throw my players an option to f&#~ up Baphomets attempt to recruit Nurgalese mercs by using some counterfeit coin.

Lazy poster here.

So we have had two sessions since my last post, and will be playing again on this Thursday. In that time the players have decided that they do not care for the Army rules. We have had similar issues in the past with kingdom rules and Kingmaker AP. They were happy to hear it was basically just this book. So everything south of the river has been cleared out and one of the Armies finally took damage from the Ghoul Army. In the Haunted Vault , the front line fighter Drazz rushes in with Vanidur, both raging. Drazz gets surprise struck by the resident baddie and is paralyzed for the entire combat.

Irabeth has the war camp moved into the Southside of Drezzen to prepare for the Citadels invasion. Little bit of down time RP where Drazz finally makes some roles to figure out that Norah is up to something, and the rest try to figure out what is up with Aron.

I do a quick cut scene inside the Citadel where Stanton yells at a captain for “LOOSING THE SOUTH SIDE IN TWO DAYS” grabs weapon…lops head off..” lieutenant prepare troops and wake up Soltengreebe”. In a Darth Vader inspired promotion scene.

No army stuff this time just fighting in background, Aron tries to run away but is KO’d. party gathers in generic town square map to fight Soltengreebe.

He lands on a roof and sound effect roar ensues. Players position and initiative ensues. Drazz rushes to base of the building Soult is on while others stay on far side. Soult flysdown towards the others and breath weapon hits 3 of them hard. Vanidurs Orcish side takes over and rushes into melee. 3 points damage. 5DR. Whatever. Mage and Archer do some actual damage. Then they discover dual initiative as Soltengreebe rag dolls Vanidur. Both bites and the crushing jaws bring her down to 17HP. Drazz races up and is ineffective with his giant greatsword. Soltengreebe again rag dolls Vanidur befor she can go again and bring her negative with both bites, but not dead. I hesitate for a moment then decide I have to do it. There is a chance if I roll low that she will be above negative double con. His crushing jaws bring her to one more than need. Vanidur is dropped the the ground dead. Adamat and Kendrick do signiant damage again and Soltengreebe goes after Kendrick this time. On the following round Adamar’s mystic , empowered, pushing, and a bunch of other crazy stuff magic missile knocks it over and in a rage over Vanidurs death Drazz finally hits for massive damage. Driving his sword into the monsters exposed belly, killing it.

He rushes to the the fallen Vanidur.

In major climactic fights, as a GM I like to bring at least one player down to nothing. But not topically kill them. As the players check to see if anyone has a spell up their sleeve to save the one round dead character, I asked Louise the player if she liked her character Vanidur. She said yes.

To the party I read.. Vanidur, your vision fades from red to black, you see hands clasped befor you and a bow on the floor. I read “Arueshalae’s Prayer” to them. The bow is picked up and a shot fired. Vanidur lives. At negative HP and is not benefiting from healing at the moment. The party is Mythic tier two. Session ends.

I had some discussions with the player of Drazz and will be recapping this last fight at the beginning of this coming session. Had a few after the fact ideas that I think will be good.

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