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Star Wars The Conquest of the Underworld (Inactive)

Game Master Shanosuke

A group of mercs are joining the infamous Zedora the Hut in his attempt to take total control of the galactic underworld.

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Male Mandelorian Soldier / 4

Let's go with the assumption I am going to make Venkru a straight
BH Gadgeteer. What skill trees will I have? I still want some decent stealth / unarmed combat stats.

Both Martian Level 20 invader

We will go over skills in due time. When I get home we'll go over how to determine starting characteristics.

In the meantime I need Venkru to post Mwakinas actions in this combat please

Definately pilot but will branch out to bodyguard, or perhaps I should reverse the two? What do we get from starting class that we can't get by grabbing a specialization from it?

Both Martian Level 20 invader

Your career awards you with a good number of "Class Skills" Much like D&D, Career skills have benefits over non-career skills. Also like D20 games, you can still get ranks in non-career skills, it's just more expensive.

Specializations add more career skills even if the specialization wasn't originally part of your career choice. Mind you, while specializations reduce the cost of skills associated with them, taking specializations outside of your career costs more. Still, once you have the specialization you have access to all its talents and will have a few more career skills.

Now, the starting career sets the price of other specializations. First of all when you chose a career, it is wise to make sure your not going to branch out too much. It is also best to have your first career and specialization be the one you will spend the most time in.

@Venkru: The Career bounty hunter offers Brawl (Unarmed Combat) as a career skill. Also, if you want some stealth, you can also take the specialization Assassin in addition. Honestly, both those specializations being your prime focus will benefit you greatly

@Jaira: Pilot is very space heavy. It has little use in land battles except maybe adding some bonus to using land vehicles. I like the specialization but to get the best out of it you would have to do most of your stuff from a starfighter. Bodyguard is a good defensive combat class focusing on protecting self and others. I am surprised those are your interest.

Judging by the interests I am seeing so far, I dare see you guys should consider space piracy and star fights over any other profession. Makes sense to me.

IF this is the route you guys are interested in, well we can make this game very interesting indeed. After studying starships in this game, I really love the mechanics of it and boy they make it fun to work on and mod ships. Lots of fun.

Having played Assassins Creed Black Flag a good bit last month, I have to say I could totally assemble a Star Wars variant of that and I could easily get you there from this point in the game. Easily.

Let me hear your thoughts on that please.

M Nautolan Scoundrel 2 / Scout 2


The list:
Bounty Hunter:
(BH) Assassin (Stealth combatant)
(BH) Gadgeteer (A hunter who uses superior tech to get the job done)
(BH) Survivalist (More of a wilderness hunter)

Colonist: (This career focuses on more domestic skills)
(Col) Doctor (Kind of a Star Wars cleric)
(Col) Politico(This is the people person class)
(Col) Scholar (A knowledge based class. Never seen one of these before.)

Explorer: (This career is a lot like the galaxy's ranger classes)
(Ex) Fringer (A sort of ranger rogue concept)
(Ex) Scout (More stealthy stalky type. Pretty self explanatory)
(Ex) Trader (Focus on buying and selling. In the galaxy this comes up quite a bit.)

Hired Gun (The soldier of the galaxy)
(HG) Bodyguard (A protector and defender will skills emphasizing defense)
(HG) Marauder (The primary melee class. Nuff said)
(HG) Mercenary Soldier (The most blatant combat specialization)

Smuggler. (The primary rogues of the galaxy)
(SM) Pilot (One name: Wedge Antillies)
(SM) Scoundrel (Bout as rogue as you can get)
(SM) Thief (Exactly as it sounds)

Technician (Specialises is various forms of tech)
(TC) Mechanic (Focuses on vehicles mostly)
(TC) Outlaw Tech (Scavenger and focus on gear)
(TC) Slicer (Computer hacker)


Ok, from your description I might revise my thought process and lean towards Technician with maybe some dips into Smuggler to round out any rogue skills Im missing.

Nautolan Soldier 4 V:43/48 W:15/15 F:6 R:5 W:1

Sleen's more likely the Mercenary Soldier as he is now.... the idea of lots of spacey stuff sounds like fun, may have to rething Sleen's focus tho.

Well, I would need to actually see the options granted before finalizing, but Jaira has spent her life as an armed freighter, she takes jobs that expect combat, but instead of focusing on defeating enemies she has focused on protecting the cargo and getting it to destination. That's why I chose those two.

As for space combat, ground has far more rp opportunity and fighting within a complex environment to take cover and use tactics is more fun, though I wouldn't mind having space combat included as more then just a special occasion type thing.

Also, how does the force sensetive come into play? Is it just a specialization without a class?

M Nautolan Scoundrel 2 / Scout 2

I found a link to the talent trees - Here

this will be a good read.

Both Martian Level 20 invader

This link will save time when it comes to leveling your specializations and selecting new ones. At least this way I won't have to do too much explaining

Rpol has a EotE setting for their dice roller. We may consider heading over there if we do switch over to that system.

I find it funny that Venkru thinks I am at Iezwells based on my message. :)

Male Mandelorian Soldier / 4

Yeah, yeah, it's an assumption. Venkru expects you to check in soon anyway.

For all he knows your in a back room....

M Nautolan Scoundrel 2 / Scout 2

Do we have a hidden capartment on the ship?

Male Mandelorian Soldier / 4

Yes several. We just didn't tell you about them.

One is in the cell block.....

M Nautolan Scoundrel 2 / Scout 2

Haha! Nice, and good to know.

Wow, I found my starship maker book for the old d20 starwars. Or rather my sister did but whatever. It should still be useful whatever system we use.

M Nautolan Scoundrel 2 / Scout 2

Sorry guys, had a long, rough week. Ive got a few errands to run and then I'll have time to post.

I'm sorry, but I think I'm going to bow out of this game. I have six plus I run two more and with the extra workload recently it seems I'm starting to not be able to keep up with everything, so I'm reduceing my game load. It has been fun and I enjoyed the character. If things slow down I might come back, assuming you'd have room anyway.

M Nautolan Scoundrel 2 / Scout 2

No worries Jaira. Doesnt look like we're going much if any further anyways. Good gaming and see you around the boards.

Male Mandelorian Soldier / 4


Both Martian Level 20 invader

I do apologize for my absence of late. I have been busy running games with the new system and a new store I found and on Roll20. It was a good start but I think it is finally time to put this campaign to rest.

I for one am done with the boards and only have one game left that I am keeping going. I am sorry it had to end like this. I will be deactivating the campaign now.

Best of luck to you all.

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