Looking for a basic tutorial on how pathfinder combat works

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My dnd group has been playing for months now and one of our players doesnt have the basics of combat down, im not sure why hes not catching on. Does anyone know of a simplified example of instructions on how combat plays out? Im hoping with possibly getting the ground rules down, he might then start picking up on the smaller stuff more easily.

What class/race are they playing? Might help more with action types.

1st round (surprise Round) Roll perception to see if your suprised.

2nd round ( if you were surprised) roll initiative. Order goes highest to lowest based on this roll. Options are as follows:

Standard action - attack, use standard action spell, use standard action for special maneuver.

Move action - move into combat, move to safe distance for spell-casting.

Swift action - if you have any... swift actions can be done anytime on your turn.

Immediate action - if any... immediate actions can be done anytime.

Free action - talking to your other party members. remember only short less than a paragraph of speech per free action.

Note: You can't do a swift action if you do an immediate or vice versa.

hope this helps

Hes playing a druid. A few months back every knew the player was new, and assumed they would get up to speed but now that we're higher level and things can easily be a bit complicated.

Did my above post help any?

With higher level characters, its a good idea to have a list of spells you prefer to use in order of use. Its a strategy question at that point.

Cure spells are the simplest to list. Just have em available and plan based on how the combat goes.

If in melee, have a sheet with all magic modifiers so he can quickly reference for mods when applicable.

Also, special abilities on 3x5 cards are a good idea. Sometimes I forget a special ability. a 3x5 helps out a lot.

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