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No Stolen Fate in the discounts? Would go great with the Harrow Deck ;)

magnuskn wrote:
If anybody finds such a system, please also tell Metacritic and Steam, where malicious review bombing is way too common.

I think unfortunately that the issue of troll reviews are very amplified because there are so few reviews, if it was much easier to review stuff then a single troll would be a drop in the ocean I reckon. I've tried to review stuff in the past but you really lose the motivation writing a long review and then the site just deletes it and I lose all progress.

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ogionito wrote:
What? seriously? A AAA videogame, 6 years in development, employing an army of developers is $70 and this is $120?

A AAA game probably has a much larger audience than a foundry module for PF2e :)

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CorvusMask wrote:

3) My main confusion is that isn't this kinda like Sudden Bolt? (level 2 single target reflex save with 4d12 damage)

Sudden Bolt is a spell from an AP, AP options are notoriously kind of jank and out of tune with the balance of the game. Treating AP options as they don't exist outside of the AP they're in will make your game a much saner place lest you invite the various unbalanced options that exist in them.

Michael Sayre wrote:

You just shouldn't have a one-handed parry weapon that deals more than a d4 without it being advanced regardless of the other traits in the load-out since that's a direct vector for power creep that invalidates Core Rulebook options, something the design team tries really hard not to have happen.

Did you change your mind regarding this or is the Scizore a mistake?

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Squiggit wrote:

Familiars are basically a ribbon feature as is... and I'm also not sure baseline cackle does much for them either. One action once per combat for a focus point is... idk, kind of lame? Useful in the strictest sense but a little niche and not very flavorful.

IMO any attempt to fix the witch or strengthen its identity should focus on hexes. Hex cantrips need to be more compelling and there should probably be room for more hex cantrips too.

Yeah, if all hexes were closer to the mosquito witch one it would feel a lot more fun imo. Right now hexes are in a spot where a lot of them just feel lackluster and not very impactful. Something like Nudge Fate not even working on crits just feels punitive.

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Leon Aquilla wrote:

It says these are part of the core rulebook subscription. Is there any chance that those of us who already own the core rulebooks up to this date can opt-out of that?

I am interested in core rules. I'm not interested in core rule reprints.

Pathfinder Second Edition Remaster Project! wrote:

Pathfinder Second Edition Remaster books will be included in ongoing Pathfinder Rulebooks subscriptions. We are currently working on a method whereby existing subscribers will have the opportunity to “opt out” of these volumes if they wish and will provide additional details as we get closer to the release of the first two volumes.

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Bellona wrote:
Cori Marie wrote:


Thank you! :)

(I find the new website difficult to navigate. The older version had a much easier to find/read page overview of all the APs and smoother transitions from one AP listing to another via the numerical sequence. This new website keeps dumping me back on a very colourful PF2 summary page - which doesn't include the latest ones in the pipeline.)

I think in this case it's not the fault of the website, it's not published on the website yet but the URL is up. I imagine the proper page for it will come up later today.

Ravingdork wrote:
Unicore wrote:
Acid is a common damage type that wrecks armor. Armor that is immune to acid damage is pretty useful.

Yes and no. Great against oozes and the like, but corrosive does jack all against most armor thanks to hardness.

Take your typical metal armor for example. With hardness 9, you'll deal an average of 1.5 damage per critical. With a broken threshold of 18, you'll need an average of 12 critical hits just to get the armor past it's broken threshold.

Even the greater version will require so many critical hits, that the target will most certainly die before their armor wears out. Note that this is largely still true even if you believe the acid ignores the hardness.

Versus leather though it performs much better, 6.5/17 per crit on average vs 8hp.

I've seen a greater corrosive rune completely destroy the armor in one hit, removing the AC bonus entirely and also getting the bonus to saves as well removed.

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Christopher#2411504 wrote:

What is preventing someone from using "Quick Spring" 3 times per turn, and thus just doubling their speed?

There is no use limit on Tumble Through to begin with. And this feat just allows you to stride at double speed.
"When you Tumble Through, you Stride up to twice your Speed."

Seems to be quite a few balance goofs in this book, PFS did ban a lot of options because of this over here

Thaumaturge does have some inherent antisynergy with dual wielding because every dual wield feat Ive seen combines the attacks for weaknesses.

Acknowledge Fan is missing incapacitation. I can hardly imagine that a 1 action ability with no frequency ability inflicts stunned 1 on success, stunned 2 on failure and paralyze on crit fail.

Even without a frequency limit I'd say it is an extremely strong ability as you can spam it on lower level enemies.

The attack does like 1d4+4, so a crit is between 10-16 damage, it can take out a squishy caster if you are unlucky (probably sitting on something like 15-16 hp) but sometimes the dice are hot for the enemy. The woes of low levels ^^

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In my experience the GM in the majority of tables does more work than all the players combined who in a lot of cases only shows up to the table to play and then never thinks about it again until the next session shows up. In a lot of cases the GM also has a financial burden that is not on the players.

While this work is fun it is ultimately work and demanding someone to do this for strangers feels somewhat entitled to me.

I've never done any paid GMing and I'll stick to my friend groups, I can't grudge anyone wanting to be compensated for their time they dedicate to strangers.

Just GM for your friends if you don't like it ^^

Baarogue wrote:
Nelzy wrote:
Gortle wrote:

Here is the comment from Mark about it

Basically scale it at half the rate.
Feels like he have forgoten about that errata, since they have released several other Erratas since then
erratas for Secrets of Magic? I was under the impression they don't release erratas until they release a new printing for a book

They released a blog a few weeks ago saying that they changed the errata proccess. They're gonna do them twice a year now, once in spring and once in fall.

25speedforseaweedleshy wrote:

just hope for writer actually know what they are doing

writer of fist of ruby phoenix does seem like they know a lot about japan culture

never expect hyakkiyakou and seiya soiya end up in ap

James Case who wrote King of the Mountain is indeed listed in the writers' credit for the upcoming Tian Xia books.

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Also to make it so Bolan seem much more like the PCs, to really drive the point that he is also a Gatewalker, I gave him deviant backlashes, these are just copied from the existing ones but I just wanted something:

Minor: Bolan takes 2 damage as his own staff grows spikes
Moderate: Bolan is clumsy 1 and enfeebled 1 for 1 minute as his clothing impedes him.
Major: All plant-based material grows thorns and spikes, everyone within 30 ft must make a basic reflex save for 2d6 damage, Bolan automatically takes this damage without a save.

I think if players want other base DA powers they are supposed to use their feats, with awakenings given for free at story moments.

I've been pacing the dream invasions about 1 each level so far, so a couple of nights rest between each dream.

Though that would be explicitly against the rules as you need to wield an item to activate it which you don't do with free-hand weapons if the hand is occupied.

In general simple/martial/advanced is a system that serves too many masters imo.

It wants to both invoke some sense of realism but also a game balance tiering system at the same time.

The issue though is that "is easy to use" doesn’t have a negative causation with "how effective it is".

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Dubious Scholar wrote:

It should probably be noted that, RAW, you can override a bad Devise roll with True Strike, assuming you have a way to cast it and still attack that turn (because they're both Fortune effects you choose which applies).

I've never really found that a compelling argument, Hero Points themselves say:

Spend 1 Hero Point to reroll a check. You must use the second result. This is a fortune effect (which means you can't use more than 1 Hero Point on a check).

If it was possible to add another fortune effect to a fortune effect to choose which one you wanted, it would be possible to use multiple hero points and choose which applies but the rules say that because it is a fortune effect you can't use more than 1 of them.

Raelysk wrote:
Do I understand correctly that both Lost Omens Tian Xia books will release in 2024, and we still know nothing about autumn Lost Omens drop?

I can only speculate but given that there are two books here they might drop early 2024 instead of late 2023 because of the additional development time due to the scope.

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I'm gonna make a prediction we're getting playable tsukumogami.

Firstly there is some on the cover of the Character Guide, secondly Luis jokingly mentioned that they were going to announce a playable potion ancestry today which makes a lot of sense since they're living objects.

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Mark Seifter wrote:
Some of the old classics like bespoke Simple minus for wizards or bespoke simple + a few for rogues and bards (or druids balancing around only nonmetal options which are weaker in terms of shields and restrict your high AC armor options), are a little odd. It might have been better to just have wizards and bards go simple, rogues go martial, and druids use metal, from a streamlining gameplay perspective. But sometimes people value the tradition. Designers tend to be the ones who are willing to reexamine tradition and propose radical new ideas, so I'd definitely propose it again!


I hope Paizo are willing to reexamine tradition on this :)

I saw bombs being mentioned and all I can say is "yes, please". Paizo love using swarms in early level APs and rogues can do nothing to them except grab a coffee and wait for the others to deal with it. Precision Immunity is a whole other issue but being able to use bombs would actually make it so rogues can participate.

Interesting that the AP page didn't go up? Maybe later tonight or tomorrow perhaps

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Activate (reaction) envision; Frequency once per hour; Trigger You roll a critical success on an attack roll with a witch spell, or your target rolls a critical failure on its saving throw against a witch spell or hex you cast; Effect The thing in the jar becomes more energetic-glowing, dancing, rapping on the glass, or some other action appropiate to its appearance. It encourages you until the start of your next turn, granting you and your familiar a +1 status bonus to AC and saving throws and a +2 status bonus against mental effects.

Treasure Vault updated this trait:

Treasure Vault, Glossary & Index wrote:
tethered (weapon trait) This weapon is attached to a length of rope or chain that allows you to retrieve it after it has left your hand. If you have a free hand (including if you’ve just thrown a two-handed tethered weapon and have a hand holding nothing but the weapon’s tether), you can use an Interact action to pull the weapon back into your grasp after you have thrown it as a ranged attack or after it has been disarmed (unless it is being held by another creature).

Well, it will depend on the build and the situation a bit. But just getting twin takedown is a great option for getting some damage in when your target is sufficiently debuffed.

If you want to be really annoying your turn could look something like spamming trips and grapples to completely lock down the target (works best if they don't have high saves in either).

My favourite animal companion is something like the horse that just moves you around at a great speed but something like a rhino could be of nice help since it can move you and have a nice support effect at the same time.

It is worth noting that ranger has some innate action loss with Hunt Prey so they aren't as flexible as monk in that department.

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Kromkore wrote:
There the weapon trait training. But I wasn't able to find a single weapon with that trait. Is it something that was cut or some kind of upcoming weapon?

The combat lure on page 25 has that trait.

I ran the tamagyrs and my party took them down with no issue at all, even when the ones with Attack of Opportunity went for the backline.

I second that the shillelagh users + complex hazard was a much scarier encounter, the hazard hits very hard and I was lucky the shillelagh druids missed a lot of their attacks.

It's all very cool so far though and Bolan just ran away on the zipline

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Trying to move on the topic from yet another discussion that is only bickering about reviews, I am absolutely in love with the organization of this AP.

The plot summaries, the plot beats, advice for Investigators, etc. Makes it even easier to run the game and I'd love for this to be a trend.

I guess this means if you Delay while sustaining a spell you would automatically lose it?

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I love 10 level APs because playing for several years without anyone getting a major life change has proven to be hard. And I also love the high level stuff, I think the game really hits its strides after level 7 so I think a 5-15 would also satisfy me needs though I think the 11-20s are great.

breithauptclan wrote:
YuriP wrote:
The psychic loose is way worse because it's looses way more spellslots (half of each level).

Both Psychic and Summoner lose 50% of all of their spell slots.

Not sure why one is worse than the other.

The summoner has a 75% chance of regaining 25% of all their spell slots (and top two spell levels at that) while the psychic only regains 16.7% percent of their top 3 spell slots and even less of their total amount.

SuperBidi wrote:
Soractus Ex-Alkaeus wrote:
It actually works very well with Summoner once you get past level 2; you only ever 'lose' 2 slots total, (versus as many as 10 eventually for other casters), and you get back .75 slots per combat on average (75% chance every time you surge, etc. etc.)

You can only recover expanded spell slots with Wellspring Mage. So you lose all your spell slots to get one spell per fight. It's definitely not good.

Overall, Wellspring Mage is better on a Sorcerer. And even there it's far from incredible.

You can't count the expended spell slot as lost due to this archetype, presumably you got usage out of it instead of just wasting it.

I do agree that I really, really wish you got a temporary slot instead of recovering a spell slot temporarily. Makes it so much more clunky.

Yes, please give Poisoner a feat to get DC = Class DC. Not only do you get lower level poisons with worse effects than normal (fair for an archetype) but their DCs area also balanced for that lower level giving you a quadratic negative scaling and just makes them completely unusable imo.

Persistent damage will do an average of 1.7x damage if the target lives for 2 turns and 2.2x damage if the target lives for 3 turns.

Two turns I feel is not super unreasonable if the enemy is a bit tougher and three turns vs bosses is also pretty reasonable in my opinion.

I usually do a rule of thumb of 1x vs weak targets and 2x vs tougher targets.

Especially as you approach higher levels and HP strts to bloat a lot. A level 15 barbarian will do 25% of a level 13 enemy's hp in two strikes.

gesalt wrote:
Onkonk wrote:

If you interpret Hideous Laughter as instantly taking out anyone in water, then this item is pretty much inline with Aqueous Orb.

Also of note, casters are probably best equipped to deal with suffocation as they can cast Air Bubble as a reaction.

A monk can do this solo at level 11+. Open with a haste wand or spell turn 1, haste strike + mask of uncanny breath (new item) reaction into suffocation wand round 2. As a 1/day death sentence, it's fairly effective. All you need is druid archetype casting. None of this requires a save at any point so it's pretty easy to pull off, and if you miss the hasted attack, you still have the entire rest of your turn as normal and can keep trying on subsequent rounds so there's little opportunity cost.

The mask is definitely an uncanny item =^)

Honestly without doing any cheese just seems kinda nuts to me? A -6 to AC to the next person who attacks the target? Crazy

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If you interpret Hideous Laughter as instantly taking out anyone in water, then this item is pretty much inline with Aqueous Orb.

Also of note, casters are probably best equipped to deal with suffocation as they can cast Air Bubble as a reaction.

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25speedforseaweedleshy wrote:

capacity already allow that

or just use air repeater

Right, I was being imprecise, I use a double-barrled weapon which is very important for Magus since it lets me shoot twice before reloading. The Air Repeater is probably better but the flavor of it is humiliating to use imo. Besides, nice having fatal when you use True Strike all the time.

Old_Man_Robot wrote:
CaffeinatedNinja wrote:
25speedforseaweedleshy wrote:

with spellstriker staf melee magus have another power boost

paizo finally loosen the grip on shifting staff

starlit span are still the best

I mean, I think it is still unclear if shifting it lets you use it as a staff?

Also, assume it does. If you aren't Twisted Tree, you are basically giving up any weapon rune but shifting to use your shifted staff. Staff spells aren't so useful that I am likely to give up multipe damage runes.

Kind of the problem with elemental damage runes, they play a huge part in weapon power and specific magic weapons tend to forget they exist, with a few exceptions.

Nothing prevents a staff from having a shifting rune inherently. For a long time I had a shifting rune on a staff that I shifted into a gauntlet. Eventually staves were errataed to be Speific Magic Weapons, which cannot hold property runes as standard.

Its nice that a shifting rune on a staff again. Just the utility of having a staff swap into a gaunlet to free up a hand is nice.

I am playing a gun magus and it is gonna be real nice to be able to reload without having to drop my staff to the ground.

graystone wrote:

non-metal armors: I'm surprised here weren't any any with max dex 0 or +1, meaning your druid needs a least a 14 dex. This means that the stats you need haven't changed over the old sets of armor with only traits being possible differences. They do add some style though.

Stone material mentions it can replace metal in chain and composite armor and bone says it can be used instead of wood and metal.

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Red Griffyn wrote:
Onkonk wrote:
There is a Spellstriker Staff which is a spellcasting staff that comes with a shifting rune on it as well as an ability to do damage in a 5ft emanation when you miss a spellstrike.
Does it have certain spells on it?

Yeah, a few of the Magus classics, including True Strike.

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There is a Spellstriker Staff which is a spellcasting staff that comes with a shifting rune on it as well as an ability to do damage in a 5ft emanation when you miss a spellstrike.

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You will not need any more feats as the dogslicer will use your simple weapon proficiency which will automatically scale up.

I do recommend getting Goblin Weapon Frenzy as rogue will not get crit spec with the dogslicer by default.

breithauptclan wrote:
Onkonk wrote:
It will count as a one-handed weapon as long as you hold it in one hand.

Weapon Implement would need to be an actual 1 hand weapon. That is also why 1+ hand weapons like a shortbow wouldn't work either.

A bow is intrinsicly a 1h weapon and a lance is a 1h weapon when using it mounted, so if you think the implement needs to be an intrsinsic 1h weapon then bow works but lance doesn't and if you think it is while using it then the reverse applies.

FAQ wrote:

Pages 279–280 (Clarification): If I hold a weapon that requires 1 hand in 2 hands, is it a 2-handed weapon?

There are two answers to this.

For abilities that count the number of hands for a weapon while you're using it, such as an action with "Requirements You are wielding a one-handed melee weapon," count the actual number of hands you're using at the time. If you're holding a bastard sword in two hands, you couldn't use it with that ability. Weapons with the "1+" notation in their description, such as most bows, use both your hands when shooting, but leave you with a hand free for other actions the rest of the time.

Anything that's an intrinsic part of the weapon, such as a shifting rune, works differently. Reference the weapon's "Hands" entry in the weapons table—a bastard sword requires 1 hand, even though it gets a benefit in two hands from the two-hand trait. If you were holding a shifting bastard sword in two hands and activated it, you could turn it into a longsword (which you'd still be holding in two hands), but couldn't turn it into a greatsword (which requires 2 hands). For this purpose, "1" and "1+" are the same (though this doesn't matter for shifting since "1+" appears ranged weapons).

RaptorJesues wrote:

Maybe I just got a bit of hope regarding what is in my opinion the worst weapon in the game, the lance. Emphasis on the maybe.

This hope comes from a poor knowledge of a specific rule so you will probably destroy my theory with you so called facts and logic but for just a bit of time i will believe.
Can the Thaumaturge use Implement Empowerment on a lance wielded in one hand on horseback thanks to the jousting trait? Or does it still count as a two handed weapon? Give me hope people, my knightly dreams are in shambles

It will count as a one-handed weapon as long as you hold it in one hand.

With all the new items with Treasure Vault and the new errata process I have most of what I want with the game, however I really wish we could get some book that expands skill feats. It really feels like there is one piece missing.

If skill feats were all "eh, they only do minor things" I could just ignore them but you have Intimidation and Medicine feats which are super strong, Kip Up as well which gives you a lot of power.

If all skills had similar feats then that would give characters a whole new vector of customization rather than feeling like it doesn't matter at all for many skills.

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Ascalaphus wrote:

So then the question is, are you supposed to take that back to older books? If you're dazzled and someone is standing right in front of you, is that kind of concealment not also the kind where peoples' locations are still obvious?

All of these examples have an individual go blurry, you are hard to see but since you're the only thing blurry you can't hide.

For one it even says "As usual for concealment involving an obvious
visual manifestation" which is what all these examples evolve.

Dazzled is no different than fog cloud, everything is a bit hazy and it is hard to see anything, a person being dazzled has the same vision as someone standing in a fog cloud.

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