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Aside from the basic Thieve's Tools...

  • Keymaking Tools
  • Oozepick
  • Quicksilver Mutagen
  • Scrolls and/or Magic Wands of Invisibility and Knock
  • Sneaky Key
  • Skeleton Key
  • Vaultbreaker's Harness

  • aobst128 wrote:
    Yeah, running reload is borderline a tax. Can only get away not taking it on a drifter that can't use it anyways if you aren't using a capacity gun...

    Dual Weapon Reload should not be an action, but, rather, a blanket removal of the free-hand requirement to reload...

    Squiggit wrote:
    While true, the trouble there is against your off-target you completely lose your combat mechanic. No Int, no strategic strike damage. It can feel pretty bad.

    Sure. And it can feel kind of bad for Rogues when the targets are immune to Flat-Footed and/or Precision damage.

    Not every fight, nor every target, is going to engage certain classes' combat mechanics optimally.

    MrCharisma wrote:
    ... The second thing is that the Thaumaturge can choose which attack to use the pre-rolled die on. If you roll a Nat-20 then it's more advantageous to save that 20 for your second attack - You'd get a regular attack at your full attack bonus followed by a guaranteed crit. This is a trick the Investigator can't do, despite this being the Investigator's main schtick...

    That is something an Investigator can do so long as there is another target or if s/he does not have Strategic Maneuver. Target a different creature, or the subject of the Nat 20 DaS with a Shove or Trip, then use the Nat 20 on a qualifying Strike versus the subject.

    As for the Single Target conundrum, as long as the Investigator isn't wholly dependent on Int to Strike, simply not using DaS is an option.

    Usage: affixed to a weapon.

    It cannot be used affixed to ammunition or pouch of ammo.

    Arachnofiend wrote:

    I had an idea for a Braggart Swashbuckler with shuriken; Antagonize can be kind of hard to use since you're a melee character and you can just be attacked, but if you're playing with shuriken and hiding behind a polearm fighter then you've become extremely annoying very quickly.

    The big issue is that demoralize is once per enemy and you can't really tumble through if you're trying to stay out of melee so it's hard to get panache. Not sure how worth it it would be to archetype into Ranger for Hunted Shot and just use the +2 on normal attacks instead of finishers.

    Fencer m/c Gunslinger with Pistol Twirl will let you ranged Feint for panache.

    aobst128 wrote:
    VampByDay wrote:
    aobst128 wrote:
    Neat. Only thing I'll note is flying blade only works with agile or finesse thrown weapons so boomerang is out.

    They really need to fix that. Boomerangs SHOULD be allowed by flying blade.

    I'll fix it later. I can change the build around slightly and it'll work still using Boomerangs.

    I think it might have been intentionally changed at some point along with the same restriction on rogues sneak attacking with thrown weapons. Not certain about that though.

    Edit: was probably always like this.

    Note, Flying Blade is more restrictive. Sneak Attack only limits Thrown melee weapons to Agile or Finesse. All other ranged weapons are valid for Sneak Attack.

    Allisar the Giantess wrote:
    Pixel Popper wrote:
    You have to hold the Broom with one hand...
    Can you attack with tower shields and fortress shields? If so, I'll just add some weapon components to it. If not, I'll just have to find a way to get an extra hand for the broom! XD

    Yes, you can Shield Bash. And look at Shield Boss and Shield Spike.

    You have to hold the Broom with one hand...

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    Gortle wrote:
    Gisher wrote:

    It's a compound sentence so there are two points being made here.

    A spellcasting archetype allows you to use scrolls, staves, and wands in the same way that a member of a spellcasting class can,

    So taking the Dedication lets you use scrolls, staves, and wands despite not having a spell casting class feature.


    the basic spellcasting feat counts as having a spellcasting class feature.

    So for everything else that normally requires a spellcasting class feature, the basic spellcasting feat meets that requirement.

    It's really not complicated. We even have confirmation from the design team that this is the correct interpretation.

    Exactly what is the difference between the two? What is in the space of everything else that requires a spellcasting feature?

    Uhm. Ring of Wizardry which "does nothing unless you have a spellcasting class feature with the arcane tradition."

    Capacity weapons require an interact (Reload?) action to change chambers. Repeating weapons do not.

    So, no, you cannot use Capacity weapons for Hunted Shot.

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    ... You kill all of your players it's over. You do not get to replace characters with poof characters it cheapens the game...

    You do not get to dictate the terms of others' play nor decide the value of their experiences.

    ... You are cheating as simple as that...

    Really? Please, by all means, cite the general rule(s) of Pathfinder that stipulate that:

  • replacing a character after character death requires starting over at first level, and

  • killing all of the players' characters is the end of an adventure, campaign, and/or story arc.

    Hint: There are none. Your allegations of cheating because you don't agree with how things are generally handled is beyond the pale.

    Your toxicity makes me wish for a mute option on these forums.

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    Dooo deee dooo hummm ...


    ...Roll up new characters.. once again the Gamemaster is not stepping up. There is no "rolling" In making characters you just pick the numbers and craft the same toon...

    Seriously? You're going to nitpick the colloquial terminology because stats aren't actually rolled anymore?

    And unless the GM is running pregens, it's generally not their responsibility to "step up" and provide back up characters.

    ... So basically, erase the old name write in another and hand the "new" Character to the Gamemaster...

    Ah, yes. The twin come to avenge a fallen sibling meme; I am Jorg with the exact same abilities, skills, and gear here to avenge my fallen sibling George...

    ... It might just be me but if your just going to give a new character a free level boost to the current level you could just simply have the old character resurrected by a deity or high-level cleric and save a great deal of time crafting a whole new character...

    Yup. It's just you, mostly.

    There are in-game ways to return a character to life, and in-game reasons (too low level, availability, lack of funds, etc.) that it might not be an option, or might even fail. Not every table wants or is willing to ignore those mechanics for the mere sakes of expediency and/or convenience.

    ... I can see your not going to have any chance of playing along if you are in the deep end of the pool with a beginner character at level 1...

    You're the only poster fixated on level 1 characters in this scenario. The OP never mentioned what levels his character deaths were at.

    I know that in our group, character deaths result in rolling up new characters of the same level as the recently deceased. So, a character death at 9th level is replaced by a new 9th level character.

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    Sanityfaerie wrote:
    ... Bon Mot is useless unless you have someone in the party who really likes to attack the will saves...

    Bon Mot also debuffs Perception which aids Stealth and Feint.

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    Kyle_TheBuilder wrote:
    ... Though what if healer is down, whos gonna heal her? :D

    Elixirs of Life and/or Healing Potions are good, feat-free back-ups to pick up a downed Healer...

    For occassional, you can do it yourself airborn support: Arcana + Trick Magic Item + Wand (or Scrolls) of Airwalk ...

    roquepo wrote:


    I prefer Reach over hammer spec...

    You can get Reach and hammer spec... well, flail spec... with the Meteor Hammer.

    Kyle_TheBuilder wrote:

    But if you have any other archetype suggestions for Fighter focusing on CC and knocking down enemies, I am all ears :)...

    Polearm w/ Reach and Staff Acrobat.

    SuperBidi wrote:
    ... You have no issue removing the effects of Inspire Courage the second the character is out of the Emanation. ...

    Uhm... b/c the bonuses of IC are (a) not conditions and (b) don't have the stickiness of the condition value not ticking down until the end your turn.

    DoD imposes a condition with a specific mechanic for how the condition "falls off". DoD ending or leaving the aura does not remove the Fightened condition b/c DoD does not say it does. Thus, it defaults to the tick down mechanic of the condition.

    If DoD said something like, "while in the aura, foes are Frightened 1," you'd have a reasonable point.

    Perpdepog wrote:
    ... People live on both the Moon and the Sun in that setting, after all.

    And Mars... erm... Akiton.

    Yup. I was so focused on Trip into Double Slice with the Trip trait that I glanced past the obvious dual wielding with a Trip weapon Knockdown capability...

    Kyle_TheBuilder wrote:
    ... When it comes to Knockdowns, is there any advantage of 2h vs dual wield? ...

    Knockdown does not work, at all, with dual wielding weapons or with weapon and shield. It only works with a free hand or a two-handed weapon.

    However, dual wielding with a weapon that has the Trip trait, like a Kukri, you could Trip followed by Double Slice.

    ... Some rules are just broken like having a dual handed feat that automatically gives you a -5 penalty hence changing my class feat Twin Feint to Tumble Behind why would...


    Twin Feint does not automatically give you a -5 penalty. Attacking twice, dual weapon or not, incurs the MAP (Multiple Attack Penalty). Twin Feint gives an advantage in that the target is automatically Flat-Footed to your second attack meaning their AC is -2 and you can apply Sneak Attack.

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    aobst128 wrote:
    ... it's just the logic of how a bow functions that's making a little bit of a mess. When you have it loaded, presumably you have an arrow nocked. Naturally, that would need to take up both hands.

    No. No it doesn't. It is super simple to walk around with an arrow knocked holding a bow in one hand with a finger holding the arrow in place. Drawing the bow requires two hands. Simply having an arrow knocked at the ready does not.

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    There are ways to get around limitations in Pathbuilder. When you've opened a character, click to open settings and review the Feat Browser, Custom Ability, Custom Feat Choices, and Custom Skill Increases. You can also create custom buffs and Shields on the defense tab, weapons on offense, and other items under the gear tab.

    For instance, if your GM allows Rogue to be proficient in Whip, create a custom whip as a Simple weapon then add it to your Rogue. Pathbuilder will treat it as any other Simple weapon for Rogue proficiencies.

    DISCLAIMER Those might be premium options you'll need to pay for...

    Sanityfaerie wrote:
    Pixel Popper wrote:
    Sanityfaerie wrote:
    ... inherently an act of spending your own actions so that they don't have to...
    Which is exactly what every flavor of healing another character does.
    Not nearly so directly. In many cases (like with Battle Medicine or Heal spells) the resources you're using to heal someoen simply arent' available to them directly...

    Distinction without any meaningful difference. Spending your own actions (to heal someone) so they don't have to is... spending your own actions blah blah blah.

    This line of argumentation is a fallacy at best, disingenuous at worst.

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    Sanityfaerie wrote:
    ... inherently an act of spending your own actions so that they don't have to...

    Which is exactly what every flavor of healing another character does.

    Also, with modest investment in Athletics and a Skill Feat, Hefty Hauler, you can carry an additional 2 bulk. Also, Sleeves of Storage and Wigs of Holding let you carry more.

    I've played a N leaning NE Aasimar Thief that resented the impression that his parentage should somehow determine his goodness...

    graystone wrote:
    No Alchemical Crossbow! Boo!

    Are you looking for something different than Alchemical Crossbow?

    Playing Kingmaker now and during hexploration we're almost always Fatigued by the time we make camp...

    Trip + Grab + Whirling Throw, however, is doable. Our table rules that a Prone target being thrown remains Prone since the target never used a Stand action to not be Prone.

    Also, while Whirling Throw calls out landing prone on a Critical Success, it is silent about how the target lands on a Success.

    Xethik wrote:

    If I understand the question, Perpetual Breadth grants you the ability to add one (or two if you select your own research field) item to your Perpetual Infusions, and then repeating with Perpetual Potency and Perpetual Perfection.

    I don't believe Perpetual Infusion changed how many you know with the fourth errata.

    Ah! I was operating mostly on memory and totally missed/forgot the last sentence of Perpetual Breadth regarding Potency and Perfection.


    Atalius wrote:
    Ugh, ya I think AOO is just too good (despite only being an animal instinct barbarian who doesn't hit incredibly hard) to give up for Animal Skin...

    As a Wrestler, you should be costing enemies actions which I think is, ultimately, better than the AC buff of Animal Skin. So, I wouldn't worry about it too much.

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    Unicore wrote:
    An elven monk with ancestral weaponry can use elven curve blade with peafowl stance. Combined with flurry of blows, this gives you some decent mobility for getting an extra attack in each round

    Peafowl Stance is limited to wielding a sword in one hand though.

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    I understand the erratta changes Perpetual Infusions to add to instead of replace levels of the items. Does Perpetual Breadth now grant additional Perpetual Infusions at each level or only the highest?

    Archetyping to get Combat Grab helps helps w/ grabbing high Fort foes. Trip + Combat Grab + Whirling Throw is fun.

    Biojoe56 wrote:


    anyone else finds it weird that with Whirling Throw, the thrown subject only falls prone on a critical success? So if you successfully throw a creature 25-30 feet away, they land on their feet....

    I would have thaught they would be prone on a success and maybe stunned on a critical success.

    What say you???


    I envision it as the target flips or twirls to hit that "hero landing" (three-point stance) or sinilar on a standard success. On a critical success, they're thrown so hard the impact prevents landing or so fast they don't have time to twirl into the landing.

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    SuperBidi wrote:
    Themetricsystem wrote:

    I'm really confused... this isn't a hard question to me at all so I feel like I MUST be missing something.

    The answer to "what classes get the most out of [WEAPON]?" is always, with the sole exception of firearms and Gunslinger, Fighter.

    With the sole exception of Ranged, Simple, Finesse and d4/d6 damage weapons.

    So most weapons are bad on a Fighter.

    "Which class gets the most out of a specific weapon" is not the same question as "which weapon will do the most for a specific class." ECB, or any other weapon being a bad choice for a fighter, does not change the fact that Themetricicsystem is likely correct that Fighters are apt to get the most out of ECB.

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    Unicore wrote:
    ... All voluntary flaws really accomplished was encouraging players to lower their CHA, INT or STR as much as possible, not for narrative reasons but because they were choices that could be ignored ...

    "All" it encourages? That's a big assertion.

    I just used voluntary flaws (before this errata) to convert Dwarf boosts in Con and Wis into a wash of the Cha flaw for a Warpriest. Mechanically, I wind up with only one free Ancestry Boost (Str). Con and Wis started at 10 instead of 12 and Cha at 10 instead of 8.

    Optimal? Nah. But fun.

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    Deriven Firelion wrote:
    ... The only possible reason for this if they go after Paizo would be Hasbro sensing financial weakness in Paizo ...

    Hasbro has decided that DND is not "monetized" enough. This sounds like an effort to monetize DND at the expense of third-party content creators rather than investing in producing a better and/or more profitable product.

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    breithauptclan wrote:
    ... If the ruling works for staves, why shouldn't it work for the ring and grimoire too?

    ... and a Familiar's Spell Battery ability.

    graystone wrote:
    breithauptclan wrote:
    Lucerious wrote:
    the perspective that bonded casting prohibits so many magic items seems a very pessimistic if not punitive approach to play. Maybe I am wrong about that too, but I sure know I would never play a bonded caster if my GM was this restrictive with the application of the rules.
    Yes. I would definitely agree with that.
    I'll disagree with "so many magic items": this affects staves, the ring and? I'm not coming up with anything else offhand...

    Not a magic item, but...

    Magus have class feat access to familiars and familiars can have the Spell Battery Master ability.

    Ranged Feint with Pistol Twirl?

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    Fane's Fourberie actually, kinda, has a prototype for just this sort of thing. It allows for enchanting a deck of cards instead of each individual card.

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    Cordell Kintner wrote:
    Pixel Popper wrote:
    SuperBidi wrote:
    As a GM, it would be a clear no at my table. This is rude to people who don't have the choice but to use a wheelchair and being respectful of others is part of the rules.
    Uhm... literally EVERYBODY has the choice to use or not use a wheelchair in Golarian. It is a fantasy, make-believe setting. Players' limitations are not by default conferred to their characters...
    He's talking about actual people who have no choice...

    Not having a choice in real life does not equal not having a choice in game... /smh

    ... If someone in a wheelchair showed up to a game an saw a perfectly able bodied person playing a disabled character just because it's "fun" I don't think they would like it very much...

    But it'd be okay, though, if someone in a wheelchair showed to up to a game to play a perfectly able bodied character just because it's "fun"? What's good for the goose is good for the gander...

    The abilities/disabilities of characters need not reflect those of the players. That's kinda the point of "fantasy roleplaying."

    I support game mechanics for players to have more self-reflective character options. But gatekeeping character concepts based on players' traits is plain bunk. If a deaf player wants to play a character with super hearing or a marathon runner wants to play a paraplegic badass in a wheelchair, let 'em!

    And if someone is offended by that... well... that's a their problem, not a game problem.

    SuperBidi wrote:
    As a GM, it would be a clear no at my table. This is rude to people who don't have the choice but to use a wheelchair and being respectful of others is part of the rules.

    Uhm... literally EVERYBODY has the choice to use or not use a wheelchair in Golarian. It is a fantasy, make-believe setting. Players' limitations are not by default conferred to their characters.

    imperator_prime wrote:
    Ascalaphus wrote:

    Multitalented only allows you to take multiCLASS archetypes, not just any archetypes. So things like monk, champion, barbarian.

    That said, Medic is a fairly quick archetype to graduate from because it also has skill feats, so you can get to the "I have three feats from this archetype, now I can take other archetypes again" point by level 4. (Make sure to start with a background that gives you Combat Medic as a skill feat.)

    None of the backgrounds permitted in the campaign in question do that...

    Check out Field Medic. It is a general background from the Core Rulebook. APs don't usually exclude Core backgrounds, but offer additional backgrounds flavorful to the adventure. Unless your GM is applying a house restriction, you should have no conflicts picking up Field Medic.

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