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I just thought it'd be nice for people to have a thread where they could post character concepts they're proud of.

I have made roughly 35 characters all of them have rough storylines and personalities, that mostly get fleshed out when they get played.

But 7 or 8 of them are special, some I have had the opportunity to play, some of them I sadly have not. But I enjoy imagining what It'd be like to play them. Putting them in exciting moments imagining how it would feel to get to be those characters.

So for now, I thought I'd post a couple of them, see how people respond, my hope being that people will post there own character concepts they're particularly proud of and then people can talk about what they think is cool about said concepts and people can react to one another. I realise I am now just describing fantasising about having a conversation. LOL.

Anyway for now I'll just post a couple of the concepts I'm proud of and see how that goes.

Zeg Fagin


Zeg is a ratfolk inspired blade swashbuckler 1/ Lamplighter investigator x.

Mechanically generic in so far as he is just a dex fencing style character with a lot of knowledge skills.

But thematically he is one of my stars. So I heard a story, during my degree, that Charles dickens went to the work house (briefly) when he was very young, and a jewish boy named fagin.

Then, when he wrote Oliver Twist, he wrote about an antagonistic character named Fagin, the old jew, who kept little boys and made them steal for him. I found this fascinating and want to know why he decided to name a cruel character after someone he credits with being a decent person.

Anyway I decided to make Zeg what I imagine a decent version of Fagin could be. As such he is a worshipper of Milani, protector of the oppressed who inspires uprisings.

I imagine him travelling the streets of oppressed and impoverished areas at night, with his lantern, finding anyone who oppressed, but particularly children and looking out for them, protecting them and bringing them together.

He would have a rat familiar which would eventually leave him, in the day whilst he slept, only to return in the shape of Azata, Lyrakien (improved familiar), sent by milani to aid him in his mission.

I chose a rat for him, because I envision him travelling a Victorian London like environment, overpopulated, un-hygienic, with little value placed on human life, especially the lives of the poor. And a rat makes perfect sense in that environment, I envision him being considered a second class citizen, probably dirty, and using that to his advantage. To pass unnoticed and unseen.



Petrichor is a Astomoi psychic of the tranquillity discipline.

I imagine some of you have already seen me talking about Petrichor on this site as he is the most recent addition to my collection. I shy'd away from making a psychic Astomoi for the longest time because it felt like the antithesis of creativity. I have a kind of barrier against doing particularly well matched class/race combos, elf wizards and dwarf clerics for example. In reality though I don't think that is a particularly sensible blockage so I decided to get over it.

The idea with Petrichor is that, he grew up knowing his small perspective on the world, aware that he wouldn't ever see the true picture and endeavouring therefore to keep his mind as wide open as possible.

Desperate to go on an adventure, but afraid to go into a world, where everything else can see he him coming before he sees them. That was until he was visited in a dream by Desna and a beautiful black butterfly which he named moonbeam. They showed him the moon and the night sky, which he had never seen before.

Moonbeam in turn joins him, in the real world, as a familiar and he begins his adventure, before too long moonbeam expires and returns to his dreams, only now the prodigious powers of his mind materialise moonbeam again (figment familiar archetype).

At this point he begins his worship of Desna in earnest and considers himself a priest, travelling the countryside and using his powers of enchantment to bring peace and calm to those on the road and in the settlements he comes across, people who he would consider, in need. Sometimes getting it wrong, as he learns how other people's minds work and people's perspective's differ from his own.

I figured being an Astomoi, it would be stupid to ignore how his experience of the world is completely different to most other races. I have been using he, for ease, but he has no biological sex. He can't see in colour without using the "share senses spell". He can rarely see more than whats right in front of him. He doesn't eat or drink, or speak. He just connects with people and inhales the world, thats where his name comes from too. It made sense to be named after a smell. (not my idea)

So I decided to lean into that and go with the naive and innocent explorer seeing the world (literally) through others eyes, for the first time. Doing his best to learn and help people and be good.

Sovereign Court

Merf the 'Merfolk':
Undine(Water Sense/Amphibious/Hydrated Vitality)
Fighter(Eldritch Guardian/Mutation Warrior) 1 / Unchained Monk 1 / Fighter +6(currently)
Squirrel Familiar(Valet, though technically doesn't need it yet, some Teamwork Feats are not Combat Feats), Paired Opportunist, Combat Reflexes, Intrepid Rescuer, Evolved Familiar(Reach:Bite), Monkey Style, Piranha Strike Weapon Finesse, Monk Weapon Training, Wings from Mutation Warrior 7
Hat of Disguise to look like a 'Merfolk' (technically a Triton, since it has to be an outsider, unless you take Mostly Human)
Basic shtick is to enter Monkey Style as a swift, flop over to an enemy(move action walk), free action fall prone, punch with unarmed strike.
Familiar does the same thing, possibly needing a double move since its speed is only 20'. But importantly it also does fall prone.
If either of us is attacked by the enemy in melee, it triggers Intrepid Rescuer and Paired Opportunist so we both retaliate.
Agile Amulets of Mighty Fists and Piranha Strike for damage.

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Ichelsis the Redeemer, Qlippoth-born Vigilante:
Before creation, before the gods, before Good had been invented, the Qlippoth alone ruled the Abyss. When the material world came into being, the souls of the first mortal sinners became the first demons. The demons, in their endless numbers, dethroned the ancient Qlippoth from their rightful place as masters of that dreadful plane, and the Qlippoth have despised them ever since.

Ichelsis is a Qlippoth-born tiefling who wants to retake the Abyss in the name of her abhorrent kin. The best way to do that is to starve the demons of Evil souls... and so, to do that, she poses as a hero with a keen interest in redeeming villains to the side of Good.

Of course, should they decline her most strenuous attempts to redeem them, she happily decapitates them before their sins can further grow.

Ichelsis is built as a Serial Killer Vigilante who spends most of her time in her Social identity to hide her Evil alignment from the rest of the party. Her character motivations ensure that she gets along quite well with non-Evil party members- the NG cleric has gradually caught on, but "the enemy of my enemy", you know, wink wink, nudge nudge.

One of her long-term ambitions is to acquire a weapon capable of sealing away the souls of evildoers so that, even in death, they never feed the demons. Perhaps she'll have a new axe forged from one of the Final Blades of Galt?

Dark Archive

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Small-Ears No-Die: halfling convinced he was a goblin. Cavalier/bard/rogue/ranger/battle herald with dazzling display and +36 intimidate at level 10

Sovereign Court

Correction: Merf's familiar is a Protector archetype.


Putting the comedy into combat and the Mirth in merfolk - neither of those work but I feel like they’re in the spirit of the character :P


I really love that I like the idea of evil characters designed to play well with others, I have a necromancer who does a similar thing :P

Silver Crusade

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I'm really proud of my cat character. NOT catfolk, cat.

Mechanically, he's a Courtly Hunter with a leopard animal companion. Taken the Eye for Talent human trait and the huntmaster feat.

Comes on line at level 2.

Mechanically, we have a human with a leopard animal companion who can be transformed into a cat.

But I've totally flipped the flavour. The main character is an intelligent cat (I put the stat boost from Eye for Talent into Intelligence) who has a human servant (you need somebody with opposable thumbs, after all).

With an agile amulet (yes, it takes extra ring slot) the cat is even effective in combat (at level 3 or so). The hunter has high intelligence so the cat has LOTS of skills as well.

Its hilarious in play.

The heck with catfolk, I get to play a CAT

Its even totally PFS legal (well, the reflavouring is strictly speaking illegal but locally I'm not going to find a GM who objects. And if I do the character just becomes an insane loon who is convinced that he is the servant of a sentient cat which IS legal :-) :-)).

The exact same concept can be done with lots of other animals, of course. But I just wanted to play a cat :-) :-) :-)

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pauljathome wrote:

I'm really proud of my cat character. NOT catfolk, cat.

Mechanically, he's a Courtly Hunter with a leopard animal companion. Taken the Eye for Talent human trait and the huntmaster feat.

Comes on line at level 2.

Mechanically, we have a human with a leopard animal companion who can be transformed into a cat.

But I've totally flipped the flavour. The main character is an intelligent cat (I put the stat boost from Eye for Talent into Intelligence) who has a human servant (you need somebody with opposable thumbs, after all).

With an agile amulet (yes, it takes extra ring slot) the cat is even effective in combat (at level 3 or so). The hunter has high intelligence so the cat has LOTS of skills as well.

Its hilarious in play.

The heck with catfolk, I get to play a CAT

Its even totally PFS legal (well, the reflavouring is strictly speaking illegal but locally I'm not going to find a GM who objects. And if I do the character just becomes an insane loon who is convinced that he is the servant of a sentient cat which IS legal :-) :-)).

The exact same concept can be done with lots of other animals, of course. But I just wanted to play a cat :-) :-) :-)

I know of no other animal this would work as well with.

After all, as the old saying goes:
Dogs have owners, Cats have STAFF.

You could do the same with an Eldritch guardian fighter with a safe familiar. If you started with a raven or thrush it could be giving orders the whole time.

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Pff. Who lets a thrush boss them around?

Now if you'll excuse me, it appears that Mittens's recirculating water dish is making that noise again.

I've got a pair of fraternal twins that are meant to be played together. The brother is a Dashing Thief Swashbuckler and the sister is a Phantom Thief Unchained Rogue. They're backstory is that they were born into a noble house but had their family's lands and fortune stolen as children. Now they work to regain what they lost and get revenge, Robin Hood style.

They have several teamwork feats as well as both taking Improved Steal and Improved Disarm, though at different levels. If I can ever play them, I plan to eventually buy 2 Rings of Tactical Precision so they can each share a teamwork feat without needing the other to take it.

I can't recall his name, but he was a true CN Dirge Bard Dhamphir who had become so jaded after his over 100 years of life that he was simply looking for interesting and unusual experiences. Physically, he was tall and rail-thin, with a tendency to dress garishly. He had an extremely dark and twisted sense of humor - think Marilyn Manson with a mandolin.

Silver Crusade

baggageboy wrote:
You could do the same with an Eldritch guardian fighter with a safe familiar. If you started with a raven or thrush it could be giving orders the whole time.

Mostly. But the advantage of the Courtly Hunter is that the cat is far more viable in combat since it starts as a leopard with adjustments (more hit points, better to hit, etc). The Courtly hunter also ends up with WAY more skill points to play with. And the hunter spells can be used to buff the cat as well.

Also there isn't the temptation (which there would be, at least for me) with the fighter to actually make the fighter effective as well. With my cat, the human is very definitely just "staff" and almost a NPC (he is more likely to aid the cat or provide a flank than do anything else).

Silver Crusade

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Percy is the name - Percy Footman. Rather than “adventurer” I prefer to call myself "a dog delivery system"! My mount (named "A.C.") is much better at this adventuring stuff than I am, I just keep him out of trouble and open doors for him and that sort of thing...

Pathfinder Society, Silver Crusade faction - though formally Cheliax, until the Paracountesss no longer spoke for my homeland. Ah... And a member of HouseHold Servants Local 433, though I am a bit behind on the dues for that... Class wise a bit of a mutt. (several martial classes).

Combat wise here's a fun gimmick with vanish from a wand, and the spell invisibility.... While AC runs into combat, I drink a potion and draw the wand. Right after ACs attack (sometimes we need to use a Delay action to set the Initiative order working right) I tap him with the wand and he vanishes. Repeat each round. AC looks a lot like a Blink Dog.

Monsters see the dog blink in (first swing is from invisibility, so the target is flatfooted and the attack is at +2 to hit), take a full attack and then blink out before anyone else gets an action. Cost is one 1st level wand charge each combat round.

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I have a 3.5 character named Tristan von Schissler. Formally known as The von Schissler, head of the once-powerful von Schissler Family that owned extensive timber and textile interests, he practiced poor resource-management and exhausted the trees on his land, polluted the pond where the humming-fish hummed, and drove off the swammie-swans.

Since then he became a Monk, took a Vow of Poverty, and joined the Order of the Lorax, a monastic order of Fists of the Forest. He also took levels in Sohei and a level in Bear Warrior, the bears that used to roam on his property were colloquially known as brown bar-ba-loots.

"I am the Lorax, and enough has been said!"

I had a character that had levels in Eldritch Guardian Fighter, a Protector Familiar, and Paired Opportunist. By level 3, whenever she was attacked, her Familiar would get an Attack of Opportunity to Aid Another to Improve her AC, and she would get an Attack of Opportunity because they both had Paired Opportunist. She was also going to take levels in Alchemist for a Tumor Familiar, so that by level 5, the Familiar would protect her with Shield Other offset by the Familiar's Fast Healing 5. They changed the rules to make those things illegal, and they did it just for me!

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I designed a character that could do infinity damage!

A Throwing Shield can be unclasped and thrown as a Free Action.

If you are wearing a Blinkback Belt, it automatically teleports your thrown weapon back to your belt after the attack has been resolved.

A Throwing Shield can also be a Quickdraw Shield, which can be drawn as a Free Action if you have the Quickdraw Feat.

So that is a Free Action Attack Loop.

Infinity Damage! I win at D&D!

After posting about it on the forums, the PDT made it illegal as an Official Rules Post, and they did it just for me!

I win at D&D again!

I have a character build named Father Maxwell MacKenzie, who wields an Alchemal Silver Earthbreaker:

Bang! Bang! Maxwell's Silver Hammer Came down on
All the Lonely People! Where do they all Come from?
Bang! Bang! Maxwell's Silver Hammer Came down on
All the Lonely People, now they're dead!

He was going to fight Thunder and Fang with the Bashing Enchantment on his Klar, but I first came up with the idea before the conceit of the Virtual Size Increase that did not stack with other VSI's existed. I pointed out that the description of Shield Spikes could not possibly have been intended as a VSI because it was written before the conceit of Virtual Size Increases even existed. So, they had to make a special ruling to clarify that Shield Spikes did not stack with the Bashing Enchantment.

But then I observed that the Klar was not considered a Spiked Shield according to Ultimate Equipment, which had just been newly edited. Ultimate Equipment said the Klar was "a Light Shield with Armor Spikes," and that meant there was no Virtual Size Increase nonsense going on. Paizo updated that, officially describing the Klar as counting as a Light, Spiked Shield, and they did it just for me!

I'm kind of thinking that Vital Strike with an Earthbreaker works out to more damage than 2wf with Thunder and Fang, especially now there is no benefit from he Bashing Enchantment.

Scarab Sages

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"I am Giamo Casanunda, Cleric of the god of Love - Cayden.

"my card -" as I hand out business cards to the other players...

Giamo Casanunda
World’s Second-Greatest Lover ---(I do try harder)
Finest Swordsman-------------------Soldier of Fortune
Outrageous Liar--------------------Art Critic
Heart Warming Physician------------Stepladders Repaired

My heavy armor cleric can't hit the broad side of a barn. It's the -2 from the tower shield, the fact that his strength is 10... and that he doesn't spend his money on magic weapons. Anyway, I usually don't even try.

During character introductions, I explain that he has the Love domain, and profession matchmaker, so as he introduces himself to each PC, NPC and monster that he meets he says in a faux French accent, "so, are you currently involved in a long term relationship?"... the first time they hear it, this often leaves players speechless (esp. female players- maybe thinking I'm hitting on them, you know "Ol Creepy Guy"...), but moving on, he forges ahead with the introduction. Later in the game it sort of rolls right by...

"I am a Matchmaker by profession, it is my 'day job' (finger quotes), perhaps we might discuss some of my other clients?" At this point during PC introductions I will switch to my OOC voice and say ... "Role Play often suffers due to time constraints, and we only have a limited time for this tonight so..." switching back to In Character voice "Sigh... It appears that we have got to save the world again now, perhaps after that we'll find your one true love, yes?"

Now flash forward to the middle of the dungeon crawl and the PCs are searching a room. My cleric is against one wall in the center of the room, when a LARGE secret door opens to reveal a LARGE demon right next to my cleric - 5 feet away. The judge after putting out the demon figure on the table (did I mention it was right beside my figure?) turns to me and says - "what do you do?" and with out missing a beat I reply "I look up at the Demon and say 'so, are you currently involved in a long term relationship?'" The Demons reaction was less and more than expected.

Some weeks later, in prepping to run that same scenario I discovered that the Demon actually WAS "currently involved in a long term relationship" ... with another demon that we had defeated earlier in the scenario, which had been trying to free the BBE. Which may explain why it seemed to be so upset with me about the question...

#1 Menagerie, LG half elf Summoner / Paladin / Dragon disciple.

Eidolon is small, serpentine body type, very good at disguise & ride, Mounted combat feat. Rarely an offensive presence.

I wear an exotic saddle. I melee. "Belt" saves me many a crippling blow with hardly an opponent figuring out the schtick. PFS legal.

#2 Klutz is me accepting the thrown down gauntlet of "You could make a horrible alchemist and still be effective", CG Half orc Alchemist. Base Dex 7, 5 if enlarged, 3 with sacrament cognatogen, non-proficient tower shield, smoked goggles, ear plugs. Stealth on at all times, without slowing down, total -1, so he's actually louder when he's trying to be quiet. Bluff, Diplomacy -4. No trained knowledges whatsoever. Heal +15 for fixing the errors he causes. Basic proficiency with Handle animal. Store-bought seeing eye (guard) dog. Carries three necklaces of fireball and trying to accumulate more, Ref only +4 fully (de-)buffed. He's a mushroom cloud waiting to happen, but he's lived to 6th level, Mr. Magoo style. All PFS legal.

I had to homebrew the race, but I have a character named Alester. He's IB Swashbuckler 1 / Oath of the People's Council Paladin 2 / ES Magus X. The best thing is that at character level 4 (AKA Magus level 3), he gets a familiar that thinks it's a dragon even though it isn't. He can't be convinced otherwise.

His race is basically the dragonkin but with workable wings and a few alternate racial traits.

If I had to choose, it would be the most dragon-like Kobold. Basically, while ignoring polymorph, since you can just flat out use Form of the Dragon, I tried to make a Kobold as dragon-like as possible, through feats, alternate racial traits, and through Dragon Disciple. I believe he took levels of the Dragon Mystery Oracle, using the feat that lets Kobolds use a Divine casting class to qualify for Dragon Disciple, in order to basically double down on the temporary dragon-like features, such as the breath weapon.


I was the first kid on my block to put together the combination of Greater Grapple and Expert Captor to Grapple and Tie Up an opponent in 1 Round and use it in Pathfinder Society.

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Livana the Mask, Clockwork Zealot is a devotee of Shivaska who has transformed herself into a gleaming porcelain-and-brass construct through the power of her infernal obediences. Though technically mindless, she has left herself the instruction to "behave exactly as I would in life", and acts in all ways as an eerie facsimile of her former self.

Unfortunately for everyone else, her "former self" was still a cultist of a demon lord. Livana acts as the dispassionate executor of her local cult's will, as her soulless shell retains its impeccable skill with a blade.

Mechanically, she has targeted herself with the Clockwork Doll ability, turning herself into a mindless clockwork construct. This takes away all of her feats and skill ranks. She uses the Evangelist class's bonus to untrained skills to still be competent outside of combat, dumps Con/Int/Wis to have superb stats otherwise, and has a permanency'd Enlarge Person cast on herself to reap the bonus HP from being a Large construct.

She's an X 6/Evangelist 4, and wants to use VMC to trade away half her feats so that losing the rest by becoming mindless doesn't hurt as much. When she's "slain" by reaching 0 HP as constructs are, her clockwork dolls revert to their prior state- which may (DM allowing) mean that when she hits 0 HP, she reverts to human and might potentially now survive the blow at negative HP. The Diehard feat lets her stay standing in such an event, giving her a kind of "desperation mode" as her human self.

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I grew particularly fond of my Arcane Trickster who shot spells through his gun. + 10 initiative, so always went first. Gave every party member a flaming weapon and casually did 12d6 damage the first round. Was fun.

I've made a few characters in my time, but the one that really captures my imagination like no other is a Vigilante I came up with after reading over the Hell's Rebels AP.

I took the idea that Narcelia Thrune ran away from home and just pushed it further. Now she's a CG member of the Silver Ravens seeking to protect her new home from her abusive brother and to keep him from ever finding out she now has a kid of her own.

I’m fond of an NPC. His name is Kah Blah. He’s a gremlin with the eternal template which means he can’t die or advance in levels. He is a 8th level Alchemist and can only say his name, usually with an exclamation point at the end, Kah Blah! He is chaotic neutral and revels in destruction, pranks, and chaos. He has the following mental disorders: Hypomania, Pyromania, Trichotillomania, Pica, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Chemical Inhalant Addiction, Amnesia, Tourette Syndrome, ADHD, Narcolepsy, Chronic Adrenaline Addiction.

Every time he dies, he rematerializes within 2d6 minutes. He is fearless and somewhat addicted to dying. He will jump into a dragon’s mouth, or into a lake of lava, or into a machine that grinds him to paste. He adds a certain humor to the game.

All of them.

Well. Not all; just all of the ones that I put together after I'd gotten the hang of storytelling.

The most recent was a grim, no-nonsense caravan guard with a zwiehander and a black temper.
His prized possession was his trusty cast iron pot. He had lost his coinpurse, broken his sword, and had the boots stolen off his feet, but he always went back for his pot. A little hot food after two weeks on the march is worth more than gold.

It's always rewarding to demonstrate that your typical adventurer is...probably not very stable. Anyone who regularly gets stabbed as part of their typical work day is not someone most of us would want to hang out with.
This guy made that clear after they defeated some bounty hunters. Reviving the two survivors, he asked who hired them. They refused of course, so he killed one of them. Which, as it turns out, nets a decent circumstance bonus to Intimidate.

The Exchange

I have an Anti-Gunman Mage...

"Hi! I'm First! Initiative was +19 at 1st level, but it went up from there), always goes in the surprise round (even if surpised), favorite spell is coin shot...

At third level will often throw gold coins for 1d8+2, and +2d6 sneak attack dice. One coin in the first (surprise round), then two more coins in the actual first round of combat (rapid shot). As the party scout, I often get 3 shots off before the target actually get's to go... (ranged touch attacks at 20' or less).

other players often mistake me for a gunslinger.

I have a Goblin monk character build I've been itching to play.

I've been thinking of playing him in Pathfinder Society, and make him technically a Halfling with Fleet of Foot, but yeah, he's a Goblin. And while I'm at it, thumb my nose at Paizo Publishing for creating such a fun Race but not letting anyone play it.

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I worked out that with Ninja Vanishing Trick + False Attacker, you can Snipe every Round without breaking Stealth, and then with a level in Arcanist or just by playing a Half Elf, you can make Ranged Touch Attacks vs. Flatfooted AC that lock in your Sneak Attack Damage. Just try saying that with out splitting your face open with an evil grin!

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