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Cevah wrote:

Fabricate can triple your sapphire waterskin into 60K of jewelry. Hire a wizard for 450 gp to cast the spell, and 1 gp for another waterskin.

You could try to profit from your own wanted status. I.e. have a "friend" turn you in for cash, then escape. Repeat.

See if you can manage to get someone to steal the cursed dagger. That might retarget it to the thief.

Oh, you mean like use the Sapphire as raw materials along with some gold and silver to make jewelry with? Clever.

Maybe encrust that dagger with some of those sapphires to make it look better.

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ErichAD wrote:
I would say the main weakness to their strategy is that they need the enemy not to simply retreat and attack them when their defenses are down. Most demons can teleport, so just have him leave, scry on the party now that he knows about them, then jump them when their spells go away.


The BBEG should be hard to find, then he should observe, infiltrate, disrupt, and attack. Insinuate a disguised succubus as a friendly NPC into the party. Plant something evil and magical. Start a distracting rumor that the party just happens to hear.

Give your BBEG 9 levels in Tetori Monk. Inescapable Grasp beats Freedom of Movement.

KitsuneKid wrote:
I'm trying to get back into writing and a lot of my inspiration comes from D&d/Pathfinder.

Okay, so this character is going to be a literary character in addition to a Pathfinder Character, so you will be interested in a thematic, roleplaying concept at least as much as a game-mechanics concept.

KitsuneKid wrote:
He basically guides the PC/Main party towards a rare interaction with the "Dryad Queen" who delivers information on what the PC's mission entails, where to journey to, and prepares them with an unexpected surprise.

So, you said you are getting back into playing. Are you in fact getting back into running? Will you be the GM?

KitsuneKid wrote:
This character is high level with connections across the continent,

Sure, he's a quest-giver.

KitsuneKid wrote:
though he's but a young prodigy.

Is he actually young, or does he just appear young, like an elf or something?

He and the Dryad Queen are both quest-givers for the party. So, what exactly is his relationship with the Dryad Queen?. Is he some young hunter who encountered this stunningly beautiful, wild, wise, wood nymph in the woods and his chasing after her, striving to complete quests himself to win her heart? Has she already taken him for her lover. Dryads have a reputation for keeping charmed slaves to use to protect their forests. He might have been in her service for centuries.

Lots mechanical character builds can work for your character. Personally, I like to multiclass a lot, taking a few levels of this and that in order to cobble together powers, spells, feats and class abilities that I think are powerful and cool.

Ranger, Warpriest, Inquisitor, and Arcane Archer are all obvious choices. My suggestion for a 3 level dip in Bard will probably make the character too powerful as a support for your party, but a dip in Bard can give a hint of Bardic Knowledge to give the party some hints in the right direction. My idea for an Alchemist shooting exploding arrows or a Vanishing Ninja are less natury, although, you could have 2 Alchemist Archers shooting exploding arrows! Add an old Druidzilla Hierophant named Uncle Jesse, and the 4 of them, Dryad in her gingham halter top and her short-short cutoffs, and 2 good ole boys shooting exploding arrows are the Dukes of Hazard! Maybe let them share a sufficiently large animal companion named General Lee? A bear you said, an orange bear...

So, the first issue is that Genie. Why do you want to marry him? Do you love him? Is he good to you? What happens if you can't pay the 50,000gp dowry to his father?

Do you have a patron to act as your father to give you away? Is he willing to put up part of your dowry? For a service? Is your fiancé's father willing to waive the dowry in exchange for some service from a powerful sorceress? Also, I understand that it is typical that it is typical to finance the payment of modern dowries over time.

Your canteen is now made of sapphire and is worth 20,000gp: you are almost halfway there. It seems to me you should sell that to capitialize yourself to be able to make the next 30,000. It seems likely to me that if you pay your dowry partly in money and gems and partly in magic items or something, that should suffice. You could purchase a Lyre of Building and use your peasants to run some kind of company, like construction, mining, or shipping. The Lyre of Building works off of the Performance Skill, and you have a very high Charisma.

50,000gp is a dear dowry! This must be a powerful Genie!

You have the magic power to open any door once. Perhaps you can find that door to vault that is full of treasure.

The envy/copying thing is interesting. You should figure out the nuances of it.

There are lots of ways to build a powerful Ranged combatant. Some classic ones are Ranger, Monk with the Zen Archer Archetype, Paladin, and Inquisitor. Warpriest is a good one. You like Arcane Archer, so do I.

I have a PFS character who at level 3 is a terrific archer. She has a level or 2 in Ranger. She has Precise Shot. She has a Wand of Gravity Bow, so her arrows do 2d6 instead of 1d8. You can finagle Enlarge Person so you can shoot large arrows, combined with Gravity Bow doing Huge Damage: 3d6. that's cool. Some people have observed that Enlarge Person is not so good for a Ranged build: you take a Size Penalty on your Attack Roll, and you lose 2 points of Dexterity, resulting in an even bigger Attack Penalty. But for an extra die of damage, it might be worth it.

Warpriests' and Zen Archers' arrows do more damage as they gain levels.

Inquisitors' Bane and Paladins' Smite Evil work great with arrows.

You could be a Ninja. Take Vanishing Trick and the Rogue Talent False Attacker. Once you are hidden through a combination of Stealth and Vanishing, you can use False Attacker to Bluff as a Swift Action to make your targets think your arrows are coming from some other direction, so you can keep sniping without breaking Stealth. For this, though, I was thinking in terms of using a Wand of Scorching Ray rather than a bow, so you would be making Ranged Touch Attacks vs. Flatfooted AC that lock in Sneak Attack Damage.

If you dip 3 levels in Bard with the Flame Dancer Archetype, you give you and your allies the ability to see through fire and smoke. So then, you make smoke. An Eversmoking Bottle costs only 5400gp and it will make everyone around you within like 100' unable to see, except for you and your party because of the Song of Fiery Gaze. Now you can shoot your Blind victims all you want and lock in your Sneak Attack Damage.

With the Grenadier Archetype and the Explosive Missile Discovery, Alchemists can shoot exploding arrows. That would work with guns, too. Then you could be a Gunchemist. I was thinking Goblin...

An Alchemist with the Infusion Discovery can also use the Tumor Familiar to deliver extracts via Touch Injection.

One particular advantage of a Tumor Familiar is that it doesn't have the same habitat requirements of its so-called real counterpart. If you have an Octopus or Crab familiar, you'd better keep a fish tank or something handy or you won't have it for long. But if it's a Tumor Octopus Familiar, then there's no problem at all. Even if your GM does rule that it counts as an Aquatic Creature while detatched, surely re-uniting with your body counts as being back in the water: we're mostly water, you know.

Also, while part of your body, the Tumor Familiar cannot be targeted. If, in fact you are only getting your Familiar for that bonus, you'd probably rather not expose it to danger. I've had a lot of GMs who love killing PCs' Familiars and Animal Companions.

I wrote:
You keep killing my animals and cohorts!
GM wrote:
Scott, why do you think I keep giving them to you?

If you do expose your Familiar to danger, that Fast Healing 5 can still come in handy.

Also, any Familiar, even a Tumor Familiar, can serve as the prerequisite for an Improved Familiar like a Pseudo Dragon or something.

Geas and Quest

Heather 540 wrote:
Oh, and the Gunchemist archetype replaces bombs completely. There's no discovery to get them back.

True, but Gunchemists' Alchemal Ordinance does as much damage as Bombs. And they have their own version of Fast Bombs, and that's huge.

It does mean the Gunchemist is committed to using Bombs + bullets together and doesn't have the same options of using them separately. That might be a problem.

Zwordsman wrote:
Not exactly as powerful as the Full ATtack Spamathon.

I think maybe it is. The Fast Ordinance Discovery lets you nova your not-Bomb attack with your gun, and the Damage gets huge. You can apply Deadly Aim to your attacks, multiplied by the number of attacks you get. Mine gets the 1d6+1d4 kick earlier on, but my character can't Fast Bombs with his Gun, while yours can, and I think that might make all the difference.

Also, my character has to dip a level into Gunslinger, and Gunchemists don't.

Heather 540 wrote:
loading a pistol is a standard action without Rapid Reload

Gunchemists do get Rapid Reload as a Bonus Feat at Level 6.

I wrote:
Trench Fighter eh? I will have a look!

Trench fighter is interesting. It gives you proficiency with a gun, but it doesn't give you a gun like Gunslinger and GunChemist does. Also, it takes 3 levels in Fighter before you get it. That might be okay, since then you just need a 4 level to take Weapon Specialization, and that's nice. Plus, the Bonus Feat never goes amiss.

Zwordsman wrote:
WIth Explosive MIssle Weapon discovery, that in fact lets you load and fire as a standard action. But. One handed firearm only.

True, but I consider this a minor problem. The damage will be coming from Bombs with a kick from Alchemist Fire + Burn! Burn! Burn! The musket ball also serves as a platform upon which to apply Deadly Aim, which scales up with BAB.

The character can pump up his damage more through Enlarge Person. Most of the time, the advantage of this is limited because you take a Dex and size penalty to your attack bonus, but that should be more than offset most of the time by the fact that guns make Ranged Touch Attacks. The base Damage of a Size Medium Goblin firing a size Large musket pistol will be 2d6: quite respectable. Then add Bomb Damage, Alchemist fire +1d4. 1 shot/round is fast for a gun, even with Rapid Reload. I think you need an exotic item to beat it like an Advanced Firearm or Alchemal Cartridges.

Heather 540 wrote:
without Precise Shot you will be getting penalties for shooting into any melee situation. And you need Point-Blank Shot to take Precise Shot. If you don't want to go with a human to get the bonus feat, I would like to suggest a quick dip into Fighter to get what you need.

That's what my character does!

I wrote:
Level1, Fighter 1: Precise Shot

I left out Point-Blank Shot as a way of shorthand. I figured readers would understand the character was taking Point Blank Shot also.

Heather 540 wrote:

You can use the Trench Fighter archetype and later take two more levels to get dex to damage with your guns.

Oh, and the Gunchemist archetype replaces bombs completely. There's no discovery to get them back.

Trench Fighter eh? I will have a look! Also at Gunchemist.

I was thinking about a Gunslinger Alchemist, too.

I was thinking Goblin. I was thinking Grenadier Alchemist. I was thinking Burn! Burn! Burn! and Explosive Missile.

Godfrey Gloop, the Goblin, Grenadier, Gunslinger!

Level1, Fighter 1: Precise Shot
2F1Alchemist1: Grenadier
3F1A2: Alchemal Weapon, Burn! Burn! Burn!

Alchemal Weapon lets you attach an Alchemal Weapon, such as Alchemist Fire to your ammunition as a Move Action. Burn! Burn! Burn! is a Goblin Feat that makes your nonmagical fire weaapons do an extra d4 damage.

5F1A4: Explosive Missile, Deadly Aim

Explosive Missile lets you attach your Bomb to a piece of ammunition and Fire it all as a Standard Action. You don't even need to take Rapid Reload or anything. Explosive Missile actually increases the rate of fire of a musket pistol.

Deadly Aim is like Power Attack for a Ranged Weapon, very reasonable since you are making Ranged Touch Attacks. That won't work with your Bombs, but it will work with your bullets, so it will work with your bombs!

7F1A5G1: Goblin Gunslinger

Goblin Gunslinger is a Feat that lets your Goblin use a Size Medium gun instead of a size small.

So now you have a little Goblin shooting exploding bullets. What could be cooler?

Reksew_Trebla wrote:
I’m weird. The thing is, I often get my characters reshaped by the game they’re played in.... None of that was in the original plans, but the character got reshaped by the game.

That's not weird. That's perfectly normal, and it is good.

It's common for a character's backstory to be at least a little roguish, if not villainous. I had a half orc Cavalier who had in her backstory been caught and briefly imprisoned for stealing food.

"They say that Elven prisons are like Orchish hotels, but they were the only ones that made me regret what I do..."

IIRC, Storm in the X-Men had been a pickpocket in Mogadishu.

PossibleCabbage wrote:

Part of the issue is that if you start at level 1, that sort of limits how much villainy you can get up to before you got that level. Plenty of my characters were criminals, but pre-level 1 crime is sort of at the subsistence level.

Probably the most "hard turn away from villainy" character I had was a waker may changeling (used to incubate the souls of night hags while they metamorphose into more powerful dreamthief hags) who escaped the coven responsible for corrupting her, figured there was something fundamentally wrong with her, then went and read enough books to learn what's going on, and subsequently became a Paladin. But since her soul is fundamentally evil, all of her instincts regarding right and wrong were backwards, so she had to mediate "first impressions on what to do" with book learning regarding moral philosophy. It's a fun RP challenge to play a character who must not do evil, but whose first impulse is always to do things that are petty, selfish, and cruel.

I was in a campaign that started at level 10. I played a Monk under a Vow of Poverty who had previously been the Once'ler from the Lorax.


Use Prestidigitation + Bluff to make the character think you are disfiguring them. Maybe a dab of Acid here and there...

I'd say a GM who wants to should go for it. Make Natural Spell and that talk-while-you're in Wildshape Feat free while you're at it.

Back in the old days, I remember everybody had Spring Attack and Mounted Combat, too.

For d20, though, I'd say that Combat Expertise and Power Attack are both good enough Feats to justify taking them out of choice: they're not just a Feat Tax.

But making Expertise and Power Attack Free (to all Fighters?) seems like a reasonable way to make your campaign more high-powered.

Druid Wildshape scales up with level.

Animal Companions and Mounts scale up with level.

Matthew Downie wrote:
Derklord wrote:
Note that most of these abilities also increase attack rolls, which is a big part of what makes them better (and can work as an additional damage bonus via Power Attack).
Note that Power Attack is also an ability that provides a damage bonus that scales with level. Not technically a class ability, but an ability that certain classes (those with decent attack bonuses) are good at using.

You reminded me:

There is also the Halfling Feat Risky Striker.

deuxhero wrote:
Charles Scholz wrote:

Prestidigitation - The perfect dry cleaning business.

Actually explicit in Ultimate Equipment

Taxi driver or courier: you could use Prestidigitation to make Red Lights turn Green!

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blahpers wrote:
Scott Wilhelm wrote:
41) A Cave Druid gains control of Black Puddings and starts to ravish the town.
Oh my.

Oh, was I supposed to say "ravage" instead of "ravish?" Oh well, either word works: take your pick.

The Cave Druid does something to the town that is not safe for work...

Derklord wrote:
Scott Wilhelm wrote:
I haven't been suggesting to stack actual size increases in Pathfinder. If you thought that, you must have misunderstood me.
Read the FAQ! What I've linked is not the size change stacking FAQ, but the FAQ how weapon damage dice get changed by size increases/decreases. Completely different thing.


Dave Justus wrote:
That said, we are probably veering too far afield for this post

Maybe, but the community sure did prove the point I was making!

I wrote:
It seems to me that the issue is not whether the game system allows for this, but whether your gaming community can handle it. If you want to use the fantasy world's different races of people to make some kind of political and/or racial statement directly correlating to real-world perceptions on race and racism, that seems like fair game to me, but a whole lot of people are likely to catch feelings about that. You might be playing with fire.

It's clearly a charged issue!

So, Dave, I guess it is fair to say I was being hyperbolic, there. But speaking for myself,

Self wrote:
Go ahead and speak for me.

When I am making characters and playing them, I often find myself wanting to use my character to make some kind of statement about culture or politics, and I do have a strong willingness to make (or at least let) people feel uncomfortable doing so.

Dave Justus wrote:
There is a huge difference between making people feel uncomfortable by forcing them to confront things you feel are problematic, and making everyone feel comfortable.

It's not an easy needle to thread, no doubt about it. You don't want to be the guy to ruin everybody else's fun. But maybe lots of people ruin lots of people's fun without a second thought. I'm sure that I'm not the only one to notice that all the heroes in the Lord of the Rings moves were all white and all the Uruk Hai were black. Did they mean anything by it? Probably not. Should they have thought about what how, it would be interpreted? Sure, but you can't think of everything.

I've seen a lot of behavior displayed by a lot of players through their characters that made me feel uncomfortable, and usually, they go right on ahead with nary a thought for my feelings. Should I let them? Should I call them on it? Should I make them uncomfortable right back? I guess it all depends.

Should the OP go there? Should he make his Elves Chinese, like he said? Should he make one of the other fantasy races Mexican? Should he make one of the other fantasy races African? My advice to Tzakkesh is that he (?) should think long and hard about doing something that, because, as we have proven on this thread, this is a powder keg issue. But personally, when I have a statement to make with one of my characters, or with my campaign world, I go for it, and let those eyebrows rise!

Squiggit wrote:
blahpers wrote:
Dave Justus wrote:
Scott Wilhelm wrote:
I see no reason to let people feel comfortable with it.
One reason might be that sometimes people just want to enjoy gaming and not deal with real world issues.
It sure is nice to be able to make that choice, isn't it?
Yeah, it is. I mean games with heavier themes and deeper explorations of relations and meanings are great but I don't really see why we should throw shade at someone who wants to make blue orcs and purple elves or use aesthetics from different cultures and periods than renaissance Europe without going any deeper than that.

I'm not throwing shade at the OP: I'm pointing out that some of his ideas are likely to make people feel uncomfortable while at the same time encouraging him to go do just that: if he has something to say, he should say it.

Just be mindful, that's all.

Derklord wrote:

Regarding damage dice progression: I invite everyone (especially Scott Wilhelm) to read this FAQ.

Temperans wrote:
Enlarge person (Gargantuan) + Growing enchanment (Colossal)

Wouldn't stack because both are actual size increases. You would thus need to buy an actual huge sized Growing Impact axe (and drop it before recieving Enlarge Person).

Polymorph into huge + Titan Fighter/Mauler + then picking up a gargantuan Growing Impact butchering axe should work, for 10min once per day. The result would be colossal size with bigger damage dice still (16d6).

Minigiant wrote:
How could a Medium creature carry what is considered a Colossal Butchering Axe?

First, "considered" is irrelevant, only actual size affects weight, and second, the size increases to the character increase the carrying capacity enough.

For the colossal butchering axe you would need to be at least huge, that quadruples the carrying capacity. In other words, 19 strength would be enough without armor (464 lbs light load). Seeing as the respective polymorph spells grant +6 to +8 strength...

I haven't been suggesting to stack actual size increases in Pathfinder. If you thought that, you must have misunderstood me.

Temperans wrote:
Scott Wilhelm wrote:
MrCharisma wrote:
I was assuming he was just using Enlarge Person or something, but yes you do need a way to wield a large two-handed weapon if that's what you're trying to do.

So 4d6 is better than 2d8: mean damage is 14 vs. 9

What if the wielder was using Enlarge Person and Lead Blades?

Then it's 5d6 vs. 3d8: 17.5, vs. 13.5.

What if the wielder were a Goliath Druid (Huge Giant) or a high level Psychic Warrior (Augmenting Expansion) and had a Wand of Lead Blades?

6d6 vs 4d8: 21 vs. 18.

Then you are talking about Vital Strike, so 42 vs. 36.

Seems like Butchering Axe just does more damage.

Damage dice increase follows a table were every increase after 2d6/2d8 doubles doubles every 2 size increases.

The actual progression would be:
Large: 4d6 vs 2d8 (14 vs 9), 24 vs 18 w/ VS.
Huge: 6d6 vs 3d8 (21 vs 13.5), 42 vs 27 w/ VS.
Gargantuan: 8d6 vs 4d8 (28 vs 18), 56 vs 36 w/ VS.
Colossal: 12d6 vs 6d8 (42 vs 27), 82 vs 54 w/ VS.

Later versions of Vital Strike makes it even more pronounced.

So, you are saying I am right that Butchering Axe does more damage than Bastard Sword, but the difference is even more extreme than I thought?

Gee, whiz, 300,000gp? What DON'T you buy?!

A Scarab of Protection, a Cube of Force, a Broom of Flying, a Bracelet of Friends, and a Lyre of Building, and a Portable Hole? What am I up to?

Generally, I like to buy multiple cheap items rather than fewer more powerful ones. I feel like they get more bang for the buck. For instance, for a sword-and-board fighter, Before getting +2 armor, I'd get +1 armor, +1 shield, +1 Amulet of Natural Armor, and a +1 Ring of Protection. I'd certainly get a +2 Belt of Giant Strength before upgrading my +1 sword to +2.

The Snakebite Striker Brawler Archetype is a great skirmishing Sneak Attack character. They can Feint while moving.

The Arcanist Arcane Exploit Dimensional Slide gives you a 10' Teleport that can be done as part of your move and inflicts no disorientation. It only costs a 1 level dip in Arcanist.

MrCharisma wrote:
I was assuming he was just using Enlarge Person or something, but yes you do need a way to wield a large two-handed weapon if that's what you're trying to do.

So 4d6 is better than 2d8: mean damage is 14 vs. 9

What if the wielder was using Enlarge Person and Lead Blades?

Then it's 5d6 vs. 3d8: 17.5, vs. 13.5.

What if the wielder were a Goliath Druid (Huge Giant) or a high level Psychic Warrior (Augmenting Expansion) and had a Wand of Lead Blades?

6d6 vs 4d8: 21 vs. 18.

Then you are talking about Vital Strike, so 42 vs. 36.

Seems like Butchering Axe just does more damage.

avr wrote:
19-20/x2 critical is probably more use than the 20/x3 when x3 damage is very likely more than you need. However, this will be more than outweighed by the higher base damage of the axe; an average of 5 points more when you're looking at a Large weapon, 7.5 more if you get to use Huge size damage somehow.

Yeah, but maybe Bastard Sword is better if you want to Crit-Fish. But if you are building a Crit. Fishing character, is Bastard Sword even the way to go? I was thinking Katana, Elven Curved Blade, or a Divine Commander Warpriest with twin Kukirs and Seize the Moment.

A Bastard Sword can be wielded 1 handed, so you can 2 weapon fight with it, and/or use a Shield. I'm not sanguine that 2 weapon fighting with Bastard Sword, Armor Spikes, and Shield is really better for massive damage than that Butchering Axe. But maybe you are more worried about AC than DPR, in which case, Bastard Sword might be the way to go.

My casting pick for Aragorn would have been Samuel L. Jackson.

Tzakkesh wrote:
For example, could High Elves be Chinese-inspired in appearance

No, silly, High Elves are French. Vulcans are Chinese!


Dave Justus wrote:
the game system handle fairly radical reskinning,

Re-skinning, oh dear.

It seems to me that the issue is not whether the game system allows for this, but whether your gaming community can handle it. If you want to use the fantasy world's different races of people to make some kind of political and/or racial statement directly correlating to real-world perceptions on race and racism, that seems like fair game to me, but a whole lot of people are likely to catch feelings about that. You might be playing with fire.

Then again, go ahead and take a long look at the works of Robert Howard, L. Frank Baum, and H.P. Lovecraft, and it won't take long to find the racism there. Lots of people in fantasy roleplaying games like to kill certain kinds of monsters just because they're there, or just because they think they're evil. The fantasy genre has a long tradition of being a racist genre, perhaps inherently so, and I see no reason to let people feel comfortable with it.

The Shifty Mongoose wrote:

I mean, I had PCs who couldn't stand each other, kicking each other for non-lethal damage to wake up whichever one was sleeping.

Also, those same PCs (both of them Chaotically aligned) gave everyone consent to blast everyone in an AoE if they were surrounded by foes. If one of them had resistance to/protection from the incoming energy, so much the better.

I'm playing a level 13 character right now with Evasion and a +19 Reflex Save. He has issued standing instructions to the blaster characters in the party to cast AoE Spells into melee with abandon.

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Magda Luckbender wrote:
@Scott: Got it, Scott. Definitely different incidents. Mine was a Total Party Kill sleeping Coup De Grace by a doppleganger assassin. A player actively played the doppleganger.

In my campaign, the story line got complicated. The party, as a rule, fell for every single diversion and false lead that the DM put our way, and even created a few of their own.

We were on a mission to find some big, powerful weapon for killing the BBEG (which was actually a false lead). On the way, the party cleric died a pretty noble death (exposing the existence of a Bigger, Badder, Eviler Guy), but the party Warblade made a deal with the BBEG we were supposed to be killing to resurrect the Cleric. The deal was to give the BBEG the sword we were meant to be finding to kill the BBEG with in the first place. This happened on a day I was absent from the gaming table, and couldn't protect the party from themselves.

So, a new player joined the group. This player heard about the illicit deal the Warblade had just made, and that was the basis for his character: a female (not that that mattered), Evil, Undead Necromancer (but not a Lich; she became a Lich later.), who was sent by Dark (Yes, that was the BBEG's name!) to enforce the Deal that Argent (the Warblade) made.

So, my character--a human, Chaotic Good Fighter built around the 3.5 Feat Elusive Target--was strongly opposed to allowing this PC to join the party, but I was outvoted. Later, the party conspired to kill her, again, on a day I was absent, and over my strongest objections. My view was that while I was opposed her joining the group in the first place, once she did join the group, she was one of us, and you don't attack your own. Also, the political situation changed. We found out that while the special magic BBEG-killer sword did exist, and we recovered it, it was an intelligent, Chaotic Evil Sword made from a Balor Horn, and it was too powerful for any of us to wield or even touch. Picking up the sword meant a spamming DC20 Will Save, and failure meant the wielder went berserk and killed the whole party, which almost happened when the Warblade took hold of it. Anyway, we elected to not remove the sword from the Dungeon which resulted in a time-space thingy that changed the whole political picture and undid her relationship with Dark.

When we emerged, we discovered that the BrBrErG, named Warcull had opened up a doorway to Hell (or somesuch place) creating a geyser of demonic spirits to erupt out of the ground and possess Humanoids. Warcul was creating an army of demon-possessed people that he was going to use to enslave the world. Our party Lich declared she was unreservedly on our side to help stop Warcul, sort of how Spike started helping Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I felt her trustworthy in this. She wouldn't want some Demon Lord taking over the world that she wanted to take over for herself, now would she? Anyway, we needed to save the world from being enslaved by a Demon Lord, and she was our most powerful arcane spellcaster. But the rest of the party conspired to kill her anyway. One of the characters tried rooting through her belongings and molesting her body while to find her phylactery while the Lich was scouting our way up a river (possessing a fish) to help us liberate a boatload of slaves and get their lovely money. My character physically restrained his from doing so, and I was livid about this: I called him an ass-head trying to sabotage the party.

The player decided to retire the Lich character by having her flee the party. The party gave chase in the flying boat (that I found for them!). The Warblade jumped down to do battle with the Lich and her Undead minions. That's when the player (who had previously tried to violate the Lich's body and destroy her soul. Assassinated the Half Orc Barbarian at the Helm, set the course to crash on top of the Warblade and the Lich he was fighting, then he triumphantly teleported away. He then announced that he was leaving this group to run another table in the same campaign world. I saved the ship with a Lyre of Building, but both the Lich and the Warblade were dead. Most of the players who conspired to screw the party by killing our most powerful melee character and our most powerful arcane spellcaster were actually planning on leaving the party anyway to go to the next table.

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Okay, yet another thought: instead of Hamatula Strike, how about a level in Witch with the White Hair archetype + Feral Combat Training? White Hair also gives you a free Grapple like Hamatula strike would, but it gives you more flexibility.

You'd take the level in WHW at level 13 instead of the 8th level in Rogue.

13B3A1U7M1Witch1: Snake Fang, White Hair

Snake Fang is still the level 13 Feat. Now I know what I want for the Rogue Talent.

14B3A1U8M1W1: Weapon Training, White Hair
15B3A1U8M1W1Cavalier1: Feral Combat Training, Challenge, Tactician, Paired Opportunist, Constable, Order of the Penitent

With Feral Combat Training, the Goblin can make his Free Action Attack with Panther Claw and his Attack of Opportunity with Snake Fang, + his Immediate Action Attack with Snake Fang all with his Hair, each one granting the free Grapples that will benefit from the +1 due to Weapon Focus and will unlock the Armor Spike Damage which can still benefit from Sneak Attack Damage.

Tactician allows the Goblin to grant the Cavalier's Bonus Teamwork Feat to the whole party: Paired Opportunist. Paired Opportunist makes it so whenever any of you get an Attack of Opportunity, all of you do, and this character will get many, many Attacks of Opportunity! Order of the Penitent? Well,

16B3A1U8M1W1C2: Expert Captor

This will allow you to Tie Up a Grappled--not Pinned! opponent, and you don't take th e-10 you usually do. So, you hit your opponent with Panther Claw on the first Round, then you Grapple them as a Free Action, then you Grapple them again as an Attack of Opportunity, and you Tie them UP! And you can just run all over the battlefield doing this!

The fastest way I can think of to increase your Grapple Mod is through levels in Alchemist. Since this character depends on Sneak Attack Damage, lets make him a Vivisectionist.

17B3A1U8M1W1C2Vivisectionist1: Sneak Attack +1d6, Mutagens, Extracts, Throw Anything, Brew Potion, Panther Parry
18B3A1U8M1W1C2V2: Tentacle, Poison Resistance +2, Poison

Tentacle gives you Grab, which gives you a +4 on all Grapple Checks. Like White Hair, Grab also gives you a Free Action Attack on a hit with the Tentacle, but unlike the Hair, Grab can only be used to Initiate the Grapple, not to make a Maintain roll.

19B3A1U8M1W1C2V3: Sneak Attack +1d6, Swift Alchemy, Underfoot
20B3A1U8M1W1C2V4: King Crab Tumor Familiar

Underfoot is a prerequisite for Tangle Feet, and I do like Tangle Feet + Vicious Stomp, but also, it gives a +2 to your AC against Attacks of Opportunity provoked by moving out of Threatened Squares, which you do when you use Panther Style. Remember that Snake Fang only triggers when your opponent misses you. Also, when fighting opponents with Reach, you still need to Tumble, and Underfoot gives you a +4 to your Tumble checks.

The King Crab Familiar gives you a +2 on your Grapple Checks.

20B3A1U8M1W1C2V5: Sneak Attack +1d6, Poison Resistance +4
21B3A1U8M1W1C2V6: Infusion, Improved Grapple
22B3A1U8M1W1C2V6Fighter1: Greater Grapple
23B3A1U8M1W1C2V6F2: Tangle Feet, Vicious Stomp

Hehe, so True Strike works on Grapple Checks. There is an Alchemist Extract called Touch Injection which you can use to give your Familiar the Ability to administer an Achemal Infusion. Say True Strike. Greater Grapple lets you make a Grapple Check as a Move Action. So, lets say you begin your Round Adjacent to your opponent buffed with True Striek the previous round. You Initiate a Grapple as a Standard Action, enjoying the +20 from True Strike, then your Familiar hits you with Touch Injection and your Infusion of True Strike as a Readied Action, then you make your second Grapple Check as a Move Action, Tying Up your opponent again with that +20!

With Roll with It, Tangle Feet, and levels in Alchemist, I think we have gone FULL GOBLIN! I think this character will be pretty outrageously powerful even for a 23rd level character.

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I have another idea for doubling the Sneak Attack Damage. Hamatula Strike. The Hamatula Strike Feat gives you a Grapple attack whenever you hit someone with a Piercing Weapon. Wear Armor Spikes, and you do piercing Damage with every successful Grapple Attack. And since a Grapple check is an attack itself, those Armor Spikes can then also inflict Sneak Attack Damage.

I was recommending Snake Style. Snake Style lets you treat your Unarmed Strikes as Piercing Weapons. Subsequently releasing the Grapple so you can move onto the next guy is a Free Action.

Getting extra attacks that cascade off of previously successful attacks are not as good as doubling your damage dice on the first go, but Sap Master has it's problems, too.

Becoming a good Grappler is harder for a little Goblin, but it is doable. I had a Grappling Character once who had a full time GMB of +30. If she were Size Small and had a -2 ST, her GMB would have been 26 instead, unless she also took Agile Maneuvers or something. Even so, a GMB of 26 is more than respectable, and the idea of kicking ass as a Grappling Goblin is frickin' hilarious!

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Meirril wrote:
Scott Wilhelm wrote:
Meirril wrote:
You NEED your opponent to be flat footed. The easy way to get that is to hide and perform a sneak attack. However, that only works for a single strike. And after the first strike...your opponents won't let you get away. So you need another way to get them flat footed. So take Improved Dirty Trick and take Dirty Fighting instead of Combat Expertise to qualify for it.

Dirty Tricks will not make your opponent Flatfooted. It can make your opponent Blinded, and attacking a Blinded Opponent, you target their Flatfooted AC, but that is not quite the same thing as making your opponent properly Flatfooted.

Ugh. Yeah, I though blinded would be good enough. Sap Master is incredibly powerful, so of course they made the condition really difficult to achieve.

Shatter Defenses is the most workable way for this goblin to get flat footed. Getting power attack on a goblin is a waste of stat points.

So drop: dirty fighting and improved dirty trick
pick up: Dazzling Display and Shatter Defenses

And buy a Maiden's helm to give yourself a bonus to intimidate.

I do like Dirty Tricks, though.

Greater Dirty Trick lasts for a few rounds.

Quick Dirty Trick lets you play a Dirty Trick in place of a melee attack.

If you run into an opponent who has Blindfighting or Blindsight, you can use Dirty Tricks to Deafen them as well as Blind them, and you can still lock in your Sneak Attack Damage.

It's also worth remembering that while Sap Master does double your SAD dice, it also commits you to inflicting nonlethal damage, and there are problems with that.

oops, bluff or diplomacy in place of intimidate. I read it as bluff in place of intimidate or diplomacy.

So Diplomacy in place of Intimidate?

You use social cues, cultural references, and gestures to demonstrate that you are your target's better, and he has to give you something and impress you.

Meirril wrote:

83. Dragon kidnaps a Princess (nobody for the classics?)

The dragon is an extremely intelligent and cultured. But it just sits on top of its piles of coins and magic weapons and never does anything with it? I mean, it wasn't even wearing that Ring of Invisibility the party found in and amongst the loot! Good thing the incredibly intelligent, magical creature somehow didn't even know that thing was there! And why kidnap princes and princesses if you can just buy some?

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Slim Jim wrote:
82. The party are the BBEGs, but they don't know it.

100. [I'm surprised nobody said this one, yet.] The BBEG is actually the one who hired the party, only they didn't know it until he triumphantly holds up the MacGuffin, and puts this last piece into his sinister puzzle, then the REAL fight begins...

Magda Luckbender wrote:
Scott Wilhelm wrote:

There was an incident where one of our party members was assassinated by a Doppleganger and replaced him then acted against the party. The player for a period of time took over roleplaying the Doppleganger Assassin NPC.

Scott, did this incident occur in Ian's upstairs room in Brattleboro, Vermont, circa 1988? If so, I was the DM ... If not, then it was another very similar incident.

Uh uh.

Are you referring to where the gaming table was or the setting of the adventure? I don't know anything about Brattleboro, VT. But anything could have been going on in our DM's mind. He is classically diabolical DM.

The game was happening oh, about 10 years ago under a books and games store in Boston. It was a public table where anyone could join, and the table was getting large. The player who got possessed ended up GMing a second table, splitting the group in 2. The incident was roleplayed, at least in part to announce the formation of a 2nd table in the group with him as the GM.

There were a lot of complex things going on at the table, a lot of it irked me, but it was an extremely interesting experience.

Matthew Downie wrote:
LordKailas wrote:

Well, confusion states

Confusion wrote:
Attacks nearest creature (for this purpose, a familiar counts as part of the subject’s self)

There is a creature adjacent to my gnome fire wizard. I have a bastard sword in hand (its my arcane bond) which my character crafted themselves (meaning they are proficient with it thanks to my gnome racial trait master tinker).

If I'm being forced to attack the nearest creature I'm not sure that it makes sense to do anything but attack with my sword.

As the DM what would you have the character do instead in that scenario?

I only allow characters to perform basic weapon attacks while confused. It feels wrong to me to let someone cast complicated spells when they're too confused to tell friend from foe.

Also, being magically compelled to attack your ally does not mean you don't realize that your ally is your ally. Or being Confused doesn't mean you don't know your ally might be nearby.

Getting into a drunken fight with a friend over whether Ford is better than Chevy is not the same thing as grabbing your gun to fight off a home invader. You don't fight the same way. Think about how Captain Picard fought off assassins in the Klingon city. Then think about how he got into a fight with his brother in the vineyard. Not the same fight.

Something else. Playing a cheap trick like the wizard drawing his sword is totally a thing. Do you remember that mind-control villain on that Netflix superhero show? He said to the supporting hero, "Put a bullet in your head." Instead of reloading her gun (Duuumb luck: it was empty!), she took the bullet and put it in her mouth.

You use Bluff instead of Diplomacy, or you use Bluff instead of Intimidate. You aren't good at being either charming or menacing: you're good at lying.

How do you roleplay it? By roleplaying!

So how do you use Bluff instead of Diplomacy? You cozy up to them. You butter them up. You tell them you are an artist, and you think the security guard has a heroic profile, and you'd like to paint his picture. Then you get him to pose nude for you. You get him to practice posing while you go grab your #2 beveled tip paintbrush that you just left inside. You leave him there posing naked while you go rob the place (or something). After a few minutes, he starts to realize you played him. You run away, praying he will never catch up with you.

How do you use Bluff instead of Intimidate? Pretend to be a cop. Tell him he got a girl pregnant, and you were sent by her father to force you to marry her. As he starts to panic, you offer to pretend you didn't find him if he gives you a bribe. If not that, then some other piece of compromising information that is just plausible enough to make your victim want to settle instead of fight. The next day, he'll realize your story was crap, but by then it will be too late. And it's not like he'll go to the police: that would be an admission of guilt!

Experience wrote:

@Meirril Thank you for your support.

This is my sheet, not yet updated with your last tips:

This evening (uk time) I will organise your suggestions and fill the gaps of the sheet and let you know.


I saw Hop Frog is using a Repeating Crossbow, which is an Exotic Weapon. I saw something about a Hand Crossbow, a different Exotic Weapon. I'm not sanguine about either. You could just use a regular bow, or maybe a Firearm.

I do have a build for a Goblin/Gredadier/Gunslinger, but that would take your character in a very different direction from your UCRogue.

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Cavall wrote:
Roll with It! is a great feat. It can save your life at the cost of a turn. I'd look into it for sure. That being said your current line up of feats is rather full. You'll have to make that call if it's worth it to you.

I love Roll with It. I put it in the build I posted on this thread. I'm thinking that you can use it in conjunction with Panther Style Feats. You will be Staggered after your turn is over, but you can pick the direction in which you Roll, so you can still Provoke more Attacks of Opportunity and make sure you continue to score on those Free Action Retaliatory Strikes.

I've been nursing another idea: how could we work in the Goblin Feat Tangle Feet? If you make an Acrobatics Check through a Threatened Square, then they fall Prone (Reflex Negates), then take Vicious Stomp to get an Attack of Opportunity!

I'm thinking that you use Tangle Feet. If your check Fails, you use Panther Claw. If their AoO misses, you get an AoO off of Snake Fang. If their AoO hits, you get to Roll with It. This character should get a Crown of Swords, summoning a Spiritual Sword to attack anyone who hits him. That way, they're Damned if they hit or if they miss!

We need to figure out how to go Full Goblin.

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Meirril wrote:
You NEED your opponent to be flat footed. The easy way to get that is to hide and perform a sneak attack. However, that only works for a single strike. And after the first strike...your opponents won't let you get away. So you need another way to get them flat footed. So take Improved Dirty Trick and take Dirty Fighting instead of Combat Expertise to qualify for it.

Dirty Tricks will not make your opponent Flatfooted. It can make your opponent Blinded, and attacking a Blinded Opponent, you target their Flatfooted AC, but that is not quite the same thing as making your opponent properly Flatfooted.

Experience wrote:
do you think should I mix the stuff from Scott and you

Mixing is a possibility.

Only Sap Master requires your opponent to be properly Flatfooted. Sap Adept works with any opponent denied Dex Mod to AC, so Dirty Tricks works for that. Sap Adept requires you inflict nonlethal Damage with a Bludgeoning Weapon. I was recommending Unarmed Strikes.

There is another Feat. Knockout Artist does about the same thing as Sap Adept; then should stack, and Knockout Artist does not require your opponent be Flatfooted: Denied Dex Mod to AC is adequate for that, so once again, it will work with Dirty Tricks. With Sap Adept and Knockout Artist, you will be doing +2 Damage per Sneak Attack Damage Die, and that is pretty sexy.

Sap Master, though, will double the number of Damage Dice you get. The best way I can think of to make your opponent properly Flatfooted for some duration is the Shatter Defenses Feat. The prerequisite for that is Dazzling Display. To use Dazzling Display, you would spend a Full Round Action Intimidating all your opponents within 30', making them all Shaken. Then each one you hit after that becomes Flatfooted as part of your attack. Then hits after that will get the Sneak Attack Damage, doubled if you have Sap Master.

Another way to activate Shatter Defenses would be with the Cornugon Smash Feat. That gives you a Free Intimidate on any 1 opponent you just hit with Power Attack, so then the next hit you could make them Flatfooted with Shatter Defenses, and the attacks after that you make against Flatfooted Opponents. Fully realizing Sap Master is both Feat and labor intensive, but if you are already taking Sap Adept and Knockout Artist, Sap Master, Shatter Defenses, + Cornugon Smash might just be the perfect cherry on this little green sundae of distruction!

I like the Holy Commander Paladin Archetype. They get a Bonus Teamwork Feat and they get the Tactician Class Ability to gift Teamwork Feats to their fellow players. Teamwork Feats can be devastating. With Broken Wing Gambit, whenever any party member is attacked, all of you get Attacks of Opportunity!

Magda Luckbringer has a Cleric build that spams a Debuff that makes opponents Dazed fighting with a Reach weapon.

I also really like the idea of a Goblin Grenadier Alchemist gundlinger. Grenadier Alchemists can infuse their bullets with an alchemal weapon, such as Acid or Alchemst Fire as a Move Action. With 4 levels in Alchemist, you can take the Explosive Missile Discovery, which lets you infuse your bullets with one of your Bombs and shoot it as a Standard Action. The Goblin Gunslinger Feat lets you shoot a Size Medium gun. The Deadly Aim Feat doesn't work with Bombs, but it does work with bullets. The Burn! Burn! Burn! Feat doesn't work with Bombs, but it does work with Alchemist Fire. So you have a really effective Ranged Character, and what can be more fun than a Goblin Grenadier Gunslinger?

Bards are a very traditional support character. If you take 3 levels in the Flame Dancer Bard, you can give your allies the Ability to see through Fire and Smoke. Then, you make smoke, so all your opponents are blind, but your allies aren't. Pyrotechnics makes blinding smoke. So does an Eversmoking Bottle.

I'd take my first level in Fighter and get Precise Shot so I can fire into melee. Then I'd take those levels in Bard, then I'd take levels in things that give Sneak Attack Damage: when you are Blinded, you lose your Dex Mod to AC, so hello Sneak Attack Damage.

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Level 1, Brawler1: Unarmed 1d4, Sneak Attack 1d6, Combat Expertise
2B2: Improved Feint

Feint as a Move Action, Attack as a Standard Action, lock in your Sneak Attack Damage.

3B2Arcanist1 Dimensional Slide, Roll with It

Dimensional Slide is a tactical teleport with a 10' range that you can do as part of your move. This should make it easier to achieve Flanking. I like the idea of having several ways of locking in your Sneak Attack Damage. At level 3, this character can Feint and teleport to Flank.

This Goblin can now use Magic Wands such as Greater Invisibility and Blink. It's unlikely that he will get one by level 3, but this is another Growth area for the character and potentially another way to lock in SAD.

4B3A1 Snake Feint

Feint while you are moving.

5B3A1Unchained Rogue1: Sneak Attack +1d6, Combat Reflexes, Weapon Finesse (Unarmed Strike)
6B3A1U2: Ninja Trick, Style Master, Panther Style, Evasion

You get a Swift Action Attack when you provoke an Attack of Opportunity while moving out of a Threatened Square.

7B3A1U3: Finesse Training, SAD+1d6, Dodge, Danger Sense+1
8B3A1U4: Combat Trick, Panther Claw, Uncanny Dodge, Debilitating Injury
9B3A1U5: SAD+1d6, Mobility, Rogue's Edge

Dodge and Mobility are important for this character since he will be provoking lots of Attacks of Opportunity.

Panther Claw allows the Goblin to make extra attacks by provoking Attacks of Opportunity by moving out of Threatened Squares.

10B3A1U5Monk1: Monk Stuff, Master of Many Styles, Snake Style
11B3A1U6M1: Snake Sidewind, Underhanded Trick, Danger Sense +2
12B3A1U7M1: SAD +1d6
13B3A1U8M1: Snake Fang, Talent

Snake Fang gives you an Attack of Opportunity whenever you are attacked and missed.

So we have a very high AC character who runs all over the battlefield drawing attacks of opportunity and getting lots of attacks every round with lots of ways of locking in Sneak Attack Damage.

I have some ideas. More later.

I designed a character after 2 Beatles Songs. His name is Father Maxwell MacKenzie. He wields a silver earthbreaker hammer.

I was recently playing a 3.5 Monk under a Vow of Poverty. He also had levels in Fist of the Forest, Sohei, Bear Warrior and Divine Mind. He was going to take levels in Fist of Zuoken.

His name is Tristan von Schissler. He used to be called The von Schissler, head of the once-powerful and prestigious von Schislser Family. He made a small fortune for his family in the logging and textile businesses, but over harvesting of the trees on his property eventually led to the collapse of his ventures and turned his land into a desolation.

While the rest of his family moved from that set of good times to the next, the von Schissler gave away his family fortune and joined a monestary of Fists of the Forest: the Brotherhood of the Lorax. He recently took a level in Bear Warrior, so when he goes into his Feral Bear Frenzy Rage, he transforms into a Brown Bar Ba Loot...

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