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Agathion (Leonal)


Gestalt Monk-Paladin (with bardic performance!); Mythic (dual): Archmage/Heirophant






Theoretically really old

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Lawful Good


The One and Only


Why not?


bonus epic feat (Polyglot), suckers!



Strength 39
Dexterity 29
Constitution 33
Intelligence 27
Wisdom 27
Charisma 27

About Tacticslion

Before anything else, I'd just like to invite you, yes you, whoever you are, to accept Jesus as your savior. I know this might turn many of you off, but please just bear with me, and then you can skip to the other stuff (of course, nothing's stopping you, I'm just making a polite request by static text). The thing is, I probably like you; and even if I don't, that's no reason to not invite you. I want you to live an eternal life of paradise, of joy, free of suffering, never boring, and always new. I want to meet you someday, and give you a big hug (if you're into that sort of thing), and chat for a century or so about whatever we want.

In the belief system I've accepted, the way to do that is to simply acknowledge and believe in Jesus, that historical figure at the center of Christian teaching, as your Savior - that is, that you, no matter how awesome you are (and you are awesome!) accept that you've screwed up somewhere in your life, and that His death and resurrection can cover that and, upon earthly death, bring you into that state of existence and exalted eternity that can sound so trite in modern days: heaven. Even more simply: choose to love Him.

It really, really is that easy. Many people teach a specific prayer (useful to help focus on what you mean and what you're doing, and nice as a teaching tool, but entirely not necessary), many others require "baptism" or some other sacred rite before they accept you as "saved" (very important stuff, but also not required), and others teach that you "need" other things; but none of that really matters. What others think of you is irrelevant.

You are awesome. You are worthwhile. Life is worth living, and worth having hope. And if the world somehow doesn't know that, for whatever stupid reason, I know Someone Who does. He loves you. He cares for you. And He acknowledges your worth.

And you may think that choosing to love someone is impossible - you can't just will an emotion into being after all! And that's fair - I'm not telling you to shut down your emotions. But I'm telling you that you can choose to love someone as an act of will. That doesn't mean you're always happy with their decisions, nor does it mean you automatically always understand them, nor does it mean you just broadly accept that they are always correct; anyone in a real and true relationship knows these things. But you choose love them, care about and for them, and want what is best, nonetheless. It is a choice, an act of will, and one of acceptance.

So I'm asking you - start a relationship with Him. You don't have to know how and you certainly don't have to accept or share every little belief that I hold, nor that anyone else tells you that you need to: we fallible humans are wrong on so many things so often that I can't point to any of us as "the standard" for how to believe. The only thing I ask is that you trust Him.

He loves you. I might not always, but that's because I suck; I'm trying, please bear with me. Either way, you're awesome, and worthwhile, and I want you to have your best life - here and in the hereafter.

If you have questions about the "how" or whatever feel free to PM me, and I'll do my best to walk with you, as a brother of yours, newly minted or otherwise. :D

Also, feel free to ask any other questions: I might not be able to answer all your questions - I'm not a genius by any stretch, and I'm forgetful and distracted these days. But I'll do my best.

And the second most important rule for us all is this: love your neighbor as yourself. Who is your neighbor? The man who lives next to you. That woman broken, sick, and alone that you know lives down the street. That man that was robbed and left for dead that you happen to come across. The elderly left alone in the world. That precocious and obnoxiously insistent child that just wants care and attention. The person you speak to via internet forums.

It's a hard thing to do. People are wrong, stubborn, and stupid. I should know: I'm often all of those at once! People aren't always nice, they aren't always good, and they aren't always trustworthy. That sucks, and can often cause us pain when we deal with them. But... they're people. And that's wonderful. Love them just as much as you love yourself.

But remember, to do this right, that means you have to, you know, love yourself. You're great. You're worthwhile. And God loves you, personally. And I'm working on it. :D

Okay, now on to the more "normal" sort of "About" page (though you can't really accuse me of being "normal"... XD)


I like all the things~!

I present, the post everyone probably wishes was never made:

Gorbacz wrote:
Tacticslion should post more often on this board.

Welp. It's too late now, suckers! Mwahahahahahah!

Also, for the 'Moderately-Old School', I could be considered a "Guardinal (Leonal)" Yeah the alignment doesn't match. Hush.

About my stats: I used a wish machine. (Basically +12 or +13 from the standard). I'm willing to use it on other good creatures! (My Actual real-life stats - whatever that means - would be far more likely to be something similar to STR 10, DEX and CON 7-8s, INT 12-15, WIS 9-12, and CHA 13-15.)

Mythic Powers: Beyond Morality, Crafting Mastery, Divine Source (Animal [Fur], Community [Home], Good [Agathion], War [Tactics]), Persuasive Countenance, Ultimate Versatility, Legendary Item (Wedding Ring) {x3}; Mythic Feats: Dual Path, Extra Path Ability (Crafting Mastery); Extra Mythic Power {x3}; Archmage Arcana (Arcane Suge), Divine Surge (Recalled Blessing). These are exclusively for fun. :D

Though I'd love to be a Polyglot, and was a bit of one in my youth, sadly, that is no longer the case.

I fancy myself lawful good, but I'm more than aware of my own shortcomings in that regard.

I love the idea of a paladin, and have a bit of martial arts training (thus the monk), and am likely to (in real life) burst into random song at the drop of a hat (thus the bardic performance).

I'm a Christian (thus my Deity), and a conservative one at that. In a bizarre case of real life imitating art, multiple people (usually strangers with no prompting) have noted that I am a 'prophet' (a surprise to me too, at the time), though this doesn't mean I see the future, but rather occasionally God uses me to speak for Him (the future stuff is just one way of confirming, "Yep, here's the proof it's me."). I'm as shocked that He'd use me as you are. I'm not infallible, nor claiming to prophetically speak on the forums: this is a relaxing place, but it helps when dealing with me to know that I'm at least slightly nuts by most standards. :)

I love traveling (although I usually stay at home) - an artifact of my youthful life in Eastern Europe and abroad in general, I suppose.

I'm totally a Meddler. In everything. An artifact of my... well, no, I'm just a Meddler.

Gaming is tremendously fun, and I love it. Similarly debates. Similarly, talking a lot. So, you know, sorry in advance, forums. Blame Gorbacz.

I'm dyslexic, have ADD, and have a toddler. If I get something bizarrely incorrect, you might know why, now.

I would love to hang out in real life (in no particular order) with Mikaze, Set, Gorbacz, Kevin Andrew Murphy, TriOmegaZero, Azaelus Fayth, PapaDRB, and Orthos, among others - regardless of any agreements or disagreements we may have. If I didn't mention you, it's quite likely I just kind of forgot or haven't talked with you much. See the above paragraph for why. I someday hope to be put on TOZ's list of people he should really hang out with.

God bless you all, and I really do look forward to seeing everyone in heaven some day. Please trust Him (Jesus Christ, aka Yeshua the Messiah) as your savior!

So, anyway, in wake of the new d20pfsrd changes, I figure I should put all three of my reference sources here, to help me find them easier.
1) Archives of Nehthys
2) d20pfsrd
3) the official PRD, that's available here on the site
4) Google Maps of Golarion
5) Pathfinder Community
6) Pathfinder Wiki

Hey! I got an official title!

Kryzbyn wrote:
O protector of thread integrity.

, Here! empyrean Lord of passive-aggressive, here I come!

Oh, wow, so I guess I have synesthesia, which... you know, I never realized they had a name for (some of) what my brain does. Wow. Clarification: I have the more mundane version, not the one where sounds change audio into visual. Sorry for any misunderstanding!

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