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baggageboy wrote:
VMC rogue would probably be the best option, plus maybe a snakebite brawler dip.

For either to be worthwhile you have to take a 3 level dip though, which to me, makes me question why one would want to be a Mesmerist at all at that point.

Which is the problem I’ve been running into

avr wrote:
** spoiler omitted **

Regarding the Vexing Daredevil and multiclassing I’ve tried this myself and went meh

Inspired blade 1/Mesmerist X, which was fine but it still wasn’t exactly making the most of feinting

I’ve thought about snakebite brawler as well but I think too much Mesmerist casting it lost,

Any suggestions for what multi clashing you’d actually try with it?

No worries :)

It’s not particularly good but there is a shifter archetype that specialises in turning into elementals.


Putting the comedy into combat and the Mirth in merfolk - neither of those work but I feel like they’re in the spirit of the character :P


I really love that I like the idea of evil characters designed to play well with others, I have a necromancer who does a similar thing :P

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I just thought it'd be nice for people to have a thread where they could post character concepts they're proud of.

I have made roughly 35 characters all of them have rough storylines and personalities, that mostly get fleshed out when they get played.

But 7 or 8 of them are special, some I have had the opportunity to play, some of them I sadly have not. But I enjoy imagining what It'd be like to play them. Putting them in exciting moments imagining how it would feel to get to be those characters.

So for now, I thought I'd post a couple of them, see how people respond, my hope being that people will post there own character concepts they're particularly proud of and then people can talk about what they think is cool about said concepts and people can react to one another. I realise I am now just describing fantasising about having a conversation. LOL.

Anyway for now I'll just post a couple of the concepts I'm proud of and see how that goes.

Zeg Fagin


Zeg is a ratfolk inspired blade swashbuckler 1/ Lamplighter investigator x.

Mechanically generic in so far as he is just a dex fencing style character with a lot of knowledge skills.

But thematically he is one of my stars. So I heard a story, during my degree, that Charles dickens went to the work house (briefly) when he was very young, and a jewish boy named fagin.

Then, when he wrote Oliver Twist, he wrote about an antagonistic character named Fagin, the old jew, who kept little boys and made them steal for him. I found this fascinating and want to know why he decided to name a cruel character after someone he credits with being a decent person.

Anyway I decided to make Zeg what I imagine a decent version of Fagin could be. As such he is a worshipper of Milani, protector of the oppressed who inspires uprisings.

I imagine him travelling the streets of oppressed and impoverished areas at night, with his lantern, finding anyone who oppressed, but particularly children and looking out for them, protecting them and bringing them together.

He would have a rat familiar which would eventually leave him, in the day whilst he slept, only to return in the shape of Azata, Lyrakien (improved familiar), sent by milani to aid him in his mission.

I chose a rat for him, because I envision him travelling a Victorian London like environment, overpopulated, un-hygienic, with little value placed on human life, especially the lives of the poor. And a rat makes perfect sense in that environment, I envision him being considered a second class citizen, probably dirty, and using that to his advantage. To pass unnoticed and unseen.



Petrichor is a Astomoi psychic of the tranquillity discipline.

I imagine some of you have already seen me talking about Petrichor on this site as he is the most recent addition to my collection. I shy'd away from making a psychic Astomoi for the longest time because it felt like the antithesis of creativity. I have a kind of barrier against doing particularly well matched class/race combos, elf wizards and dwarf clerics for example. In reality though I don't think that is a particularly sensible blockage so I decided to get over it.

The idea with Petrichor is that, he grew up knowing his small perspective on the world, aware that he wouldn't ever see the true picture and endeavouring therefore to keep his mind as wide open as possible.

Desperate to go on an adventure, but afraid to go into a world, where everything else can see he him coming before he sees them. That was until he was visited in a dream by Desna and a beautiful black butterfly which he named moonbeam. They showed him the moon and the night sky, which he had never seen before.

Moonbeam in turn joins him, in the real world, as a familiar and he begins his adventure, before too long moonbeam expires and returns to his dreams, only now the prodigious powers of his mind materialise moonbeam again (figment familiar archetype).

At this point he begins his worship of Desna in earnest and considers himself a priest, travelling the countryside and using his powers of enchantment to bring peace and calm to those on the road and in the settlements he comes across, people who he would consider, in need. Sometimes getting it wrong, as he learns how other people's minds work and people's perspective's differ from his own.

I figured being an Astomoi, it would be stupid to ignore how his experience of the world is completely different to most other races. I have been using he, for ease, but he has no biological sex. He can't see in colour without using the "share senses spell". He can rarely see more than whats right in front of him. He doesn't eat or drink, or speak. He just connects with people and inhales the world, thats where his name comes from too. It made sense to be named after a smell. (not my idea)

So I decided to lean into that and go with the naive and innocent explorer seeing the world (literally) through others eyes, for the first time. Doing his best to learn and help people and be good.

I think you can give Psychics pretty distinct feel based on their Dicipline. That said they don’t have a very monkey goblin spell list if you ask me.

I’d personally go Alchemist or Arcane Trickster.

Witches really want high DC spells, which the monkey goblin is gonna struggle with.

avr wrote:

If you can get extra magus arcana (arcane accuracy) you have a +8 attack when you need it. That should put your attack bonus into the other PCs range. Spell penetration in place of combat casting would also help; combat casting must be mostly useless now. Those would take time and a trainer usually, I don't know whether you've got some kind of workaround but you did suggest retraining might be possible.

Edit: also remember to enhance your weapon using your arcane pool. That's another +4 attack and damage, and you can do it without retraining anything. It takes a swift action so you can't start it in the same round as arcane accuracy (if you get that), but it lasts the whole combat.

To add to this

Also consider Elemental Spell to prepare shocking grasps of another element and/vampiric touch

To circumvent lightning immunity

Ooo you guys are awesome!

Thanks you so much. I love the death of the butterfly idea!

So I have an idea for a character that wants to do the whole figment familiar imaginary friend thing.

But the only way that character can realistically get a familiar is through familiar bond and its improved brother.

Familiar bond does not allow access to a tone of features, so I don't think they can traded away for the figment archetype. meaning it can't be a figment until I get improved bond.

How would you logic a butterfly that is real, becoming a figment all of a sudden?



Crit fishing is using an 18-20 weapon I assume. Crit debuffing is using things like Stunning Critical or something? No idea what crit passing is.

So stuff like Dazzling Display, you mean?

Combat maneuvers are a thing that reward some investment in intelligence but are often unreliable due to size or lack of weapon using enemies or what have you. But that's literally only like 3 feats and the "advantage" is only a +2 on the checks...but you get double the checks.

Teamwork builds...what are good teamwork feats besides Outflank and Precise Strike? Also the shield basher can usually cherry pick the best ones.

Not sure what style feats would be appropriate.

Not sure what shield and reach means. If you're referring to Shield Brace then at a minimum I'd use the PFS ruling of that the polearm is treated as a one-handed weapon at a minimum.

You not knowing that hundreds of builds are out there seems to be part of your problem.

You say “shield master is way out of line”. But how do you ever proclaim to know that line when you have such a narrow view of the builds available.


Dex to damage isn't allowed.

How Earth shatteringly, mind blowingly, infuriatingly arbitrary of you.


One free attack is like a 30%ish (for full attacks) to 100% (for standard attacks) damage increase per round. For one feat. That doesn't seem out of line to you?

It’s not just one feat though is it. If you could stop being so disingenuous in service of being argumentative you might actually get somewhere.

It requires PA, it requires you already have them intimidated which means it probably requires cornugon smash, so now it’s 3 feats and skill ran investment and probably a fourth feat to make intimidating reliable, or heavy Cha investment.

That’s what we call, a build. I am 100% you know and don’t need this spelt out for you. So why do you always make it so difficult?


Two attacks at -2 are roughly as good as a single 2H attack. I don't see why the strength scores involved would be any different?

Where are two attacks coming from unless you’re full attacking with two weapon fighting. And therefor needing Dex investment and therefore having less room for strength investment.


Even with doubled feats when I've made fighters I can't remotely get all the things I'd like. And that's with Weapon Specialization/Greater Weapon Focus/Greater Weapon Specialization being given for free as well.

So in practice I've generally liked how it's worked out -- I've even been tempted to offer more feats because it's still extremely hard to justify picking up some basic ranged feats as a melee character, for example. But that relies on running out of pure power increases for feats and needing to take branching out feats.

I find this mind blowing. Unless you want to be grabbing every random static bonus like toughness, greater fortitude, improved initiative and every other thing along with it.


Hurtful is a raw numbers feat. It helps you do more damage in basically all cases.

No it is not. You’re being disingenuous.

Raw numbers is toughness, weapon focus and power attack.

Hurtful allows for a new type of action to be taken in a specific circumstance you have to set up prior to activation of the ability.
If that condition is met, which there are myriad reasons why it might not be (it should not be and I don’t see how it would be, 100% of the time) , then you can use a swift action to possibly increase your damage output.

It is not a raw numbers addition to your character. And the fact you are pretending it is tells me you’re not actually trying to have a discussion in good faith.

Balkoth wrote:

Such as? The default allowed content is CRB/APG/ACG, everything else per approval.

I mean there’s 10s if not hundreds.

Crit fishing/crit debuffer/crit passing
Intimidate/vicious/sickening debuffers
Teamwork builds
Style feats
Shield and reach.
Dex to damage


Assuming you mean this Hurtful, then it seems that could apply just as well to other styles, not just 2H.

For example, the shield basher is a Viking, which would mean at level 18+ he'd basically get a free attack each round due to free action intimidate.

That seems like a bad interaction for a feat from the Monster Codex.

1 free attack at level 18 is nothing at all out of line for level 18. Also it uses his swift action.

Hurtful + cornugon smash synergises best with two handed weapons. Because one hit from them is more impactful and they’re more inclined to pump strength the most and there are feats to make intimidate run off strength.

Chromantic Durgon <3 wrote:

Not a sword and board character, a shield bashing character. Can very easily have sword and board that doesn't dual-wield (there's two other characters doing that in the party of six, for example).

As as aside, I also house ruled literally double the fighter's feats -- so basically two per level. This was done to make it easier to get the "necessities" and then have room to pick up other stuff that gives more tactical options.

I feel like the answer would be just to write away some of the prerequisite, doubling feats to me seems like it’s going to limit variety,


If I allow a bunch of new feats that are raw number increases (in effect), then that encourages fighters to delve even deeper into those and both A, gives a larger power increase than intended and B, prevents fighters from being able to branch out which was the whole goal.

Which is a "problem" of my own making, I'm aware.

Very few feats are just raw numbers and most of the are from the core rulebook.

I would dd empower to the list of useful metamagic. I'd argue it was the most useful.

Quixote wrote:

I am not claiming to know how big of a problem it is. I am stating that it (a) leads to a weird and silly character and (b) doesn't make sense.

It's a poorly designed feat. That is all.

This reads as hyper judgemental. FYI.

There are literally thousands of distinct character builds in pathfinder, but fighting with two shields is silly.

We have people literally growing sentient tumours to help them in trivia rounds.

Quixote wrote:
Chromantic Durgon <3 wrote:
I’m guessing you’re not a fan of captain America?
Captain America doesn't claim to have an ability that somehow converts his shield's defensive enhancements info offensive ones due to him being "really good at using shields."

He was capable enough with it that it made sense as a first choice weapon.

I’m guessing you’re not a fan of captain America?

How are you gonna wildshape if you go barb 2/ Druid 3?

I agree with Avr
Also what would you be building to with your feats otherwise?

Aren’t other characters investing in other feats to make their fighting styles better than their base too?

Like this seems like the shield bashing character slowly builds into a stronger character through acquisition of feats. Which is the point?

So what are the other characters doing with their feats?

For example, the dual wielding character could be building to a crit fishing/crit passing/crit debuffer, or any other sort of build that brings something additional to the basic concept of a dual wielding character?

The two weapon guy could be going into a hurtful, intimidation build for example.

Basically it seems like you’re looking at what a sword and board character can do with heavy feat investment to broaden the power of the style.

And comparing it to two handed fighter and a two weapon fighter without considering what feats they could be investing in to do the same, to elevate that style of fighting so that they don’t become obsolete.

Oh cool :)

Although I’d probably pick different spells, slay living isn’t doing very relevant damage at level 18 and although destruction is a big hit, for that DC you could be doing more terrific things.

Chains of light to target reflex, this one is particularly nice.
Waves of Ecstacy is strong for Will saves
Implosion is a stronger version of destruction (also wale of the banshee has its upsides)
And plane shift can be a really effective method of killing too :)

I honestly never paid any attention to new releases I just get suddenly caught by surprise when there’s a cool new spell or something.

The reason I’m sad is because a small circle will get smaller as people leave PF1 for whatever reason.

I also tried making a PF2 character and I got overwhelmed again. Although I do have a habit of doing all from 1-20 when I make a character.

Perhaps when I get the book, it’ll work.

MidsouthGuy wrote:

What I'm really feeling down about is that my group will soon be disbanding, and now I will have to struggle to find a group playing the game that I actually want to play. Finding people that played Pathfinder instead of 5e was difficult when I had to do it a few years ago. Finding a group that plays PF1 now is going to be next to impossible. Sure, there are groups still playing older games, but they are usually made up of friends who have been playing together for years and generally aren't looking for new players. The lack of content, limited customization, number caps, and arbitrary restrictions in PF2 and 5e kill any hope of having fun for me if I try playing those. Jumping ship to a different system that I actually enjoy just puts me back in the same boat of struggling to find people who want to play something other than 5e. So now I will have to spend an unreasonable length of time seeking a new group that's playing what I like the most, play/run a system that I genuinely don't enjoy, or stop gaming altogether.

And that SUCKS.

Living in the UK I have literally never found a game of pathfinder or group pre-existing

I only get to play if I’m GM and then I’m not playing.

For a brief glorious 6 months at uni I had a group and gosh what a joy that was. But even then it was only because I reached out to several gaming societies at uni and asked if any knew of pathfinder and a couple people turned up.

Could you set a little bit of time aside to work out what happened to each character? Possibly with the player, make it fit certain personalities.

Could one have got side tracked on the journey home and saved some other people/be saving some other people.
Could some of them have found a family and settled down.
Is it possible any of them could have fallen? Or turned Tyrant (the anti paladin archetype) for Cheliax?
And have some of them die in the reclamation?

Give each there own mini story in collaboration with their player?

Wow how did you manage that? :)

Well yeah I honestly find Arcanist probably the least attractive caster class to play.

With Sorc Spell progression speed and wizard spell slots they just seem so painful to play and I think that blasting is probably the way to most easily display that problem. They’re more spell slot poor than any other full caster. Blasting is generally more spell slot hungry.

+you can take orc bloodline for more fun :) or + havoc on a Sorc is how I’d make a battering blaster caster.


1st feats Spell focus and spell specialisation (magic missile)

From first level you can do 2d4+6 with magic missile,

You don’t need to pump charisma crazy high cause magic missile into Battering blast doesn’t require spell saves

So from there you build into point blank and precise shot, pick up spell pen and build towards perfect spell.

Meirril wrote:
Chromantic Durgon <3 wrote:

Spell specialisation and varisian tattoo work too.

It’s a bit tricky to get +10CL but +5 is easy enough the highest I can think is as follows.

1 ioun stone, 1 varisian tattoo, 2 Spell specialisation, 2 potent magic, 3 perfect spell for 9CL.

Prayer beads of karma can provide a further 4 to make 13.

To use Prayer beads of Karma you need to be able to cast a divine spell. To do need a class that gives you a divine spell casting class feature. If you as an Arcanist learn a spell off of a divine casting list, it is still an arcane spell when you cast it. So it is possible, but it requires a dip, or really strange circumstances.

DC 20 UMD check to replicate a class feature...

Never tried UMD?

Meirril wrote:
Chromantic Durgon <3 wrote:

Blood havoc doesn’t blend with an Arcanist

It only boosts bloodrager and sorcerer spells.

Technically correct, but since its from an archetype that says treat your arcanist levels as sorcerer levels I'd allow it in my game. So I think it is worth asking the GM if it would be allowed.

Treating your arcanist level as your sorc level does not mean treating your Arcanist spells as Sorc Spells.

They're entirely different things.

If you allow it at you table thats fine but I'd call it a house rule. And a pretty huge buff to blood Arcanists.

Spell specialisation and varisian tattoo work too.

It’s a bit tricky to get +10CL but +5 is easy enough the highest I can think is as follows.

1 ioun stone, 1 varisian tattoo, 2 Spell specialisation, 2 potent magic, 3 perfect spell for 9CL.

Prayer beads of karma can provide a further 4 to make 13.

Blood havoc doesn’t blend with an Arcanist

It only boosts bloodrager and sorcerer spells.

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I have to say I tried to look at PF2 several times and it feels like wading through treacle
Not sure why that it.

I think I’d be more inclined to move over to 5e since it’s so much more played and popular than pf2

And still always start by proposing pathfinder 1 to people I meet who are new. Rather than ever really suggest pf2.

I wouldn’t say that not requiring healing spells means something is wrong.

All that tells me is your party is either good at using terrain and control spells.
Or has high AC and saves

It’s not that hard for well built parties to dominate on CR encounters, especially since variation between the strength of monsters of the same CR is absolutely ginormous. Mind blowingly huge in some cases.

Also have you been using single enemy encounters? Cause it’s a lot easier not to take damage in those encounters.

I made a similar build.

I went down the route of getting a familiar for scouting and character development reasons.

I also went down the line of Deific obedience to pick up some fun powers and again for character development

Divine spark smacks of an Oracle to me, several mysteries would make sense for it dark tapestry for Azathoth for example.

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The idea of getting entangle to help enable your ranged party isn’t a bad idea

But I would say consider taking the swamp grasp hex instead, leaving your patron open.

Thereby allowing you to take the trickster patron, it has some very powerful spells including mirror image, which is good because Witches biggest weakness is defensive casting.

Also, trickster makes sense for an 11 year old.

I think Psychics get a lot of those sorts of spells.

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+ you don’t lose any more BAB from taking a second level

Ability focus can certainly be argued, would require GM approval, but it’s there.

Accursed Hex and Split Hex both exist. They’re feats that improve hexes :) split hex in particular is very strong

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There is absolutely nothing that requires a power gamer to not roleplay. This is a fallacy. Being good at making functional characters does not mean you can’t play the character.

I myself consider myself an optimiser, I pick a concept and I try to make it work as well as possible without picking choices that don’t fit that concept.

I have also acted in the theatre, in lady Windermere fan and the woman in black, I have studied acting and have taken improv classes. I take Roleplay just as seriously.

Oh damn that’s a shame, i guess I’ll have to go with plan B.

The butterfly figment shows him the moon in his dreams

I mean sure but their ability only works like darkvision
It isn’t literally darkvision and explicitly calls out that they can read which means they can see a picture on a page.

If I can see a picture on a page I can see a reflection in a mirror. That’s my opinion on it anyway.

I don’t think we will get to the bottom of that one though

Pan, definitely not a Kitsune wrote:
Chromantic Durgon <3 wrote:
It explicitly calls out that they can read though, so I don’t see how they couldn’t see a reflection.

A reflection is, well, reflected light. Darkvision somehow tells how much light would be reflected if an object was hit by light (how light/dark a surface is) while ignoring the presence or absence of actual light.

And then stops working in supernatural darkness, just because.

Normally, this isn't an issue because everyone else also can see light, but Astomoi explicitly can't - they just have Darkvision, and the effects of that are poorly thought through in my eyes.

Besides, as I said, if reflections are allowed, what's stopping them from carrying a mirror and looking into the distance through that?
If reflections were allowed to bypass their 60ft visual distance limit, it seems significant enough for them to mention it.

Eh I think it could be easily overlooked

Literally all vision relies on reflection

There’s no physical difference between looking at a reflection in a lake and looking at words on a page. As far as I know anyway

So I feel like if a DM wanted to have a problem with that I’d call bull on grounds of arbitrary nonsense.

Also I don’t see how them being able to use a mirror to awkwardly see the reflections of things further away brakes anything really. It makes sense if a creature has physical limitations it figures out ways around em.

Humans can’t kick down trees to we made toothed saw blades. Or whatever.

It explicitly calls out that they can read though, so I don’t see how they couldn’t see a reflection.

My thinking was that as a child he used to marvel at the reflection of a moon in a still lake

Also have you ever seen a moonbeam in the woods? It’s really an amazing thing to witness and I figure it would be more crazy with dark vision.

I did also consider Ammil and Petrichor but he’d tell people to call him pet :)

EDIT: Ooo what if he had a given and a chosen name!

Given Petrichor
Chosen Moonwake

Lair actions might be stalagmites growing out of a cave floor to impale people or lava surging up in a volcanic area.

Holy s+*~ I remember that episode now!

EDIT: luckily I found this list, think I might name him Moonwake

Clickty click.

Because he’s got the warmest heart!

I mean that’s assuming they full understand how this the encounter works.

I could easily see people mistaking “bad manners” for “provoking an attack” as opposed to a minor diplomacy debuff.

I don’t mean to be a Debbie downer negative nelly, but this encounter screams to me:
Players aren’t gonna read it the way you the DM intends. I’m sure it’s happened to most if not all of us at some point and this screaming that.

I just don’t see players feeling inclined to bend over backwards to talk to a b~$*!y monster who is actively damaging them to begin with.

Ultimately you know your group better I do and I may well be way off the beaten path. But I feel like it might help to have a fresh pair of eyes on it.

Regarding adding to an encounter for fighting. Have you thought about lair actions?

That description though, naked mannequin of the night!

I live!

Edit: also pan where did you get the word petrichor from? Did you just know it?

Cause I’m thinking a similar vibe but to do with the road/travelling but don’t know where to start.

@Pan - I would say thats probably a discussion with my GM.

I love your naming convention idea.

@avr - I can see how it might seem difficult on the face, but I don't think its actually all that hard. He can see 60ft in front of him and read a map. What more do you need to be able to do? Going off the beaten path can be tough, but there are easy ways around it. One that occurred to me was leaving a scent marker if he did want to go off path.

Also he can cast Know Direction as a Knack, meaning he should find it pretty f$#*ing hard to get lost.

As an aside I'm planning to get a figment butterfly familiar to use share senses with once he hits 6th level. Also I think it leans into his Desna vibes. Tis gonna be a blue one with little white flecks, cause her colours are blue and white :). After that he's gonna go deific obedience :)

Regarding naming, yeah I'm really feeling Pans naming idea, its very clever. Just gonna think of one that suits. I'm thinking perhaps something that works into the curiosity/traveller vibe.

@blahphers - Regarding language, I'm planning for him to start with 18int, he could easily know, Elvish, Dwarfish, Gnomish, Halfling and Orc. With just one rank in Linguistics.

Meaning they could communicate with all the most common races in their common tongue.

Also do any of y'all have any idea if Astomoi are genderless? cause I'm struggling lol.

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Baba Yaga is also quite possibly the most powerful statted thing in the entirety of pathfinder.

She has the ability, Queen of Witches, meaning she knows all wizard spells, all witch spells, and can create arcane versions of any divine spells she wants. She can also create her own artefacts.

The things she can do are pretty much as far from the standard as a character can be.

A lv20/Mythic10 PC is CR25. She is CR30.

Thats the gap we're working with. And yes CR is a loose marker at best, but she's pretty much the most deserving of the CR30 of any creature.

So my point is, yes perhaps its possible but generally "Baba Yaga can do it" isn't a very compelling argument unless you're a caster, casting 9th level spells already.

Add to that, symbol spells components are poisonous and I kinda feel like any symbol you put on your skin is gonna get rubbed off real quick, cause skin is folded and moving and stretching and bending.

My solution would be some kind of metal or stone or wooden tablets you could incorporate into your armour or cloak or whatever, which house the symbols. If you really had your heart set of this kind of thing.

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Oooo this is exciting :)

0: I kinda find this one annoying because its so strong its better than most of the tailored to class options. Which kinda enrages me!

1: Agree

2: This one just feels terrible, but then I don't know what I'd want to do with the rogue.

3: I feel like this one just depends on the kind of bard you want to be. It feels weirdly close to something a mesmerist would do though.

4: Agreed

5: I kinda find this one boring to be honest, I kind of find clerics boring though. I feel like something to do with making the channel more fun would be better.

6: I agree this is very NPC vibe, I also feel like the +8 bonus is mechanically very strong.

7: I feel like the one is good if your favoured enemy features heavily in a game you're playing. But the +8 again would be a safer bet for consistency (just to re-iterate, I hate that +8)

8: This feels, just worse than mighty rage.

9: I actually felt conflicted about this one to be honest, especially for the unchained monk. I find it hard to pick.

11: Oh I think this is very dependant from Sorc to Sorc. I have a Verdant Sorc and a especially a vestige sorc who could probably find some more use in a secondary bloodline. Some bloodlines have very meh capstones.

In fact I was thinking of taking an Astral sideline for the Vestige Sorc, who is a Shabti, because I think it would fit his combined lore. For this one in particular I think a lot of whether or not I would take it is if it would make sense to the asthetic of the character.

I also have a draconic sorc, who wouldn't want to give up his cap.

Also if you're making a save or suck sorc (enchantment/illusion/transmutation) tell me why you're not taking that g*+ d#!n +8.

12: I agree

13: I feel like I don't know s+@& about the gunslinger so I can't comment haha. Does seem generically good, but is it better than a +8 to dex? cause thats a + to hit as well...

14: This gives me a similar vibe to the paladin one. Its true its good for the unmounted thing for in caves. But its for that reason I never really consider playing a medium race Cavalier, but thats just me.

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