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I would recommend an elf, getting longbow proficiency for free, a bonus to Dex and Int, and resistances and even invulnerability to sleep. The minus to Con sucks, but any wizard that takes damage is in trouble pretty quickly. Abjuration can help with that, if only a little.

What do you really want to do with your wizard? A lot of non-blaster playstyles involve getting other beings to tank for you.

There's always the lowly buckler - you could still use the warhammer in two hands.

willuwontu wrote:
EldonGuyre wrote:

I'm not sure I'm understanding the question. The text on Ricochet Toss I just read says nothing about weapon groups. I'm not seeing how that matters.

It says it works. Throw Anything gives you no penalty. If you use both together, improvised weapons return to hand after being thrown.


I have to wonder what level of skill it takes to throw a mug of ale without spilling it.

Ricochet toss is a weapon mastery feat.

Although most combat techniques are general enough to be categorized as combat feats, some require such a high level of martial skill that they are instead categorized as weapon mastery feats. Weapon mastery feats count as combat feats for all purposes, including which classes can select them as bonus feats, and you gain the benefits of a weapon mastery feat only while wielding a weapon that belongs to a fighter weapon group that you have selected with the fighter weapon training class feature (referred to hereafter as an “appropriate weapon”), and any effect of these feats related to attacks applies only to attacks from such weapons unless the feat specifies otherwise. Characters who lack the weapon training class feature can access weapon mastery feats by taking the Martial Focus feat below.
So to answer the OP, it doesn't work with them unless you have 2 levels of hinyasi brawler, and weapon training (close).

I was wondering if there was something I was missing.

Some interesting thoughts there. Toning down the attic whisperer may be the way to go...
I want the encounter to come off as a child that's not so intentionally evil, but simply driven by hunger.
Centipedes are definitely the vermin of choice, but I may throw in a couple of others for variety.

JiCi wrote:
Magda Luckbender wrote:
@OP: Many players new to reach weapons worry a lot about the 5' dead zone. In my experience these concerns are not justified. My first few reach fighters always had some way to also attack adjacent, such as Armor Spikes or Improved Unarmed Attack. I gradually realized that this rarely comes up in actual play. 95% of the time this issue does not matter. My more recent reach fighters no longer bother with this issue, because it's actually a nothing-burger. It's certainly not worth a feat!

Can you really blame them? You constantly need to make a 5-foot adjustment away from your target in order to strike them, and that's up for debate if that alone can trigger attacks of opportunity. Furthermore, if Reach doesn't make ti not as appealing as it may want to, Bracing isn't that useful either, because you need to ready an action. You need to telegraph your action so that your DM will somehow forget about it and have an opponent recklessly charge at you in order for you to deal double damage on the resulting opportunity.

As for the ability in question, I feel like if the club cannot get the benefits of an ability or a feat that your polearm can, the haft bash cannot receive it. It can receive Weapon Focus, but not Keen. However, if your polearm is Bludgeoning and have the Disruption enhancement, so does your haft.

A 5' step doesn't trigger an AoO.

I already have ideas, but nothing perfect, yet. It's an orphan child that died of starvation in the sewers beneath an orphanage - I'm planning on using the young template. The attic whisperer is a pretty good possibility, but won't need the template, and is a bit powerful - it's for first levels.

I don't want it too scary - it should be more sad.

thejeff wrote:
EldonGuyre wrote:
Artificial 20 wrote:
Better no GM than bad GM.
While I agree with that, fudging...or not fudging...doesn't make the difference, by itself.

That's sort of the contention at hand.

It's pretty clear that for some people it does. And for a subset of those simply not being sure because they can't see the rolls will be enough.

My point here is simply that it varies by table. Any cry of "You're doing it wrong!" is simply uncalled for.

avr wrote:

Alchemists get polymorph spells, some of them at spell levels reduced enough you get them at the same character level as a full spellcaster. They're noticeably better at fighting than sorc/wiz/arcanist before you apply buffs, if not as good as a bloodrager.

An investigator is similar past the lowest levels (1-3) where they lack combat ability.

Yeah,and don't forget about mutagens - but it seemed like the OP was looking for more of a pure caster, to me. Alchemist would rock.

Jeff Morse wrote:
shape change blood line is good too. turn those spells into hour per level. arcanist is best for its ability too let you change shapes

Nice! I really need to dive into some of the newer books.

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Artificial 20 wrote:
Better no GM than bad GM.

While I agree with that, fudging...or not fudging...doesn't make the difference, by itself.

Ryan Freire wrote:

Brown fur transmuter arcanist archetype is probably the best pure caster for it, raw numbers wise it makes the stat bonuses from polymorphing even bigger, and for fun you can also turn your party fighter into a whatever.

Bloodrager kind of wins the day as far as a framework for stacking polymorph buffs on though. Problem is its later in the career and usually limited (dragon form or elemental form) in scope.

The Brown Fur Arcanist is cute. I hadn't looked at it too closely.

Any time you're building an arcane caster that's going to melee, I like Aberrant and Abyssal bloodlines. One advantage a Sorcerer gets that won't mean quite as much is better weapon proficiencies - at lower levels, that could still help.

Any time you plan on working with a limited number of spells,don't discount Sorcerer. They get more spells per level per day, and you don't need to plan them out in advance. An Arcanist isn't a bad choice, but not the direction I'd go with it. Bloodlines can get interesting.

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Watery Soup wrote:
Thomas Keller wrote:
Afraid there is no druid in the party.
Is there room for a 13th?

I don't suppose the 13th has to be a warrior...

(feel free to groan)

I'm not sure I'm understanding the question. The text on Ricochet Toss I just read says nothing about weapon groups. I'm not seeing how that matters.

It says it works. Throw Anything gives you no penalty. If you use both together, improvised weapons return to hand after being thrown.


I have to wonder what level of skill it takes to throw a mug of ale without spilling it.

I've had situations where a player comes up with a great plan, but the dice destroy it, time and time again, all the while rewarding something pointless, or even utterly foolish.

That's when I'll fudge, in a player's favor. Great plans when the dice are relentlessly against you makes a disappointing game.

I will also admit to occasionally assuming a success for NPCs - not directly against the party, but if the mad slasher fails on his first kill attempt, it doesn't make for much of a murder mystery.

avr wrote:

A non-walled town wouldn't be as compressed. I really don't know what that means in terms of population densities, obviously lower but not how much.

Great Garden looks like a 0.12 km2 area so at a medieval town's density that's 1800 people. It doesn't look like it's that built up, so maybe a quarter that, 450?

Geromet's Swamp looks like 0.2 km2, but it also looks built up, but there's no wall...maybe half the 3000 the area suggests for a walled town, or 1500?

That's guesswork of course.

That's fine, and very appreciated. I was thinking fairly similar numbers, myself.

I really do wish there was a setting for density in the generator - I definitely get where you're coming from. That's not the most realistic, but I didn't want them all walled.

avr wrote:

I can see the google folder. I'm sure there are ways to create & share links to dropbox, that was the point back when it was set up. It's been years since I used it and I don't remember how to now though.

Most medieval towns had walls which mattered a lot legally so two of those maps look odd. A quick google suggests ~15 000 people/square km. Eyeballing Orgark's map I'd think it about 1.4 km2 which makes 21 000 population.

Cool. 21k sounds pretty good - I'm likely to up it a bit, as it's an orcish population.

Any thoughts on the other two?

Watery Soup wrote:

I can't see your maps, but even if I could, the biggest uncertainty is what the maps were meant to include. Presumably in any settlement, most of the buildings are uninteresting - Farmer #35's House, etc. Are the maps meant to show all buildings, or just the interesting ones?

If they're meant to show all buildings, Google "London 1300" or something to see pictures of real life cities along with their known populations.

If they're not meant to show all buildings, estimating the population is futile.

Where does the link take you?

This is so frustrating.

Bjørn Røyrvik wrote:

You could just steal from Threshold #1, the fanzine for Mystara.

The very first article is detailed demographic of the country of Karameikos (the default 'starting adventurer country') which takes into account things like official sources, mediaeval demographics, terrain, different races and settlement types and the history of the nation.

Yes, the Mystara fanbase has people who actually sit down and crunch the numbers instead of just arbitrarily assigning them.

Thanks for the link, I'm scanning it now. Can you see my maps? Any thoughts?

This should link to the Google folder.

You can't open the links? What do they give you? They should go to my dropbox.

Edit: It appears I can't link to them that way. I need a good free image hoster, then.

avr wrote:
From a map? Not really, though I suppose you could look at the total area enclosed and use average population densities. Wouldn't it be better to start with an idea of the population and generate maps until one matches though?

I have a few dozen maps to be used as population centers...I'm not sure how your methodology makes things easier, at any rate. How can I decide when I have a map of the correct population, when I can't work out the population by looking at the map?

I really could use some help, here. Outside of counting buildings, is there a decent way to estimate population?

I'll be using an online random settlement maker for my population centers. I'd love some help estimating the population of three examples:

Great Garden

Geromet's Swamp


One, I see as a large village, one a small town, and the last, a city - but, considering averages, what would you think the population might be of each?

Edit The Generator

nosig wrote:

Location: A forested land inhabited by fey (Sprites/Brownies/etc) .

Local “War Leader/Chief”: a former human fighter/general of significant level (say 12th) whose body washed up on the island (or fell from the sky/from a flying carpet/Sky ship/teleport accident/something) and the local Druid (unicorn?) Reincarnated him. And he came back as a Pixie. Or Atomie. Or something equally small. And hates the fact that his current “Greatsword” is 6 inches long... And he has a squeaky voice. And can’t hold his beer...

He is always trying to organize the locals into some form of militia/army/military force, and while they “play along” for a little while, they tend to be distracted by ... “Ball!” and chase off into the brush after anything, forgetting whatever it is he was want them to do.

When the PCs arrive, “the General” might think they are advance scouts of an invasion, or he may just draft them into his fighting forces...

Bonus points if the PCs know there actually is a threat headed to the island,,, and the fey need to organize a defense.

There are some great suggestions in this thread, so far, but let me tell you, these last couple have been outstanding...and when I got to yours, I HAD to laugh out loud! That's great! It also fits better than you could ever imagine, as there are actually floating islands hidden in the clouds. He'll be the one telling the party, if they ever meet him.

Oh, and arboreal octopi. Crazy. I love it.

Well, I just built a character I feel like fits pretty well in the theme.

He's a (human) hero, well past his prime. At 95, he's long since retired, and he farms. He's a legend, actually, but he lives where nobody knows. To his neighbors, he's simply a (stunningly) vigorous old farmer with some crazy skill with plants.

In a world where very few NPCs get into the teen levels (the toughest known man in the world is a Ftr16 - but pretty special), he's 15th level.

He slew a grootslang, as his last known public act - some say he died. There is a memorial to him, made of its tusks. His associates disappeared, too. His cleric friend, a bit younger and merely 13th level, lives very nearby, and the female halfling rogue nobody remembers stops in quite often to reminisce, drink, and play cards with them.

They lost a friend that day. The wizard was always frail, and the beast bit him in half. The cleric nearly died, too, and they were unable to recover the wizard's body.

There's a sadness to the old hero's last tale, but he's not dead yet.

KahnyaGnorc wrote:

An Ettin that was once a married couple.

A wizened old wizard in the body of a toddler.

A kid in the body of a massive, grizzled barbarian.

A race of beings that swap bodies with each other like it's nothing.

A person that can swap out body parts like a Mr. PotatoHead.

An intelligent/awakened Roc that thinks it is a sparrow (or the other way around)

LOL! That's Corben's Den! ;)

It's a fascinating concept, but that is one gigantic cookie, and the bite you're planning is enormous.

I don't know what your organization and improvisation skills are like, but it's one heck of a lot more than I'd recommend to the typical starting GM. I might do something like that, but I have 40+ years of experience behind me, and I know my weaknesses.

Still, it could work. I'm not trying to nay-say, just give fair warning.

Cool. Any more?

I'm mostly looking for the quirky individuals...I can get a lot from all this, though. I love stuff like semi-redeemed demons. :)

What would Obi-wan do?

Seriously, when done carefully, a little enchantment makes one of the most beloved characters. Make sure they see that in the character.

Cool. Some interesting ideas, here!

My next campaign is set in a giant island chain where there are many, many strange people and societies.

I'm collecting up a list of unusual and interesting people - any race is possible, and I'm looking for peculiar folk of any stripe. They don't need to be challenges, but that's possible. There's everything from a giant, crazily cosmopolitan city to primitive tribes, and even underwater societies.

I'm looking for any characters the party might want to interact with, from an awakened dog expert that knows the city streets like the back of his paw to a religious leader who just happens to be an ocean giant who draws crowds of tourists to his sermons. (both already exist)

What ideas do you have? Convoluted is fine!

I can't recall his name, but he was a true CN Dirge Bard Dhamphir who had become so jaded after his over 100 years of life that he was simply looking for interesting and unusual experiences. Physically, he was tall and rail-thin, with a tendency to dress garishly. He had an extremely dark and twisted sense of humor - think Marilyn Manson with a mandolin.

Alchemist. Mutagens could get crazy.

One could assume vulnerability occurs in conditions of exceptional dryness - forest fires happen when the forests have been through droughts and heat is very high, more often than not.

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Tim Emrick wrote:
Check out the "Mystical Meals" section of Elves of Golarion. An elf with at least 5 ranks in Profession (cook) and the Brew Potion feat can infuse food with magical power.

Excellent. It does say that other races dan do the same, but that their efforts seem primitive in comparison (as judged by elven palates, of course).

I have a hill giant druid chef NPC who has a floating raft/island/marketplace where he has a restaurant - for an upcoming game. This is perfect for him.

(he's a pretty unusual hill giant.)

You certainly can, and whatever your total xp ends up being is the encounter's CR - though, don't expect a CR2 to be very tough,if the players are experienced. most 1st level parties handle CR2 well, and only really start having trouble at CR3.

Someday I'd love to play my Bbn/Mnk (Martial Artist) using Tiger Style.

If you want a decent martial character, I think he would be a blast.

What beyond swallow whole are you looking for? Something in the way of mechanics? It seems to me that swallow whole more or less already does that.

blahpers wrote:
EldonGuyre wrote:
Forge an alliance with the queen.
Is that what the young folks call it these days?

I'm not young folks (58 this month), and maybe that's why I have no clue what you're eluding to.

Yup, been there, done that. One of the final fights in my last campaign - a mythic game - involved a fight inside a creature so large that the fight was actually in its mouth, against independent entities it created to act as digestion agents...

...this happened in the Far Realms.

There are island turtles in my upcoming game.

Forge an alliance with the queen.

If it's at all possible, it seems to be the thing to do.

Quixote wrote:
A little immunity to poison, a little resistance to acid...gelatinous cube.

I think you win the thread.

Definitely weird.

Quixote wrote:
This thread has gotten out of hand. I think everything that's been said in response to the OP is more than enough to conclude things.

Probably. I hope he has a good idea of what to do.

There's actually nothing 'wrong' about being a powergamer - but it's not suitable to all games, and even if it is, it can make things more difficult, even if it doesn't break the game.

Aggression is not a good way to handle it.

Bob Bob Bob wrote:
EldonGuyre wrote:
Yes, they are, but I didn't post here for that. When I want a critique, I ask for it.

Not really your choice. Once you post something other people get to decide how they respond (within the framework of the thread, of course). And if your post differs enough from other's expectations (say, Monk/Wizard multiclass breaking the game) then I would expect people to question it.

In your case your complaints all seem to boil down to "this character is the best at the most common stuff in the campaign". While it might be powergaming (depending on degree) it's definitely not game breaking. And while we can't really measure the degree (as you won't provide details) we can absolutely guess that the other players are wildly behind (as 40 DPR is what, a 6th level Fighter with a bow?). Other players being really bad is a problem (all game imbalance is) but it's not powergaming. One Fighter and three Commoners is a bad party but it's not the Fighter's fault.

If you think it's off-topic by all means flag and move on. But since people seem to be arguing it, I'm absolutely going to chime in with "A Paladin in a demon-heavy campaign isn't a powergamer". Because they're not. It's what their class is designed to do. It's the perfect time to play one.

Cant you read?

I didn't post that.

And I definitely never said that him being a paladin in a demon heavy campaign made him a powergamer - but you don't know enough to say he isn't.

He KNOWS and ADMITS to being a powergamer. He's also a decent roleplayer. My comment was ON TOPIC. Yours is NOT.

Isn't there some way to bind your mind and spirit to a golem? Golems are infamously immune to sooo much.

Chromantic Durgon <3 wrote:
EldonGuyre wrote:

Well, isn't that lovely. My comment was deleted.

Your opinion is still of no particular value.

You’re being needlessly rude.

On-topic: regarding the Paladin behaviour, is the bullying in or out of character and does he have a firm idea of character?

If it’s in characters it’s potentially a more easy fix.

Optimising does not exclude one from roleplaying by default.

YOU are being needlessly rude.

I have repeatedly informed you that I didn't come looking for advice, and don't want it. When you've had that explained more than once, but continue to shove your opinion where it isn't wanted, to the point where you have to justify it by commenting that you can post your opinion because it's a public forum, that's some pretty passive-aggressive nonsense.

MY game is NOT the topic.

Back to who actually asked for advice - not every power gamer is a game breaker, and what breaks your game may be fine in mine.

Some people are just not roleplayers, but love to powergame. If it breaks your game, talk to them. They may be willing to adapt.

If not, find a replacement. It's an out-of-game issue, and those need to be solved outside of the game.

Chromantic Durgon <3 wrote:

Okay a lot of that is making me wonder what your other players are doing? Remind me what level are you guys?

Because if the paladin is accessing its powerful spells that tells me we’re pretty high levels.

If we are pretty high level and the rest of the party is hitting 40-60 dpr, that’s very low.

Then you tell me he takes significantly less hits than everyone else in the party? Outside of smiting Paladins don’t have anything special built in that makes them exceptionally good at having high AC.

Then you tell me he’s getting the most out of leadership.

It’s starting to make me ask, more about what it is that the rest of the party is not doing, than what he he is?

Sure he could have optimised the s#%$ out of his AC and there’s could be fine.

But given what I already know about their lacklustre DPR and his not particularly crazy numbers, it does make me think, that probably isn’t the case.

I’m starting to think that this disparity could be just as much about one player optimising as all the other players missing some pretty basic things they could be doing.

Yes, they are, but I didn't post here for that. When I want a critique, I ask for it.

I love the idea of the mime, but the way that people always hate on mimes...I mean, should he just wear a target?

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