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#1 Menagerie, LG half elf Summoner / Paladin / Dragon disciple.

Eidolon is small, serpentine body type, very good at disguise & ride, Mounted combat feat. Rarely an offensive presence.

I wear an exotic saddle. I melee. "Belt" saves me many a crippling blow with hardly an opponent figuring out the schtick. PFS legal.

#2 Klutz is me accepting the thrown down gauntlet of "You could make a horrible alchemist and still be effective", CG Half orc Alchemist. Base Dex 7, 5 if enlarged, 3 with sacrament cognatogen, non-proficient tower shield, smoked goggles, ear plugs. Stealth on at all times, without slowing down, total -1, so he's actually louder when he's trying to be quiet. Bluff, Diplomacy -4. No trained knowledges whatsoever. Heal +15 for fixing the errors he causes. Basic proficiency with Handle animal. Store-bought seeing eye (guard) dog. Carries three necklaces of fireball and trying to accumulate more, Ref only +4 fully (de-)buffed. He's a mushroom cloud waiting to happen, but he's lived to 6th level, Mr. Magoo style. All PFS legal.

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GM Rednal wrote:
My understanding of Pathfinder is that most characters do not have a set sexuality. When it's brought up, it's usually a plot point of some kind (like if they're married). Otherwise, it's deliberately left vague so that it can be whatever a given group wants it to be.

As. It. Should. Be.


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Leg o' Lamb wrote:
Gregory Rebelo wrote:

All Thunderlips aside, I think its important to explore other personas in this hobby. Obviously not ones that are disruptive or hurtful to others. Lacking the first-hand knowledge as to how those characters behave should invite introspection into ... well... how those characters behave.

Steven, do you remember having to tone down Thunderlips? If so could you describe the mental/social process?

There was a table at one PaizoCon past where a woman had an adverse reaction (Wow... WOW... WOW) to my standard character intro speech for THUNDERLIPS!. She did not say "This makes me uncomfortable" or "Can you please not refer to it as a 'chest pelt'?" but it was very clear she had an issue with the way I described him. Within thirty seconds I knew one player at the table had an issue. So I just played a regular barbarian for that scenario and that was that. The chicken was a chicken and nothing more.

If a GM or another player asks me to keep the chicken jokes to a minimum or none at all before the game starts I will happily comply.

** spoiler omitted **

Tha.... that's fowl! There, I said it.


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As we wrap up our production on Pathfinder Society (1st edition) scenarios, we would like to reiterate that this is not the end of the road for the campaign.

It is for many.


Chris Mortika wrote:

I think it would be reasonable to allow a character to shift his Renown during don time to the city in which the mission briefing takes place.



zer0darkfire wrote:

There is no reason to think that you could simply move your renown to a new town during down time under the current PFS rules. I'd almost say that you would have to retrain the talent choice following retraining rules to move it.

That does bring up a good idea though, there should be an option in the Guild Guide that allows vigilante's to forgo their downtime to move their renown to a new location if they desire.

I disagree. There's a very good reason to think you could simply move your renown to a new town during down time.... it's hard coded into the ability.

Requiring the foregoing of downtime to do this seems punitive for utilizing a class feature.

baggageboy wrote:
The cold iron, sawback kunai. This humble 9gp item fills so many roles! It's a saw, crowbar, piton, trowel (for you know, number 2), as well as a cold iron blunt or piercing weapon with a ranged increment, and it's a simple weapon so unless you are a wizard you are proficient. All in a 2lb. package!

Nice find.

Monks are also not proficient.


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While this is an interesting exercise, since Renown is portable, taking a week to re-calibrate, why don't Vigilante players just assume Renown has been relocated to the next adventure?

It's no different than the off-camera Day Jobs, Handle Animal training, Retraining, and Alchemical crafting that takes place.

Slim Jim wrote:
Not only do they not, but it's also been clarified that all traits that a granting an unlisted bonus are in fact granting a "trait"

Sensible, but do you have a source for this?

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Inspiring [Quests & Campaigns] Std action, grant +1 morale to an ally within 30’ who can see & hear me. Ally can use it on any d20 before your next turn. Cannot use on self. Can only benefit once/24 hours. Useful for that out-of-combat roll: disabling device, dispel magic, remove disease, etc.

Kin Guardian [Ult Campaign] Your Aid Another to assist AC yields an additional +2 for members of your family. Great for Bodyguard characters who are into adoption.

Vandal [Heroes of the Wild] +2 Strength checks to break objects; and ignore 2 hardness when damaging an object with a weapon, natural weapon or unarmed attack. For your non-roguey breaking & entering characters.

Tireless [Exchange, PFS Guide] +1 HP. And other stuff of minimal concern. Take this at first level for survivability. Retrain at second level.

Inspired [Ult Campaign] 1/day roll twice & take the better for any skill or ability check. Initiative! Day job!

Priest-Blessed [Faiths and Philosophies] 3/day when targeted by a harmless divine spell, +1 CL as it relates to me. For that self-buffing divine caster.

Strength of Submission [Divine Anthology] Razmiran. +1 trait HnD when affected by a [compulsion]. Examples: Aid, Abadar’s Truthtelling, Bane, Bless, Confusion, Good hope, Heroism, Greater heroism, Prayer, etc.

Desperate Focus [] or Focused Mind [APG] +2 Concentration checks (not just casting defensively).

Havoc of the Society [Faction Guide] Whenever you cast a spell that deals damage, +1 force damage. Useful for when you have a rider effect that takes effect upon damage, but the target just may be immune to the primary damage. E.g. Dazing fireball.

Less Effort [Agents of Evil] Select one abjuration or transmutation spell on your spell list. +2 CL when you cast it, or it is cast on you. I'm fond of pairing with Shield of faith or Prot/evil.

Magical Knack [APG] +2 CL in one class, max your current HD. (Great for multi-classing, Paladin, Ranger, Bloodrager)

Transmuter of Korada [Champions of Purity] +1 CL Transmutations. 1/day Extend a stat buff spell (e.g. bull’s strength).

Unscathed [Ult Campaign] Each type of Energy resistance you have (if any) increases by 2 points. Suli, Tiefling, Aasimar! Oracle of the apocalypse!

(Azlanti) Enduring Spellcraft [Inner Sea Races] +1 CL for duration only.

(Dwarf) Tunnel Fighter [Ult Campaign] While underground, +2 Initiative & +1 weapon damage for crits (multiplied). For your characters built for extended dungeon crawls - Emerald Spire.

(Half elf) Bifurcated Magic [Inner Sea Races] +1 CL to two classes, max = HD. Doesn’t stack with other trait bonuses, e.g. Magical knack. For the theurge types.

(Half orc) Cruel Rager [Agents of Evil] 1/rage, regain 1 round of rage if you confirm a crit while raging.

(Half orc, raised by Orcs) Finish the Fight [Bastards of Golarion] +1 attack rolls vs opponents you injured in the past 24 hrs.

(Half orc) Lasting Ferociousness [Agents of Evil] You may use orc ferocity for 2 rounds, instead of 1.

(Human, Azlanti) Enduring Spellcraft [Inner Sea Races] +1 CL for duration only

(Tiefling) Blessing of Darkness [Blood of Fiends] Whenever someone capable of channeling negative casts a beneficial spell on you, they act as if they were one level higher for that spell’s effect.

(Tiefling) Chain Master [Blood of Fiends] +2 CMB trip with spiked chain
or whip.

Bellis Honey Master [Andoran, Andoran Spirit of Liberty] DR 3/- swarms, +1 saves vs their poison & distraction.

Blighted Physiology [Numeria, People of the River] +1 natural AC; sickened 1 rd anytime I receive magical healing

Cloistered Upbringing [Any city, Heroes of the Streets] +1 saves vs Su channeled energy or abilities powered by ki, and regain 1 additional hp when healed by Su effects.

Destined for Greatness [Large city, Dungeoneer Hdbk] You start with a kit ≤300 gp. Replenished whenever you enter a settlement, pop 2500+.
Zombie slayers kit is a good one.

Enemy of the Undead [Geb, Inner Sea Primer] +2 saves vs spells & SLAs from undead.

Erutaki Sky Reader [Crown of the World, Adv Class Origins] 1/day, +2 luck on a save, *after the roll*.

Free Agent [River Kingdom, Pirates of the IS] +2 saves vs charm & compulsion.

Giant-Harried [Regional, Giant Hunter’s Hdbk] +1 CMB & CMD vs larger.

Huldra’s Luck [Irrisen, People of the North] 1/day, +1 luck on a save, attack roll or skill check. (After the roll.)

Mivoni Duelist [Mivon, People of the River] +1 damage when I am the only one threatening. (Doesn’t specify weapon damage.)

Nidalese Shadowcaster [Nidal, Inner Sea Primer] +1 CL one [shadow] spell. Not a trait bonus.

Precocious Spellcaster [Taldor, Taldor] +1 CL with one cantrip & one 1st level spell. Not a trait bonus.

Prismati Player [Andoran, Andoran] +1 to hit with fist sized rocks & similar. +1 concentration.

Prophet of Burrows [Blood of the Beast] Ratfolk, +5% money earned from a skill check.

Secret of the Impossible Kingdom [Jalmeray, Inner Sea Primer] +1 CL with one spell. Not a trait bonus.

Slave Taker [Okeno, Pirates of the IS] +1 damage when inflicting non-lethal. Not a trait bonus.

Tianjing Temple Guard [Tianjing region, Dragon Emp Primer] +1 on AoO with polearm weapons. Polearms: bardiche, bec de corbin, bill, crook, glaive, glaive-guisarme, guisarme, halberd, hooked lance, lucerne hammer, mancatcher, monk's spade, naginata, nodachi, ranseur, rhomphaia, tepoztopilli, and tiger fork.

Whip Specialist [Okeno, Pirates of the IS] +1 damage with whips. Not a trait bonus.

Affinity for the Elements [any Elemental Lord, Inner Sea Gods] +1 DC to your spells from one element.

Bestial Wrath [Rovagug] +2 confirm crits.

Chosen of Iomedae [Iomedae, Champions of Purity] Light 1/day, CL 1. Mw Longsword. 2x duration & radius whenever light is cast upon the sword.

Mother’s Teeth [Lamashtu] 1d2 secondary bite

Opportune Slayer [Lamashtu] +2 damage with AoO.

Propitiation [any Dwarf diety] Pick one at the beginning of each day: Appraise, one Craft, Diplomacy, Intimidate or Knowledge local. You gain +2 to that skill all day.

Scarred by War [Dalenydra] +1 trait Diplomacy outside of combat. +1 hp when you heal others with class abilities, feats, spells, spell-completion and spell-trigger magic items.

Wisdom in the Flesh [Irori, APG] Pick one Str, Con or Dex based skill. Change to Wis modified & becomes class skill. (Only way to get Fly as a class skill. Choosing a Dex based skill might allow it to be used in a rage.)

Blackthorn Rancher [Lambreth, People of the River] Specialize in Handle Animal & +3 hp Animal companion or bonded mount.

Blessed Touch [Faith, Champions of Purity] You heal +1 hp when you Lay on Hands, Channel energy or cast a cure spell. (Great w/ Alt Chan.)

Flames of Hell [Religion, Inner Sea Gods] +1 DC channel energy. Not a trait bonus.

Sacred Conduit [Faith, APG] +1 DC channel energy.

Deathtouched [Racial, any race, Ult Campaign] +2 vs mind-affecting.

Sound of Mind [Zi Ha region, Dragon Emp Primer] +2 vs mind-affecting.

Envoy of Healing [Sarenrae] Reroll natural 1s when you channel energy, fervor or lay on hands to heal the living. 0 PFS


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Nice read, nice presentation. Thank you.

Gorbacz wrote:
Who are those "many people"?

I am one.

And back on topic, I really dislike the diety apathy.
The gods are merely stationary teats to be milked for whatever magics the follower sees fit. The inmates are ruling the asylum. This is NOT how it should be.


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I haven't seen a subsystem in PFS yet that I felt added to my enjoyment of the scenario. They definitely add to the labor on the GM side. I really wish you guys would just stop with them.

I recently had a living PC suffer a curse to become immune to cure light wounds. Then a second curse to become immune to cure moderate wounds. Then a third curse to become immune to cure serious wounds.
Then became undead.

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zza ni wrote:

... why would you bother using the fire lance?!?

To weaponize misfires:

"Any creature within this burst (including the firearm’s wielder) takes damage as if it had been hit by the weapon—" R12 half.

A javelin has the potential to damage one opponent.

A misfired fire lance has the potential to damage everyone in a 5' radius.

By maximizing the alpha strike, simultaneously raising misfire probability, minimizing impact upon yourself and surviving, repeatedly, you'll have made a memorable character. And isn't that why we play?

Yes, you can voluntarily fail a save.

One of my characters once tanglefoot bagged myself while climbing, voluntarily failing the save in order to stay in that spot and free up both hands for a short period. It seemed pretty reasonable at the time.

A real world example might be the person that tests insect repellent by spraying it on their arm then inserting their arm into a chamber filled with insects, essentially letting the bugs bite them if the product is a failure.

Failing the save on a poison in order to benefit from Invigorating Poison is most certainly a thing. However, you've failed the first save, so you must save again on the second round, and possibly beyond, with failure rewarding you with the poisons effect.


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"One of the topics of discussion during the planning meetings was the use of Year and Season. We tend to call them "Year of the X" but refer to them numerically as "Season X". For example, last year was both "Year of Faction's Favor" and "Season 9". This has the potential for confusion and so we are moving to use Year exclusively."

I'd have voted for the opposite. My players want to know which season we're playing tonight, and "Season Six" answers that question. "Year of the whatever" does not answer the question they're asking.

HetBlik wrote:
ZenithTN wrote:
Gaze Reflection.
The spell Medusa's Bane seems to do that, complete immunity to gaze attacks and you can end the spell earlier to reflect a Gaze.

Spell level is too high. 2nd level at best.

Duration is too short. 1 min/level would be fine.
And using the reflective property should not terminate the defensive property.

Too big? No, probably not. But I feel their publishing priorities were poorly aligned.

I think they would have met my needs (and grabbed my disposable income) more readily with more adventures; less splat - especially crunch-less splat. I really don't need trait #72 that grants a +1 to a weak skill if you have a female hamster in your Nidalese backpack purchased on a Thursday during a Zon-kuthon holiday after 6 pm. What I wanted was 50 Dungeon magazine size adventures.

Gaze Reflection.

Merry Christmas, gamers.

Merry Christmas.


Tonya Woldridge wrote:

Next, let’s talk about the changes to Paizo organized play in general.

1) We have reiterated to all RVCs that the NDA only applies to Paizo business operations, not to individuals or their experiences.

Saying this, even multiple times, in this format, is not binding. Forum-speak does not modify contractual language. Until the NDA is revisited, NDA-based paranoia is subject to continue. Tonya, can we expect the NDA wording to be changed?

Tonya Woldridge wrote:
2) We are spinning up a task force to look at documenting the heretofore-unwritten policies and procedures of being a Venture-Officer. This document, a Venture-Officer Handbook, will be driven by venture-officer input and...

This is not a job for volunteers - this project should be placed squarely in the lap of Organized Play leadership. Alternatively, how about we just treat people well? When people aren't treated well, have an appeals ladder. That's all that's needed.

Theres the medicine subdomain, but...

Be aware the Medicine subdomain has a despicable trait-tax cunningly hidden within the introductory text of the source material. "A domain-using PC can gain access to one of these subdomains via the following faith trait. An NPC does not need such a trait.... Acolyte of Apocrypha (Faith)...." [Divine Anthology - Development Lead: James Jacobs. Authors: Alex Augunas, Russ Brown, John Compton, Alex Riggs, David Ross]

Have you considered playing an evilly aligned Oracle of Life?

Doesnt it potentially undo flesh to stone a level earlier than the traditional stone to flesh?

Also, versatility. It can reverse many effects. Rem curse, for example, only removes curses.


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It's the year I stopped putting ranks in knowledge skills, even on knowledge-heavy classes. The game goes by so much quicker and smoother when you can file the first 33-50% of the game session off and get to the good stuff. It's like skipping the warmup comedian, and getting to the headliner. It's like eliminating wild card playoff games, and only letting those teams that WIN their division play. It's like PFS without commercials. It's like a family picnic without relatives or ants. It's been cathartic. I recommend it - if only for the look on everyones face when your wizard doesnt even roll a die when the knowledge planes check comes up.

I'm 3-for-3 at this strategy not affecting outcomes even one little iota this season. Im loving season nine now that i have adapted my character build style. Its glorious!


Bob Jonquet wrote:
"Harold Ervin” wrote:
To be fair, that is exactly what organized play is. Paizo is a business and their first and foremost goal is to make money. OP is a marketing tool to expand exposure to their products and encourage, even incentify, people to buy them.



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What difference does it make if PFS allows unlimited replay? My lodge is looking forward to unlimited replay. Convention play will go extinct. There's no longer need to report games - there never was much of one. If the local player base wants to replay 100 scenarios, so what?

Oh. I get it. Revenue. A player base content to NOT buy the next, big, shiny thing is bad for business. Nevermind. I withdraw the question, Your Honor.

The Battlefield Surgeon trait is tied to the worship of an evil deity, thus might be troublesome in some campaigns.

The Educated Druggist trait buffs the alchemical remedies you hand out, as well as healing 1 hp. A salt tablet is an alchemical remedy and costs 1 sp. You can craft it at 1/3rd price. Thus this trait enables you to heal 1 hp for 0.1 gp, or 1 hp for 0.03 gp. This trait is not PFS legal.

Boots of the Earth received nuclear nerf in FAQ/Campaign Clarifications/Errata/Gods-who-can-keep-up?... though that may be PFS only.

Be aware the Medicine subdomain has a despicable trait-tax cunningly hidden within the introductory text of the source material. "A domain-using PC can gain access to one of these subdomains via the following faith trait. An NPC does not need such a trait.... Acolyte of Apocrypha (Faith)...." [Divine Anthology - Development Lead: James Jacobs. Authors: Alex Augunas, Russ Brown, John Compton, Alex Riggs, David Ross]

Goodberries & Ironbloom Sprouts have the advantage of duration. They can be stockpiled & distributed. While there is an action associated with retrieving a berry in combat, there's no action associated with eating it. Have an unseen servant deliver berries to the wounded.

Purchase an NPC casting of Imbue with spell ability before heading off on your adventure. ~280 gp for an extra CLW, CLW & CMW on your church-sanctioned trip, again with the advantages of portability & duration.

Purchase an "NPC casting" of whatever you want, really, from an NPC alchemist with the infusion discovery. Remember the NPC must be at least CL2 for this, so an extract of CLW 'to go' would cost 20 gp and cure d8+2. Compares favorably to potions of CLW.

To those with Martial Flexibility (Brawlers & imitators), Combat Vigor is a Combat feat. Beyond the scope of this project, but worth noting, so is Restorative Vigor.

I appreciate this thread!

I believe they stack, and make for a lovely alpha strike capability.


Can we get links to the new Guide to Organized Play and the Faction Cards imbedded into the blog above, ESPECIALLY in light of the website face lift.

Thank you.

Edit: After 29 minutes of searching, I found them in the Free Downloads section of PFS, however both items state last updated August 2017.

Again, it's a penalty, not damage, but it could very well be what you're looking for.

Touch of idiocy. I'm partial to using it as a touch based trap. And apply metamagic feats.

3. A titan can sunder a worn gauntlet with hardly a problem. Immediately after having my gauntlet sundered, I can still type 70 wpm, accurately.

Edit: Sunder, the verb, not necessarily Sunder, the game term.


Slyme wrote:
If you wanted to play a cat person in PFS without needing a boon, how would you go about it?

I have an oracle with the wolf- ..... I mean cat-scarred face curse. How's that work for you?


Great ideas, guys.

Durable cold iron ammo for those who use ammo, 2 gp ea.

Multiple holy symbols, 1 gp, for those who use them to channel and/or cast spells.

Flask of acid, 10 gp, use vs swarms or loan it to the acid splash caster for +1 damage. Alchemists, you can craft this during downtime and there's no save for half the splash damage on this one, making it situationally better than your bombs.

Dwarven boulder helmet, 20 gp, 10 lbs. +2 AC vs confirm rolls and you threaten adjacent, even if non-proficiently. Beware of the weight.

Smelling salts, 25 gp. Use to question prisoners without blowing healing resources, which could make them combat-viable again, or wake up your one and only healer so they can heal themselves.

Antiplague 50 gp, Antitoxin 50 gp. I should get a discount for the pair as often as I buy the matched set.

Mw manacles, 50 gp. Every party should have one for Small, Medium, and Large. Add locks. Add sovereign glue to the locking mechanism afterwards for particularly troublesome prisoners.

Diplomacy-challenged? Crystal-sweet concoction, 50 gp.


Oops, found some more on the floor...

Second Darkness et al sanctioning.

DM PCs get Day Job rolls.

No more nuclear nerf! (Jingasa et al)


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Modify No-Replay. I believe an expiration date is the way to go. Allow replay every 2? years. Most of us already keep up with scenarios played/GMd with a checkbox system of some sort. It would be negligible additional effort to keep tally with a date instead. I will concede this has been discussed at length in other threads and this thread should not be derailed with a lengthy discussion on any one topic.

Change restriction to applying credit from a higher level scenario from level 1 pcs to level 1-2 pcs. Agreed. Credit to Dan Armstrong.

Update Season Zero scenarios. Update First Steps II, First Steps III and other retired scenarios. Credit Hillis Mallory II for the basic idea.

I'm intrigued by the option to report non-permanent PC death as well. Credit GM Lamplighter. But only if we get to see the results! [See next]

Publish the results of polls. Publish the results of scenarios. I'd like to know how many people have played The Golemworks Incident, for example, how many have died and how many achieved primary & secondary success conditions, if applicable.

Scenario maps always on the 90 degrees. Arbitrarily hard to free-hand rooms should be the exception. Credit BNW & Dan Armstrong. And well-answered by Thursty, but I stand by my request. Minimizing the occurence of oddball rooms minimizes prep time. A good thing.

Devote significant staff time (two weeks annually?) to resolving FAQs. Video Conference Calls are a thing. You needn't be all in the same room, same time zone or same hemisphere. Vacations happen. 75% of staff present is a respectable quorum. It can be done.

When writing scenarios, limit access to the thesaurus - DM prep should not include oral yoga to get through the introduction. Proper names need not be multisyllabic monstrosities. Michael, Jorge, Paolo, Sven, Mufasa, Barry, Jessica, Margo, Monique, Clara, Dee, Shar and Zella are all fine, multi-cultural names. Then lower the length requirement for scenarios. These go hand in hand. Lower the word count/length requirement so word bloat, bizarre naming trends and vocabulary vomit is not required. And more trees may survive.

Enough with the overuse of the skill check - Despite the publishing of the Investigator class, I'm generally not here to play Sherlock Holmes. Maybe two meaningful skill checks for background information during mission briefing, but make them useful - "Yes, with that knowledge planes 35, you can be certain there's an Erinyes active in the area. Not the sterilized "I got a 35. Oh, well, a black feather has been found with a strange odor." Maybe two skill checks for gathering information. Done. This goes for Chase Scenes, reverse-Chases and other arbitrarily contrived skill challenges - so many of these could be resolved with an arrow to the knee. If I wanted to negotiate trade treaties I'd play Lawyers and Lobbyists. If I wanted to waste d4 hours getting directions to 'a pizza place in NYC with a pool hall, frequented by Ted the Informant on Tuesdays after 5:00, unless its his mothers birthday - get there early, parking is a nightmare', I'd stick to RL challenges. PFS, the corporation, will be a ton more efficient once it starts using its resources better. Get those answers with divs prior to scenario & give them to the Agents. Seriously! A divination is, what, 280 gp for an NPC spellcaster? Perhaps less if you keep them on retainer? What does replacing an agent cost? What does replacing a shanked VC cost [the fictional ones, not the RL VCs!]? Move on to smashing faces. 16+ scenarios a season worth of smashing face! Yes!

More overt labeling of scenarios: "Good aligned characters may have a hard time with this." "While other strategies are accounted for, this scenario was written with stealth in mind." "Harold don't bother with this one. Too much RP; hardly any combat. We apologize." Stuff like that would be lovely.

And now that we've shaved GM prep time, avoided unnecessary skill checks, and guided people to picking out characters appropriate for the mission, we can devote more time to battle. Since we have more time for battles, give NPCs max hp at first level, and FCB.

Less haunts. Zero would be ideal. I've never enjoyed an encounter with them, either as player or GM. The only joy they provide is taking a permanent black marker and redacting them from every random encounter table in the evergreens. A haunt could be better represented by build-a-ghost.

Less prep time investment for Specials. Players should not be punished for finishing a wave of monsters by another wave of monsters, without a commiserate increase in reward.

While I enjoy the idea of the faction cards, I really don't enjoy factions at all. Ceasing faction missions was a decision I applauded. I have enough factions to deal with RL. One PFS is plenty for me.

Zero!!! delay between product release and Additional Resources update. Your retailers deserve this. Your players deserve this. Credit Shaventalz, but I've been praying for this for well over a year. While we're on the subject... HEY PAIZO, CONVENTION SEASON IS COMING UP! I DON'T WANT TO HEAR HOW HARD IS ON YOU GUYS. IT DOES NOT SNEAK UP ON YOU. THIS IS A SELF-INFLICTED SITUATION - PREPARE BETTER! YOU HAVE PLENTY OF NOTICE! QYB.

And I'd like to end with a positive ... My players and I are really enjoying the 3-7 Evergreens. They have just enough story. They are challenging. They are appropriately rewarding. Please continue. Thank you.

One of our younger PFS players was really struggling to be effective with his alchemist through a combination of inexperience, rules glut, math/ADD-like symptoms and high expectations. To smooth out the learning curve for him, I created a dragonblood chymist, a simpler alchemist. Dragonblood Chymist

This archetype gives up Throw Anything, and all its bombs are forevermore a 15' cone of fire, Ref half. No more attack rolls, scatter diagrams, or calculating splash damage. This greatly simplified the character for the poor kid.

The problem arose when I went to flesh out the rest of the character and plan its progression.

There are no feats available to help out that bomb/breath weapon.
Ability Focus is not PFS legal. I ended up taking Blind-fight of all things at first level just to leverage the use of smokesticks he's going to craft & hold in front of his face when he breathes fire.

He cannot take any other discovery to alter his bomb/breath weapon, so he's stuck with a 15' cone of fire ...for life.
He cannot take any other discovery in the mutagen line.
He does not add INT to splash weapons other than his bombs, so he's not much of a chemist/chymist.
No PFS legal FCB added to mutagen duration.

While the result may be good for the initial purposes of helping a kid, I think I found something TOO vanilla. So ... what have I missed? What can be done to help this archetype grow just a little bit? An ability to change the element from fire to...? change the area of effect from 15' cone to .....? improve its special mutagen, if only the duration?

Perfect Tommy wrote:
Nothing in pathfinder that I can find says orcs have any sight other than darksight. Not darksight as a complement to normal vision - only darksight.

Methinks orcs archers everywhere would beg to differ, else they would be blind, thus ineffective, beyond their darkvision range, even in broad daylight.


There are some multi-potions on PFS chronicle sheets.

I believe they use the "+50% to the lower-priced property" pricing algorithm.

Eg: Potion of cure moderate CL 3 + mage armor CL 1
300 gp + (50 gp * 150%) = 375 gp.

Without commenting on the viability of the combo, as I'm away from resources.....

Vital strike with a bomb is merely +1d6.

Perfect Tommy wrote:

Thanks. I searched first, really I did.

It saddens me that the orc guard can still see the lantern wielder.

Adventurer's Armory 2 has given us this piece of mundane equipment that, for 35 gp, 4 lbs and a flask of oil, gives us a light source that is "imperceptible to creatures relying on darkvision as their sole form of sight."

So my sneak-types can finally creep up on the ghouls & orcs in their lair. Cool..... wait.... SOLE form of sight? Orcs & ghouls have darkvision, but they don't have ONLY darkvision. Nothing has ONLY darkvision, right?

Does anything meet the criteria of "relying on darkvision as their sole form of sight"? Surely I've missed something? Or is this item a waste of ink and word-count?

There is no Plausible Deniability clause in the Paladin code.

To repurpose a popular billboard here in the South...

What part of Thou Shalt Not didn't you understand? --God.


GM Lamplighter wrote:

...In my experience, the GMs who want to make changes to improve the scenario don't always turn the game from a 12 to an 18. Often, they're turning the game from a 12 to a 10 for the players, and an 18 for themselves. And yes, PFS works to prevent that, with no apologies.

I'm sorry, I'm going to need a reference point. What the heck kind of scale are you talking about where 18 seems to be the top end?

Tim Emrick wrote:
DRD1812 wrote:
"Urgraz acquired an oversized crossbow from an especially well-equipped cave giant that he could only fire by putting it down and then using his innate enlarge person ability."
Now that's just brilliant design!

I'ma just leave this here. Lord's Transforming Slivers

ZenithTN, can you clear up who knew what for us, players & characters?


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In a recent PFS game, we had what may be the fastest Paladin fall from grace.

Situation: Evergreen scenario, all first level characters.

In the first battle, our PCs were separated from the hostiles by running water and someone on our side had tripped a trap that shot a poisoned dart at us, but missed. The dart was not destroyed.

Paladin, with no readily apparent way across the water, and without the forethought to pocket a sling or buy some javelins, asks for suggestions.
Cleric of Trickery suggests the Pally pick up that dart and throw it back. Paladin does so and falls from grace, having used poison. On his very first attack roll ever.

Cleric player overjoyed. Pally player briefly bummed until reminded of PFS rebuild rules. Good time ultimately had by all.


Wei Ji the Learner wrote:

...has lost track of scenarios where "Mooks R Us" sends a team to assault the party and the first words out of the diplomancer are "How much were you being paid for this? We'll triple it if you lay low for a few days."

Funny... once.

However, thankfully, diplomacy [usually] takes a minute, not a mere combat action.

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