Skill Feats and Obscure Mechanics


I'm really enjoying messing around with Second Edition so far. However, my one concern is with skill feats. I wanted to ask whether anyone else felt a little funneled into a specific type of play style that emphasizes things like attitude tables and other nitty gritty rules by their inclusion, and how to get around this. For instance, the Hobnobber skill feat lets you gather information in half the time it usually takes. Another example is Shameless Request which lets you make an outrageous request with less severe consequences.

Where this presents a problem for me is that I generally don't use these sorts of rules, particularly in relation to social challenges which I prefer to role play organically. I don't generally consult DC charts about what a character needs to roll to knock down a wooden door or to convince someone to do something for them. However, I feel that by presenting these feats as options to my players, I need to start adopting these sorts of rules that I would have otherwise just resolved more on the fly. I know all of these sorts of tables and rules existed in Pathfinder 1e, but since players only interfaced with the skill system based on their bonuses usually, I didn't need to really care about them. Should I adopt more of these hard and fast rules in my games? Is there a way not to in this edition?

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