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We should start a thread to spitball ideas for running our own Test of the Starstone.

I am a backer for Legendary Planet. I have only had the chance to play the first part and am waiting for the project to complete before reading or playing further.

My understanding is that it scales through mythic all the way to 20th level with 10 mythic tiers. Mythic tiers kick in somewhere in the second or third adventure.

Hopefully, Marc can stop by to give you an official answer. Usually, Hero Lab is correct.

As a fan of the Everflame series, I'll have to get this so I can convert it back to PF.

When I have a problem player, I try to address it at the start of the session by giving the group a general reminder such as "Let's remember to keep the off-topic chatter under control so we can keep the game moving."

If he's becoming too argumentative and disruptive, just ask him to not come back. The table will be better off for it.

Always worth a bump.

There's new mythic material for Occult classes in Heroes of Golarion.

I use a glue stick on normal paper and just apply it very carefully. Once it dries, it usually works quite well.

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Mythic PFS scenario.

I'll spoiler the answer given to me by Tim Emrick.

#5-16: Destiny of the Sands, Part 3: Sanctum of the Sages.
After playing part 2 (#5-15), the PCs are given Tier 3 mythic power for the duration of Part 3. The mythic rules are simplified down to two pages of rules and options for the PCs, but players who own MA are allowed to use that book to choose their powers.

PFS is moving to Pathfinder Second Edition. These threads will be legacy threads no longer used by PFS and will instead be used by players looking for advice using Pathfinder first edition. Hence, it is now my thread. If not, then mod me out and I won't be back and I'll take my cash elsewhere.

One may be "perfectly fine" with running Strange Aeons as another standard D&D adventure, as I'm sure there are plenty of GMs on this forum that miss the many subtle potentials for horror throughout.

It just makes the entire adventure a wasted opportunity to play a proper survival horror adventure using Pathfinder.

Tables and games vary, so go with what works for you.

THIS is the thread that comes up on forums searches, hence my posting here. Thank you for continuing the elitist attitude throughout though.

As far as I know, Brevoy is only covered in the Inner Sea World Guide. There is a small chapter detailing information on it. You could probably glean as much from the Pathfinder Wiki online, but the Inner Sea World Guide is an excellent book and well worth adding to one's collection.

Well, Sam, you have PFS players telling me not to post here where other GMs can actually read the advice about a module. That is a problem inherent only in PFS. If their money is all that is vauled here, then I'll take the message.

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There is a paucity of information on the Starstone. Mythic Realms is the only book with any info on it and what is there is scant at best. This is one area where Paizo either failed us as fans and consumers or they just have no intention of revealing more information. I consider that failing the fans as well.

"Starstone? Bah. How about this nice and shiny new Pathfinder edition instead?"

Either help make a PC or make one and give it to the player and then run them through Crypt of the Everflame. It was designed to introduce players to the game and is a super fun module.

The only way to learn is to play. Give them dice and tell them when to roll.

Also, above all other adventure paths, this is the one that needs to be the most challenging to make it more like a Call of Cthulhu game. This is one not to be run at high fantasy, but at a level where the PCs are constantly challenged. A horror game filled with superheroes is not the same.

Just let the one guy run it. There isn't really a way to force the others to participate. Kingdom Building is a major part of Kingmaker, hence the name. If your group doesn't like Kingdom Building, then it's probably the wrong AP to run.

It's good to get a hold of the Guide to the River Kingdoms. It has all of the in-depth information that's available on the region. The book is out of print, but the PDF is readily available.

You may also consider Ultimate Campaign as it expands upon the downtime/kingdom building/mass combat rules in Kingmaker, but it is not necessary.

If you explain why they need to change, they will usually be ok with it. You can give them an extra hero point, if you want to give them something.

It's up to you as the GM to decide how to best marry your PCs' motivation and backstories to the adventure. You have to decide why they were sold to Lowls by a Denizen of Leng (five years ago) and why they decided to follow the orders of an unscrupulous madman over the past few years. Some may have been going along with the activities for other reasons, while some might have been plain evil.

When I ran this, I used Winter to tell the PCs that this was their opportunity to repent from the past lives and start anew.

The last five years of the PC's backstories are spoken for. They can design the rest of their backstory or none of their backstory, if prefered. They just have to leave the last five years blank for the adventure to fill in, as it details the time they spent working in the service of Count Lowls.

The point buy DOES make a difference. You should change it immediately to 15 point builds, as the adventures are designed for, or you will have to adjust your CR for every encounter. There's no need to do a lot of extra work when your players can just start at the proper point build.

I backed the Rise of the Drow kickstarter to get a full drow adventure path. It'd be interesting to try to work an amalgram of the two adventures.

I ran book one recently. The PCs essentially give up the last five years of their PC's life. They can design the rest of their backstory, or leave it blank, while the last five years are a complete blank. This will be filled in as events progress forward through the first two books and the players learn more about their character's past.

You can always reskin some encounters from other Darklands material such as Rise of the Drow from AAW.

It would be good to have a list of mysteries and their sources. I usually dig through the Pathfinder Wiki to find such things.

Second Darkness seems like it would make for a great collected edition, but the sales on it were so abysmal, that Paizo can't give the AP away.

Just one. The arrows are fired in succession, not all at once.

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Just keep dice fudging to yourself. If you have to do it, always do so sparingly and do not speak about it.

The opening of the assault on Longshadow (not the opening of the module, but the start of the attack) was really dramatic and memorable. The players said it was quite chilling.

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Yeah. I pretty much agree with all of the above. Just have your villain pontificate naturally. If the players try something sneaky, just say "ok, but roll initiative first" and then finish the speech.

I probably won't back anything for second edition for the foreseeable future. I don't want to have to do a bunch of work to convert it to the proper edition. But, the publishers have to go where the money is. Would have been nice to see this before the edition change.

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Welllll, by saying you changed EVERYTHING, you really didn't run the adventure as mythic. It's not broken and easily compensated for by a GM that knows how to handle APL and CR.

The blood handbook was just added as a stretch goal and the fey book is the next stretch goal. At the way the kickstarter is tracking, it should meet all of the stretch goals to get all of the support books added to the final ultimate book.

Dang! All the books, pawns and maps in one! This is a great deal.

Well, the beginner box was designed to be the "basic" version of Pathfinder. Really, it should have been its own line alongside Pathfinder - and then no need for a second edition, but "if wishes were horses" and all that...

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James Jacobs just posted a great response to this very question.

"By not stopping game play to look up rules and instead just going with the flow, and by presenting the game with obvious choices for the players rather than making them decide (particularly by coaxing them with phrases like, "You enter a twenty foot square room. Do you want to try to investigate the weird statue of the bug man, look for secret doors? Or check out the blue curtain on the wall?"). Spells are fine, but don't give the player a list of 20 spells and ask them to pick which 3 they want; pick the 3 for them based on what you know will be useful for the adventure. Don't spend time agonizing over character creation. Give them pre-built characters; the Beginner Box is a HUGE help here."

If your GM allows the Mythic Heros Handbook from Legendary Games, you can access Inquisitor mythic class features.

There are several modules that utilize various flip mats or map packs.

Academy of Secrets uses the Magic Academy Map Pack.

Crypt of the Everflame uses the original dungeon flip mat.

The City of Golden Death uses the Ancient Forest Map Pack.

There are probably several more, but I don't know which ones use which mat.

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Ashes of Empires AP Announcement.

P.S. Some of you might ask whatever happened to Conquest: Rage of Wyrms, the AP we announced the year before? The announcement of Pathfinder 2nd Edition made us rethink some things around our scheduling for a big adventure project, and around the same time both Robert Brookes and Jason Nelson got very busy with other work, to the point that they couldn’t devote the attention to pushing this one through as originally planned. Coincidentally, it was not long after that Greg, one of the founding members of Legendary Games, stepped up with a perfect alternative! In business you have to be flexible with plans and resources to make everything come together, and we are excited to bring Ashes of Empires to your table.

At the same time, we are still passionate about the project, but we just have to find the time to bring the right resources to bear to make it happen. It won’t be in 2019, but hopefully we can get it rolling in time to release in 2020! The dragons are waiting!!!

Map came right out without a problem. Looks great.

Two more dragons in this set! I can't wait.

Nice. We need more darklands maps. Hopefully, it's more than just a variety of caves.

The Thing From Another World wrote:
Is their a chance that this book maybe reveive a reprint in the future?

Pssst. Paizo has copies of the limited edition hardcover in stock. Better act fast!

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The name of the game is not "Campers & Campgrounds". It's "Dungeons & Dragons". It's about killing monsters, not going camping.

Just run your adventures. When these situations arise, let them play out and see how the PCs deal with it. Over fifth level is a very rare figure in-world. We don't think much about it because the game goes to 20th level, but the players amass magics and wealth quickly. Players should be able to use their character's abilities when applicable.

GM Rednal wrote:
If it helps at all, I've been working on Martial Packages and Casting Packages to make it easier to quickly convert creatures to spheres. These are more additions than total rebuilds, but they should be good enough to fake it for your players if the PCs aren't fighting bosses.

Nice work. Thanks for sharing.

I've recently started banning item creation and crafting feats from some of my games. Some players just try to break the game with those feats and there are times that I don't want to deal with it.

If you don't want crafting in your game, just make sure everyone is aware ahead of time and you will be fine.

The erlking could give him the gift of a mythic mount. Perhaps a warhorse or hippogriff. See Legendary Games Mythic Mounts.

Not at all. I'd prefer they all went to 20th level. It's so disappointing that so many of the adventure paths never make it past the 15-17th level mark.

A spell compendium would be nice, but Paizo's made it clear they aren't continuing with Pathfinder 1 content.

With the OGL, a 3PP could take on the project through Kickstarter. It would take a Tome of Horrors-sized hardback to collect everything Paizo has put in the Companion and Settings books over the years.

If someone did it, I'd probably buy it.

I'm not abandoning Paizo, as I plan to keep purchasing pawns and maps from them. I'll probably convert second edition adventures, as well. Paizo adventures are so good that they deserve to be in the best edition of the world's greatest role-playing game.

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