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You should have this conversation with your players. Sounds like you're burned out and could use some time away from the DM screen. Have you asked one of them to GM a one-shot for a couple months to give you a break? Play some Kingmaker or Wrath of the Righteous Crpg to get in your gaming without the headaches of live play for a while?

DeathlessOne wrote:
PFRPGrognard wrote:
I'm also in book five of Iron Gods, so that one is currently level thirteen.
I've run that one to completion and a bit beyond. Good to see you made it past book 4, which I thought was the weakest in the series and had to spruce it up a bit. Had zero issues with keeping the player's attention once we got the book 5 and beyond.

Iron Gods is probably my favorite AP so far!

Not many. It's hard to keep a campaign going from level one all the way to the higher levels. Life often interferes. Work schedules change. Players or the GM moves to a new city. Or simple attrition sets in and people lose interest. Most of the games I play or run seem to top out around eleventh level.

I've been lucky enough to make it all the way through Return of the Runelords to the end and the game I'm currently GMing just hit level 12 for Rise of the Drow. I'm also in book five of Iron Gods, so that one is currently level thirteen.

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Aaron Shanks wrote:
Evanfardreamer wrote:
I check back on this periodically, the Absalom book was my absolute favorite so far but Kingmaker 2e is narrowing the gap. Still hoping to see this sooner than later but I'll wait patiently, I know it'll be good :)
I’m sorry to say that you can stop checking. I don’t see this on the product schedule at all. It is on indefinite hold.

Bummer. Thanks for the update, at least.

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dracomancer wrote:
In the process of prepping this to give my group another shot and running through it. Is there a specific place to look for an FAQ or Errata? I have run into a couple questions that I am having a hard time trying to figure out.

Legendary Games maintains a Discord channel. You can ask the creators questions directly there. I'm not sure if it's cool to link it here, but it's relatively easy to find.

serithal wrote:
Does anyone know of a good map for the Scrapmaster's Arena?

If you do a google search for those maps, you'll find some fan made outside of the site. Hopefully, you've figured that out already.

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Haha. Yeah, always expect your players to f up everything and go the opposite direction. Maybe they'll circle back at some point, so it won't be for nothing.

DeathlessOne wrote:
I'm fairly certain that a stealth check is made once and you keep the result until you break stealth (which could be as simple as leaving cover and not ending your turn behind cover. Once you are out in the open, it doesnt matter how good your stealth is, they will see you if you are visible and the DC is 10 or under, factoring distance). That initial roll sets the DC needed for a creature to perceive you. A creature attempting to spot you again rolls against the same DC until you do something that requires a new stealth check to be made.

This is how we've always run it. Nice and simple. There is no need to add more and more rolls to Pathfinder, there are enough already.

It's easy to screenshot the image, crop to a square and then apply a background remover to get the image that you want.

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Tosscobobble wrote:
Today is a good day to... halp wrote:
Mosswater is also mentioned in the Thornkeep sourcebook- if I recall correctly, they're a bunch of Halfling ranchers living there? It's been a few years since I've read either.
Thornkeep Sourcebook? I missed that... Thank you!

Yes, the Thornkeep Sourcebook has more information on the area. Mind you, they are short blurbs or a page worth of information on the surrounding areas, but it is enough for creative GMs to fill in the blanks.

Tunnel to the Darklands? Ok. Grab that issue 82 of Dungeon magazine with that underworld adventure that you've always wanted to run and place it at the end of said tunnel.

It gives GMs the freedom to be creative.

Your conversions are always good!

Second Edition is not at all backwards compatible with Pathfinder 1e. You'd have much better luck converting the 5e version of the adventure into Pathfinder 1e.

PFRPGrognard wrote:

Hi Luis!

Do you mind offering a few suggestions for deities that might be interested in the peoples there, both with the best of intentions and those with the worst?

If that's too vague, then I'll rephrase slightly by asking which deities might want to see the Arcadians flourish and which might wish to seem them fall or be subjugated?

Thanks in advance.


Psychic Warrior from Ultimate Psionics works best. The plasma blade is a poor substitute for a lightsabre, but the Beam Sabre from Legendary Games' Treasury of the Machine works perfectly.

End thread.

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Thank you, Lisa! Enjoy yourself!

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Nice to see this coming to fruition. Thanks for the 1e supplement for those of us still going through our first edition shelf.

Still going! The Rise of the Drow framework is so sandboxy, that we've managed to weave in Adventures in Tehuatl, Well in the Woods, and now Heart of the Nightfang Spire into the overall campaign.

Hi Luis!

Do you mind offering a few suggestions for deities that might be interested in the peoples there, both with the best of intentions and those with the worst?

If that's too vague, then I'll rephrase slightly by asking which deities might want to see the Arcadians flourish and which might wish to seem them fall or be subjugated?

Thanks in advance.

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Conversely, as GM, you can allow them to use the language to make their own sigils and allow it to work. It's really up to you.

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The players have to have the rune for the appropriate level in order to transport there. They identify it in the same way that one identifies any magic item using Spellcraft or Knowledge Arcana. They find the runes or symbols as they move throughout the tower.

I'm not sure how to answer your first question without it becoming one of those overly analyzed forum answers. It's just a rune that represents the level. One = 1. Six = 6. etc.

They activate it by touching the token to the spire and visualizing the rune representing the level they wish to transport to.

If you have a player that knows Azlanti, knowing a Rune is not the same as writing a number, so the answer is no.

Good luck!

Don't overthink it. You can let someone ruin every aspect of the game for you, if you like. I recommend just playing with people that enjoy the game.

James Jacobs wrote:
I could and have even argued that there's Lovecraftian influences in the movie/novel "2001."

I've had similar thoughts about that film as well. Do you mind throwing out a few quick examples?


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Seems like a smart way to print money. I liked what I played of the Abomination Vaults. I'd like to dig deeper at some point.

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I picked up the RPG Party Backstory Generator a year or so ago and have started using it during Session Zero to help build backstory links between the party, their settlements and each other. It has helped give us a few recurring characters.

For example, in my Rise of the Drow campaign, we have a running gag about a love triangle involving two party members and a local barmaid. She tends to pop up whenever they are back in town and causes hijinks for everyone.

Ultimately, it just depends on the player, how they like to play and whether or not the campaign gives them any sort of opportunity to return to their hometowns/homebase and interact.

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If you've never run Mythic Adventures before, I'd recommend staying at Mythic Tier one for as long as possible. Once you add in Second Tier, the action economy becomes more disjointed with the addition of Amazing Initiative. It can take a lot of getting used to if you're unfamiliar with it.

I'd recommend using one mythic tier through level ten and then adding second tier abilities. I'd hold off on adding the third mythic tier until you reach the final adventure and a proper power up feels needed.

The book recommends one mythic tier for every two PC levels, but this adds up very quickly. Third tier and above becomes pretty disruptive and unless you're committed to constantly balancing it out.

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The byproduct of making everything "middle of the road" appealing means it loses its appeal for those that are interested in something more. It feels like Paizo went from making adventures they wanted to make and were never allowed to, to now making adventures that they think some imaginary audience won't be offended to play rather than finding an audience that desires to play these adventures.

My one attempt at playing a second edition AP went down in flames because the younger players got bored and wanted to move on to something different - which is what these adventures feel like. Something that sounds different from the last, but feels familiar to the point of being completely uninteresting.

At the risk of generalizing, it seems that modern players seem more interested in their latest character build, leaving the "story" in which they are building their PC as secondary to whatever they have in their head. When the two don't meet, it's time to move on to the next one.

Feel free to follow our long term campaign for AAW's Rise of the Drow using the glorious PFRPG. There's nothing fancy about it. No costumes, no overacting, no shenanigans, just good old fashioned role playing and dungeon crawling!

The Rise of the Drow playlist picks up during a sidequest into the lands of Arcadia using the Tehuatl setting from FGG.

Check out the playlist here.

Our next session picks up with the beginning of Book Two: Descent into the Underworld! Dun dun dunnnnnnnn!!!

But wait, there's more!

If you need more Pathfinder actual play in your life, check out our bizarro post-apocalyptic homebrew of a game that I'm not naming so I can avoid google searches, but I'll share it with you below. Fans of Iron Gods should enjoy!

Post-apocalyptic Sci-Fi.Fantasy PF Actual Play.

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It was a confluence of zeitgeists. I kept hearing about Critical Role from the younger players in my game at the FLGS for years, but never watched it. Stranger Things all but made D&D a part of their narrative and it sparked interest in a lot of people that had never really thought about the game before. Now, the pandemic has forced people indoors and the availability of virtual table tops has made it easier to find a game and more accessible than ever before.

Three to four hour sessions with two to four combat encounters on average. Your mileage may vary as Players may roleplay some segments more than expected and draw out a sequence longer than anticipated. As long as everyone enjoys the session, that is all that matters.

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Since I'm here, I do need a little direction in one of my Pathfinder games. I'm running a campaign based in Arcadia which has very little lore offered about it so far. Do you mind offering a few suggestions for deities that might be interested in the peoples there, both with the best of intentions and those with the worst?

If that's too vague, then I'll rephrase slightly by asking which deities might want to see the Arcadians flourish and which might wish to seem them fall or be subjugated?

Thank you.

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My follow up question is do you mind offering your choices for a few of the adventures that you've written or developed that you are most proud of, in terms of how they turned out, or the audience response to said adventure?

Thanks again.

Sending positive thoughts your way.

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Hi, James! Just stopping in to offer support and thanks for all that you've done over the years for players and GMs that visit your thread looking for help.

I just started playing Wrath of the Righteous and since Mythic Adventures seemed to be poorly received on this forum, it will most likely be my only chance to play the adventure. It's great so far!

I always love hearing recommendations from writers whose work that I admire and one of my favorite issues of Dungeon was when you all released your list of the greatest adventures of all time.

My question is would you be so kind as to throw out a few of your favorite adventures that you've played in or run over the years?

Thanks in advance.

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Halfway through book six of Return of the Runelords.

I'm converting classic adventures to Pathfinder to run in the RIFTS setting for one of my games. My standard fantasy game is currently Rise of the Drow with other adventures mixed in such as the Re-education of Coyotl from FGG.

I'll keep running and playing PF1 for as long as I can find decent players to play with. I'm becoming concerned that more and more players are more interested in goofy antics and rifftracking everything in a game rather than playing an actual adventure. It's making finding good players harder and harder.

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Dragon78 wrote:
Is Savage Worlds a different setting, different rules, or both? Same or different classes as Pathfinder?

Savage Worlds is the anti-D20 system as it doesn't use the d20. It basically just moves all of the same stats and abilities around in different ways, such as making dice your actual stats. Target numbers to hit are always four and you get penalties as needed. Dice coming up at max, such as 6 on a d6 or 4 on a d4 is considered exploding and gains another roll to add to the total.

It's elegant in some ways such as above and bizarrely complicated in others, such as using cards for initiative which is basically where it loses me.

It's been clarified. It is a swift action to activate Wild Arcana, but the caster still has to use the standard action to cast the actual spell. This is not a shortcut to swift action spellcasting and is something that people got confused over very early on.

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The Kickstarter just launched for Icebound, a continuation of the Perilous Vistas series for Pathfinder 1st edition. Written by Tom Knauss and includes two adventures. Checkacheckacheckitout!

Icebound Kickstarter

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Wu Xia swordsman.

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Ya'll feeding the trolls again.

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Thedmstrikes wrote:
Argh, why could this content not also be in the Ultimate Spheres of Power book? It is a PITA to look things up in two different formats...

That's exactly what I said. The "Ultimate" book is anything but. Last Ks I ever back from DDS.

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If you like Tian Xia have you seen the Jade Regent adventure path? It deals with the journey to Tian Xia. You might be able to mine some ideas from it.

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Based on your OP, I'll answer my own question as "homebrewed" and "what's a Golarion?"

I recommend the excellent third installment of the Ironfang Invasion "Assault on Longshadow" wherein the PCs try to warn the nearby town of Longshadow of impending invasion. The entire adventure is very sandboxy in how it can be run and offers a variety of challenges and ways to approach them.

Here is the book.

Here is the GM thread where you can read and ask for advice.

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LightSide wrote:
Sysryke wrote:
You could probably modify several adventures to be "kid friendly" depending on how you define the term.
So would anyone be able to name some specific adventures that might be easy(ish) to modify? The party is currently 8th level.

What adventures have they played so far? Which part of Golarion are they based in? Or is this homebrewed?

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The Runelords adventures are for long time players that like good gritty games. I wouldn't recommend them for kids. There are plenty of other starting points.

Conversely, nothing stops you from taking ideas from anywhere and tailoring it to suit your daughter's specific needs.

Sounds like a great ending!

Sounds intriguing.

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Erik Mona wrote:

The book is probably 93% lore, 7% rules. It should be very useable by folks playing in either Pathfinder edition, or even any fantasy RPG for that matter.

It's currently in editing, and we're tagging up the maps because all of the locations are locked in and won't be changing.

We're still shooting for a November release, and will update everyone if that changes for any reason.

Glad to hear! Makes it easy to use for first edition folks! we've been hoping for expanded Absalom lore for quite some time.

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GeraintElberion wrote:
If anyone can add to that some kid-friendly one-on-one adventures (one kid PC; one adult GM) then that would be great.

You can run almost any adventure one on one, but you have to decrease the CR by -2. Give your player an NPC (such as a healer Kira) to keep them company and you're all set.

Any of the We Be Goblins are very light-hearted in tone.

The perfect starting point for any players is The Crypt of the Everflame about a group of young adventurers setting out from Kassen to complete a yearly rite of passage only for things to take an unexpected turn.

Running this one on one would definitely require a healer NPC. As above, throw in a Kira and your ready!

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Dragon78 wrote:
I have heard of "spheres of power", but what are "spheres of might"?

Spheres of Might contains the classes for the martial oriented classes. Then there is a third smaller supplement that meets in the middle combining magic and melee called "Champions of the Spheres."

It's all pretty good stuff. Power-wise, I always say it's on the barbarian end of the power scale. Mixes best with other spheres-based characters because they chop up Action Economy in many ways and regular classes might feel underpowered in comparison.

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PFRPGrognard wrote:

I grew up playing classic D&D modules that became rites of passage for groups. It was fun comparing stories on how each group made it through the Temple of Elemental Evil or died horribly in the Tomb of Horrors.

There are several Paizo adventures and modules that I think are worthy of classic status such as the Crypt of the Everflame and its sequels. For adventure paths, I'd put the three Runelords paths up there along with Iron Gods, Wrath of the Righteous, Kingmaker and Ironfang Invasion.

Of course, I haven't played or run everything yet, so there are plenty more I'll most likely want to add before it is all said and done and long before I move on to Second Edition.

Yeah, that "move" to Second Edition didn't quite happen. I tried to play Abomination Vaults, but I honestly hate the way second edition plays. Different strokes and all.

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