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I always had trouble finding a regular group in MMOs, but when I did, my favorites were City of Heroes and Dungeons and Dragons Online. Both are super fun and much more responsive in combat than any of the other MMOs that I played.

Has anyone suggested Mythic Vital Strike yet?

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Nice to see the lore marching forward.

Thanks for the great responses.

This spell allows you to channel holy power into your sword, or any other melee weapon you choose. The weapon acts as a +5 holy weapon (+5 enhancement bonus on attack and damage rolls, extra 2d6 damage against evil opponents). It also emits a magic circle against evil effect (as the spell). If the magic circle ends, the sword creates a new one on your turn as a free action. The spell is automatically canceled 1 round after the weapon leaves your hand. You cannot have more than one holy sword at a time.

We recently had a game grind to a halt due to a disagreement over the running of this spell. We have a paladin fighting waves of summoned creatures, so the "magic circle against evil" effect came into play.

The confusion was over the free casting of magic circle against evil. Does it come at the start of the next round? The end of the current round? Between every attack?

Unless it comes at the start of the next round, the paladin can pretty much fight summoned creatures with impunity as the protection contstantly comes back into play with very little gap.

Has this been clarified anywhere? Has anyone else had this problem and what was the solution?

Thank you in advance.

I'm going to keep an eye on this and see if I can join in. I've purchased all of the "Ultimate" series as they've been released, so there are only a few elements I don't already have in book & PDF form.

Also, the Ultimate Spheres Backerkit is going to process final charges three days before the end of your kickstarter, so that is unfortunate timing for backers of SoP.

Yay! Almost done!!! Onward and upward for the long following backers!!!

Gorbacz wrote:
Great! And let this be cautionary tale for all the "just how easy it is to write and publish and adventure path, I could do it all alone in half the time Paizo needs" people.

Question? Do you have to practice posting like a douche bag or does it come naturally? Serious question, because your avatar is pretty literal in that case.

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There's one in Rise of the Runelords:

Book two: The Skinsaw Murders

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I am looking forward to the new guide.

Since you're doing cosmic horror, you need to check out the Cthulhu Mythos for Pathfinder book for ideas. It compiles all of the Lovecraftian creatures in one book and a few have alternate versions.

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Yeah, that's a lot of lovely reasoning, so let me break it down for you. Perhaps not everyone wanting to play Kingmaker with Pathfinder is as excited about potentially paying a double buy-in compared to what those using Second Edition are paying.

Thanks for posting this material here!

Maybe it's time to get my third set.

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"Xanderghul. Xanderghul. Xanderghul."

"Is that our new safe word?"


(Not exactly a one-liner, but we chuckled.)

I want to see that gold dragon!

Yeah, Inspired Spell is a must have for divine spell casters. You're getting good advice here.

deuxhero wrote:
PFRPGrognard wrote:
Pathfinder adventures are generally designed for four players with characters built from a 15 point build following wealth by level.

More recent ones (I think Skulls and Shackles onward) are made for 20 point buy. PFS used it for even longer.

That's incorrect. They are designed for 15 point buys. If you have something stating otherwise, I'd be happy to hear it, but it's been said on these boards time and again that they are made for 15 point builds.

If he rolled his stats and has more gear than wealth by level, then you'd probably need to adjust the APL up by +1 anyway, which brings you back to 1. Pathfinder adventures are generally designed for four players with characters built from a 15 point build following wealth by level. So once you start to go above the 15 point build and wealth by level paradigm, your APL increases.

When you build your encounters, you just pick your target CR and then build your encounter by adding the XP of each monster together until you hit your target CR.

As a rule of thumb, if I'm not sure how well I've determined the party's APL, I will generally give them a simple encounter first to see how they do. If the APL is correct, they should blow right through it. Then I'll run them through a very difficult encounter to see how they handle that. If the encounter winds up being very difficult, then I know I'm on the right track. If at any point, the easy encounter is hard or the hard encounter is easy, then I know that I need to start moving my APL up or down by +1.

Note: If I run a hard encounter as a test, I will have a deus ex machina of some sort handy to help the PCs out if needed. Now, I only like to do this if I'm unsure of my APL, otherwise, I just let the encounters unfold naturally.

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Somewhere a bridge is lonely.

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So you say. An alternative would have been to reduce Pathfinder to a bi-monthly Adventure line alongside the new books for the new system rather than dropping it all. Keep making adventures. We don't have to have brand new crunch every month. Let the 3pp do that while you focus on the new game.

Rogue Genius Games plans to continue Pathfinder Kickstarter for small projects like the Gruesome Foes Templates campaign that is currently ongoing.

Even Paizo acquiesced to give Pathfinder players a "Bestiary" for the Kingmaker crowdfunding campaign. Honestly, when they announced they were going to offer a 5e conversion along with the 2E book, I was about to delete Paizo from my bookmarks and just go all third party. Since they're offering Pathfinder players that have been trying to get the Kingmaker adventure for years some small concession, I will stick around for now.

I hope they succeed and everybody loves the game, but there's something disingenuous about promoting how great a game is for ten years and then suddenly changing course and saying, "this game's full of problems, so we're dropping it."

This last year of Player Companions has consistently provided excellent content. I would have loved some of these earlier over a few bland stretches we experienced.

If you see the caster during the act of spellcasting, there are visual and audio effects. I always explain it as casting spells is just like having someone draw a gun on you. You may not know what they're doing with it, but you know it's a gun being point at you. The game breaks in half if people just cast spells without notice. That's why there are classes such as the vigilant built on the premise of hiding the act of spellcasting.

Justin Franklin wrote:

You can do something like this. A1 3rd edition conversion

Basically it is a keyed series of stat blocks and skill checks with none of the original text.

That's pretty sweet. Are there any more of these out there?

I'm ok with a Bestiary for Pathfinder classic at least. Of course, it means anyone wanting to run it in Pathfinder is going to pay quite a bit more than the 2e folks, but I'll take it over nothing. The books have been sold out for a while.

Forgotten Enounters: Urban from Purple Duck Games.

Yeah, it was pretty lame that players were sold not one, but two games, if they also played City of Villains, and then it all just evaporated. I've heard tell of the private server for years, but never a way to join.

That's a good idea. You could do the same with the light spell as well.

That's pretty much it, unless you want an actual novel, in which case, you can check out Crusader Road which is set in the Echo Woods area of the River Kingdoms.

Ironfang Invasion contains a lot of the same elements of Kingmaker without all of the kingdom building and downtime management. It's set in Nirmathas, so unless your PCs move there, you'd have to change the names and regions to match the River Kingdoms.

I agree with the suggestions above to move over to book two of Carrion Crown or just let them wander over to the Emerald Spire and Thornkeep area of the Echo Woods. It is still very sandboxy, but it is a dungeon sandbox rather than an open world.

It's not really a problem beyond forum hand wringing. I've run this adventure about five times over and it's never been an issue.

There's a magic weapon in that room and if the PCs have a cleric, the shadow usually isn't too much trouble. Also, there are plenty of directions in which the PCs can run if needed.


Where are you!?!

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That's why I started a thread to convert it to Pathfinder. It is a cool adventure that deserves to be run for some Pathfinder games.

I'd suggest any of the outdoor adventure paths, such as Giantslayer (as above), Kingmaker or Ironfang Invasion.

In the FAQ at the bottom, it says you pay as soon as you pledge and that you may increase your pledge for add-ons as needed.

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I'm satisfied with the Pathfinder Bestiary. Converting the rest to Pathfinder shouldn't be too difficult. I'm glad Paizo threw some kind of bone to the dogs that have been eating in their backyard for the past ten years or more.

Thanks for the Pathfinder Bestiary option.

I like the look of the Kingmaker Pawn Box hidden down in the stretch goals! Hopefully, that unlocks fully.

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Thanks for including some options for classic Pathfinder.

Nice add-ons! The Forest Campaign Compendium is a brilliant addition to anyone's Kingmaker game.

Glad to see the Pathfinder support for the adventure. I'll have to jump on this!

Nice work.

You can check out "Fort Scurvy" in the Pirate Campaign Compendium for level 14.

Have your summons' stats handy and roll your attack dice with your damage dice to save time. You will find supplements like the Summoner's Compendium quite useful in having your stats available all the time.

I sought out the Kingmaker print copies once it became obvious it wasn't going to be collected for Pathfinder. Those requesting retro-support won't find it, so best to track down your own copies or plan on converting the collection yourself.

Volkard Abendroth wrote:

Tomb of Horrors Complete is nice to have. It is an extended bestiary, and even Paizo draws from it occasionally. Tomb of Horrors IV is also useful.

Yes, they are! I agree completely. I actually do have both of those, along with the Advanced Bestiary and Freeport Bestiary.

I have been considering the Rappan Athuk Bestiary and the Blight Bestiary. I think there are a couple more.

Thanks for the suggestion!

First I've heard of Borderland Province. Thanks for letting me know. I like my campaigns to be very complete with a lot of options.

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Starfinder is the best thing to happen to Iron Gods GMs!

I was waiting for this for the past few years, but since it won't be proper Pathfinder, I'll just stick with the CRPG.

My advice would be to add everything you can from the game, as they have really expanded the story, while somehow streamlining it!

Some folks on this thread must get pushed over by five year olds.

That ain't how grappling works.


/End thread

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