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Buy a wand.

I've run the first parts of Strange Aeons and Iron God's as one-shots.

Any AP would suffice, really. When you get to the end of the first adventure, instead of feeding hooks for the next part, you just stop.

Start at first level and they'll be fine. There is plenty of time to learn the rules along with the technology as the game progresses.

J. A. wrote:

Bakka, I appreciate the recommendation, and I think I've seen that supplement mentioned before.

Unfortunately the price is far out of my range for a casual purchase right now. Does the information in the book appear (legally) anywhere online?

You can purchase the Faerie Bargains pdf on its own. It's the same information from the Forest Campaign Compendium which is the larger collection.

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I'm oK with more generic dungeons. As long as they match up with previous releases, it gives me more options.

If I want to make something from an Adventure Path, I usually have to draw it, as they're just too specific and unique to match any of the preprinted maps directly. If I want to recreate it somehow, then I usually have to combine flip mats combined with pieces of map packs and colored paper used as fog of war to cover the unused sections.

For the most part, I use generic maps for everything that's not covered by a module or adventure path. If there's a random encounter, then I plop down the proper ambush sites map. I recently used the new and improved flip mat version of the "Ambsuh Sites" series for the first time. The players noted how there was fog in the streets making it extra creepy.

The art is all-new, but you can compare their respective pawn lists.

Raazan wrote:
Does anyone know if or when they're planning to release a hardcover version of this?

I believe it's only available via Print on Demand services such as drive-thru and whatever. I was a Kickstarter backer, so I have my copy - which was a print on demand version. It's big and solid. The paper is dull and doesn't have that nice sheen of an offset printed book, but it's still nice.

Hi James, I really enjoyed your Kingmaker twitch stream the other day. That was my first time seeing the turn-based mod for the game.

I asked a question very late, but it was missed because it was near the end of the stream, so I'll ask again here.

I'm playing book four of Return of the Runelords. My PC is a varisian bard from Korvosa who has taken on a bit of a people's revolutionary stance against the Runelords (for the most part, no spoilers).

My question is what do the general Varisians think of the Return of the Runelods. I know book three spells out Korvosa's response, but I was curious as to the attitudes of other factions or groups that may feel differently.

Since we're running the adventure path using Mythic Adventures, my PC has become a herald of Shelyn and I'd like to start thinking more about where he sees his place in the bigger picture.

Thanks for your time. Wishing you all the best with Paizocon Online and beyond!

Use an Unknown and set it up properly to make it spooky. I ran an encounter with one in a haunted fey woods last Halloween. First, the party was beset by killer primal rabbits to get them to let down their guard. Then the Unknown appeared and attacked the youngest and most vulnerable party member. It worked pretty well. Once they got the upper hand, I had it teleport away and ended the encounter, leaving the PCs nervous about when it might reappear.

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It's cool that you guys are doing a Lost Lands adventure. Does it involve Bard's Gate or Zelkor's Ferry at all?

Spellless Ranger from Kobold Press' New Paths Compendium.

Unchained Ninja from Everyman Games.

Using Spheres of Power offers more options than any other magic-using build.

Using Spheres of Might does the same for martial classes.

I don't agree with your assessment at all, having run several PFS adventures. If you want short adventures, these are the shortest and they are made for conventions. Usually, there are optional encounters that may be run or skipped. Each season of PFS has connecting storyline arcs for longer campaigns.

I've made my suggestion, so best of luck to you! I won't waste any more time on your threads.

Pathfinder Society Scenarios. Modules and Adventure Paths are designed for long term campaigns. You might find a section here and there that might work for a good one-shot, such as adventures that have been approved for PFS play.

Otherwise, your best bet is to just find some PFS scenarios that you like. They're designed to be run in one day over a few hours.

Path of War is very easy to unbalance. It is best run as written. If players want to use PoW, then they should choose the appropriate class or archetype and go from there. Giving them abilities for free is to invite disaster.

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One of my online games is starting book four of Return of the Runelords at the next session. Enjoying it quite a bit so far.

For Dragon's Demand, I would recommend just picking up the Pathfinder Player Companion: Dragon Slayer's Handbook and using that for your player's guide. All of the information on dealing with dragons within will still apply.

When I played and then ran Iron Gods, I felt that it dropped plenty of loot and had several characters that wound up with more tech gear than their wealth by level. If you feel like your players are below the WBL guidelines, you can drop loot wherever you feel the need.

One thing to remember is that Sanvill Trett is an informant for the Technic League. If they trust him, then that is great. You can continue to leave him as a confidant, but once they gather a significant amount of technology or after they shut off the power converter/projector whatever it is called, you may want to have Trett try to steal it from them or confront them.

If your players have rescued Khonnir, then they should be ready to hunt down the power transmitter. Start playing up the headaches in town if you haven't already. Trett wants the players to find good technology, so if they aren't picking up on the clues to find the transmitter in town, you can use Trett to encourage them to track down Garmen's warehouse.

My advice through all of this is to keep Sanvill Trett in the background as an ally, doing as little as possible, if he ever accompanies the PCs. Once the PCs find the warehouse (follow the information on page 42 of the adventure), Trett can continue to encourage them to find the "purple-haired woman/android".

I had Trett offer to help the PCs during the end of the module to get them to go back into the ship beneath the city. Keep in mind, he is a full encounter on his own, so I had to have him ambush the players once they got beneath the town again and before they had an encounter with anything too dangerous below to avoid a potential party wipeout.

They should fight Trett and then want to push on to discover the "purple-haired woman/android". If they don't know about her, then you need to start dropping hints about people having seen her at the warehouse or by the lake or something to that effect.

If your party decides for whatever reason that they have no motivation or reason to go back beneath the city, then you can have Mayanda and her remaining thugs emerge from the ship and seek them out to recover the power transmitter.

Here is a piece of dialogue I used in her final encounter, "My master Hellion is one of the Lords of Rust. They are what you fleshlings might call deities or demigods. Think of them as. . . Iron Gods. . . for a new age."

If you've made it this far, keep pushing! You're almost there.

Dot dot dot!

Rysky wrote:
pad300 wrote:

You know, i'm seeing a lot of things that are all about game balance above all, for example, "All guns are is a glorified crossbow with higher crit value."

I'm going to link a POST I wrote for the PF 2 playtest.

To my mind, the objective is FUN, and I am in no way certain that balance above all leads to that. Some of the funnest games I have ever played have been ridiculously unbalanced; anybody ever Paranoia? Yellow Clearance Black Box Blues?

Balance is important because it allowseveryone to have fun.

"Oh, you chose [build] cause you thought it was cool? You chose wrong, stand in the corner while the rest of play" aka other characters run circles around your character and you don't really get to contribute because you went with something you liked rather than straight power is not fun.

In those situations, I allow players to respec their character if they like. If not, I try to help the player with the less optimized PC find a way to be involved. Not all PCs are combat specialists though, which is fine.

Fort Inevitable also has the 30% tax from the Hellknights. Don't give your players an easy way around it or apologize for it. They need to figure out what to do, such as basing themselves out of Thornkeep instead, which then opens them up to the bandits, etc.

The designers did NOT take the 30% tax into account, so feel free to add new magic items and cool gear that you want into the campaign to help keep your players at or near WBL (wealth by level).

Going into my second year running Emerald Spire/Thornkeep.

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Almost all of the mechanics are open content under the OGL. It's only named IP that isn't open, such as using the Porphyria name or Rappan Athuk.

That's the cool thing about the OGL. Anyone can make content, but the mechanics, once made, are free to all.

I like monks for the versatility.

Glad I missed the KS on this one.

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This is a really nice set of pawns. It's the perfect army builder for anyone that missed the Monster Codex set. Combine it with something like the Ironfang Invasion set, which has the goblinoids you need, and you have a wide selection of enemy groups to throw at your players.

Starfinder AND wrestling? OK. I'm in!


(Autocorrect killed me)

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There was a lot of whining on the forum. If you ask around enough, you'll get a taste of it.

Legendary Games made the mythic ruleset their own. If you want more mythic content, then they've created plenty of it. Check it out!

Rh, I wouldn't try to run this. Game balance will be all over the place. Game are supposed to add APL+5 for a tier ten game. That means level one characters would need to fight does around CR 6 to CR 9 starting out. I imagine they'd have quite a bit of difficulty - even with the Mythic tiers.

Still, it's your game, so go for it. If it works, post back and let us know how it worked out.

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Just bought a hardcopy from Noble Knight Games. Looking forward to reading through it!

I'd suggest that rather than giving your players outright hints at skills, you could try to meet them halfway if they come up with suggestions that aren't in the book. Ideas such as digging a moat or something like that would help their defense points. Whatever they come up with, just compare it to the options in the book and come up with something comparable.

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PF2? Moi? I said no such thing. You must be projecting on me again.

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Rcoket tag is a problem for some GMs, regardless of Mythic rules. It's good to learn how to adjust your encounters if you think it will be a problem, that is unless you're in a situation where you can't adjust anything.

The "Math" doesn't break down. It's the same all the way through, You just don't like the way it adds up for a particular style of play. That's just high-level play unless you're playing a game with tighter math that thinks wizards should be able to hit things with pointy sticks while standing shoulder to shoulder with the best fighters in the land.

These outright proclamations of "broken" this or "rocket" that amount to problems in any game that an experienced GM learns to deal with. I don't agree with it as one of the Ten Commandments of RPGs. Sometimes you get the rocket and sometimes the rocket gets you.

Don't take my word for it. Here's a mouthy bag that will back up everything I say.

Just grab a published mega-dungeon and change the names to match your campaign. All-Stars Take on the Mega-dungeon, Castle of the Mad Archmage, Rappan Athuk, and the World's Largest Dungeon are a few non-Golarion dungeons that could easily be converted.

If you just want the Paizo material for Gallowspire, then buy all of the existing material and make your own. That's how you flesh it out. You just do it.

Todd_Westcot wrote:
Emerald Spire Paper Minis are now available.

I picked these up for my own ROll20 campaign!

Also, this thread is full of spoilers! Boy, howdy. Players, be wary.

This would be my pdf recommendation to buy in the time of social distancing. This along with a copy of the maps and paper minis pdf for the complete setup. Put it up on ROll20 or do a play-by-post in the forum for a great campaign.

I don't really follow the "feat tax" theory of gaming, but I did find Boon Companion to be an initially underwhelming feat. It does improve with leveling and is very necessary for building a proper melee-oriented familiar, however.

Nobody wants to see Paizo go out of business.

That's a shame. We've needed a good Absalom map for a while.

We're in the era of the Home GM now, so we can stomp on these sorts of shenanigans and squish them into nothingness.

I think "Rob a Tob" and "There's a frog in your mount" are my two favorite RPG memes.

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There was a lot of misreading of the rules in Mythic Adventures unfortunately that continues to this day. I recently had to explain to a new player that there was no swift action spell casting every round as many thought. They were trying to swift cast and then cast again with their standard action. Misreadings like this are more responsible for adventures falling apart than anything else.

A Paizo FAQ would have been nice. As it stands, Mythic Adventures is a nice gem for Pathfinder First Edition and so it shall remain for the time being.

We'll, there's the "Mother of All Treasure Tables", but it's out-of-print.

I just ask them directly to roll if they missed the first call. If it's a recurring problem, then I'll probably say "what the heck are you doing? I keep having to remind you over and over."

If it still persists, it's time to let them know their gaming input will no longer be needed at the table.

It would have to appear in an unoccupied square. Your mouth is occupied.

Stay safe, Paizo Peeps!

Always start with an adventure that makes you excited as a DM to run or find one that everyone in your group wants to play. Modules can hit slow spots and dull patches, so it helps to run something that everyone wants to play.

Adventure Paths are written one module at a time and can be run just the same. It is usually quite simple to run any part of an adventure Path as a stand-alone adventure. You don't have to run all six parts - and most likely never will as it takes a year or two (or more) of committed playing.

PFRPGrognard wrote:
Hey, this is funny because we just got hit by one last night. All level 20 PCs. We had to roll for each separate magic item. We just went down the list of gear on our character sheets. It totally sucked! lol

We used a wish to reverse the effect.

/end thread

I really enjoyed playing an Impossible Bloodline sorcerer in Iron Gods.

Ah, OK. The great thing about Mythic Adventures is that you can slowly introduce it to your campaign. You can give your players one mythic tier for every two levels they gain, or you can let them use the first mythic tier only for an entire campaign. Tier one is pretty unobtrusive for the GM and gives the players some more fun toys to play with. Paizo used Mythic rules for their Sands under Sandpoint or whatever it was called and they used tier one all the way until the end and then added the second tier.

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