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The one thing that keeps me interested in coming back, is how the community is making very cool play aids for everything.

This is a well done booklet format. I like it.

You could always use a small ruler or flexible tape measure, lay out inches and let them be in whatever square they mostly wind up in.

Otherwise you might have to be comfortable knowing that people are faster going North East than they are going North or East.

I'd rather have hexes, but they are troublesome to draw maps on.

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Ckorik wrote:

...I've found Fantasy Grounds does a better job building a character than it does - which says quite a bit as Fantasy Grounds is *not* a character builder.


I've actually been curious about that. I'm not sure if it is worth it to make characters for printing out for non laptop people.

I think mine would be...

Highest of hit points.
All initial proficiencies and the highest number of additional skills.
One instance of each class feature for the current level with class feats counting as a single instance.
No multiclass archetypes. Gestalt is basically super multiclass anyway.

So a 1st level Fighter Rogue would have: Ancestry and background, initial Fighter proficiencies, initial rogue proficiencies,a number of additional skills equal to 7 plus the Intelligence modifier, attack of opportunity, a single class feat feat, shield block rogue’s racket, sneak attack 1d6, surprise attack, and a skill feat.

At level 2 they would get: 10+con HP, class feat, skill feat, and a skill increase.

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Outrider wrote:
There cannot be a "middle" with no value.

You are absolutely right.

There is no "middle" with no value. There is only failure and success. Either/or. Nothing in between.

Your mistake is in saying that failure is negative and success is positive. This is not true.

The equation remains "(check result)-(difficulty class)." Success is every check result that is the same value or is greater than the DC. That means y-x can be 0. Zero is the threshold for success.

That leaves us with only two options.

Failure is in the set {..., -3,-2,-1}

Success is in the set {0,1,2,3,...}

No middle ground between the two.

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Zero is an integer. This is very important.

Here is a number line. It has integers on it.

Here is your number line. You might see some similarities.

If you roll a 20 on your chart, that is a margin of +5. If you roll a 15 on the same chart that is a margin of 0. If you roll a 10, that is a margin of -5.

By the chart that you made, let the check result be y and the DC be x. Let x=15.

15-15= 0

As the book says, "if your result is equal to or greater than the DC, you succeed!"

Anything where y-x is zero or more is a success. A positive margin of 10 or more is also a critical success.

Anything where y-x is -1 or less is a failure. A negative margin of 10 or more is also a critical failure.

Solve for y.

I'll give you a hint. y is 25 in the first and 5 in the second.

tldr version?

Stone Dog wrote:


Critical success: check result ≥ X+10

Critical failure: check result ≤ X-10

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Outrider wrote:
It's kind of like looking at a 5' grid. You can't be on the line, you have to be in a square (Medium creatures, assumed).

If you are looking at a 5' grid, then the space you are starting in is zero. A five foot step is one square over. A 50' Stride is ten squares over.

You literally made a number line with a zero point and at the same time are saying "there is no zero."

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Outrider wrote:
That's the whole purpose of all of this: what's the reference point when starting to determine failure?

DC-1 through DC-9 is an ordinary failure. DC-10 or more is a critical failure.

DC+0 through DC+9 is an ordinary success. DC+10 or more is a critical success.

Edit- Fixed... it is almost midnight and I am tired. DC +-0 meets the DC. DC+1 exceeds it. Both are successes.

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vagabond_666 wrote:
"Beating the DC by 10 or more is referred to as a critical success" Pg 10

Okay, granted. The brief summary in the introduction does have that phrasing.

However, it is still the same difference. Literally, since difference is exactly what is being determined here.

16 beats 15 by one is the same as 16-15=1.
25 beats 15 by ten is the same as 25-15=10.

14 fails 15 by one is the same as 15-14=1.
05 fails 15 by ten is the same as 15-5=10.

Fifteen beats fifteen by ZERO. 15-15=0

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Outrider wrote:

Yes, but you see the problem, don't you?

No. I do not. Critical Failures are the same as critical successes, just in the other direction.

Succeeding by ten or more means ten spaces or more to the right of the DC on the number line. A check result of 25 for a DC of 15.

Failing by ten or more means ten spaces or more to the left of the DC on the number line. A check result of 5 for a DC of 15.

If you are going to go by your own graphic then you can't say DC+10 is a pretty blue critical success, but a DC-10 isn't a dangerous red critical failure.

Either you are going to have Red and Blue start at DC ± 10 or Red and Blue starts at DC ± 11.

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Critical success: check result ≥ X+10

Critical failure: check result ≤ X-10

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vagabond_666 wrote:
Except the wording is "beating the DC by 10"

No it isn't.

"You critically succeed at a check when a check’s result
meets or exceeds the DC by 10 or more. If the check is an
attack roll, this is sometimes called a critical hit. You can
also critically fail a check. The rules for critical failure—
sometimes called a fumble—are the same as those for a
critical success, but in the other direction: if you fail a
check by 10 or more, that’s a critical failure" Page 445, CRB

Slightly off topic, but what are the best ways for a Champion to get more Focus?

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I'm going to go with needing one hand available & Healers tools ready. Just in a belt pouch or bandolier. The idea of there being a fantasy herb or compound that can invigorate somebody enough to restore HP or a poultice that can be slapped on a wound for a quick trauma patch is fine.

Things are looking good, I'd say. I do have a couple of questions though, and more to come I imagine.

First, say I want to pick up a subscription after all. Is there any consideration for buying the stand alone file? It might be too difficult to validate an off site purchase, so I'm not really expecting that this is a thing that can be done.

Second, there seems to be a creative community adding custom material. Is it possible that someone might be able to make a variant of the actual character sheet layout?

The sheet you've made is quite serviceable, but it would be interesting to see how someone else might put a different print layout together.

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Somebody posted this in a different thread. I thought it might be interesting to add to this conversation.

“It is quite unreasonable to assume that as a character gains levels of ability in his or her class that a corresponding gain in actual ability to sustain physical damage takes place. It is preposterous to state such an assumption, for if we are to assume that a man is killed by a sword thrust which does 4 hit points of damage, we must similarly assume that a hero could, on the average, withstand five such thrusts before being slain! Why then the increase in hit points? Because these reflect both the actual physical ability of the character to withstand damage – as indicated by constitution bonuses- and a commensurate increase in such areas as skill in combat and similar life-or-death situations, the “sixth sense” which warns the individual of some otherwise unforeseen events, sheer luck, and the fantastic provisions of magical protections and/or divine protection.”

-Gary Gygax, D&D 1st edition DM's guide

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LuniasM wrote:

Sorry, I'm not seeing where it says in the rules that you can choose to take a full hour to increase the healing given. But then that may be a misunderstanding on my part?

Page 249. "If you succeed at your check, you can continue treating the target to grant additional healing. If you treat them for a total of 1 hour, double the Hit Points they regain from Treat Wounds."

Coming up in the Gamemastery Guide, I think.

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I hoping that the Swashbuckler would do very well for Samurai Jack and the like.

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I'm not turning down an extra action in the game. As a fourth attack it isn't so great, but as a third Strike or Stride freeing up other actions I'm taking it.

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All in all, I'd rather use this than HeroLab online.

The Only Sheet wrote:
Stone Dog wrote:
...but it does seem like there could just be 5 weapons on the front page...
There are 6 weapon Slots on the FRONT worksheet.

I know. I was saying that five larger ones would have been sufficient.

As for the tiny type, I bought your page and printed a test copy last night.

The FRONT page is basically fine, but a touch squint worthy. The BACK page is tiny and a bit more difficult. I think the font size on that on is 8 point.

Don't get me wrong, I think your product is a solid four stars. The only things that are making it miss a star right now are the font size and the sheet layout, which is a personal thing and should not say anything about the quality of your work.

Oh, and if at all possible please make it so when you have a drop-down open you can type what you are looking for and it will bring you to it. Scrolling through every feat in the game is a bit of a trick.

Sadly, the print version has tiny type. It is clear and well organized, but I play mostly with people whose eyes just aren't as sharp as they used to be.

Granted, it looks good, but it is just too damn little. I could really use a version of this that has more pages and larger font.

Even so much as having a 1st page for Exploration with stats, skills, and a feat list, a 2nd page for Encounters with saves, offenses and defenses, and then the summary page would be great so that the font could be more like 11 point through the whole document.

A lot of work went into this and it is clearly mostly done, but it just doesn't meet my needs for a document to actually print and play at the table.

Also I'm not sure how making a custom background is supposed to work, but that might be in their forums.

This is potentially very useful and I'm happy to have purchased it, just for the utility of the number checking if nothing else.

I haven't played with it much, but it does seem like there could just be 5 weapons on the front page, which would give more room for the explanation of the traits.

I'm looking forward to testing more, though!

Unicore wrote:
Stone Dog wrote:
Swashbuckler is apparently based on mobility as a niche. Crazy amounts of moving about. Parkour up the wazoo and such.
Right now that sounds a lot like a monk with a rapier or a scimitar in hand, but it would be cool if they can find a way to add in swinging from chandeliers and sliding down banisters while making attacks at the same time. Although with the three action economy, all of that still feels "already possible."

It kind of does, but there might be a difference between "already possible" and "the best at that niche."

Sorry for the short post, I'll be back with more.

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Swashbuckler is apparently based on mobility as a niche. Crazy amounts of moving about. Parkour up the wazoo and such.

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A coma is easily "otherwise incapacitated."

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Fighters get this ability for free at fifth for a whole class of weapons that they choose.

Monks can spend a feat to get the ability with just brawling weapons at 2nd. They can also spend another feat to get it with Monk weapons.

Champions get it with one weapon per day. Hope you don't lose it.

Ruffian Rogues get a nice, broad class of weapons for it... But the target has to be flat footed

I guess it would be nice if fighter got it a bit earlier, but the other things are niche enough that the fighter still has their strength.

This is one of the best looking versions I've encountered!

It is clean, easy to read, nicely organized. Well done!

Red text at the chapter headings are flavor, not mechanics.

Rituals are spells as far as characters go, but they are a different creature with different rules.

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I am now thinking of fancy ghouls dining on tengu balut. Thanks, thread.

Xenocrat wrote:
Gives you a place to store it and draw it from other than the ground.

What, don't all archers just wander around with a fist full of 20 arrows?

I've always been a fan of "wizards study magic, not a bunch of other things" as well.

It crackles, Sparks slightly, some of the bits that are supposed to touch don't, glows faintly, smells like purple, things like that.

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What are we supposed to be getting in exchange for this to be online only?

Switching devices? Cloud storage?

I had these things before.

What is the supposed benefit?

All cantrips are, are spells that don't expend slots when cast and auto scale.

They are not 0 level spells and they have separate slots then the rest of your repertoire because they don't burn out.

Investigate is for learning about the things that you can readily see around you.

Search is for finding dangerous things that you can't immediately see.

Characters are part of a team and you can have them doing different things according to their strengths.

Almarane wrote:
If you are trying to tempt someone as strong-willed as a PC, it won't be done immediatly, you have to try again and again until they lower their guard.

which can be done through roleplay and they don't have to fail any rolls or force any saves.

You are missing Weapon Specialization.

"You’ve learned how to inflict greater injuries with the weapons you know best. You deal 2 additional damage with weapons and unarmed attacks in which you are an expert. This damage increases to 3 if you’re a master, and to 4 if you’re legendary."

It doesn't seem like much, but for anything you are rolling crits for, I'm not turning it down.

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The reason a succubus exists is because of indulgence in lust. Being rejected isn't a blow to its ego, it is being exposed to something that is anathema to its very reason for being. It has nothing to do with the emotions it might feel, though it is likely to have them and have reactions already described in this thread.

It isn't particularly dangerous to a succubus either. It isn't like you can run around saying "I'm just not into you!" and have them sizzle like a vampire in sunlight. If anything it is a sign that their target is someone who will take special handling... and be all the better when they do fall.

Scarletrose wrote:

I think makes a succubus, a creature that use to be a ego monstruosity that can manipulate desire at will, into something that has very serious reasons to act way more insecure.

And I think it makes a succubus into something that has very good reasons to be the confident, cunning, crafty beast of the abyss that it is supposed to be. It isn't going to just run around trying to hook up and get a headache whenever somebody doesn't want to. By the time the conditions of the Rejection Vulnerability is a possibility, any succubus worth their sexy outfit isn't going to need to be afraid. The client is going to think it is their idea to walk right into that web and the succubus won't even have to roll.

If they hurt themselves, well, they were just clumsy that one time. They can be more careful. Work on their client slowly... gently... make them want it so that they WON'T resist.

They have all the time in the world.

Or maybe just rip this particular toy to shreds and find a prettier one. There are options.

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Scarletrose wrote:

That is kinda the entire point. Why do we have the

Female demon = you want me
Male demon = I'm just going to straight up rape you

Is like people attracted to male cannot possibly have agency on their desire. If you like women, you must want them, if you like men, you cannot really want them, they will have to force themselves on you.

Isn't it kinda f##*ed up?

If you ignore that Succubi can change their shape completely to whatever they want and the only thing that makes them "female" is that the baseline form is most often feminine, then maybe it is messed up? But not really because the shape is only a suggestion and not indicative of what the creature actually is.

If you like women, a succubus has you covered. If you like men, a succubus has you covered. If you like anything else that a fantasy world has to offer regardless of morality or propriety or ethics, a succubus still has you covered so long as it is humanoid and a size it can manage. You'll be damned, but it will find something you want.

And the incubus is the same way, it is just what they do that is different. Neither of them care about gender except in how it can be used to destroy you. An incubus is just more direct and overt. It doesn't seduce, it ravishes at best. A whirlwind of depravity and indulgence.

The succubus scoffs though. There is no art there. The succubus will carefully tailor your destruction to your individual weaknesses. The incubus overwhelms.

Scarletrose wrote:

Rejection Vulnerability: Succubi take metaphysical mental damage upon being rejected.

No, this is not a joke.
You are a manipulative mastermind demon corrupter that used to have the charisma levels of a demigod but a succubus that gets rejected can cry herself to death over the rejection of Boblin the Goblin now.

When a succubus takes mental damage, there is nothing that says they are sad. You can just as easily call it pain, shock, anger, psychic feedback, whatever. There is no reason to assume 2d6 damage and MAYBE 2d6 more is crying themselves to death.

A succubus scorned is more likely to castrate somebody for daring to reject such carnal perfection than go sulk about it.

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For Courtly Graces I'd say that a noble can still impersonate with Society for the nobility of another nation.

But hey, maybe you wanted to be a Noble Sorcerer or Bard. Charisma is still pretty useful then, even if you do spend proficiencies in the social skills.

I'd probably allow it for when you are Unnoticed by a target.

Wait... are there Coup de Grace rules? I don't see them.

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Sounds like Diabolism could be a Thesis that grants special access to a handful of Divine spells.

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swimfish wrote:

Is the ranger's weapon a finess weapon therefore it should be 0,-4,-8,-8.?

Agile, not finesse.

sadie wrote:
I'm tempted to start a "List of alternative character sheets" thread for reference, because there's a lot of them. I like my own, of course, but I also like several of the others as well, and there's plenty of market to share nicely.

Speaking of... how is yours going?

This one, in particular, is developing nicely.

It really is. Very clean, nice and easy on the eyes.

The only thing I can think of is "Boosting an ability score increases it by 1 if it’s already 18 or above, or by 2 if it starts out below 18" for your 5th, 10th, 15th, and 20th levels. This only has an impact at level 10 since at level five you are either boosting 17 or 18 to 19 at the most.

Everything else seems to be all modifier all the time.

Am I missing something that makes the 3-18 legacy have any value by the core rules?

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I think it could be absolutely doable. Just be prepared for more critical rolls than normal and let the PCs have some moments of glory until things catch up to them.

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" it’s important that your players retain the feeling that Breachill is a safe haven—a place they can go to relax, rest, and recover after their adventures. A place they can truly call home!"

Otherwise you will not be able to taste their suffering when you destroy it! MWA HA HA HA!!!

Mine is an evil laugh!

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