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I have a question about exactly how something works. When you take the feat basic wizard spellcasting it says you get spells at certain levels. However, then it turns around and says your spell level is only half that of your level.... How? Am I missing something? A level 3 spells normally obtained at 5 is gained at level 8. Is it talking when you heighten? So I cant make a level 1 spell level 3 until level 10? What kinda wacky stuff is that if it is. Overly complicated for no reason.

If I am wrong, Please, PLEASE help me out and explain with what it means. Would love page numbers that back up what your saying too.

Exact phrase is,
"Even though you can cast spells, the spell level of your
cantrips and arcane powers is half your level rounded up."

edit for typo

Normally cantrips are set at the level of your highest level spells. However, someone with the Wizard dedication feat gets his cantrips instead at half level rounded up. This makes your cantrips full strength (compared to spellcasting classes) so that they aren't hurt by your slowed max spell progression from the Wizard multiclass.

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