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Uncontested Core:

0th: Guidance, Shield, Stabilize
1st: Bless, Disrupting Weapons, Heal (+X), Magic Weapon, Protection, Shillelagh (d), Spirit Link (+X)
2nd: Darkvision, Faerie Fire, Resist Energy, Restoration, See Invisibility
3rd: Circle of Protection, Darkvision (3rd), Disrupting Weapons (3rd), Ghostly Weapon (d), Heroism, Sanctified Ground, Shield Other
4th: Air Walk, Circle of Protection (4th), Freedom of Movement, Restoration (4th), Resist Energy (4th), Speak with Plants (d), Vital Beacon (+X)
5th: Breath of Life, Darkvision (5th), Deathward, Disrupting Weapons (5th), Drop Dead, Summon Celestial (+X)
6th: Field of Life, Heroism (6th), Raise Dead (+X), Restoration (6th), Righteous Might, Stone to Flesh
7th: Divine Vessel, Energy Aegis, Ethereal Jaunt, Plane Shift, Regenerate, Resist Energy (7th)
8th: Antimagic Field, Divine Aura, Divine Inspiration, Field of Life (8th), Moment of Renewal, Righteous Might (8th)
9th: Divine Vessel (9th), Energy Aegis (9th), Ethereal Jaunt (9th), Field of Life (9th), Foresight, Heroism (9th), Overwhelming Presence, Regenerate (9th)
10th: Avatar, Gate, Miracle, Remake, Revival

0th: Shield
1st: Fleet Step, Jump, Longstrider (+x), Mage Armor, Magic Missile (+x), Magic Weapon, Summon Animal (+x), Summon Construct (+x), True Strike
2nd: Blur, Darkness, Enlarge, False Life, Invisibility, Mirror Image, Obscuring Mist, Resist Energy, See Invisibility (+x), Shrink, Spider Climb, Summon Elemental (+x).
3rd: Haste


(#1-01): "The Absalom Initiation"
(#1-02): "The Mosquito Witch"
(#1-03): "Escaping the Grave"
(#1-04): "Bandits of Immenwood"
(#1-05): "Trailblazer's Bounty"
(#1-06): "Lost on the Spirit Road" (x)
(#1-07): "Flooded King's Court"
(#1-08): "Revolution on the Riverside"
(#1-09): "Star-Crossed Voyages" (xx)
(#1-10): "Tarnbreaker's Trail" (xxx)
(#1-11): "Flames of Rebellion"
(#1-12): "Burden of Envy" (x)
(#1-13): "Devil at the Crossroads" (x)
(#1-14): "Lions of Katapesh"
(#1-15): "The Blooming Catastrophe"
(#1-16): "The Perennial Crown Part 1, Opal of Bhopan"
(#1-17): "The Perennial Crown Part 2, The Thorned Monarch"

(#1-Q0): "Origin of the Open Road"
(#1-Q1): "The Sandstone Secret"
(#1-Q2): "Unforgiving Fire"
(#1-Q3): "Grehunde's Gorget"
(#1-Q4): "Port Peril Pub Crawl"
(#1-Q5): "The Dragon Who Stole Evoking Day" (x)
(#1-Q6): "Archaeology in Aspenthar"
(#1-Q7): "A Curious Claim"
(#1-Q8): "Shadows of the Black Sovereign"