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....Ok Nightcrawler parentage thing is a bit Wow...but I think I'm probably ok with it. Apparently Claremont had this in mind back in the 80s but it got nixed.

Wonder Tot has returned

I considered complaining but turns out she is adorable

So our other DM is going to run Tyrant's Grasp. Spent our game session making characters

Group is
Human - Incanter (Spheres of Power) who if I understand what he is planning is going to be a Red/White deck Magic the Gathering wizard
Tiefling - Trickster (from Kobold Press) as I understand it it's basically a Wizard/Thief hybrid class
Aasimar - Paladin (Hospitaler archetype) with his eye on the Holy Vindicator Prestige Class
and me Human Armiger (Awakener) from Spheres of Might. Basically a Fighter who summons Ghosts from his weapons.

My campaign will be getting a little cut back. Long Story short, I had a Heart attack 2 weeks ago.
So to lighten my load on various things I will be running Night Below twice a month and someone else is going to run a different campaign the other two nights while I clear out my decks of various different things causing me stress right now.

I suppose One option is look some of the alternate versions of classes from 3pp for inspiration.

The Talented Fighter for example Takes all the Fighter abilities, including the Bonus feats plus a bunch of stuff from the Fighter Archtypes, and turns them into "Fighter Talents". Then gives out a Fighter Talent every level.

So maybe you steal a bit from that and say when the Fighter would get a bonus feat, he can take a "Fighter Talent"

I probably wouldn't. In most cases the Bonus Feats are from a specific category; Combat Feats, Metamagic Feats, Teamwork Feats, etc... meant to reinforce the idea of specific training.

If you are just going with a general, everyone gets a feat at every level, and then take away the bonus feats you would actually be diminishing that.

So yeah I would just keep the Bonus feats as is.

You only need a free hand if the spell has Somatic components right?

So any spell without an S component works
anything with Still Spell works, If you have a Cleric with Blessing of Fervour you could even get the Still on low level spells without the feat.

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Well well well

Interesting bit of news, Looks like Netflix is picking up Prodigy for seasons 1 & 2

Pile of new stuff with several that look pretty good. So far

My daughter became an S-Rank adventurer; Not a bad start, central joke could get repetitive but 2nd episode starts introducing elements of a more serious plotline
Frieren: What happens after the adventure, follow the story of a High Elf mage retrace the path she and her friends followed decades ago. This is a pleasant if slightly melancholy watch
Shy Good start to a Superhero story about a young new hero fighting her own anxieties while saving others

let me read the walkthrough....this was much more fun than I had expected, possibly because I had low expectations going it. CGI series about a woman in her 30s isekaied into a Game world after falling to her death. It's by Bilibili and I've enjoyed their stuff before, so I am probably going to stick with this.

If the group is using Spheres then I would go with the Conscript. It's basically a customization Fighter and getting Favored Enemy is an option for it.

As far as Spheres themselves go I would say Berserker, Brute, Shield and maybe Guardian. the Delayed Damage pool from the Guardian Sphere can really give you the feel of this mean sob who won't go down until he gets one last crack at your head.

Night Below
My group has been clearing out a nest of Grells. It was going well until it wasn't. The Psion failed just about every save he had to make that night. When the Feeblemind dropped him the group decided it was time to run, jumped right over a 30 foot cliff with Grell behind them shooting with their Lightning Lances.

Managed to get back to the Gnome town, paid for a Heal to fix the Psion up and are planning their next move.

I have received my Hardcover copy of Spheres of Guile. So that makes all three of the Core sphere books

Mechanically the worst
The guy who wanted to be "Useful" The player thought he should be able to pitch in anywhere at anytime and he thought the best way to do that was multiclass a little into everything. Yet the player couldn't understand why it wasn't working, like maybe the 5th class would add that missing piece of the puzzle.

RP the Worst
The Invisible Coward. Spellcaster (I don't remember which class) who wanted to make certain he wasn't noticed so that he wouldn't draw enemy fire. Once he was invisible he wouldn't do anything that might break invisibility.

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I've been trying something new in my current campaign. With the exception of a few Plot important treasures, I've been letting my players roll up the treasure they find.

This Horde is 10,000 gp Your share is 2500, you can roll on Coins, Coins & Gems, Coins and Small objects, etc... as broken down in the Ultimate Equipment book. You can Trade in 1000 gp of your share for a roll on the Minor Magic item chart of your choice (and when the hordes get big enough, 10,000 for Medium and 40,000 for Major. I got these values from the Core book section on creating treasure hordes)

So if a player wants a belt item he uses part of his share to roll a belt item.

The Mythic Champions of the Spheres book does say "All mythic feats with non-mythic versions require those non-mythic versions as a prerequisite" Makes no mention of Sphere associated Feats so , so probably you need the actual feat, although it could easily be your GM's call

Night Below campaign is going well. They are fighting against a nest of Grell at the moment and having a bit of a time with it, because the creatures can fly, the ceilings are high and my group has few ranged attacks.
After a rough fight they decided to investigate a side tunnel littered with Grell corpses. just to see what was killing them.

They encountered a Deep Spawn got horribly hurt and it might have killed some of them. If I hadn't rolled double 1s for the thing.

We use the Crit and Fumble cards. It drew Will save or Knock yourself unconscious. So the tentacled monstrosity lunges at the Armiger and smashes head first into the cave wall. By the time it managed to wake up they had ganged up and pummelled it to -85 hit points.

Half of them are still down to single digit hit points but I gotta laugh at how that ended.

and season wraps up with a tense Thanksgiving dinner, an Alien invasion, Brainiac and what is probably Zod

Also Jimmy is rich now

There is also the Worldscape connection.

It's part of the comics so kind of up to you if it's actually part of Golarion or not but from what I remember it was either Nex or the other one, built this pocket dimension that links Golarion, Earth and Barsoom. The original goal was to make a Summoning storage of Heroes from all three worlds (Cast "Summon Conan" on his foes) but since the creator disappeared it kind of went a little wonky and has just been pulling random people into it from all three worlds.

oof...that got rough. Sups getting on hell of a beatdown there

our second appearance of Alex

and Vickie Vale..fair bit older than Lois, which presumably would mean the same for Batman

Such a Gotham City headline

Even some of the sitcoms would do it.

I think Buffy was one of the few shows that approached every season with the understanding that it wasn't going to be renewed, so they would wrap up the story arc while leaving some tidbits to pick up for a next season.

DeathQuaker wrote:
Freehold DM wrote:

Every season of Next Generation would end on a Cliffhanger, frustrating as hell. Come to think of it most shows in those days would Cliffhanger you end of season, they saw it as a way of making sure you came back for the next one.

ok this episode was really fun.
Myx felt very on character

couple of fun take aways

This is Earth-12
The source of Myx's power is his Bowler Hat.
This version of Lois is "Fun" Lois, at least acording to Myxy
Crab Superman

plus lots of showing off various animated Superman over the decades.

The whole thing with the Bowler hat implies that Myx is adapting his form for the universe he is in. Our traditional Bowler Hat wearing jolly fellow is the "true" form but for Earth-12 he's an anime-imp, because that is what fits here.

Next Week - Super Hearing

......I always hated when Next Gen used to do this

Troll Treasure collected and a Return to the Gnome Village only to find that there has been some kind of commotion. One of the Gnome Alchemists was discovered to have betrayed the village and on discovery has fled, leaving a trail of explosions behind him. Some Gnomes were sent to capture him but not only did they fail, they lost one of their own to a sinister psychic presence. The Village elders are not willing to send more but the Heroes have agreed to help recover their friend. So with three Deep Gnomes leading the way they have found a strange cavern of tall cliffs and imposing stone pillars, where a makeshift village has been made in various caves and noocks. a veritable maze of chaotic robe bridges and ladders haphazardly connects it all. Even from a distance the Psion can feel an oppressive inhuman mind covering the region like a thin blanket.

Taking what precautions they can to protect their minds the group sneaks into the strange settlement and slowly moves their way around the mind controlled inhabitants.

oh wow.....He looks like Washu

Interdimensional Peacekeeper?

I can't wait, this is going to be such chaos

I have to say, I do like that Clark is so bad at lying about his secret ID. Dishonesty is simply "alien" to him. He just looks really uncomfortable every time he tries to cover something up. Plus it looks like they will not be stretching out the "everyone is mad cause you lied" thing.

So The Brain and Monsieur Mallah are adorable together

and they created a bunch of mutants that were pulled right out of Gurren Lagann

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This is adding a personality quirk to the NPC Captain for the Star Trek RPG campaign I am working on. Singing is forbidden on his ship. He won't ever explain why, it just is

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I can't help but feel this will be one more of the things "Klingons do not Discuss"

...Well That was better than I thought it would be but still pretty ridiculous.

What worries me though is between this and Low Decks crossover, we have had two fairly light hearted episodes close together now and I think the next one is the Season Finale

My gut tells me it's going to be brutal

Another option is the Weapon Master Handbook (I think it's that one). There is a Chapter on Creating New Weapons that might help

Night Below

The Troll Hunt is over although they nearly lost the Armiger to the two-headed Troll Shaman (oof that bugger dished out a Lot into the poor guy). 7 levels I finally have them spending Hero Points.

Next week they will count up their treasure and return to the Deep Gnome Village

Man I gotta imagine Rhodey is going through some major trauma and one of the first things he gets hit with, is Tony's dead.

So he is going into Armor Wars with "I should have Been there" screaming in his head.

Episode 5
Deathstroke (pretty young and still has 2 eyes though)
The General (I am 99% certain it's Lois's father)

and Lois pretty much calling Clark out to his face and not dragging out the "Is he really Superman subplot"

Cliffhanger ending. Jimmy is in trouble.

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Looking over at New Asgard where folks having a beer and watching the tellie just looked at each other and said "Wait what did he say?"

I can only assume it involves some sort of cosmic being type alien, like the one who was fanboy for Napoleon

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apparently yes
It will be called Subspace Rhapsody

there is even a poster

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It helps that Lower Decks is a half hour show, and it dose have a larger cast to deal with, though the four ensigns are the main characters. The adventures of the Ceritos are also kind of fun, because it's not one of the front line ships. They are the ones that do the follow up missions after the big stuff has happened.

(and on a side note; they just released the Lower decks source book for the Star Trek RPG for those groups who want to play the lower ranking characters on a ship)

Wel for whatever reason, Episode 3 did not show up here in Canada, at least not on anything I have access to.

Episode 4 was fun though. Dr. Ivo re-imagined as a Tech Bro with a bit of MCU Tony Stark, creating a Personal protection super suit he calls the Parasite 1.0. Needless to say it went horribly wrong

Of particular note however is Ivo's young assistant


They play him off as a resentful helper science minion to Ivo but anyone who knows Superman can figure out who he is pretty quick. Just waiting on the accident that causes his hair to fall out.

Also Lois putting two and two together pretty quickly. Although Clark being a little sloppy doesn't help him hide his ID.

and Jimmy....already feeling the third wheel

Dark Gathering is getting more interesting as it goes on. This little girl has some scary ways of thinking but clearly she is getting the results she wants. Good Evil, she doesn't care so long as she kills the thing that took her mother.
To that end she is building an army of evil spirits that are terrified of her, using them against each other, forcing them to beg for her protection from the others.

The contrast with her cute character design is very effective.

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ok New episode dropped early and was kind of fun

Love how they mixed in some of the Lower Decks opening into the SNW Opening

Atom Eve story was pretty neat. Knew she was powerful but dang

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While it is a pretty minor throw away line I feel it is worth pointing out

Space Hippies are a thing that exists in Star Trek Cannon

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Seemed like humans emotions are more erratic. Jumping around from place to place. There was some comparison to adolescence with Spock so the idea that maybe there is a significant different hormone balance that Spock was dealing with is probably on the right track.

Maybe Vulcans mainline emotions by comparison. If your angry that's all there is, if you get sad that's all there is, etc.. When one is raging it blots out the others sort of thing.

Also I'm not sure if Vulcan control over emotion is entirely meditative. There was an Original Series episode where they found some alien museum with time travel portals. Spock and I think McCoy got stuck in pre-history cave man era. Spock's emotional control went right down the crapper.

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I think I remember Spock talking about it in the Original Series, the Vulcans nearly wiped themselves out because of their violent urges. It was one of them coming up with the path of Logic that kept them from self destruction.

There is a lot of other heroes going to be in this Superman movie and I know a lot of folks have been saying it's a mistake to crowd the film like that but

What if they are doing the Public Enemy story; President Luthor Frames Superman for murder of Metallo and sets all these heroes to bring him in.

Gunn says these character fit the story so, what if they are who Superman has to fight while clearing his name.

Look at this team so far
Guy Gardner = most aggressive of the GLs
Mr. Terrific = Genius scientist and tactician
Metamorpho = can become Kryptonite
Hawkgirl = Nth metal weapon can hurt Superman

Well after a big fight with a pack of Diseased Trolls, my entire group got disease. All of them have Bubonic Plague and a couple of them also have Red Ache and the Druid's Badger had Plague, Red Ache and Blinding Sickness.

Druid only had 1 Remove Disease preped and used it on his Badger, successfully curing everything except the Bubonic Plague

(We are using the Unchained Disease Rules)

and she's back

and sure enough she's a mutant now

Limited Series "Ms Marvel, the New Mutant" coming soon

It dose however open a interesting can of worms. Apparently they used the Krakoa tech to bring her back to life, and as a result she is now a mutant.

Now I don't know if this is just a quirk that happens when you run an inhuman through the resurrection pods or if the X-men can just turn people into Mutants now

but lets consider the later. How do you think the average anti-mutant bigot in the marvel world would react to learning they can just turn you into a mutant.

First episode of Helck was fun

Not a bad start, covering familiar early Superman ground but still not bad. Everyone feel really young but then that is the audience they are going for.

Interesting choice for the first villain. Merc instead of Shock Radio host. Very different from her original origin.

The things they did with the Jor-El hologram were an odd choice. From the tone of his initial speech he came across as sort of militant & threatening. I honestly thought it was Zod at first. I get the choice though, they wanted to have a scene where Clark felt threatened by his heritage and chose to stay with the safety of the Kents. Later when he goes back and he says "I don't even know who you are" you can see the hologram of Jor-El look hurt in response. Very nicely done

Night Below
My guys are hunting Trolls in order to get the help of the Deep Gnomes. After wiping out one tribe they found a tribe of Troglodytes that are hiding from the trolls and on the edge of starvation. Their leader however is a Cave Druid like one of my Party so they were able to talk and come to an agreement. They still have the larger tribe of trolls to defeat as well as a group of diseased trolls and a mysterious Plague Beast living at the bottom of the underground lake

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