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2 Episodes into Bastard and it is everything I remember it being when I saw the OVAs decades ago, and then some.

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Yakman wrote:
guess i should be watching She-Ra...

It's a fun series and honestly Starfinder is a good fit for it. Strong mix of Magic and Sci-Fi, evil Galactic Overlord with an endless army, Magical Princesses, mysterious ancient civilization that wanted to harness magic for their own ends, etc...

Lots of great stuff to build a campaign around

It's an amazing mix of fun and nerve-wracking isn't it. It can be worse than a horror game sometimes.

The 2nd game is good too. It's a little more railroady, and giving the main character a voice and some people to interact with gives it a very different feel from the first game, but it also has a lot more building options

Night Below - Day 1
And so our story beings. A small group of wanderers, recluses and mercenaries are brought together on the outskirts of the Dwarf town of Stonehold. Each hunting down the same group of bandits, though for their own reasons. The Hermit Druid Belton with his companions Bartholemew the Badger, the Ruin Delver Azrel with his powerful quarterstaff, The mysterious Stone Dwarf Axonite , devoted champion of the Earth Goddess and the strange Psion Ashillar who's goals are unknown.
With Belton and his pet leading the way the group tracked the bandits to their lair, they launched a lightning fast night time assault Defeating most of the bandits before they even realized they were under attack. Their half orc leader, Kargos, put up a desperate fight but he fell quickly to the heroes teamwork managing to land a heavy blow against Axonite with his dying breath (Orc Ferocity is a fun thing).
So with half the bandit gang captured and their leader killed, the group gathered up their ill gotten gains and freed a young boy named John West who was help in a cage by the gang. Victorious they return to Stonehold to collect a modest bounty

Pretty good night, felt great to get back into the swing of things. Only got to use half the cave I'd made though. Group made a ruckuss so the Boss came to them

Ok my order is done and I got a receipt to my email. all looks good.

Not all Kickstarters work out, I knew the risks when I went in on this and honestly I had kind of given up on it. Certainly several years late is not ideal, but it is what it is.


they look cool by the way. Been a long wait but they do look cool

edit: ok weird...suddenly I'm the first post and giving Ditto to nobody.

I redeemed my code but no next step

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Did our session Zero for the Night Below (I updated the old2E box set for Pathfinder), we start the actual campaign this friday.
Group is

Dwarf Paladin (Stonelord)
Aasimar Cave Druid with a Celestial Badger companion
Created (from the Skybourne setting) Armiger (Stancemaster)
Human Psion (Shaper Discipline)

They seem like a pretty solid group and I'm looking forward to DMing the campaign.

After 2 years we are playing Face to face once more and I am looking forward to showing off all my 3d Printed terrain

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Luis is probably his producer now too.

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So for a while now there has been this weird sort of "Ant-Man is super popular" thing going on in the background of a lot of the Phase 4 shows.

and now we learn about the Podcast
Scott Lang has been milking it.
I bet he's been on the late night Talk shows too.

This is how Quantum Mania is going to start, With Scott coasting high on internet fame

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Power Rangers RomCom, Love after World Domination has turned out to be so much more fun than I was expecting. Fudo and Desumi are a pretty adorable couple and all the characters around them are just icing on the cake. It has become one of my must watch shows for the season.

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DeathQuaker wrote:
Greylurker wrote:
1st edition Bard was a hell of a thing though. You had to change classes like three times before you could be one
Never got to play 1st ed but I remember hearing they could be broken as heck.

Bard was basically the original Prestige Class

I do feel Hawkman ...might not be the right choice to deliver the "Heroes don't kill" line.

Other than that Super Excited for this

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Well looks like we finally got a real trailer for this, and I am very excited to see the JSA in action

Black Adam trailer

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1st edition Bard was a hell of a thing though. You had to change classes like three times before you could be one

Frankie Feldspar wrote:
Greylurker wrote:

When in doubt insert Chaos

For example an Explosion = Fire everywhere. Dangerous to both PCs and enemies Also can be used to create a "maze" that lets you control movement of both sides, letting you to break things up into small fights

Ok... You get it!

I didn't even think about the aftermath - how the flying bits of flammable Alchemical compounds would change the map! That's a great idea, and one I will make sure to consider.

Irritating/waking up a giant monster who comes to investigate the explosion is also a cool idea... Though I'm unsure if it would necessarily make things easier for the past on any way... Its certainly not something they would be planning for.

One thing adding the giant monster dose is it distracts the Village giving you and excuse for why the entire horde doesn't come down on the Party's heads.

Plus it makes a great backdrop, PCs are fighting a group of Vegies but you get to throw in a description of the Rampaging T-rex in the background, tromping through a building.
Few rounds in you bring in some Vegie reinforcements but then suddenly the Monster's head comes out of nowhere and chomps them, giving the PCs some breathing room.

It's more a narrative tool to help herd things around

When in doubt insert Chaos

For example an Explosion = Fire everywhere. Dangerous to both PCs and enemies Also can be used to create a "maze" that lets you control movement of both sides, letting you to break things up into small fights

Loud Noises could attract monsters in the area for example T-Rex. Fight is now a three way battle PCs vs. Vegis vs. T-Rex

and what if the Vegies have Prisoners.

Fire + T-rex + people in bamboo cages screaming in panic


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I'm as far as episode 6

I'm calling those Stirges...those were definitely Stirges

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Getting ready to start running The Night Below. a 2nd edition D&D box set that I have been converting into a Pathfinder campaign. Should be starting it next week with our first Face to face game in 2 years

Early Matinee and the theatres are practically empty, me and a friend went to Dr. Strange and had plenty of space.

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Freehold DM wrote:

Cute Girls Doing Cute Things

most of them are pretty much exactly that with a different extra theme tacked on; Music, Board Games, Sports, Going to the Antarctic, etc...

There are a couple that have some really neat twists though.
"School Live" had a pretty good twist.

Bjørn Røyrvik wrote:
That and his outfit.

Kind reminds me of a "Jojo's bizarre adventure" character

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The more I hear about this guy the more excited I get

What about Kraven the Hunter? Twitter, Blog or Tiktok?

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Haven't seen him in anything before but I hear he is a very charismatic actor and a lot of folks seem excited, so Good enough for me. I look forward to seeing how he dose.

Sad to see Jodie go though, her stories were a bit muddled but I did like her version

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Deadpool would probably be banned from Twitter and tiktok for lewd content. That or posting his kill shots

Didn't the Red Skull actually have a Podcast in one of the Captain America comics

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The Wizard would have a Blog wouldn't he

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I think there is a feat that lets you use an Ioun Stone as your Arcane Bond object. not sure if that would interest you

That was a neat film and offering us some interesting possibilities for the future.

Comics or Movies Wanda just keeps getting put through the wringer

Ok so Young Avengers Role-call

Cassandra Lang
Eli Bradley
Kid Loki
Kate Bishop
America Chavez

probably can't count Billy and Tommy unless something weird happens,

and of course Kamala Khan incoming.

Well son of a.......

Couple of weird final twists there, not sure how I feel about the one. Just kind of a "What?...Him? Why?"

Figured out the Borg reveal in episode 9 but was not expecting the whole reason for her showing up and grabbing all the ships.

Going to guess that thing is part of season 3. Wondering if it connects to the first season

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I just keep thinking of what Twitter is like in the MCU.

"Kaiju Fight in Cairo"
"Crocodile Lady got booty"

From what I understand she isn't there on behalf of the Romulans but is working for the same people that Gary 7 was working for. So it's not Romulan tech she has but equipment given to her by those mystery beings.

She doesn't seem to have a Cat though

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Andostre wrote:
zza ni wrote:
remember you can make your bonded object into a magical item as if you have the needed magic item crafting feats as long as you have the feat's spell caster level.

Yes, very true, but I have the option to do that independently of any feats I take. I'm asking about options to spend my feat slot on. Thanks.

Java Man wrote:
Searching for "bonded object" on Nethys returns no feats.

Yeah, I did that, too, but I just searched on "bond," and reviewed those results. No luck.

Java Man wrote:
Once you have enchanted your object you could look at Item Mastery feats that would apply, add some versatility to its functions.
I've never looked at the Item Mastery feats before, so that's pretty helpful! Thanks!

Item Mastery Feats can be pretty handy, though oddly a lot of them are tied to Fort Save. I'm Currently playing a Fighter who can use his weapon to cast Dimension Door. been remarkably helpful

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they should have realized the willy old bird had an extra card to play.

I do hope Layla sticks around with Tawaret, Avatar of a Goddess of protection makes for a pretty good superhero.

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Thomas Seitz wrote:
Dude!!! I wonder if that's an alternate Wanda fighting Captain Carter. (Also is it Hayley Atwell as Captain Carter or someone else?)

wish I knew, it's a blink and you miss it shot of someone with the British Shield, don't even see the face of the person using it, but it's got to be Carter right?

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JoelF847 wrote:
Also, something cool not in the trailer, but in the poster, there's a piece of Captain Carter's shield! (lower right)

Newest TV spot shows a clip of a fight between Wanda and Captain Carter.

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I understand how the Confederation ended up so brutal. It's the world where Khan's side won the Eugenics wars. Humanity is all genetically enhanced like Khan and his people, probably even more so as the technology improved.

Still in playtesting last I checked, they seem a little behind schedule, but what I've seen so far is neat stuff. Might be another month or so

So current info is

Release: March 3rd 2023
title: Dungeons & Dragons; Honor among Thieves

Plot is

An ex-Harper turned thief escapes from prison with his partner, a female barbarian, and reunites with a no-talent wizard and a druid new to their team in an effort to rob the cheating conman who stole all their loot from the heist that landed them behind bars, and used it to install himself as the Lord of Neverwinter. Only the traitor is allied with a powerful Red Wizard who has something far more sinister in store.

Staring: Chris Pine, Michelle Rodriguez, Hugh Grant, Regé-Jean Page.

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Khonshu: "Our case against Harrow must be Airtight"

Khonshu presents his airtight case: "This guy is evil and you should totally let me kill him. Plus you guys are Chicken Sh#$"

Gods: "No"

Khonshu: Shocked Pickachiu face

1 person marked this as a favorite. If Ammit gets out and starts messing with the world...won't the other gods just lock her up the way they just did with Khonshu?

Or is it a split second She gets out half the world sort of dies thing

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there is a lot of interesting camera work and the way some of the scenes when he is interacting with the other personality in the mirror are really neat.

Well that was quick. Just popped up on Amazon Prime

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and now we get a reference to Gary Seven

and HOLY CRAP they hit us with some awesome stuff in this one. Damn it Q WTF?!

plus that ending cliffhanger

Well, Reaper has started up the Bones 6 kickstarter

and it's already funded.

These have been a great source of minis for me over the years and they grow in size very fast.

Hoping to add to my collection of Great Old Ones this year

dirtypool wrote:
In a black label out of continuity book, yes.

Oh thank god

Heard a rumour.....don't like it

Did they seriously just Kill Guy Gardner?

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So...RWBY is getting an official Anime
and Gen Urobuchi is involved with it.

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