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After a couple of False starts my first off the grid settlement is up. I used that neighborhood with all the houses put up around a nice park with a Bear living in it. Already has a Power armor frame and a chem lab located there and plenty of room for food. Will be a good staging ground for exploring the southern half of the map.

Dire Elf wrote:
Greylurker wrote:

I want to do a campaign where the world is destroyed and the PCs lead a small band of survivors to another world. Just as they go the Gods of the old world empower the PCs to become the gods of the new world. The Gods then sacrifice themselves to stop the force that has consumed the old world.

The rest of the campaign would be about my players literally building a new campaign world themselves. Seeking out and claiming their own divine portfolios, guiding the rebuilding of civilization and defending their world against the remanents of the force that destroyed the old one, (reduced in power by the sacrifice of the old gods to something enough to threaten the PCs but not crush them like ants).

and then....when it's all over I want to run a regular campaign in that world my players created.

What a fantastic idea!

I gotta thank this thread. With our DM out of action this week and game cancelled, I ended up going to my favorite Pizza joint and spent a couple of hours in a booth, writing up an outline of the campaign along with key "scenes-of-cool" I want to include.

I'm liking it, I really am. The prelude (IE: the part before the PCs evacuate the world) ended up longer and more involved than I had originally planned but it has cool things like the PCs unleashing Rovagug and stuff. I might actually get to run this next year

Wall Zombie is dead. I can finally sleep in the appartment I made at Hangman's ally

Oberland Station is looking pretty nice. Only 1 appartment so far (with electronic locking steel door) but with enough supplies I should be able to build it it

Starlight just entered the yellow zone. Looks like I won't be able to expand it much more. It's a nice place though. The buildings are effectively a wall around an open courtyard with BBQ, Bar and other things. Plus it serves as my central hub for caravan routes. Place has people coming and going all the time. Has all the good stuff now. Shops, workbenches, lots of food. Only thing missing now is a Power armor bench.

Also the Cryogun is now in my hands. Zombie Popcicles for all

Matt Filla wrote:
Greylurker wrote:

Just reached that settlement next to the rails. two people, white rail station building and a decent garden. Can't remember the name of the place.

Decided to build a 4 story elevator there and make an apartment complex

Good thinking - people will pay a premium for easy access to a train line.

Also, while Zombies can climb stairs, they don't seem to know how to push buttons of an elevator

Thanks, been making some items for a campaign and I'm basing them off the Old D&D cartoon. In addition to the Lightning shooting bow I've got a Pointy Wizard's hat that can be used to access a Warp storage space, and a Shield that creates a Ward and so on.

DeathQuaker wrote:
Hmm, buzzsaws and flamers... Good zombie fighting weapons. Do you have Automatron? Seems like building a bucket of Handys would be a good goal.

I do indeed. If I can get the scrap together I might build Cogsworth an army to lead

Just reached that settlement next to the rails. two people, white railstation building and a decent garden. Can't remember the name of the place.

Decided to build a 4 story elevator there and make an appartment complex.

I'm thinking I should develop Greygarden more. Watching a swarm of Mr. Handy's just ... slice and dice a zombie horde was a heck of thing to see.

I was crossing over the rail bridge, from Greygarden to Beantown brewery. It's foggy so I didn't see them at first but passing right under the bridge is a HUGE zombie horde.

So I threw a few mines and grenades over the edge. Then went down to finish them off with the Bat

This alerted the Greygarden robots that there was trouble and next thing I know there is this swarm of Mr. Handys hacking up all the legless zombies crawling around on the ground.

Hardly even got to take a swing

If I have an issue with copy/paste, I just hit the Print Screen button and then paste the screen capture into Photoshop. Crop the image to get rid of the stuff I don't want and then save.

They are revising it with the release of Ultimate Spheres of Power. Any Metamagic can be use except for Heighten Spell, so long as the effect could reasonably be affected by that metamagic. So Rime works just fine.

DeathQuaker wrote:

I can't remember what it is called off the top of my head, but there's a little housing development that uses the same houses as Sanctuary. You find a radio broadcast from an old bunker where a dad and his sons are separated from their mom (who was trapped at the hospital up north). From the workbenches and junk there, I always thought they intended to make that a settlement but then didn't for some reason. That might be a good place. IIRC there is plenty of cement there so you can walk things in.

(If anyone saw the truncated version of this message, my phone had its own idea of when to submit)

Is that the place full of super mutants across the lake from the Taffinton boathouse

Well I tried setting up my own settlements. Thought Watts Electronics might be a good spot
The Area you can use is pretty big but the main problem is I can't scrap everything. Most notably I couldn't scrap any of the trees for Wood. Very hard to builld anything with no wood. In the end I just scrapped what I could and dismantled the settlement. This did net me a large amount of steel, so at the very least it was worth the time.

Those weights turned into 200 rounds of 10mm ammo

Starlight is up to about 17 people now. has a Doc, General and Weapon stores. Caravans going all over the place and a decent amount of well armed guards and farmers.

Kind of fun watching the Zombies try and attack the place these days, they don't have a chance.

I tried Exploding Hangman's Wall Zombie. Couldn't get him

Zumonji Outpost sent word of trouble but a Zombie ripped my arm off along the way there.

Daimayo set looks neat.

although I could use some samurai PCs. I've only got the one unless you count the Mouselings......

ok Samurai Mouseling campaign could work

I grabbed a Mod that will apparently let me Build settlements anywhere I want (to a Max of 10). I just need to have the supplies to build the initial work bench first. (15 steel, 4 gears, 4 screws)

I've been thinking long and hard about where I should put the first one.

Still have that Wall Zombie in Hangmans alley...I am half tempted to get a mini-nuke just to try and kill the bugger.

Heading to the hardware store for paint for the wall....They have TONS of weights, made of lead, which is just what my Ammo factory needs

In the past I have complained about ADA trying to kill everything in site.

Turns out Zombies are her blind spot. Half the time she doesn't even notice them until they actually attack her

Current Backup Weapon - Baseball Bat with a Chain wrapped around it.


I am so glad I managed to reach Diamond city where I can buy some Ammo

Funded in about 2 minutes apparently.

By the time the servers were able to accept my plege I had missed out on Wave 2 shipped and found myself stuck in wave 5.

Gonna need a set of those Grim and Gritty Mouselings

Might not come up for you but Armiger multiclassed with Prodigy is a nasty combo of flexibility.

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I want to do a campaign where the world is destroyed and the PCs lead a small band of survivors to another world. Just as they go the Gods of the old world empower the PCs to become the gods of the new world. The Gods then sacrifice themselves to stop the force that has consumed the old world.

The rest of the campaign would be about my players literally building a new campaign world themselves. Seeking out and claiming their own divine portfolios, guiding the rebuilding of civilization and defending their world against the remanents of the force that destroyed the old one, (reduced in power by the sacrifice of the old gods to something enough to threaten the PCs but not crush them like ants).

and then....when it's all over I want to run a regular campaign in that world my players created.

I think one of the things making the Zombie mod difficult is that the Zombies have no loot, not even the Stared ones. The only time you will find something on a zombie is when it's a freshie, like a Raider you killed five minutes ago whill still have his gear on him despite getting up and trying to kill you a second time.

Managed to get my hands on a High power Pipe rifle and a lot of .38 ammo, so that is my zom killing gun for the time being.

Hangman's ally is looking pretty nice but it still has that Wall zombie that keeps me from getting a good night of sleep. the Elevator has proven to be a really nice option in that place. have pretty much nothing on the ground floor except crops, but 2 floors of appartments above it all.

Gonna have to try something with a 4 story elevator sometime

The guy who told me it's October 5th has been punched in the arm and given a good Glaring at. ಠ_ಠ

Kickstarter is October 1st

Krampus and Eye of the Deep have my attention

I need something better than a machete to fall back on when I run out of ammo.

Was running away from some zoms and hide in that sewer pipe with the locked door in it.

The Zoms followed us in. So I'm trying to fight them off while ADA hacks the door and by some miracle she dose it

only there are more zoms on the other side of the door.

yeah you just can't win somedays

Under the Spheres of Power Item creation rules, Craft Wands is replaced by Craft Spell Engine, and some of the example Spell engines are not specifically wands (for example the Dungeoneer's box)

Could I enchant a Weapon as a Spell Engine

For example a Bow enchanted as a Destruction Spell Engine with the Enegy Focus Drawback (Electrical) To create a Bow that shoots lightning bolts.

looks like it's October 5th now

I am good and ready for it. Got a nice pile of moneies set aside just for the Kickstarter.

sure I could have put that money towards something useful....but what would be the fun in that.

We can replace the front windows of the house next year

So with my current settings All Ghouls and about 50% of animals are being replaced by 2-3 zombies.

This means that anyplace that had a Lot of Ghouls now has 2-3 times as many Zombies. Like that Train Station between Sanctuary and the Bluffs.

Trying to cut through there ....did not go well.

On the fun side, Random Robots and Random Zombies are fighting each other all over the place, which helps be getting around, so long as neither side sees me.

I rather like the Combat stamina rules but I tend to restrict them to Fighter Bonus Feats only. It makes the choices for those Bonus feats slightly more important because it lets them get a little extra out of them. Particularly the ones like Combat Expertise where they can ignore the requierments.

DeathQuaker wrote:
This has been interesting to follow Greylurker. Just letting you know someone is reading. :)

It's certainly a different game and I haven't even dialed things up all the way.

Discovered that getting hit by a Zombie almost always gets you an infection, so that has been a problem more frequently than I would like (as if Zoms hitting like a truck wasn't enough of a reason to avoid melee)

Shotgun is proving to be a my new favorite gun. The Stagger slows them down and the spray can sometimes get more than one in the head.

Still have my 10mm ZomPopper as a back up.

and due to me being wrong place at the wrong time the Robot armies of the Mechanist are now on the march.

Robots vs. Zombies all over the place.
at least I got ADA to do melee for me now.

Oh right. Small glitch happened at Hangman's alley. There is a Zombie stuck in a wall and we can't kill it. You can hear it moaning and occasionally you see an elbow pop through the wall. As a result though I can't use the bed or workshops at Hangmans Alley because "enemies are near" Which is a shame cause the elevated appartments I've been making there are kind of cool.

I have to say I like the Hunter. He shows what the Skeksis could have been, had they not been obsessed with finery and decadence. A fairly terrifying murder machine.

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Armiger is a lot of fun as a class. This is the guy who names his favorite weapons and spends hours making sure the grips are just right and that they are balanced to his likeing.

Gameplay wise his fighting style will shift depending on what weapon he is using and at mid levels he starts being able to swap out weapons mid attack chain.

course like all fighter types his greatest fear shall be the Rust Monster.

Building a settlement in Hangmans alley during a Zombie a very bad idea

I gotta say this Zombie Walker Mod has really changed the game for me. I've had some really desperate fights against hordes coming from all directions, never seem to have enough ammo. Building in ways I never thought to before (Hamngman's ally is now only accessable by elevator).

Just had to rush to defend the Abernathy's. Had to fight my way through several swarms on the way there. Nearly got trapped and surrounded. had to burn a path using Molatovs. Got there just in time to fight off two swarms of zoms and just face palming as Conney goes rushing at them with her baseball bat.

With Episode 3 they have opened the door on the idea of multiple timelines, which means the series need not be on a collision course with the origiinal movie. That was probably the one thing about the series that bugged me, for the movie to happen the end of the series had to be bad. Now the Movie may or may not be the ultimate end for the story.

Also Poddling Paladin FTW!

Aberzombie wrote:
Greylurker wrote:

Assuming Trapper is still a sentient rogue timeline....

Damn! Looks like I missed a big chunk of something along the way. Last I remember, Trapper was a future version of Rokk.

Legion continuity always gives me a super headache.

I think he is both and Superboy Prime. As I understood it, Trapper is kind of a temporal paracite. It has to latch onto someone to have a physical form

Damon Griffin wrote:
thejeff wrote:
They've had plenty of good stories, but continuity? That story rewrote continuity, replacing Superman's origin. Which was at the time based on the post-Crisis Byrne rewrite, which had replaced the Silver Age rewrite.
Oh, but DC isn't to blame for all of that. It's all Dr. Manhattan's fault. [/SARCASM]

Only the one time. ;)

You know I wonder if this whole "Superman is the center of the metaverse" is why the Time Trapper is so worked up about him.

Assuming Trapper is still a sentient rogue timeline, maybe he's something that got left out during one of the rewrites.

If he can snuff Superman or dislodge him from being the metaverse keystone, he could reassert his existance as a proper timeline.

Well, here is another first for me in Fallout. I built a maneufacturing machine to pump out Bullets, cause killing Zombies with nothing but a tire iron was not working.

and I don't think I have ever set as many traps around a settlement as I currently have at the Drive-in. We are alive today because the traps are ripping the legs off the zombies if they get too close to town.

Found the first episode a bit slow, mainly because they had a lot of worldbuilding to set up. 2nd episode was much better, world building is out of the way so on to the plot.

and a little reminder of just how horrible the Skeksis are even to each other. Horrible nasty things all dressed up in silk and gold. The contrast of that is just perfect. Almost feel bad for the scientist

and I love how they think so little of the Podlings they don't even care that the little buggers over hear every evil plan they have.

So....Zombie Mod is nuts.

Head shots only isn't so bad, and the general wandering around Zoms are not a huge deal. Cogsworth makes short work of a lot of them. I have tried to go into Boston once and that went really badly. Started ok but the more noise I made the more of them started showing up. Ran out of ammo completely and died in the back of one of the shops.
Melee ends badly

The biggest problem is when you are just setting up a settlment. The hordes start coming trying to kill you before you are fully set up. Sunshine Tiddings got ugly but I think it'll stand now. Had to use a NukaGrenade on the 3rd swarm cause I was out of ammo. Took a little while to bash all their heads in with the tire iron.

I got a late start on the Red Rocket. Didn't start building there until I had 5 other settlements. Had to abandon it Too many swarms, was down to 11 ammo in the laser musket (which is not a good zombie fighting weapon) so Me and Preston just ran to Sanctuary. They are still swarming all over the Red Rocket. Need to do something before Carla tries to get back here or she is meat.

Also the True Storms weather mod is really nice. All kinds of messed up weather stuff

So the next Reaper Bones Kickstarter will be going live on October 1st. Just under a month to set aside cash monies for another giant pile of plastic

I will be setting aside much monies.

I've gotten in on every Bones kickstarter todate and I have not been disappointed once, and as a result I have a GIANT pile of minies. Frankly I'm amazed at how many of them I've actually gotten painted.

Best of all there has been at least 1 Great Old One with every set; Cthulhu, Shub-niggarath, Nyarlahothotep, and Mashaaf, plus Dagon for funsies. I look forward to adding another to the collection

Aberzombie wrote:

A beloved Batman character just became a major casualty in the war on Bane

DC continues to prove I made a good choice in cutting back collecting their books, especially with this hack King still being allowed to crap all over things.

If it's any consellation it clearly doesn't stick.

Doomsday Clock supposedly takes place a year or so from the rest of the comics, and Alfred is just fine there, serving pancakes to people

I've been writting up a 7 level campaign that is exclusively Sphere based so that my group can give the system a relly good shake down. The plan is once it's over we are going to talk about it and see what we want to do with the system and if we want the two to mix.

One of the really fun parts of it has been creating monsters and magic items for the adventure. My Goblins are looking to be really nasty little buggers that avoid a straight up fight and drop traps everywhere. got a Giant Spider that charges people, knocks them down and webs them up, all while knocking other people out of it's way. A Terrifying Ogre Witch and her brood of Ogrekin and an army of berserker Orcs. MAgic item wise I've got a Wax Candle that summons a guardian knight while it's lit, a Dwarf Runstone that turns into a Spiked ball that rolls around the place to attack people and a Ring that once per day can Steal the Standard action from you next round to use now. (IE: 2 Standard actions this round, no standard actions next round)

There is also a Drunken Wrestler Satyr who may or may not be on the side of the PCs

And I am back to Fallout.
Gonna take at first try at playing the game with mods
Only 2 of them; Zombie Walkers and True Storms

Dead be rising in the Comenwealth

On the up side. Us Canadians get to watch Swamp Thing on Showcase next month. I hear it was a pretty cool show

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Was really expecting a "You're not the Boss of Me DAD!!!"

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What about the Combat Patrol feat.

Also are you allowed to use Combat Stamina? That adds a bit to several of your feats, including ignoring the requierments on Combat Expertise and Improved Trip

GRuzom wrote:
DungeonmasterCal wrote:

I don't know if you're interested in 3rd party works (Sandy Petersen's Cthulhu Mythos) but these are designed and statted for Pathfinder 1. I like these better than the "official" stats.

Cthulhu Mythos for Pathfinder

I cannot recommend this brilliant book enough!

There is a lot of great stuff in it. I'm incorporating the Dread rules into my Rappan Athuk campaign and I love the essay on Aklo

The Expanded Mythos Bestiary chapter in it is Pathfinder Stats for Cthulhu monsters and other monsters that fit the themes of the mythos (like aboleths and Sin spawn). These were taken from the official Bestiaries

have yet to find a DM who will let me play a Cat though.

Colour out of Space (+Colour Blighted template)
Dark Young of Shubnigurath
Deep Ones + Hybrids
Denizens of Leng
Dimensional Shambler
Spiders of Leng
Elder Thing
Flying Polyp
Ghouls of Leng
Hound of Tindalos
Moit of Shubnigarath
Moon Beast
Serpent Folk
Spawn of Yog-Sothoth
Star-Spawn of Cthulhu

I think that's all the official ones, though I might have missed a few. Not all of them are in Bestiaries though

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Looks like Black Lightning gets to be part of the big CW Crossover this year. Very much looking forward to that

Oh and Kevin Conroy will apparently be playing the live action Bruce Wayne

Greylurker wrote:
How hard will it be to convert these backward for 1st edition?

Ok so what I'm getting is that the Monsters in the book are largely "Look at Bestiary Page X" So mostly I can just use the PF1 Bestiary if I do a bit of EL checking.

I can do leveling by Milestone so that lets me ignore any XP differences between PF1 and 2.

How hard are magic items and non-combat challenges to flip from PF2 to PF1?

Haven't seen it myself but I'm told Animal Companions are still garbage

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Is it worth the money?

Depends on if you have a group that is interested in playing it.

I don't so my answer would be no.
For anyone who dose have a willing group the answer is probably yes.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

How hard will it be to convert these backward for 1st edition?

so... that was one heck of an info dump.

Damn that Body jumping power is nasty to deal with. Was thinking of running some M&M soon and I'm going to have to remember that one

also LOL
"Dead you thought it was a fear dimension"
"Yes well he wasn't the smart one was he"

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