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The Mark 5 exploded

Well....My nephew, Understanding that I am big fan of Building games, went and got me "Space Engineers" for Christmas.

I think I would be better at this game if I was an actual engineer.

So far my efforts to survive on Mars have ....had mixed results.
Died of Suffocation when my air ran out because I didn't go looking for Ice
Died when my suit's life support ran out because turns out the landing pod has a limited battery supply
Died from falling when the Jet pack ran out of fuel
Died from high speed collision with the ground because the Jet pack is .... difficult to control
Died from Lightning strike....several times

First attempt at building a Mining Car....exploded
2nd one kind of fell in a hole and couldn't get out

I'm certain the Mark 5 will be a winner though.

I wish em luck's not gonna be Plastic-man. If it looks good I'll probably watch it, but if they are counting on bringing in Plas-fans, this is much more likely to drive them away.

plus there are LOTS of Good Female DC heroes to do movies about, it's kind of bull#$%^ that they ignore all of them to do this

I went and downloaded the Manga Plus app for my phone so that's given me most of the Jump books.

Spy x Family and Mashle are probably my favourites right now

Spy x Family is a cold war era adventure/family comedy. Dad is a Spy for the West, Mom is an assassin for the East. But neither of them know each other's secrets, except for the daughter who reads minds. And the daughter is just a super adorable kid with a wealth of facial expressions.

Mashle is like Harry Potter. If Harry Potter was One Punch Man.
That is really the best description I can think for it.

I don't know....part of what gets these shows off the ground is the characters come with an audience to begin with. Green Arrow, Black Lightning, Flash all had fans before the shows even aired.

But nobody has a clue who this "Wonder Girl" is. The first issue of a comic with her in it hasn't even been published yet. They seem to be hedging their bets on a Fanbase that they can't even be certain will exist by the time the show airs.

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would be nice if they could make the adventures muli-system or system neutral. Aegis of Empires is being done for PF1, PF2 and 5E so it's not like it isn't possible

Take a look at the Trophy collecting rules in Ultimate Wilderness. They work just as well for collecting valuable component parts as they do for trophies.

Basically it's 3 skill checks. 1 to ID the Components that can be of use, 2 to harvest them and 3 to properly prepare them. Change the skills up slightly from what is needed for Trophy taking and you are good to go.

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Everything Old is New again apparently.

Such as Freakazoid guest staring in an episode of Teen Titans Go.

This Weekend apparently

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Yes I would
Heck I had a subscription to the new books right up until PF2 came out.
If they started up more PF1 books I would gladly restart my subscription

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I stumbled across a very simple "Injury system" a little while ago. Haven't tried it with my own group yet but I'm considering it.

If you get hit for more than your total Fort Save you have the write down an Injury or Scar.
If you get dropped below Zero HPs your write down an Injury.
When you get Magical Healing you Erase the most recent Injury from your list.
If you are restored to max HPs and still have Injuries they are permanent scars

Injuries and Scars do nothing. They have no mechanical effect at all.

The key to the system is that you make the players imagine their injuries and encourage them to role-play accordingly.

Instead of blaming that Natural 1 on bad luck, blame it on your broken rib. Failed a Perception test, well clearly the blood from that head wound got in your eye or your head is still ringing from that club earlier. Failed a Climb test, that old Knee injury is acting up.

I am considering the DC online subscription. It sounds like they will have access to their whole library with a 6 month delay from market release. Sure I'd be half a year behind the current stories but It might still be worth doing

so.....that door is open now

University 3d prints microscopic boat

Now that the backstory is out of the way Yashahime is getting pretty fun. Towa and Setsuna both have different aspects of their father's personality and are a pretty neat contrast but Moroha just steals the show. She is this ball of reckless and cleverness all tied together by a "Live for the moment" attitude. It's easy to see a lot of both her parents in her.

Show is promising a lot of time travel between the two time periods and Sessomaru may be one of the villains, at the very least he seems to be up to something dramatically wrong in order to save Rin from some sort of magic coma.

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over all not bad. little shaky with the early episodes but damn episode 10 was awesome.

Respect for Lt. Shaxs

The sleeping Princess in the Demon Lord's castle.

It's just fun
not LOL funny but cute funny

that is really all I can say about it.
It's a nice sit back and enjoy it kind of show

King's Raid

Oh man......This show feels like a High School DM, sitting down to do his first Homebrew campaign.

It is so by the numbers; The dying king, the evil noble, the edge lord dark elf.

I can't help but love it.

Yashahime episode 1 is out. Drops us a little in the middle of things, gives us a quick look at the three main girls (who have their own "running away demon" to chase after) and then flashes back to the original cast.

Sango and Miroku - 2 girls and 1 boy.
Everyone else still child free

Demons still looking for the jewel even though it's been destroyed.

Looks like EP2 will jump forward a few more years before we reach the present and series is confirmed at 24 episodes.

It's certainly on the edge of train wreck vs. fascinating.

So I am 2 episodes into Utopia and it has been a heck of a ride already

Basic Idea - Dystopia was an Indie Comic that spawned conspiracy theories about diseases being used to end the world by the sinister Mr. Rabbit.

After a couple buys an old house they discover the unpublished sequel and decide to auction it off at a comic convention.

Conspiracy fan club tries to get their hands on it and then some assassin type fellows start killing everyone who has even seen the thing.

and from there things just kind of escalate

Two episodes in and it's been pretty crazy. Safety of our main cast is very much in doubt. Adds some nice tension when you know that no one is safe.

So Amazon dropped it and Netflix picks it up


it's more the "X-Box Exclusive" I think

and as for Star Wars......considering the quality of those movies. using that as a comparison makes the worry justified.


Microsoft just gobbled up Bethesda

Amazon is looking more and more interesting for next year. This, Expanse, Lord of the Rings plus I hear now they have picked up Conan for a series as well.

and Copyright blocked

Lodoss is a great series, very much animated D&D in a lot of way.

Episode 3 with the Baby trial was very good. I was expecting it to go with a Kirk style trial by combat but instead they took the thing pretty seriously. The story would have almost fit in with a Next Gen episode

So i'm kind of late to this show, but my quarantine watching finally brought this around to me and, It is surprisingly good.

It's like a decent episode of Trek combined with an office comedy and it actually works really well together. Only 2 episodes in but it's neat

For all you Inu Yasha fans out there

Next Generation is looking fun

Oh my things are not going well so far.

although I did enjoy Nathaniel realizing that he is a cheap knock off and the real thing is much MUCH more powerful and very very pissed off now.

very worried about Fitz though

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I don't know about OP but the character I am really looking forward to playing is a Prodigy using a mix of Unarmed Combat on the Martial Side and Destruction on the Magic side.

Full on Exploding Fist Brawler

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And for the first time I have done the Museum of Witchcraft, Which was actually kind of scary and now

I have this egg.

No good can come of this I am sure

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"Can you help me, I am Lost!"

"I think it's a trick"

OMG that was the best episode this season

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Ok and new season begins.

Misfit at Demon Lord high school is about what I expected. Main character is brutally overpowered but it's got some nice comedy moments (his parents are great)

God of High School was actually a lot more fun than I was expecting. Our three main characters are a nice combo and it jumps into the action very quickly, plus there is clearly more going on beside High School Battle Tournament

out of last season I really enjoyed Princess Connect Re:Dive It was a light and fluffy show for the most part with some really good kids having fun adventures for good food. Hope it gets a season 2

They probably got a good influx of cash by licensing Fallout to Amazon for a TV series

Will you be including Stamina Combat Tricks from Unchained?

I've found those rules a real boon to the fighter class, even if it just applies to their bonus feats. This little oomph out of combat feats that other classes just don't get.

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Colson as Max Headroom, oh man I am looking forward to the next one.

This could be great or it could be horrific

I will probably watch it regardless

Consider the incantation. Lets say the Spellcasting language is the one used by the Anunnaki. Humans can grasp the phonetics of it but they don't actually know what they are saying. Just some vague translations that amount to the names of various spells.

Where as the actual incantation could be along the lines of
"System Access - Healer caste authorization rank 2 - Cure Moderate Wound"
"System Access- Warrior caste authorization Rank 1 - anti-personal artillery - Magic Missile"

but to humans it's all just "Ia ia lac liliac masrazi ak nophatius"

The different types of magic could actually be a breakdown of the Social castes of the Anunnaki.

NeoExodus setting has a God known as the Kaga.
The Kaga is an arcane construct created to be the God of humanity and help them rebel against the first ones who had enslaved them.

Clerics of the Kaga still use the cleric spell list but they are considered Arcane Casters with their holy symbols as an Arcane Focus.

So maybe you could use something similar. An Arcane source of "divine magic" that Clerics tap into

I will be watching this with interest. My group has made it very clear that PF2 is not what they want in a game but an upgrade of PF1 would be welcome

Thomas Seitz wrote:
Well technically they did have a kind of Punisher style Batman for a bit...but Grim Knight was more gadgets and traps than straight out murder people.

There was 2 of them first one was Punisher and Az-bat and the 2nd one was Punisher and real Batman.

No Page 555 of the Core rules


Some spells and abilities cause you to take an ability

penalty for a limited amount of time. While in effect,
these penalties function just like ability damage, but they
cannot cause you to fall unconscious or die. In essence,
penalties cannot decrease your ability score to less than 1.

Newsarama had an article recently where they were talking about this idea way back when where the two companies would have traded a character at the end of one of those crossover events. The basic idea was that after the event was over 1 character from each company would have been left behind in the other universe. They couldn't do it in the end because the legal hoops were just to much. From what the article said it would have been She-hulk to DC and Martian Manhunter to Marvel.

If you could have just 1 character traded to each universe who would you pick?

captain yesterday wrote:
You can always check out Maneater, I have a thread going, it's a pretty fun game.

I was looking at that, checked the games Steam page but it's not for sale yet. Added it to my wishlist. Did you support it through Patreon to get early access?

Here I was all excited hoping for some Elder Scrolls or Fallout news and all I get is a 7 year dead Thread Necro selling Gold for warcraft?!

Keep in mind that Charm Spells only change the emotions of the monster, it's compulsions that control their thoughts.
A charmed monster still has free will, it just likes you. This can actually open up some fun Role-playing in a "and I will hug him and pet him and squeeze him and call him George" kind of way.

Spheres of Power saw a lot of revisions going up to Ultimate. Some of the classes got tweaked and several talents got changed, improved, merged or removed. Casting tradition which were originally put forward as a side option became a core component. It also incorporated the materials from the various Sphere books

Spheres of Might possibly doesn't need as much revision. Instead of Sphere books (Leadership and Technology being exceptions)they have been focusing more on setting and style books which are a lot less generalized

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Terrain can really change a battle up as well.
Giant Monster but in a room with lots of pillars and alcoves. Things players can hide behind, use to avoid AOO, etc...

But also Things a giant monster can smash. A 3 foot wide Stone Pillar might have 500 someodd Hit Points and a Hardness of 8. But say every time it misses a PC with that 4d6+18 attack, it hits the nearest pillar. Things Crack, the roof shakes, PCs get worried (They don't need to know how many HPs a pillar has)

For Create Water at least I think there is a Feat that gives you a Druid Orison.

EDIT: Found it - Nature Magic (Advanced Class Guide) lets you get 1 Druid Orision as a Spell like ability 1/day

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Give your party the Escape Route Feat. Maybe a Cavalier is with them or maybe just give it out as a Special Reward for something ("Thank you for bringing me the McGuffin. Let me give you some special training as a reward" - Free Teamwork feat) That goes a long way to dealing with the threatening reach, and they might remember it for future campaigns.

Don't give the Big Monster Combat Reflexes. It gets 1 Attack of Opportunity and that's all. That will give your party more chances to close in around it.

Enjoy Combat Manners.
Overrun is fun for a big monster to use but it doesn't hurt.
Awesome Blow is also fun AND it hurts

Kind of depends on the setting.
If Goblins are evil as a product of their environment and culture then baby goblins might not be evil by default and could be raised to be productive if somewhat impulsive members of society.

on the other hand like in my homebrew setting Goblins could be a creation of the dark gods, meant to be easily replaced fodder for their armies against the light. Embodiments of Gluttony they can survive on little food but reproduce through over eating, growing pustules that drop off and grow into full goblins within a week, a handful of well fed goblins can quickly become a massive horde threatening everything in the area.

In my case Goblins are basically a Bio-weapon created by evil gods and a Paladin better have his stomping boots on.

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