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After no game last week, and this week we had the Psion sudden drop for family emergency. The group has defeated the Barrow king and handed his cursed sword over to the Dwarf Temple of Throff to be destroyed. From there they went to the great rock dale and battled a corrupted earth elemental, once defeated the Stonelord was able to reclaim the creature, freeing it from the infernal corruption and gained his Stone Servant.

Now they stand before the lair of the Devil that has been tormenting House Palfray for generations.

I had not heard about it prior but the idea that Ta-Nehisi Coates is working on an Elseworlds Superman is pretty damn cool. He's an amazing writer of fiction and nonfiction alike. Highly recommend his run on Captain America comics. Glad they haven't decided to can it.

As long as it's Calvin or Val I am all for it.

Very interested in seeing how they are going to do Spectre and Swamp Thing

Worked well for me because I was using it for a two weapon Dagger fighter, so yeah d4 to 2d8 was very nice to do when combined with the Two-Weapon fighting tree. Added Trained Grace to double the Weapon Training damage bonus and Warrior Spirit for that flexibility enchanting weapons.

If you have some of the Martial Focused handbooks (those little thin books Paizo did; Weapon Master, Armor Master, etc...) the Fighter gets a lot of things that pull it up. Big ones being Focused Weapon (gives you War Priest damage with you main weapon) and Warrior Spirit (Lets you enchant your main weapon and give it magic weapon properties)

Damn the new season has been great so far. That first episode was just insane

I love how the Black Dragon was raining acid from it's wings down on the city and the Red....holy hell that was amazing.

and apparently they just announced Mighty Nein coming soon to Amazon.

New trailer is a lot of fun

Hugh Grant seems pretty good as the minor villain

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Considering that there are already a ton of other platforms to play on-line with, $30/month just seems like an unrealistic expectation.

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So I am hearing from one of my friends that this "One D&D" subscription is going to be something like $30/month

can anyone confirm this, cause that seems like they want it to fail

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They managed to survive the Wraith Priest, though drained of CON. Gathered up some Undead fighting magic items and Got some recovery time in Lord Palfray's keep and some help from the Wandering Priest Lafayer. After that they went and hunted down the Barghest of the Redwood. Next week they have their sights set on the Barrow King's tomb.

should they survive they will hit 5th level.

Well....that new trailer looks amazing and has be very worried

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Travelling through the hills, accompanied by Lianna, Chancy and the three kids. The group came across a pair of Ogres setting an ambush. As they made short work of the Ogres they discovered that their target was in fact the Terror of the Hills, a deadly Flail Snail. Ashillar's psychic powers seemed to reflect back at him, off the creatures magical shell and Axonite was pummelled brutally by it's flail like appendages. Azreal, ran his Halberd into the shell where Axonite had cracked it open and managed to finally kill the beast. After that they rescued a miner from another ogre, visited Belton's cave and Lianna's farm before entering into Hardlow Wood. In their search they came across a grizzly sight of a group of Orcs their skin flayed from their bodies. Moving on guided by Belton and pushing on through the night, they found the Gleaming Glade. Here an endless army of skeletons and the shadowy condemned soul of an ancient priest of Orcus sought to claim their lives. Ashillar managed to find the Wraith's weakness, the dead decaying tree at the centre of the Glade and used his psychic powers to set it ablaze, quickly attracting the dead priest's wrath. While He tried to fight off the wraith the rest of the group smashed their way through the Skeletons to battle the Skeletal General at their heart. With a combined effort they brought the undead warrior down and with his defeat the Skeletal Horde fell, but The Dead Priest remains and the fight continues next week.

There is a 3pp feat that lets you cast Teleport and leave a Fireball behind, but that's the only thing I can think of

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Pretty much a shopping day and talking to NPCs, although they have also started training the various kid's they have picked up along their adventures.

Next week they finally start heading for Hardlow Woods

In general, nothing, not even the 3pp stuff, so long as I have the Book. But I tell my players If you use it, I use it. Plus I reserve the Right to say no if some of their interactions get wonky (EX: Spheres of Might + Path of War)

Having said that however, Sometimes I run a campaign that has Specific Restrictions, purely because of the nature of the campaign.

If they all start as Kids who grew up together in the same village, I'm going to say No Slow Maturing races like Elves or Dwarves. If I run a Viking Saga campaign I'm going to say "Make a Viking" and No to anything Not a Viking.

As I suspected I now have the Transformers RPG as a fresh from under the tree Christmas gift.

Book is nice, system seems fairly solid, some familiarity and some new ideas. Skill system is interesting.

In Pathfinder terms; Imagine if instead of Skill Points per level for your class, you got Your attribute Bonus as Skill Points for the Skill tied to that Attribute

EX: you have a STR of 16, that gives you 3 skill points to spend on Climb and Swim, while your 14 Wisdom gives you 2 Skill Points to spend on Heal, Perception, Sense Motive and Survival. and so on with each Attribute

Transformers kind of dose it like that only there is only 4 Attributes and each one has around 5 skills. (and a Rank in a skill is a whole extra dice to roll instead of just +1)

System seems interesting. Similar to D20 like Pathfinder and D&D only instead of static bonus the Skills give you extra Dice to add to the roll. So if you have a Rank 3 in shooting you would roll 1d20+1d6 when you shoot.
There seems to be a rule that moves that extra dice up or down as a modifier

In fact the system seems very against Static modifiers in general.

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Entering in the Dungeons below the keep the heroes faced several ambushes and deadly traps, rescued an imprisoned young girl, kidnapped for her latent magical powers and discovered a shrine to one of the Demon Princes made in a desecrated temple to Avanna. the Priest they found hiding in a secret room protected by Zombies and Orcs. A series of unfortunate mishaps put the heroes in a bind and Azrel fell victim to the Priests sinister magic, turning against his allies. Fortunately Bart the Badger was able to eviscerate the Priest and the others were able to subdue their companion.

Oh don't you dare pull a Next Generation season finale.

I always hated how they would end a season with Part 1 of 2 cliffhanger and then you have to wait until the next season to see how it ends.

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JoelF847 wrote:
...but people can just use OGL 1.0 still. What does 1.1 give them that would cause them to use it instead?

Near as I can tell permission to use what shows up on the "One D&D" platform. So the new changes to the rules and any Monsters that appear only on the platform. 1.0 won't cover those

Dose anyone have experience with the new Transformers RPG ( or one of Renegades other games using the same system, like GI Joe).

I kind of had a campaign concept pop into my head and I want to know if the system is fun or if I should try to do it in something else like Cypher or Genesys instead.

Interesting, some people are saying Gunn intends to look at the Animated DC stuff as inspiration for the new films. Certainly a good starting place, the animated stuff has always been much better than the live action movies to date.

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And then they changed their mind and went to the bandit keep instead of Hardlow Wood....I glad I had been getting the thing ready, huge battle in a 3d printed castle with multiple floors.

Knowing the keep was filled with enemies they chose to attack under the cover of night, Sneaking through the broken walls they ambushed the guards and managed to get into the courtyard before Axonite's clumsiness alerted someone to their presence. Belton brought forth the wrath of nature to occupy the bandits in the court yard entangling them with vines and roots. Azreal ambushed the guards on the walls and Axonite and Ashillar unleashed their respective wraths at any foe in reach. Ashillar got himself thrown from the walls to the courtyard below, Azreal used his rope and grapple to swing from one watch tower to the next. The Bandit leaders joined the fray but were forced to take the long way around because of Belton's Entangle spell. They were both handily dispatched and the battle was one. However Azreal had caught a brief glimpse of the evil priest who had ambushed them the month before and as they entered the main tower in search of him, they found he has fled to the dungeons below the keep.

Sony is really digging that pile of characters they have with the Spider-man licence.

apparently they will be doing a Hypno-Hustler movie

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Well now... looks like Cavill is going to star in the Warhammer 40K series. He seems pretty excited about that

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If they are expecting us to pay a monthly fee to play D&D....they need to get their heads checked, cause that is just nuts.

I heard Momoa was going to switch from being Aquaman to Lobo.

Ultimately it means we are telling the Origin story again

Apparently they want do a Younger Superman, which in and of itself has me rolling my eyes, but I guess wait and see

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As our heroes made preparations to head for Thornwood and the Bandit keep, a wounded soldier arrived with dire news. Investigating an ancient barrow one of Lord Palfray's patrols had unleashed a small horde of undead. The poor soldiers died shortly after relaying his news only to rise again as one of the undead. Though they were able to lay the man to rest Belton found himself cursed by the same necromancy. Fortunately Tauster was able to perform a ritual to remove the foul magic.
Decided to asses the new threat our heroes head into the hills to find the barrow. They discovered that the other members of the patrol have themselves become undead and after defeating them, and a few other ancient zombies, they made retreat the better part of valor as a swarm of more than a dozen undead surged fro the crypt, lead by a pair of Barrow Wights and the Barrow king behind them giving orders. Retreating back to the Keep they informed lord Palfray of their discoveries when Gondreen appeared and offered them a bit of advice. Long ago, The Palfray founder, a Paladin of Libra battled a terrible death cult in Hardlow woods. Though the cult was defeated the woods were cursed and many of Palfray's companions fell in the battle. Their holy relics might still be found there, and would prove invaluable against the undead.
and so our heroes set out for Hardlow Wood

what about working with your DM to rework the Dragon Disciple Prestige class as a Phoenix Disciple

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Well they fought off a bandit ambush on the river. Smoke grenades laced with caustic spices and chemicals to make Verbal casting difficult (40% spell fail), not a huge problem but some of them got fairly hurt.

On they way to the party they heard about the Palfray Curse. Which has kept the Palfray family to a single heir for generations. Lord Palfray's other sons died within a year of their coming of age and if the curse holds true, now that he has only a single heir the Lord himself will die within a year of his son's coming of age.

The big party happens and Bart, the Celestial Badger animal Companion of the group's Aasimar Druid detects something amiss, triggers it's Smite Evil and chases an invisible something out the window. From Lord Palfray the group learns the truth. There is a Curse, long ago a court wizard tried to usurp the Palfray rule and summoned a devil, only to die by it's hands. However since then the Devil has haunted the Palfray family, kill it's members while allowing the line to remain.
The Key to defeating this devil, lies in a hidden sanctum in the Great Rock Dale, but the key to that is the Arcane Focus of the wizard who died long ago. His body should still be in the Old Keep hidden in the forest.

The very same one the Bandits now occupy.

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For season 2 it sounds like they are going to cover a lot more ground. Three Episodes then skip forward a year, 3 episode then another year goes by. By the end of the season it sounds like they will set up Rogue One. Presumably ending with "Go rescue this girl"

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They have looted a Dwarven Vault and found where the Bandits are hiding in the forest (though decided not to deal with the bandits just yet).

At present they are escorting a Merchant friend of theirs to a Party at Lord Palfray's castle

Ok 2nd half so far has been fun. The Kids are on the run cause they can't even communicate with Star Fleet without triggering the doomsday weapon. Admiral Janeway is in hot pursuit, unsurprisingly she seems like she is getting impressed by the kids.

and Merp.....again WTH is Merp? Merp has evolved into it's 2nd form and is now their Security chief.

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And so Chucky season 2 comes to a close with 22 kills, recited in a catchy Christmas jingle

Glen and Glenda are whole once more and travelling England as GG

Nica is stalking Tiff with intent to maim and murder

Chucky has a New Apprentice

and Liv Morgan killed on live TV.

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That is certainly better criticism that "It's too slow and the actors suck"

To me the series was showing how these little rebellions are cropping up and how the dedication of a few people slowly brings them all together.

I'll agree that there are a lot of plates spinning at the same time but I don't think things like Mon Mothma's arc or the ISB were unneeded. I felt it was showing a larger picture of the Galaxy. An overconfident Empire and the growing sparks of rebellion.

You are correct on your points though, but from a different perspective I think those points actually work in favour of the show. Andor being caught up in greater events and slowly making his way to become a real part of it all.

Well thought out criticism is always good to read, as opposed to "It sucks and I hate it"

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Apparently there are people who don't like the show. Saying it's too slow and the acting isn't good....

I can only assume they are watching something else and confusing the two. Like one of those direct to video knock off things.

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Freehold DM wrote:
Peter Grill? Wha?

yes they did a season 2. 15 minute episodes Lots of light beams

...That last episode...was so good

This whole series is fantastic

So here is a horrible thought on the missing sister. Kind of a What if

What if she and the other younger kids got rounded up and put into an Imperial Orphanage. and What if she grew up to become a very bright, very ambitious and very loyal ISB agent?

Axis might have some validity to Andor being a good asset. I mean it took him how long to set off that prison break. That was kind of a big deal. He may be a terrible, sullen and selfish bugger, but he can be damn good at ruining peoples day.

Exorcism for Dummies, is probably not the best source for banishing an evil spirit.

also Glenda's still got that killer instinct

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Keep in mind the difference between Attack and Attack Action. Some talents only apply to the Attack Action. For Example: Fatal Thrust needs either an Attack Action or Attack of Opportunity

so if something gives you a free attack (For example the Bloodthirst Boast) that isn't an Attack Action, it's just a free attack so no Fatal Thrust.

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Giving up Feats for Martial Talents tends to work out fairly well. In general a Martial Talent tends to be equal to a Feat (In fact the is a Feat that is literally "Get a Martial Talent") You give up 5 Feats for a total of 10 Talents or give up 8 feats for 15 talents. So long run it's cost effective.

You will probably want Balanced Defence from the Equipment Sphere, gives you an AC boost when you have a weapon and an empty hand and a little bit of the Athletics sphere can be handy.

but as has been said Fencing and Gladiator will be your Goto Spheres. Maybe a bit of Scoundrel if you want to be clever sometimes.

"I Can't Swim"

Well...The Jennifer Tilly reveal was a bit of a surprise.

and Tiff still has Glen/Glenda's original body

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I've been writing up a campaign that is a bit of a mix of space trucker and colonists. Rough outline is there is an old CEO who is sick and tiered of what he calls "Corporate BS" So he plans to pick a planet that is out of the way and set up a colony where he can retire, sit on a porch and drink brandy. The first story has the PCs save him from some Corporate assassins who would rather he just die than retire. As a reward he gives them a chance to be part of his Retirement Colony plan.
Missions that follow are largely about getting things ready and the trip to his little out of the way paradise. Salvaging an old space station, dealing with pirates, corporate nonsense, environmental challenges, etc...

Things like salvage a wreck before it gets destroyed by micro-meteor shower, but wait, while you are in the middle of that there is a distress signal from a dad and his two kids in an escape pod, right in the path of the shower, saving them means loosing out on some salvage and putting your ship in danger, leaving them to die....well it's a crappy thing to do and technically illegal.

Saving the real bad for when they actually get to the colony site. "Nice little paradise world...oh hey we found some ruined alien temple thingy want to take a look?"

at a guess Syril is going to get himself sent to prison just in time to be a complication in Andor's prison break plan.

This is one of the best shows they have done for Star Wars. It is incredibly gripping. It's pretty much the main reason we held off our regular switch from D+ to Netflix till next month.

small update, Playtesting is wrapping up and they are expecting/hoping to get this out around Christmas

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