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What about 1st level Conscript

Dedicated Duelist Tradtion
-Duelist Training
-Finesse Fighting
-Fencing Sphere
-Unarmored training
Dual Weapon Conscript Specialty
Equipment Sphere: Balanced Defense
Open Hand Sphere

Keep in mind that some of the unarmed Combat Talents do actually work with weapons as well. Boxing Sphere for example still works with light weapons, and on the flip side things like Lancer sphere work just fine with unarmed as well.

Just picked up this addition for spheres of might over on drivethru.

It's basically a Sphere version of the Leadership Feat. Only given it a quick look but it has some very neat things in it and various options around Conhorts and Followers.

The Leadership sphere is not about leading people into battle (that's the Warleader Sphere). Instead it's about recruiting allies and leading organizations.

Has some neat Archetypes too.
One in particular is a Wraith Archtype called - The Collective, allowing you to play a Hivemind. A Disembodied intelligence giding and manipulating your collection of Followers and Cohorts

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It's pretty much the same design philosophy that went into 4E and a lot of the same choices. Just leaving out or fixing some of the worst parts of 4E

Snapping aside
I am very much enjoying the new season. The Shrike are legitimately scary as far as I am concearned. Plus Sarge has a fun group of guys

I like that we are tieing it all in with the monolyths and I am curious as to who the Big Bad is behind these Shrikes

would like to have seen more development on Words of Power. There was a good idea there it just needed more.

I'm gonna miss getting new APs and Player Companions

I'm still here, but my subscriptions end once they move on to the 2E stuff.

Thomas Seitz wrote:


No unfortunately it's more that The Man Who Laughs infects this Multiverse/Earth's Billy Batson, rather than some Dark Multiverse version.

Didn't they do that story already with Eclipso?

Thomas Seitz wrote:

It gets 'better" A-zombie. Dark Multiverse Batman aka the Man who Laughs, has secretly infected six of the various DC heroes with the same Joker type Venom that made him the Batman/Joker Hybrid that exists right now.

And first up is....Billy Batson.

Is that what it is about. I thought one of his Robins was his reality's Billy. admittedly I didn't look too close at the story.

Hang on

At 1st level you should be getting 2 Magic Talent but you should also be getting a Martial Tradition which will give you your starting Martial Spheres. After that as you gain talents you can spend them on either Martial or Magical spheres.

So if you start with Pikeman Tradition you'll get
Pikeman Training (Discipline), Polearm Mastery
Lancer Sphere
your choice of Guardian Sphere or a Lancer Talent

2 Magic Spheres for your first level in a Sphere casting class

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It looks so great, but it is going to be heartbreaking by the end. Because we all know how it must end, for the orignal movie to begin

Today....I beat up some Hellions in Atlas Park.....

did not know how much I missed that

While it's not an official answer, the Hero Labs program gives the Incanter2/Conscript2, 2 Spell points + caster Modifier. So that at least is only counting the Incanter levels when it comes to Spell Points

Magical Skill is your total levels in Spell Casting classes, It's not directly connected to Caster Level, just class level. By taking Advanced Magical Training your non-caster class now counts as a Caster class.

So the Incanter 2/Conscript 2 has a Caster Level of 3 and a Magic Skill of +4

With the Sphere book on Crafting, honestly things open up a lot. It pretty much replaces all of the Crafting Feats with new ones, that do mostly the same things but are a little more open ended on what shape they need to be.

That's always the problem with April Fools stuff. Sometimes they are just awesome.

Like the Battle Chef

weird. Macafee is telling me it's a dangeous site

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I would get the Expansion. It gives you some nice additions to the dungeon, one of which is a nice Goblin infested castle that your PCs can take over early in the campaign and turn into their base of opperations.

Jim Carrey is looking pretty good there

Sonic......not so much
(oh god kill it with fire)

Had an unpleasant thought.

Where were the Asgardians when the snap happened?
or rather more importantly ....

where will the unsnapped Asgardians appear when they poof back into existence?

cause I'm kind of remembering that they were adrift in space in the wreckage of their fleet when the snap happened....and said wreckage might not be there anymore.

"Hazah, we aren't dust anymore"
(adrift in the void of space)
"...well crap"

Honestly all of it put together tells me two things


A) There is a glitch in the timestream that someone like oh say...Kang could take advantage of.

B) Some like oh say ... Immortus might show up to punish people for messing with the timestream.

and together that lets us build up a fun Kang/Immortus storyline for whatever Marvel has planned next.

Good film, not perfect but a good capstone to everything Marvel has done so far.

I am satisfied

although Guardians of the Galaxy 3 is going to have one heck of a different character dynamic

As for the Post Credits thing.....that could be anything. A referance to the past or a referance to the future. Guess we just have to wait and see

1 person marked this as a favorite. I think I'm done. This Heroes in Crisis story has just ended it for me. I'm not even mad, just tiered of it.

I should be mad

but I'm just done.

where ever DC is going's not for me

While I'm not generally a fan of Judd Winnick's writing, he has written a great version of Sivanna.

He did this great scene of this little old guy in a Hawaiian shirt and straw hat standing on a beach talking to Psimon and the Fearsome five about having to be true to yourself. That he had looked deep inside himself and realized, "I'm an evil mad scientist...and I'm ok with that"

and the last page is him with this hideous little grin on his face as the sun sets into the ocean.

ok Isekai Quartet is just fun; Konosuba, Re:Zero, Overlord and Tanya the Evil all forced into an everyday high school setting.

2 episodes in and so far it's a lot of fun. The Class introductions were great and then Aqua vs. Ainz was just about perfect.

Ok so it's been a while since I ran World of Darkness anything and I've been missing it (and discovering they are all up into a 2nd edition and everything).

I am out of practice for horror and have been doing lots of Pathfinder and Mutants& Masterminds. But the horror is calling to me

Here is the basics of the idea
The year is 2001
The PCs are contestants on a Reality TV show, kind of like Big Brother, only the house is haunted. Anyone who stays in the place for the full 3 months splits the prize money.

At first I was thinking the House in question would be isolated like on an island in a lake or something. But I am wondering if it would be better to be closer or even in a city. I am also going to include some NPCs to serve as "competition". It starts with the show crew rigging the house with various scares but as things go the ghosts in the house start to actually get involved. At the climax people start dying.

News reports it as a horrible accident, show is cancelled, footage is buried, to be discovered years later by New PCs.

anyone have any extra advice or ideas for this?

For those of you using Spheres of Might in your games. How often do you give the monsters some sphere stuff. either with classes or with the Monster Traditions

For Example: early in the campaign I am currently making my Players will face a Giant Spider with the Behemoth Tradition (Brute Sphere: Smash, Stampede and Takedown talents)

also all the Goblins they run into will have

Martial Tradition: Goblin Tunnel Fighting
Equipment: Goblin Heritage (From Spheres Apocrypha - Racial Martial talents)
Athletics (Run)
Variable: Shield Training or Trap Sphere.

What sort of Martial Monsters have you hit your group with?

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There is also the Worldscape comic which includes several Earthlings (which I would very much like a supplement book for thank you very much). The default of the Worldscape is they go back where they came from and don't remember anything but special circumstances (IE: DM said yes) could get one to Golarion. Or a Martian for that mater.

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MageHunter wrote:

Did he put on gloves for that?

In the original myths, Thor had magic gloves that allowed him to grip anything.

Now that I think about it he also had a magic belt that doubled his strength...

One of my favorite Thor myths is about him and Loki going on vacation down south. Loki convinces Thor to leave his hammer, belt and gauntlets behind. Naturally they get into some trouble and Thor has to borrow some stuff from one of the local Gods. Gloves, Girdle and a Staff as I recall.

So Rumor is that the Hero Lab files have been handed off to Drop Dead and may become available in the next few weeks.

If true my Wallet is ready

Been crazy busy with school actually. Taking classes, doing homework and studying for tests eats up as much time at 45 as it did as a teenager, maybe a bit more.

Mostly I've been building up the vault when I have some spare time and eating the ghouls down there to stay alive.

Mostly this is a reprint of the previous rules but with some updates and some new player content. The Item creation rules include new Sphere abilities that were added in the various handbooks, plus the Blood and Fallen Fey spheres.
Also includes some nice new feats like Prepare Consumable which lets you make minor items but only for 1 Sphere. Also has a nice collection of new equipment both mundane and magical.

Most interesting change is the item creation feats. Most of the Core item creation feats get changed out for new ones that essentially do the same thing but with more flexibility.

Scribe Scroll for example is now Capture Spell. Brew Potion is now Distill components. and so on

how dose this change things. A Captured spell still works the same way as a Scroll and follows all the same rules. But it could be a length of knotted string instead of a Scroll. Distilled Components is a bigger change as it is about turning a spell effect into a physical form for later use and pretty much covers any 1 shot item you can come up with from a Potion of healing to a Gem of Exploding Ka-Boom.

More than enough new info in this to be worth getting

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I pretty much have all of this but....I really do want a book for the shelf. Gonna pitch in as soon as I sort some stuff out

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Just saw it, loved it. Easily one of my top 5 Marvel films

and There is one tiny detail that makes me giggle

All the crying troll babies were right, they did replace Mar-vel with a women. Just just guessed the wrong woman. I think that was a brilliant move by the writers

Thomas Seitz wrote:
Yeah...I'm not thrilled with the way Bendis is handling ANY of this...

The stuff with Conner feels really weird and out of character, but I will see where it goes.

flip side is the whole bit with the others in the prison cells

Wonder Girl and Amethyst are going to be a fun combo aren't they

Young Justice 3 is out and
Well.....Conner...wth man?

I really hope they do realize the connection to the heroes of myth in the film. That was one of the aspects I always thought was cool about the character

Skeld wrote:

There's no dishonesty here, just a lot of bad PR spin. Pointing that out isn't harsh. Things change over the course of 10 years and pointing out some of that irony is a great way of saying, "yes, we've heard something like this before."


I don't think you could do worse PR than WoTC did with 4E. I mean editions wars are expected but you don't usually see the company making the game take the first shot

Going to miss my subscription, it was nice not having to worry about finding the new books each month

Work on Vault 88 is progressing well.
I've kept myself fed on the bodies of the Ghouls that were trapped down here and I've finished about half of the Residential quarters plus initial set up for the cafeteria and the med center. There are a couple of other ways into the place, which could be pretty helpful in letting me get around the region without too much trouble. These caves are full of nasty things though. Whole nest of Radscorpions and one of those Deathclaw things. Turrets and Missile Launcher to the legs made quick work of it though.
Building supplies are starting to get a bit sparse though, might need to make a run to the surface. Barstow wants me to start inviting people in so she can start her experiments….Not sure If I’m ready to do that yet, at least not until I know more

Belabras wrote:
I've really been enjoying it, but I can tell there are things about class and famine that are being alluded to that I don't have the history for. Still, a surprisingly good period zombie series.

I've seen canibalism pop up in more than a few Asian period dramas. Dose make you wonder how often it really came down to that?

Easy to expand though. Imagine if the king, who is being kept well feed and safe, began to evolve becoming one of the higher class Ghouls, give him some class levels and have him emerge from his "sick bed" to reclaim his throne. the Rise of a Necromancer Empire begins.

Just watched the first episode of Kingdom on Netflix and has made quite the impression. Well done, creepy as heck and it would make an interesting Pathfinder campaign.

Has English language track for those of you who don't like subtitles and the dubbing isn't bad.

A sick King
an evil high chancellor ruling in the king's place
a Crown Prince searching for the truth.

and zombies

My friend said it "felt like it was written in the 80s" but we both enjoyed the heck out of it. There are a few things that bother me for not lining up with the comic but they are only minor quibbles really.

So 20 missiles later I have reached Vault 88 and found a pre-war Vault Tec ghoul.

Overseer Barstow wants me to get her vault up and running and I want some answers so we've managed to come to an agreement. I ask her about Dwight Scholtt for good measure.

She actually seemed shocked. Of all the names to survive 200 years Scholtt was not one she expected to hear. Scholtt was in bio-engineering, one of several researchers working on new strains of the Forced Evolution Virus they got from the military. Scholtt insisted he was on the verge of creating the ultimate strain of the virus but every test he ran failed. Eventually he was demoted and the last she heard he was a technician at some minor vault on the fringes.
I asked her if she knows anything about Scholtt's work. She just waves it off. It was worthless she said. His strain of the virus couldn't survive the body temperature of a living host. Would die off in less than an hour of being introduced to the subject.

So there it is. The Cryogenics experiment must have been like a god send to Scholtt. A Vault full of test subjects his experiment might actually work on.

So I have my answer. A Labrat to a disgraced researcher desperate for a success.

Jamaica Plain. Nice to be back at the little base I had set up here but....
Why are there so many people here
Why are there so many cows?

People are complaining about being hungry..No kidding, that's cause there is 3 times as many of you here as it can support. Look you three go to Hangman's Alley. And if the rest of you are hungry kill one of the Cows....Start with the one in the LIVING ROOM

Oh hey here is where I left my old missile another 10 missiles. ADA Carry this would you.

I need to plant Melons and make lots of Bunk Beds.

you know....I could eat a few of these people and I bet the rest wouldn't notice can't think that way, that's a bad way to think, that's the virus talking

Gonna go plant melons now.

Damn...that is not something I ever want to deal with again.

I was just passing Diamond city to head down to Jamaica Plain, when I see them. Pack of Rust Devils with a Sentry Bot of all things. Heading right for Diamond City like they mean business. Managed to run back and yell a warning to the guards just moments before all Hell breaks loose. Turn to ADA to ask for some missiles but it's too late, Sentry Bot already ran her over and it turning towards me. Almost didn't notice the Mr. Handy slipping out from behind the thing to chop me up with a buzz saw.

Nastiest most confusing fight I've had and right in the middle of it Cricket and her caravan crew show up. Cricket really needs to learn the word restraint. Her running around yelling "BOOM BOOM BABY" and throwing explosives was not what I needed

My Armor is wrecked, used up half my stims and a lot of other drugs, but I'm alive.

Don't have enough supplies to repair the armor though. Gonna park it in Hangman's Alley while I scavenge up enough to get it running again.

I lost my Missile Launcher

I know I had one when I went looking for Kellog, but I put it down somewhere because it was heavy and now I don't remember where I put it.

Me and ADA have been scavenging Kellog's base for three days looking for it.

ADA is carrying over 20 missiles right now and I can't shoot them at anything.

have carted a lot of salvage back to Sunshine co-op and everyone there is now carrying an institute lasergun.

Last batch of stuff and still no sign of the missile launcher....did I leave it at Hangman's alley.

Crud... long walk. Passing by the water reservoir on the way when I see a couple of Gunners

No point fighting something i can avoid......Dose that guy has a missile launcher? Yes...yes he does.


Ok good. Missile Launcher acquired along with 6 more missiles

Onward to Vault 88

Tracked down, killed and ate the man who murdered my husband and stole my baby. Well the parts of him that weren't machine anyway.
(curse you main questline for eating up so much damn time slogging my way through synths).

Went back to Vault 111 afterwards and started going through their records looking for something, anything I can use. All I got was a name. Dwight Scholtt. Minor lab tech for the cryogenics experiments, but He's the one who arranged for FEV-N15 to be delivered to vault 111.

I have a Name, now I just need to connect it to something.
Time to take another shot at Vault 88, along with the dozen or so missiles I got from Kelog's place

I am sitting here in the basement of the old Gorski cabin. Guy went a little crazy back in the day. Was going to start blowing things up if the world hadn't done it first.

I am watching my wounds trying to heal over my infected injuries. It's both grotesque and fascinating. I'm still absorbing radiation, though not as much as I should, but it's accelerating my healing. I can actually see the flesh knitting itself back together. If the wounds weren't infected and keep tearing themselves open I'd be in top shape in no time.

Left Curie at the Abernathy's. Gave her a set of legs to walk around on too. Need to get my head cleared. Think things though a little

What Curie wants to do sounds crazy, but then again finding anyone who could actually do it, is probably impossible anyway so as long as she doesn't try to do it herself, I doubt I need to worry about it. I'll just keep telling her I'm still looking

Head to Diamond city in the morning. See if the doctor can clean these wounds up.

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