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another round of Superman vs. Task Force X

The bigger thing however is Lex Luthor steps forward and explains to the various important people in Metropolis why Superman is a threat to Earth and uses Jimmy to help make that point.

and to give Jimmy a thanks for inspiring him to step up and become the man Metropolis needs.

After a hard day of dealing with Earth is for Earthlings, a somewhat depressed Clark uses the beacon to make a call to his cousin, if she's out there.

unfortunately I think someone else got the call

Episode 3 was fun

Vicky Vale vs. Lois Lane

Dr. John Henry Irons and Dr. Sylus Stone create Metallo
Superman's Bio-Aura power
and Flip, leader of the Newsboy Legion, that has been in the series since start, is revealed to be Natasha Irons

Plus the beginnings of LexCorp.

Lois and Superman attempt to rescue her father from Task Force X
Superman fights The Atomic Skull
Waller shows she is not above using civilians as test subjects for her living weapon experiments, much to Sam Lane's shock and disgust.
and Superman finds the beacon that will lead him to his cousin

Also Jimmy now has interns, AKA The Newsboy Legion

General Lane needs a place to lie low. After refusing to stay with Lois and put her in danger, Lois suggests he stay at Clark and Jimmy's place. He has no problem with the idea of putting Clark in danger.

Jimmy's networth tracker, now under 4 million

By the end
Alex, now calling himself Lex, offers Waller his technical know how, making bold moves after being inspired by Jimmy.

Season 2 starting off with Clark agonizing over Valentines Day only to be interrupted by the Fortress of Solitude with a new revelation. Hologram Jor-El learns English and fills Clark in on his background...

and the background of the Kryptonian Empire that brutally conquered it's way across the galaxy until it faced an enemy it could not defeat and ultimately destroyed them

So that's New

The General was clearly not out of line to be worried

So that pretty much wraps up the big mystery of season 1 just in time to introduce the mystery of Season 2. His cousin Kara is out there and needs to be found.

and then we have the Jimmy Sub-plot
We have a ticker that pops up at the top of the screen showing Jimmy's current Net Worth.
It is going down

Also Jimmy.......Do not inspire Lex Luthor
damn it Jimmy

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When I was a Kid the local game store had a regular "Game Day" that I would go to when I got started in D&D. This one time I got pulled into some game I had never heard of. Made a Lizardman, had a Spirit Node for magic in my Tail. Can't remember anything more than that and the impression that I had a lot of fun with it. Only got to play it the one time but I always wanted to try it again. I'd think about it every so often for close to 40 years now, just a casual "Oh yeah that...I wonder what that game was. Ah well" and then out of mind and on to other things.

Well turned out the game was Swordbearer, and I bought it last night off Drivethrough RPG

I doubt I'm going to ever get to play it with my group but it's nice to get my hands on it and I will probably plunder it for ideas

Bjørn Røyrvik wrote:

So far only DAL and Konosuba (and the occasional episode of Urusei Yatsura) has made an impression. I've tried a couple of shows but they were so forgettable I've literally forgotten what they were called and what happened in them.

Does anyone have recommendations for good shows I may have missed?

It's a fairly weak season. I've been enjoying "Tsukimichi; Moonlit Fantasy". It's a fairly decent Isekai with some interesting twists. "Delicious in Dungeons" over on Netflix is pretty fun too.

A few other shows that have something neat to them, but nothing really stands out. "Reincarnated as the 7th prince" can be fun when the kid goes psycho to cut loose with his magic, but you have to get past the Shota elements.

Last season had "Frieren" and "Apothecary Diary". Neither was particularly fast paced but both very well written.

yeah I kind of didn't bother with that one

but damn I am happy to see a new season of Konosuba.
We got Chris shenanigans coming this season

JoelF847 wrote:
I will say that the casting make this movie seem way too busy with characters, especially for the launch of the new DCCU.

about on par with the Black Adam film I think. Which yeah was a few too many, you don't have time to give everyone the spotlight they deserve

Seeing some talk about Bizzaro or Ultraman (but as a clone, cause multiverse is ruined for everyone these days) for the Superman movie. If so I think we are looking at a Superman is framed plot.

Which again leads me to the JL team is an Anti-Superman team trying to arrest him.

Yes you make concentration checks anytime you would normally in regular pathfinder spellcasting. If you need a Spell level to figure out the DC, the Spell level of a Sphere effect is considered 1/2 your Caster Level

There are some specific talents and feats for getting around that if you need to

Suicide Squad Isekai is looking better with every new trailer

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Night Below
Our heroes descend into the catacombs below the Ice Hive in search of Diamonds they need to resurrect the dead wizards they discovered.

Unfortunately the Armiger got pulped by an Ice Elemental fairly early and they retreated. Left with no other options they went to the Temple of the Insectoid Krik Where the Undead priests of their dead god offered the group a choice. they could attempt the difficult and expensive ritual that might return their friend to life or they could do the fair simpler (and cheaper) option of turning him into an undead. They discussed the options and realized the party Druid could cast Reincarnate on the dead wizards (because who cares if they don't come back in the same bodies).
They had the Undead priests cast a Raise dead on their friend, but as they did the Necromantic arm graft he has went berserk attacking everything around them. The Stonelord held the arm down long enough for the newly resurrected Armiger to get control of it.
After a day of recovering they returned to the Catacombs, battled numerous undead and returned to the Frozen city with a sizable amount of treasure and a crown of diamonds.

They set out now for the Deep Gnome Settlement to Reincarnate the dead wizards (who's bodies are being kept there under Gentle Repose spells)

Got my copy of Ultimate Engineering today. It has some similarities to the Inventor Handbooks they did previously but is a lot more open ended for the nature of Gizmos and inventions.

And now with this book, I am ready to build my Spheres Campaign World.

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Dr. Johnny Fever wrote:

Greylurker, do you happen to use Hero Lab or VTT maps for your Night Below campaign?

I'm considering running a PF 1st edition for my online PF1 group in the future, and was wondering if you (or anyone) knew of any HL or VTT-ready jpgs of the maps?

No it's a face to face game, although for mapping out the Underdark I'm not really using a map...More of a Corkboard with index cards and string.

The string being open connections between regions. PCs make a series of tests to navigate from one to another, I throw a few challenges and such along the way. Sometimes something like a Cave in happens and I cut one of the strings, other times a new passage is discovered and I connect two locations with a new string. Discovering Rumors about a location lets them put up a new index card and the more rumors they have for a location the easier it is to get to

It's a modified version of something I got on DrivetrhuRPG called "Downcrawl"

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Night Below

With the corpses of two dead wizards the group decides not to pursue the dragon and instead returns to the Gnome city to see about a Raise dead for them. The main obstacle, the need for 5000 gp worth of diamonds for each raise dead. Rumours tell of a Smooth Cavern with numerous gemstones but with a strange gnome repelling magic. The group sets out and unfortunately gets themselves lost in the dark tunnels of the Deep Below. After more than a week trying to find their way Ohmar spots some familiar tunnels and they manage to make their way back to the Gnome town.

After some discussion they head back to the Ice Hive in hopes of buying Diamonds from the markets there. No such luck unfortunately but there is one more chance, in the frozen city at the centre of the glacier there may be gems to be found, if the group is brave enough to face the frozen undead

Bjørn Røyrvik wrote:
Greylurker wrote:

Today's Lesson

If you are not a Magical Girl and you are attacked by a Monster, a Brick can be just as effective as a Magic Wand.
More proof that Sulfur is Best Girl.

I mean the show is what it is, but yeah, Sulfer is a fantastic Magical Girl Brawler.

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Got to see The Marvels today and it was a lot of fun.

but somehow I doubt all of those Kittens are accounted for at the end.

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Today's Lesson
If you are not a Magical Girl and you are attacked by a Monster, a Brick can be just as effective as a Magic Wand.

Matthew Downie wrote:
Your DM might be one of those people who thinks puzzles in RPGs are a bad idea.

Usually he enjoys those things, but he's been out of the loop for a while and a lot happened in the last month or so

Tyrant's Grasp
We finished the House of Blood but one of the other guys was telling me that our DM seemed to have skipped over some Riddles, Puzzles and Role-playing opportunities. He's had a busy week, so maybe he didn't have a huge amount of prep-time this week but I hope it doesn't become a regular thing

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Tyrant's Grasp

We are making our way back to the world of the living and reached the 2nd waypoint in our trip. A creepy mansion full of Blood themed monsters that hit like a damn truck.

We move up to the 2nd floor next week.

Night Below is still going, though not every week right now and....they are probably going to die next game.

We managed to get a 5th player who made a Deep Gnome Rogue. They hunted down a Behir and gave it a pretty solid thumping. Now they are hunting the Dragon it told them about.

They are 8th level
The Umbral Dragon is CR 15

I'm dropping hints that they might want to rethink this. Desiccated corpses of Orcs and Quargoths. The Druid's Celestial Badger wanting to GTFOut of the area.
They even fought it's Tiny Demonic familiar that had Half the Dragon's Hit Points

They have around two weeks to let all that sink in

I'm hoping they turn around and go hunt Quargoths and Rock Trolls.
Risks of a Sandbox game

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ok wow....I checked out that Magical Girls show....can't help but feel I'm on a watch list of some sort now. That was ....a lot

Sounds like the Engineering Book is finally in the home stretch

Just how bad can survival on an alien world be

really bad

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The Night Below has gained a new player, a Deep Gnome Unchained Rogue named Omar. After a little bit of shopping and item creation the group sett out for the spot on the map marked Dragons and is confident they can deal with the Behir they know is there. After a brief skirmish with some Quargoths they can hear the sound of something massive moving towards them

The Druid made an interesting couple of Belts. We use the Unchained Item creation rules for any permanent magic items. First Belt was a CON belt made from Death Dog pelts and a bit of Ankheg chitin. Mutated in the middle of crafting and gained a Quirk. When worn by it's creator, it doesn't give off a magical aura.
2nd Belt was a Strength Belt for the Armiger. Druid was hit with inspiration part way through but failed to follow through. Belt gained a quirk but not an immediately visible one.

It's a Mood Belt
Changes color with the wearers mood

I'm making a list of colors and moods
and since they are in the Underdark and most of the group has darkvision, they will probably never know

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For me I start by summarizing the main plot. Break it down into 3 to 6 acts. Jot down some of the "Cool Moment" scenes I want to include (EX: Dwarf Airship vs. Flying Kaiju in Act 4). Stat up the Main Villain, 2 or 3 lieutenants, a few different grunts.
Then A player's Guide

I kind of enjoy writing stuff up with InDesign, so I tend to go nuts at this point with backgrounds, font styles, images, layout. Try to come up with a nice PDF for my players to read over.

For my next one though I have kind of a different idea for more of a Sandbox sort of game.
Found a thing called Dawn of Worlds online. Neat little world creation game you can do with your group. Going to combine that with some ideas I am lifting from Fabula Ultima and pretty much run a group session to create the campaign together.
Going to start with Dawn of Worlds with each player being a God for the setting and we create the world as a group.
Then in Session Zero each player creates; 1 Kingdom, 1 Mystery, 1 Threat, as well as define lore for a Weak monster (like goblins) a strong monster (like Giants) and 1 Legendary Monster (Not necessarily a powerful one but something super rare).

Then I'm going to take it from there and see what happens

Looking forward to it, he's certainly got a fun sort of energy to him and I want to see where they go with it.

Continuing with Tyrant's Grasp and entering the Palace of Teeth

...where I spent like 80% of the time paralyzed and getting my teeth ripped out.

thank god magic healing can fix that or I would be gumming my way through the rest of the campaign.

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The Faraway Paladin; Rust Mountain story has been great and feel very rooted in D&D. Excellent portrayal of a Paladin and I have to admit I am finding Stagnate, God of the Undead, very interesting. An evil god who loves humanity, who thinks beautiful things, like a heroic spirit, should last forever.

and evil god that just wants to help

Sigh....apparently they are killing Beast Boy again

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....Ok Nightcrawler parentage thing is a bit Wow...but I think I'm probably ok with it. Apparently Claremont had this in mind back in the 80s but it got nixed.

Wonder Tot has returned

I considered complaining but turns out she is adorable

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So our other DM is going to run Tyrant's Grasp. Spent our game session making characters

Group is
Human - Incanter (Spheres of Power) who if I understand what he is planning is going to be a Red/White deck Magic the Gathering wizard
Tiefling - Trickster (from Kobold Press) as I understand it it's basically a Wizard/Thief hybrid class
Aasimar - Paladin (Hospitaler archetype) with his eye on the Holy Vindicator Prestige Class
and me Human Armiger (Awakener) from Spheres of Might. Basically a Fighter who summons Ghosts from his weapons.

My campaign will be getting a little cut back. Long Story short, I had a Heart attack 2 weeks ago.
So to lighten my load on various things I will be running Night Below twice a month and someone else is going to run a different campaign the other two nights while I clear out my decks of various different things causing me stress right now.

I suppose One option is look some of the alternate versions of classes from 3pp for inspiration.

The Talented Fighter for example Takes all the Fighter abilities, including the Bonus feats plus a bunch of stuff from the Fighter Archtypes, and turns them into "Fighter Talents". Then gives out a Fighter Talent every level.

So maybe you steal a bit from that and say when the Fighter would get a bonus feat, he can take a "Fighter Talent"

I probably wouldn't. In most cases the Bonus Feats are from a specific category; Combat Feats, Metamagic Feats, Teamwork Feats, etc... meant to reinforce the idea of specific training.

If you are just going with a general, everyone gets a feat at every level, and then take away the bonus feats you would actually be diminishing that.

So yeah I would just keep the Bonus feats as is.

You only need a free hand if the spell has Somatic components right?

So any spell without an S component works
anything with Still Spell works, If you have a Cleric with Blessing of Fervour you could even get the Still on low level spells without the feat.

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Well well well

Interesting bit of news, Looks like Netflix is picking up Prodigy for seasons 1 & 2

Pile of new stuff with several that look pretty good. So far

My daughter became an S-Rank adventurer; Not a bad start, central joke could get repetitive but 2nd episode starts introducing elements of a more serious plotline
Frieren: What happens after the adventure, follow the story of a High Elf mage retrace the path she and her friends followed decades ago. This is a pleasant if slightly melancholy watch
Shy Good start to a Superhero story about a young new hero fighting her own anxieties while saving others

let me read the walkthrough....this was much more fun than I had expected, possibly because I had low expectations going it. CGI series about a woman in her 30s isekaied into a Game world after falling to her death. It's by Bilibili and I've enjoyed their stuff before, so I am probably going to stick with this.

If the group is using Spheres then I would go with the Conscript. It's basically a customization Fighter and getting Favored Enemy is an option for it.

As far as Spheres themselves go I would say Berserker, Brute, Shield and maybe Guardian. the Delayed Damage pool from the Guardian Sphere can really give you the feel of this mean sob who won't go down until he gets one last crack at your head.

Night Below
My group has been clearing out a nest of Grells. It was going well until it wasn't. The Psion failed just about every save he had to make that night. When the Feeblemind dropped him the group decided it was time to run, jumped right over a 30 foot cliff with Grell behind them shooting with their Lightning Lances.

Managed to get back to the Gnome town, paid for a Heal to fix the Psion up and are planning their next move.

I have received my Hardcover copy of Spheres of Guile. So that makes all three of the Core sphere books

Mechanically the worst
The guy who wanted to be "Useful" The player thought he should be able to pitch in anywhere at anytime and he thought the best way to do that was multiclass a little into everything. Yet the player couldn't understand why it wasn't working, like maybe the 5th class would add that missing piece of the puzzle.

RP the Worst
The Invisible Coward. Spellcaster (I don't remember which class) who wanted to make certain he wasn't noticed so that he wouldn't draw enemy fire. Once he was invisible he wouldn't do anything that might break invisibility.

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I've been trying something new in my current campaign. With the exception of a few Plot important treasures, I've been letting my players roll up the treasure they find.

This Horde is 10,000 gp Your share is 2500, you can roll on Coins, Coins & Gems, Coins and Small objects, etc... as broken down in the Ultimate Equipment book. You can Trade in 1000 gp of your share for a roll on the Minor Magic item chart of your choice (and when the hordes get big enough, 10,000 for Medium and 40,000 for Major. I got these values from the Core book section on creating treasure hordes)

So if a player wants a belt item he uses part of his share to roll a belt item.

The Mythic Champions of the Spheres book does say "All mythic feats with non-mythic versions require those non-mythic versions as a prerequisite" Makes no mention of Sphere associated Feats so , so probably you need the actual feat, although it could easily be your GM's call

Night Below campaign is going well. They are fighting against a nest of Grell at the moment and having a bit of a time with it, because the creatures can fly, the ceilings are high and my group has few ranged attacks.
After a rough fight they decided to investigate a side tunnel littered with Grell corpses. just to see what was killing them.

They encountered a Deep Spawn got horribly hurt and it might have killed some of them. If I hadn't rolled double 1s for the thing.

We use the Crit and Fumble cards. It drew Will save or Knock yourself unconscious. So the tentacled monstrosity lunges at the Armiger and smashes head first into the cave wall. By the time it managed to wake up they had ganged up and pummelled it to -85 hit points.

Half of them are still down to single digit hit points but I gotta laugh at how that ended.

and season wraps up with a tense Thanksgiving dinner, an Alien invasion, Brainiac and what is probably Zod

Also Jimmy is rich now

There is also the Worldscape connection.

It's part of the comics so kind of up to you if it's actually part of Golarion or not but from what I remember it was either Nex or the other one, built this pocket dimension that links Golarion, Earth and Barsoom. The original goal was to make a Summoning storage of Heroes from all three worlds (Cast "Summon Conan" on his foes) but since the creator disappeared it kind of went a little wonky and has just been pulling random people into it from all three worlds.

oof...that got rough. Sups getting on hell of a beatdown there

our second appearance of Alex

and Vickie Vale..fair bit older than Lois, which presumably would mean the same for Batman

Such a Gotham City headline

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