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Mysterious Stranger wrote:
The Juju mystery might work as it allows you to create non-evil undead.

Didn't that get retconned?

A lot of good, sensible answers here, but I must ask: can you even cast a spell on an invalid target? Does the spell go off at all?

29. A sword, driven into a rock. No amount of force can get it out though.
30. A white rabbit rushing by. You'd swear it talks about "being terribly late" as it passes.
31. Research notes on how to get to and survive on the surface of the sun, peppered with remarks about how Golarion sucks.

Depends on how much cheese you're willing to swallow.

requirement wrote:
Ability to cast mage hand and at least one arcane spell of 2nd level or higher.

No Caster Level is required, just an "ability to cast". And since drinking a potion or UMDing a wand makes you the caster of that spell, *technically* you just need to own two of those to qualify.

Name Violation wrote:
all enemies run in fear

That'd make the CQC a lot harder though.

The whole discussion got me curious: how many conditions can be removed by simply using skills, feats and alchemical items? Does a healer even need to be a caster at all?

Okay, I'll be the odd one out:


No, really. Monk. You might not think of them as savage, but you can play one any way you like. And they're definitely brutal, mobile, fast and skilled. Don't let that whole "lawful" thing mislead you; these guys and gals are pure murder.

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Step 1: buy an ooze.
Step 2: slice it in half.
Step 4: profit!

I value my Anne Gnominity.

Probably not. A Simulacrum "has no ability to become more powerful". I'd say creating spawn falls under that category.
Exactly what Simulacra can and cannot do is poorly defined, so your best guideline is common sense. If an ability seems rather powerful for a creature of the Simulacrum's Hit Dice, then Simulacra don't have it.
"Sno-cone wish machines" will seriously disrupt a game...

8. A lost or discarded doll.

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One option is using a Hand of Glory, as horses do have a "neck slot".

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McDaygo wrote:
What are somethings to do to make a flavorful character that doesn’t break a game with this concept in mind.

Knit them all cat hair sweaters so they can go outside at night without arousing too much suspicion. After all: cats - living or dead - want to kill things.

You could take the Orc Atavism alternate racial trait and replace Orc Ferocity with "real" Ferocity.

What I would build? An Illusionist.

Diego Rossi wrote:
To take master Master Craftman you need 5 ranks in a crafting skill, so it can't be taken before level 5.

Hence the need for retraining. Take a "dummy" feat at 3rd level, Master Craftsman at 5th and then retrain the dummy for Magical Arms & Armor, for which you now qualify.

Though all of this still not answers the original question: what would the NPC's paycheck be?

OmniMage wrote:
Any pure caster could do this at 5th level. You get feats at 1st, 3rd, and 5th level. You could get scribe scroll at 1st level, cooperative crafting at 3rd, and then craft magic arms and armor at 5th.

Even a 5th level (Human) Commoner would suffice: Harvest Parts needs no Caster Level yet qualifies a character for Cooperative Crafting, and Master Craftman qualifies you for Craft Magical Arms and Armor. You'd need to retrain a feat though.

The fluff doesn't quite match, but the Consigliere Rogue or Geisha Bard could work. The Pathfinder Chronicler prestige class seems to fit too.

No mention of blowguns yet? Light, silent, poisonable... they seem right up a Kobolds' alley. Or down a Kobolds' mineshaft.

That one worked for me, after taking out the space. As for feedback on the actual document: I can't see the big deal. NPCs can easily be given some je ne sais quoi by adding a regular class level.

graystone wrote:
How about a normal wizard/sorcerer/witch? No ACP/arcane spell failure risk means no minuses to wear and casting is normally a standard so giving up a move action to gain 2 + enhancement bonus AC doesn't sound like a bad deal.

Plus: by the looks of things you can still wear a haramaki, giving you +1 AC at all times or +2 when moving.

Wearing a throwing shield is also a good combo: drop the shield as a free action (its only use is giving AC when surprised) and step away to avoid stumbling over it. So you have +2 shield AC while getting ambushed, and +2 armor AC in the first combat round.

Akashic Form can do it, but that's a ninth level spell and Psychics only.

You can add a Steelbone Frame to a regular armour as an exo-skeleton, if you're not married to Fallout's version of a power armour.

And sticking to the theme of Gnomes:

A level 1 Gnome Commoner might have the Adopted and Celestial Commmunity traits. Since Gnomes have three SLAs, a simple level 1 commoner can cast Cure Light Wounds three times a day while taking half the damage himself. A truly notable martyr!

Do Simulacra even have souls to trap into the jar?

Backpack wrote:
dumb NPC's using weird/fun build that would normally not work

Hm. Let's see.

A Gnome thief who keeps escaping by turning into a raven... who actually is a raven turned into a Gnome; the real thief is a 3rd level Adept with a Fey-touched Improved Familiar.

Or you can make a Trompe-l'oeil of a high-level Sorcerer.

32. Eel

Oozes can be created using the Craft Ooze feat. Splitting an Ooze makes two of them. And Simulacra are living creatures too, only reverting to sludge upon death.
Do Leshys meet the requirement of "new life" too?

Alphavoltario wrote:
Bag of Marbles is my favorite way to go, weighing in at around 2 lbs and can be used as early level CC with adding a trip square on the field.

If your GM permits this, the sky is the limit. Put, say, alchemists' fire inside a bag and then shoot the bag at the enemy. The container is destroyed... but the content can still do its job.

Not to throw the discussion on a tangent, but how big is the Student of Perfection's Ki Pool anyway? Do they even actually get a Ki Pool? All the ability with that name states is that the SoP can add their levels to any Monk levels or their Wisdom to a Perfect Style pool.

Another "unorthodox" healer would be a Sensei Monk. Sharing Wholeness of Body with the party may not be the most efficient way to heal, but basically saying "Shut up and heal yourself already!" to people does have its appeal.

1) No-one knows. Lesser Simulacrum is pretty much pointless, barring niche situations.
2) It's a class ability, so your Simulacrum would have an Eidolon. Mind: the Eidolon is loyal to the Simulacrum Summoner, not to you. At least not directly.

avr wrote:
A cat which has caught and killed a mouse is proud and dreams very happily.

But the cat always was part of the master's psyche. The mouse isn't, and it died in agony and abject terror...

It's not actually a figment, in the Illusion(Figment) meaning of the word. It's more of a "creation" of your mind. So, much like a fireball, the familiar is quite real once it enters the world.

(Paizo really needs to start distinguishing game terms in their flavour texts.)

If you are able to throw money at the problem, a Ring of Spell Storing (major) could do the trick. Provided someone puts the spell into it for you.

An aid-another-centric Halfling might work too - stand there cowering behind your shield, while giving bonuses to the others in the party.

You could also have your Familiar possess your Companion, but I can't see much of a benefit to that arrangement.

Can characters with distinctly separate personalities (like a Master Chymist or a Splintersoul Vigilante) have different Gods for their personas, and so qualify for different feats or even Prestige classes that have specific Deities as a prerequisite?

Any reason you can't / don't want to buy a Homunculus? It's not a Familiar, but it does come close.

All creatures with a finite lifespan should get aging bonuses and penalties, simply because that makes sense. We don't have aging tables for most of them though. And of course, a lot of "monsters" will never get to be old...

If you can't, I've been playing this game wrong for quite some time now.

The best way to affirm Gnome superiority, would be to employ other races as minions I'd think. So maybe an "Aid Another"-Halfling (let's call him Igor) for the craft checks and a "Coven Caster" Changeling to boost your Caster Level (as Construct-construction has a Caster Level requirement).

Being told what a scroll is supposed to do, should suffice. Adventuring is a team sport after all.

blahpers wrote:
unless you're in PFS, it's the GM's call.

The GM would of course have the last word, especially in strange corner cases such as this.

But it seems we largely agree. Good, good. I'd wring my hands maniacally at this point, but one of them has just flew off to go strangle someone...

A Detached Hand will "acts as a wizard’s familiar, using your character level as your effective wizard level". Does that mean it can take Familiar archetypes, provided it has the required abilities to replace?

I think only the Elemental archetype is actually available, but a flying, Auran-speaking hand would be... interesting. And since a Detached Hand is posessed by a "ghost, spirit, or outsider", having an air elemental spirit in your pinky matches the fluff.

Get a talking Familiar maybe? The Bonded Mind teamwork feat is an option too, but that means demanding all PCs "waste" a feat.

Once you lived ten lives in the wilds already, it becomes time to get a taste of civilization. And the Society is a good way to encounter many different cultures without becoming too attached to specific cities or nations.
The people of the Pathfinder Society become the Druid's new tribe, their new wolf pack.

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Another wrench in the works is that Secret of Magical Discipline allows you to cast a spell. But while Brew Potion expends spells, you're not actually casting them.

Edit: at 4th level, a Herbalist Druid "can create concoctions of spells from any spell list, as long as she can cast the spell". So a literal reading of that would make the whole trick work after all, I think.

A Drill Sergeant. Always shouting. Always rude, crude and in-your-face.
But she'll get people to rise above themselves all the same.

"Singing? Playing the violin? Are you trying to mock me, child? Get out there and kill me some Orcs, or I'll play you like a violin. And child, you'd be the one singing then!"

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