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The best way to affirm Gnome superiority, would be to employ other races as minions I'd think. So maybe an "Aid Another"-Halfling (let's call him Igor) for the craft checks and a "Coven Caster" Changeling to boost your Caster Level (as Construct-construction has a Caster Level requirement).

Being told what a scroll is supposed to do, should suffice. Adventuring is a team sport after all.

blahpers wrote:
unless you're in PFS, it's the GM's call.

The GM would of course have the last word, especially in strange corner cases such as this.

But it seems we largely agree. Good, good. I'd wring my hands maniacally at this point, but one of them has just flew off to go strangle someone...

A Detached Hand will "acts as a wizard’s familiar, using your character level as your effective wizard level". Does that mean it can take Familiar archetypes, provided it has the required abilities to replace?

I think only the Elemental archetype is actually available, but a flying, Auran-speaking hand would be... interesting. And since a Detached Hand is posessed by a "ghost, spirit, or outsider", having an air elemental spirit in your pinky matches the fluff.

Get a talking Familiar maybe? The Bonded Mind teamwork feat is an option too, but that means demanding all PCs "waste" a feat.

Once you lived ten lives in the wilds already, it becomes time to get a taste of civilization. And the Society is a good way to encounter many different cultures without becoming too attached to specific cities or nations.
The people of the Pathfinder Society become the Druid's new tribe, their new wolf pack.

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Another wrench in the works is that Secret of Magical Discipline allows you to cast a spell. But while Brew Potion expends spells, you're not actually casting them.

Edit: at 4th level, a Herbalist Druid "can create concoctions of spells from any spell list, as long as she can cast the spell". So a literal reading of that would make the whole trick work after all, I think.

A Drill Sergeant. Always shouting. Always rude, crude and in-your-face.
But she'll get people to rise above themselves all the same.

"Singing? Playing the violin? Are you trying to mock me, child? Get out there and kill me some Orcs, or I'll play you like a violin. And child, you'd be the one singing then!"

Merellin wrote:
a vaguely cat shaped flesh blob?


The Coax Information Rogue Talent allows a character to use the Diplomacy of Bluff skills when bullying someone into being cooperative. But what exactly does the PC say in such a case?

Specifically: the Bluff skill has a lot of feats, traits and class abilities that improve specific uses of the Bluff skill - like lying, or specifically telling an outrageous lie, or hiding your intentions, or claiming to be innocent... et cetera. So it's rather significant to know what type of Bluff it takes to make someone "friendly" for 1d6 × 10 minutes. Does anyone know?

twicemartyred wrote:
Logically, a creature capable of making a move action and a standard action should be capable of combining those into a full round action

Logically: yes. But per the RAW (and I believe the RAI as well - at least in 3.5) it doesn't work like that.

Douglas Muir 406 wrote:
Minor Levitation (Spellcraft 3 ranks): You can cause up to 1 pound of material to become weightless and direct it to move up to 5 feet each round as if under the effects of levitate.
This is actually pretty good, especially at low levels. No more messing around with grappling hooks! But really it's mostly for flavor: your hat slowly floats 10 feet into the air, changing color as it goes.

It gets better. Weightlessness isn't part of the Levitate spell, and so it has to be seen as an effect separate from the ability to move objects around: stuff will remain weightless for as long as the Prestidigitation spell lasts!

Let a few flasks of Alchemists' Fire hover for an hour, before they fall and cause a conflagration. Or combine it with the Lasting Changes effect, and make all your possessions of one pound or less, now weigh nothing at all for the duration of a day's march.

That's a tricky question to answer. Both are described as mixtures of cloth and metal, so you'd have to ask your GM which of those is the "dominant factor" in granting the Armor Class bonus.

Personally, I'd say that it's metal in case of the Haramaki, and any fibre you could conceivably call "silk" for the Silken Ceremonial Armor.

ErichAD wrote:
I'd probably just use a mimic

Good idea, but the party might just be a bit suspicious of any bathtubs they encounter.

Or the casting merely needs to begin that round. You couldn't start to cast Restoration beforehand anyway - the recipient would still be a corpse, and not a creature.

There's also the Abstemiousness spell.

Yeah, I guess I'm just too eager - there's no actual rule, but it never did make much sense.
Okay, thanks for the input.

Though I should probably agree with you, nagging doubts remain. The chosen feat is, after all, not actually a part of the evolution - unlike your example for the Skilled evolution. Extra Feat does just that: you get an extra feat. There are no limitations in choice (except needing to meet the feat's prerequisites) and the feat does its own thing, instead of granting a bonus directly tied to the evolution.

Perhaps Extra Feat should be given the same limitations that were used to nerf the Paragon Surge spell: a limitation to one feat per day.

If a Twinned Summoner's Eidolon has the Shared Evolution evolution, it can pass on one of its evolutions to the Summoner. If it was to pick the Extra Feat evolution for that... can the Summoner pick another feat than the Eidolon had?

I saw no rules barring it, but if true, the Summoner and their Eidolon could start playing "Feat Ping Pong": passing the Extra Feat evolution back and forth between each other and picking a new feat every time. That sort of flexibility would be a serious increase in power to the Summoner.

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Wouldn't an ability increase simply be an ongoing development, rather than the result of training? I like to think I'm wiser now than when I was twenty. But I never trained for that.

Dirge Bard might be an option, though it's actual necromantic shenanigans are limited.

Various versions of the Binding spell make the target immortal too. The downsides are things like living in a hamster ball or being a cloud...

It's perhaps an odd suggestion, but a low-Strength Paladin could fit the bill - provided there's a reason the party would fight one.

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We've been good. We've been quiet.
We're being ignored again, aren't we?

Yes. Bon appetit!

Newmainium wrote:
how do I go about determining its special ability?

You don't. It doesn't have a special ability, apart from being "+1".

And is it the same process for weapons?

Mostly. Some magical weapons shed light, but most people seem to forget/ignore that anyway.

What is meant by base price? Like +1 bonus compared to a gp value...

The reverse, actually. The "base price" is the value of the armour (or weapon) if it wasn't magical. So for your +1 Leather Armour, the base price is 160gp (10 for being a leather armour, and 150 for being of "masterwork" quality).

Equip a Throwing Shield while adventuring. That way, you have a shield bonus while flat-footed; but you can toss it aside as a free action before casting your spells.

A personal favourite of mine is the Sensei/Drunken Master/Qinggong combo: have a drink, and then make everybody in the party shoot fire!
Additionally: as long as you have booze you can act as a healer, which might prove useful.

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Other interesting Constructs: the Trompe l'Oeil can have class levels, though the artwork needed to make one is probably best comissioned. And the Wax Golem can even gain levels!

Bah. There goes my plan for a quick painting to turn into a Trompe l'Oeil.

Thanks for the input, everyone.

Fabricate: "You convert material of one sort into a product that is of the same material."
Does that really mean you can only Fabricate items made from one, single material?

What exactly do you want this character to be good at, and is it meant as a PC or an NPC?

Also: a Bard makes everyone better at what they do already; a Sensei is more about granting new abilities. In both cases, the size and composition of their party is relevant. So who will your Bardonk be hanging out with?

+2 Alchemical: Lozenge of the songbird
+2 Circumstance: praying at an altar of Shelyn
+8 untyped: Inexplicable Luck (2 feats)

And the Basic Harmony teamwork feat can add crazy bonuses if you bring a whole choir to back you up.

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Poisonous gas is always good. As for minions: just something that keeps the place clean I'd think. A Skeleton with a broom maybe. And I'd go with the simplest of tricks:
A coffin with a false bottom. Put a corpse resembling the Vampire on top, and the real one underneath it. With any luck, the party stakes the fake, grabs some token loot, high-five each other and just goes away.

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A Drunken Sensei Monk can keep you going for as long as there's booze.

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And what about picking a loose hair from someone's clothes? That's more of a pick-pocketing thing. Which is a hostile act, but not an attack.

Yes. One illusion - one save.

4b: Everyone is the same alignment-wise, but for unfathomable reasons all party members now have a goatee anyway.

5: Everyone ages one age category, regardless of their race.

Let's say you want to create a Trompe l'Oeil, which requires a "masterwork painting" as it's base material. So you pick up your brush, brush off your Craft(paintings) skill and get to work. But what's the DC you're aiming for? Is it:

A). 20, for a "complex or superior item"?
B). 15, for a ""high-quality item"?
C). 15, and then 20, per the "masterwork component" rule? But if so: what's the cost of this mw component?
D). something else?

Andre Roy wrote:

Aid Another

(You can’t take 10 on a skill check to aid another.)]
The rule doesn't seem to allow automatically succeeding in aiding someone, you either gamble for that help, or you don't.

Quite so. Though it does say "can't take 10 on a skill check", which this isn't. But this cheese is getting altogether too odorous for both strict RAW and unclear rule interpretations.


It would require some particularly single-minded interpretations of the rules, I must admit.
But if Coven Caster can be made to work reliably it'd be a great boon to low-level NPC crafters. And that means "stuff" can be available to the PCs without them being outshined by higher level NPCs; without requiring handwaving of the GM.

Is every instance of a d20 roll + an Ability modifier, with no additional bonuses, an Ability Check? My search-fu yields much discussion on the subject, but no conclusive answers.

(Specifically, I wonder if a character can take 10 on a Coven Caster check.)

Ooh, I had never considered that. Good question.

In the mindset of medieval people there are no rights, only privileges. You may not practice magic, unless you register/buy a license/join a guild/swear fealty.

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Cure Light Wounds is a basic spell. So whenever spellcasters are captured, I imagine their jaws and fingers are routinely broken. And by "spellcasters" I mean: any stranger.

Valandil Ancalime wrote:
Then why is True Strike on the alchemist extract list?

Probably so they can use wands of True Strike. Or because Paizo doesn't proof-read: there's even a FAQ mentioning True Strike infusions.

Rajnish Umbra, Shadow Caller wrote:
Except True Strike is a Range: Personal spell, which can't be made into a potion. So it has to be an Extract.

Except it also has a Focus requirement, so it can't be an Extract either. Maybe an Infused Poison?

Wouldn't the monsters attack the caster too?

Witches have the Cook People hex.

Douglas Muir 406 wrote:
Silence cast on a Tanglefoot bag is a nasty but effective tactic.

Is it? Doesn't the Tanglefoot Bag break upon impact, and lose the spell effect?

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