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About bitter lily

I've been playing a lot of RPGs, even though I came late to the table -- I got my start in my mid-20s playing The Fantasy Trip. That group rotated GMing, and I fell in love with a hobby so creative. And then I fell in love with Debnor, who introduced me to Champions -- my next fave, even though I don't read comics! So after we moved to the Cleveland area at the turn of the century, I GMed Champions over the phone for a friend we'd left behind. The friend in turn followed us here and has introduced me to many different RPGs over the past few years.

So while I played D&D once or twice here or there over the years, my first true exposure came only with D&D 3.5 and a group we met after our move. Then we found a group playing Pathfinder, which has really impressed me as a game. I now play a half-orc Efreeti sorceress (& twin sister to Debnor's half-orc bard) who mostly looks human. My avatar is pretty close to how I picture her.

So then I started GMing Pathfinder for different friends in 2016. THAT has been a challenge! Pathfinder has soooo many rules and concepts that I've never encountered as a player. I'm grateful for the messageboards here for people's unfailing help. I do not play PFS (at present).

In my personal life, I am married to Debnor, and we have two fluffy little white dogs (bichons) who really are family to us. I have interests in linguistics and things German. I am disabled, and it takes me an unbelievable amount of time to type out the verbose messages I'm so fond of.