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Sorry for the necro but I was wondering if there was any new resources released since this thread started that would allow a character to gain more effective fighter levels, weather it be boosting a partial scaling to full scaling or boosting past total hit die.

Finally got it to work and no worries the info you gave me at least helped me figure out what was going on with it.

Alright so got an entirely new card still not letting me continue with the purchase.

So I tried to make a purchase last night but the total was slightly more than what my prepaid card had allotted after currency conversion so I removed one of the books from the cart but now it just won't let me make the purchase.

You could throw this at them XD

Hellscape dragon(dracula dragon) cr(41)
LE Colossal dragon, undead(mythic rank 10)
Init +32; Senses dark vision special, blind sight 60 ft., blind sense 120 ft., true sight 240 ft. smoke vision; Perception +86
Frightful presence (600 ft., DC 58)
AC 104, touch 52, flat-footed 95 (+8 Dex, +52 natural, -8 size, +23 deflection, +18 untyped, +1 dodge)
hp 1785 (51d12+1173); fast healing 10
Fort +80, Ref +65, Will +75
DR 20/good and adamantine and mythic; Immune fire, cold, acid, electricity, paralysis,petrification, sleep, positive energy, ability damage, undead immunities; SR 55-special, channel resist +12
sonic resist 25, force resist 25
evasion(see rogue ability), stalwart(see inquisitor ability), uncanny dodge, improved uncanny dodge

Speed 60 ft., fly 360 ft. (perfect)
Melee bite +81 (8d8+53/17-20x4), 2 claws +81 (8d6+53/17-20x4), gore +81 (8d6+53/17-20x4)(2 wings +81 (4d8+53/17-20x4), tail slap +81 (8d6+53/17-20x4)
Melee with power attack bite +68 (8d8+131/17-20x4), 2 claws +68 (8d6+131/17-20x4), gore +68 (8d6+131/17-20x4)(2 wings +68 (4d8+131/17-20x4), tail slap +68 (8d6+131/17-20x4)
Space 30 ft.; Reach 20 ft. (30 ft. with bite)
Special Attacks breath weapon (150-ft. cone or 360-ft. line with 20 foot width, DC 58, 30d12 special), crush (gargantuan creatures, DC 58, 8d6+24), manipulate flames, melt stone, tail sweep (Medium creatures, DC 58, 2d8+24), pounce
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 51th; concentration +74)

At will— detect magic, discern location, find the path, pyrotechnics , suggestion , wall of fire, dimension door(self only and any equipped gear), plane shift
Spells Known (CL 51th; concentration +74)
9th (16/day)— time stop, weird , wish, Mage’s Disjunction, create demiplate greater, suffocation mass

8th (18/day)— greater shout, prismatic wall, screen, orb of the void, dimensional lock
7th (18/day)— limited wish, mass hold person, spell turning, force cage, power word blind, finger of death
6th (19/day)— antimagic field, contingency, greater dispel magic, acid fog, disintegrate
5th (19/day)— polymorph, telekinesis, teleport, wall of force, cone of cold, dominate person, waves of fatigue
4th (19/day)— fear (DC 20), fire shield, greater invisibility, stoneskin, arcane eye, black tentacles, dimension door, enervation, greater invisibility
3rd (19/day)— dispel magic, displacement, haste, tongues
2nd (20/day)— alter self, detect thoughts, misdirection, resist energy, see invisibility, blur, glitter dist, invisibility, summon swarm, whispering wind
1st (20/day)— alarm, grease, magic missile, shield, true strike, mage armor, shield, obscuring mist
0 (at will)— arcane mark, bleed, light, magehand, mending, message, open/close, prestidigitation, read magic, resistance, create water

Str 74(+32), Dex 27(+8), Con -, Int 41(+15), Wis 46(+18), Cha 55(23)
Base Atk +51; CMB +91; CMD 151 (155 vs. trip)

Feats craft wondrous items, dimensional agility, dimensional assault, dimensional dervish, dimensional savant,dodge, Empower Spell, Improved Critical, Improved Iron Will, Iron Will, , Power Attack, Quicken Spell, Wingover, weapon focus, dragon style, improved unarmed strike, tiger style, tiger claws, tiger pounce, Alertness, Combat Reflexes, Improved Grapple, Improved Initiative, and Lightning Reflexes , improved lightning reflexes, lingering spirit, vampiric nobility, hover, flyby attack, great fortitude, improved great fortitude, mythic iron will, mythic lightning reflexes, mythic great fortitude, mythic improved critical, mythic power attack, mythic improved initiative

Skills Appraise +69, Bluff +87,climb +60, Diplomacy +87, Fly +70, Intimidate +87, Knowledge all +69, Perception +86, Sense Motive +86, Spellcraft +69, Stealth +46,swim +61 Use Magic Device +77
Languages all of them

the save dc for all the hellscape dragons abilities are charisma based, also due to the hellscape dragon having both the mythic ability hard to kill and the feat lingering spirit they can continue to fight on until they reach negative double their charisma score instead of being killed at 0hp

mythical casting(su)
if any of the spells, spell like or supernatural abilities use a spell with a mythic version, use the mythic version instead

Stable Form (Ex)
A Hellscape dragon is immune to all polymorph effects except those it casts on itself.

Acidic Bite (Su)
the bite of a Hellscape dragon deals an additional 8d10 acid damage.

Flame claws (Su)
the claws of a Hellscape dragon deal an additional 6d10 fire damage

Superior natural attacks (ex)
the natural attacks of a Hellscape dragon deal damage as if they were one size category larger even though they are already colossal size this effect stacks with other effects that boost natural weapon damage die based on creature size such as impact, in addition they can bypass all forums of alignment based DR, as well as adamantine, silver, cold iron and magic based DR

superior flight(ex and su)
the flight of the hellscape dragon is both supernatural and extraordinary in nature allowing them to fly at full speed with perfect maneuverability and maintain such abilities even in an anti magic field

incineration breath (ex)
the damage type of the Hellscape dragon is both acid and fire, however it is so potent a creature needs to have equal resistances to both fire and acid to gain the most effect meaning they need both acid and fire resist 10 to block 10 damage from the breath weapon if a creature has fire resist 5 and acid resist 10 only 5 damage will be blocked, a creature with immunity to one of the damage types but not the other takes full damage from the breath weapon unless they have resistance to the other damage type in which case the damage will be reduced by an amount equal to resistance, if a creature is immune to both fire and acid damage they take no damage from the breath weapon, any creature damaged by the breath weapon must make a second reflex save (dc 58) on a failed save they take 6d6 incineration damage each round until they make the save creatures may take a full round action to roll around on the ground to grant themselves a +6 bonus to their save

unholy might(ex)
the hellscape dragon gains a bonus to saves equal to its charisma modifier this even applies to fortitude saves even though you already receive your charisma modifier to fortitude saves from being undead, it also gains a deflection bonus to ac equal to its charisma modifier and a un-typed bonus to ac equal to its wisdom modifier plus an additional 1 per 5 hit die(the wisdom modifier to ac is only active while not wearing armor or using a shield and does not stack with the normal monks wisdom bonus to ac)

lord of undeath(ex)
the hellscape dragon is immune to any abilities that would normally allow a creature to bypass its immunities including its undead immunities in addition instead of being immune to energy drain and negative levels the hellscape dragon instead gains a bonus to hit, ac, damage, saves, skills equal to the number of negative levels gained as well as gaining 15 temporary hit points per negative level this effect stacks indefinitely the hellscape dragon can never die from negative levels any temporary negative levels automatically become permanent negative levels these bonuses last until the negative levels are removed however each time they would regain spells they must make a fortitude save dc 95 or lose a negative level

spell suppression(ex)
the hellscape dragon gains SR 55 and suppresses any feats and abilities that allow piercing spell resistance from non mythic sources

incinerate metal and stone(su)
instead of dealing the normal breath weapons damage a hellscape dragon can instead just incinerate all metal and stone(also minerals) within its breath weapon range the action to do this is decreased to a swift action

imperial strength(ex)
all the hellscape dragon's natural attacks are changed to primary attacks as long as they don't attack with manufactured weapons in the same round(this makes their wing attacks and any other secondary attacks they may gain primary attacks) in addition they always gain 1.5 times strength modifier to damage with each natural attack

imperial strikes(ex)
a hellscape dragons natural attacks have a critical threat range of 19-20 x3 this stacks with other effects that grant increased threat range and critical multipliers such as improved critical. In addition any feat that requires a specific weapon to be chosen such as weapon focus (bite) applies to all of the hellscape dragons natural attacks

soul rend(su)
each of the hellscape dragons natural attacks require those hit by them take 2 permanent negative levels(which may be removed via restoration and other similar abilities) on a critical hit they take 5 negative levels instead( the hellscape dragon can not use this ability on themselves

bringer of darkness
a hellscape dragon puts all the myths about vampires to rest, neither they nor their spawn have the typical vampire weaknesses, the hellscape dragon also receives max hit points per hit die

unhindered stride
a hellscape dragon never takes penalties to movement

Create Spawn (Su)
Hellscape dragons can create spawn only if their victims are kept in coffin homes until they rise. A coffin home can be any container capable of accommodating the corpse. The container is often a coffin however it may be another item that may be used for storage such as a crate or other similar item. When a hellscape dragon wants to make a specific creature its spawn, however, it often places the body in a specifically designed receptacle, such as an iron box. If a hellscape dragon’s or one of its spawn's coffin home is ever destroyed, they cannot reform and is destroyed when it reaches 0 hit points. They can however preform a ritual to create a new coffin home the cost of doing so varies but what ever the gm decides the cost to be the coffin home for the hellscape dragon should be 10 times that of the normal coffin homes of their spawn.
Under these conditions, a creature slain by a hellscape dragon's soul rend ability ability rises as a standard vampire (modified by the hellscape dragon's bringer of darkness ability) 24 hours after death. Any creature with an Intelligence score of 10 or higher whose Constitution score reaches 0 from a hellscape dragon's blood drain attack returns as dread vampire 24 hours after death. A vampire or dread vampire created in this manner is under the command of its creator (as dominate monster) and remains so until either it or the creator is destroyed. At any given time, a hellscape dragon may have enslaved vampires or dread vampires totaling no more than six times its own Hit Dice(number of vampires not hit die value of the vampires); spawn created that exceed this limit rise as free-willed vampires or dread vampires. A dread vampire enslaved to its creator may create and enslave spawn of its own; thus, a master dread vampire can indirectly control a large number of lesser vampires. A hellscape dragon may voluntarily free an enslaved vampire or dread vampire in order to enslave a new one, but once freed, the former spawn cannot be enslaved again.

Children of the Night (Su)
A hellscape can command the lesser creatures, dragons and undead of the world. Six times a day, as a standard action, a hellscape dragon can summon creatures of the animal, dragon vermin, or undead type. The hellscape dragon can summon any combination of creatures so long as their total Hit Dice is less than the dread vampire’s. Summoned creatures arrive in 2d6 rounds and serve the dread vampire for up to 1 hour.

Blood Drain (Ex)
A hellscape dragon can drink blood from a living victim with its fangs by making a successful grapple CMB roll. If it pins the foe, it drains blood, dealing 1d10 points of Constitution damage each round it maintains the pin. The hellscape dragon heals 25 hit points or gains 25 temporary hit points for 1 hour (up to a maximum number of temporary hit points equal to its full normal hit points) each round it drains blood.

Dominate (Su)
A hellscape dragon can crush an opponent’s will as a standard action. Anyone the hellscape targets must succeed on a Will or fall instantly under its influence as though by a dominate monster spell (caster level equals hellscape dragon's character level). The ability has a range of 90 feet and is a mind-affecting effect. The save DC is 58

Uncanny Climber (Su)
A hellscape dragon can climb with its hands (or upper limbs) free and even walk about on the ceiling as if affected by a spider climb spell. In addition, it can use the accelerated climb action to cover any distance up to four times its climb speed, with each check allowing it to climb a distance equal to its climb speed. Climbing a distance equal to or less than its climb speed is a move-equivalent action.

Rejuvenation (Su)
Hellscape dragons are notoriously hard to destroy. If reduced to 0 hit points in combat, a hellscape dragon turns to ash. It then begins to reform in its coffin, the hellscape dragon is helpless. It regains 1 hit point after 1 hour, and then is no longer helpless and resumes healing at the rate of 10 hit points per round.
Even if a hellscape dragon is killed, if its remains are bathed in the blood of one or more good creatures who's hit die total are at least a number of HD equal to the hellscape dragon's, it returns to unlife within instantly.

Humanoid forum(ex)
a hellscape dragon may take the forum of a human as a free action except that they retain all their abilities and natural attacks(they still have wings, claws a tail ect.) and even though they are now medium size they retain the full impact of their natural attacks(don't downgrade weapon damage die for natural attacks used in human forum)they may return to their normal forum as a free action

Mythic path champion

Sudden Attack (Ex)
As a swift action, you can expend one use of mythic power to make a melee attack at your highest attack bonus. This is in addition to any other attacks you make this round. When making a sudden attack, you roll twice and take the better result, adding your tier to the attack roll. Damage from this attack bypasses all damage reduction.
Always a Chance (Ex)
You don’t automatically miss when you roll a 1 on an attack roll.

Punishing Blow (Ex)
Any opponent you hit with a melee or ranged attack loses the benefits of regeneration and fast healing for 1 round. In addition, if you score a critical hit against the target, it loses the benefit of its damage reduction for 1 round. A creature whose regeneration can’t be suppressed or ignored (such as the tarrasque) is immune to this effect.

Maximized Critical (Ex)
Whenever you score a critical hit, the weapon’s damage result is always the maximum possible amount you could roll. This doesn’t affect other dice added to the damage, such as from sneak attack or the flaming weapon special ability. For example, if you score a critical hit with a longsword (1d8/×2), treat the sword’s damage dice as if you had rolled 8 both times, then add any other damage bonuses that you would normally apply to a critical hit.

Maneuver Expert (Ex)
You do not provoke any attacks of opportunity when you attempt a combat maneuver check.
As a free action, you can expend one use of your mythic power whenever you attempt a combat maneuver check to gain the benefits of the Improved and Greater feats tied to that maneuver. You must decide to use this ability before making the roll.

Destroyer (Ex)
Whenever you attack an object, including a held or worn item, you ignore any Hardness the object might possess. This includes spell effects such as wall of force, but not objects that are also creatures, such as animated objects.

Shatter Spells (Su)
You can destroy a magical effect (whether it’s on a creature or an independent effect such as a wall of fire) by attacking it with an unarmed strike or natural weapon. You must succeed at a melee touch attack against the creature or effect and expend one use of mythic power. If this attack hits, the creature or effect is subject to targeted greater dispel magic, using double your tier as your caster level. If you dispel an effect, you suffer no harmful effects from touching it. If the effect is on a creature, the creature takes 1 point of damage per spell level of each effect dispelled.

Enhanced Ability (Ex)
You gain a permanent +2 bonus to one ability score of your choice. You can select this path ability up to six times. Each time you do, it must apply to a different ability score.
Enhanced Ability (Ex)
You gain a permanent +2 bonus to one ability score of your choice. You can select this path ability up to six times. Each time you do, it must apply to a different ability score.

Extra Mythic Feat (Ex)
You gain an extra mythic feat. You can take this ability a number of times equal to half your mythic tier (minimum 1). Each time you do, you gain another mythic feat.

Ever Ready (Ex)
Whenever you make an attack of opportunity, you gain a bonus on the attack roll and damage roll equal to your mythic tier. You can make attacks of opportunity while flat-footed, even if you don’t have the Combat Reflexes feat. At 3rd, 6th, and 9th tier, the number of attacks of opportunity you can make each round increases by one.

Legendary Champion (Ex)
At 10th tier, whenever you make an attack roll against a non-mythic foe and miss, you may immediately roll again. You must take the second roll, even if it’s lower. Once per round when you roll a natural 20 on an attack roll, you regain one use of mythic power.

Mythic Power (Su)
Mythic characters can draw upon a wellspring of power to accomplish amazing deeds and cheat fate. This power is used by a number of different abilities. Each day, you can expend an amount of mythic power equal to 3 plus double your mythic tier (5/day at 1st tier, 7/day at 2nd, etc.). This amount is your maximum amount of mythic power. If an ability allows you to regain uses of your mythic power, you can never have more than this amount.

Surge (Su)
You can call upon your mythic power to overcome difficult challenges. You can expend one use of mythic power to increase any d20 roll you just made by rolling 1d6 and adding it to the result. Using this ability is an immediate action taken after the result of the original roll is revealed. This can change the outcome of the roll. The bonus die gained by using this ability increases to 1d8 at 4th tier, 1d10 at 7th tier, and 1d12 at 10th tier.

Amazing Initiative (Ex)
At 2nd tier, you gain a bonus on initiative checks equal to your mythic tier. In addition, as a free action on your turn, you can expend one use of mythic power to take an additional standard action during that turn. This additional standard action can’t be used to cast a spell. You can’t gain an extra action in this way more than once per round.
Hard to Kill (Ex)
Whenever you’re below 0 hit points, you automatically stabilize without needing to attempt a Constitution check. If you have an ability that allows you to act while below 0 hit points, you still lose hit points for taking actions, as specified by that ability. Bleed damage still causes you to lose hit points when below 0 hit points. In addition, you don’t die until your total number of negative hit points is equal to or greater than double your Constitution score.

Recuperation (Ex)
At 3rd tier, you are restored to full hit points after 8 hours of rest so long as you aren’t dead. In addition, by expending one use of mythic power and resting for 1 hour, you regain a number of hit points equal to half your full hit points (up to a maximum of your full hit points) and regain the use of any class features that are limited to a certain number of uses per day (such as barbarian rage, bardic performance, spells per day, and so on). This rest is treated as 8 hours of sleep for such abilities. This rest doesn’t refresh uses of mythic power or any mythic abilities that are limited to a number of times per day.

Force of Will (Ex)
At 7th tier, you can exert your will to force events to unfold as you would like. As an immediate action, you can expend one use of mythic power to reroll a d20 roll you just made, or force any non-mythic creature to reroll a d20 roll it just made. You can use this ability after the results are revealed. Whoever rerolls a roll must take the result of the second roll, even if it is lower.

Unstoppable (Ex)
At 8th tier, you can expend one use of mythic power as a free action to immediately end any one of the following conditions currently affecting you: bleed, blind, confused, cowering, dazed, dazzled, deafened, entangled, exhausted, fascinated, fatigued, frightened, nauseated, panicked, paralyze d, shaken, sickened, staggered, or stunned. All other conditions and effects remain, even those resulting from the same spell or effect that caused the selected condition. You can use this ability at the start of your turn even if a condition would prevent you from acting.

Legendary Hero (Su)
At 10th tier, you have reached the height of mortal power. You regain uses of your mythic power at the rate of one use per hour, in addition to completely refreshing your uses each day.

fortuitous impact amulet of mighty fists +5 and natural armor +5, headband of mental perfection +6, belt of physical might +6, cloak of resistance +5,5 tomes of +5 to a stat one for str,dex,int,wis and cha they are released from the dragons body oppon its true and final death and a large amount of platinum

Melkiador wrote:
Lady-J wrote:
And alternate classes can still use all the normal things the original class could that require a class feature as an alternate class feature does not necessarily mean an altered class feature.

The alternate classes themselves, a vast majority of their abilities allow them to use feats and items for the main none alternate version. Like how an anti paladin can use bracers of the merciful knight to be counted as 4 levels higher for touch of corruption or how they can take extra lay on hands for 2 more uses of touch of corruption or how the samurai can use some of the cavalier items that work off the banner class feature just to name a few.

Melkiador wrote:
Lady-J wrote:
Melkiador wrote:
No, you're making an assumption that an alternate class feature has to specify that it alters a class feature to count as doing so. But that limitation is never specified anywhere in the rules. It's merely a convenience that got left out of crossblooded.
No, because every thing that gets altered says that it does, Every and I mean every 1st party archetype says so all except 2 you wana know what they are cross blooded and crossblooded rager. Every archetype has that mechanic but these two and you want to know why, its because they are not altering the bloodline powers, they are not replacing the bloodline powers they are giving you two lists to pull from. The bloodline powers are not the things being altered with these archetypes it is the fundamental core of a sorcerer/bloodrager. Its more like an alternate class than an archetype.

If it were an alternate class it wouldn't work either. Because it still falls under "alternate class features". And I'm pretty sure there are other examples of the missing text, but even if there weren't, it wouldn't matter. That text is never specified as being necessary to define a class feature as being altered.

Edit: Actually alternate classes are a good example of class features getting altered and replaced without specifying that they are.

And alternate classes can still use all the normal things the original class could that require a class feature as an alternate class feature does not necessarily mean an altered class feature.

Melkiador wrote:
No, you're making an assumption that an alternate class feature has to specify that it alters a class feature to count as doing so. But that limitation is never specified anywhere in the rules. It's merely a convenience that got left out of crossblooded.

No, because every thing that gets altered says that it does, Every and I mean every 1st party archetype says so all except 2 you wana know what they are cross blooded and crossblooded rager. Every archetype has that mechanic but these two and you want to know why, its because they are not altering the bloodline powers, they are not replacing the bloodline powers they are giving you two lists to pull from. The bloodline powers are not the things being altered with these archetypes it is the fundamental core of a sorcerer/bloodrager. Its more like an alternate class than an archetype.

Melkiador wrote:
Lady-J wrote:
Java Man wrote:
Do bloodline mutations follow archetype stacking rules?
No but if they are replaced like with tattooed sorc it replaces their 1st level bloodline power for a tattoo familiar and thus won't work with blood havoc. Cross blooded does not replace or alter the 1st level bloodline power so you can use it freely with the mutations.
I've already proved that it does alter bloodline powers. You're only argument otherwise basically boiled down to "Can't trust FAQs".

Well given the lack luster research on some of them like magic projectile weapons don't get any benefit for their shot projectiles faq ya some faq's just don't know what they are talking about. The mechanics of the thing in an faq need to resemble that of that of what are actually represented on the page of the book other wise its like an faq saying oh wizards can't cast enlarge person because druids are divine casters which is just nonsense. The mechanics of altering or replacing class abilities for cross blooded are not there there for the faq saying that it should work this way due to X mechanic does not apply because X mechanic was never there in the 1st place and unless they do a reprint and insert X mechanic into the archetype it will not function that way.

Java Man wrote:
Do bloodline mutations follow archetype stacking rules?

No but if they are replaced like with tattooed sorc it replaces their 1st level bloodline power for a tattoo familiar and thus won't work with blood havoc. Cross blooded does not replace or alter the 1st level bloodline power so you can use it freely with the mutations.

Melkiador wrote:


Sorcerer, Crossblooded and Wildblooded: Can I take both of these archetypes for the same character?
No, because the archetype rules say none of the alternate class features can replace or alter the same class feature from the class as another alternate class feature. Because the crossblooded and wildblooded sorcerer archetypes both alter the bloodline arcana and bloodline powers, they aren't compatible archetypes.

Note that it is certainly within the GM's purview to allow this combination. However, the character should not be able to use the crossblooded archetype's ability to select a lower-level bloodline power that was replaced by the wildblooded archetype. For example, a wildblooded brutal (abyssal) sorcerer replaces "strength of the abyss" with "wings of the abyss" at 9th level; the character has "paid" for the wildblooded archetype by giving up "strength of the abyss," and can't use the crossblooded bloodline to select "strength of the abyss" as her 15th-level or 20th-level bloodline power.

So, you could ask your DM to ok it, but by default they don’t stack.

The crossblooded archetype does not state that it alters the bloodline powers, bloodline arcana nor does it state that it replaces them the faq is trying to impose a ruling were there are no grounds to impose one.

Melkiador wrote:
You can’t mix crossblooded and havoc. They both modify the 1st level bloodline power.

Cross blooded neither alters nor replaces bloodline powers so its fair game. What cross blooded does do is give you two bloodlines and let you pick things from either.

Melkiador wrote:
doomman47 wrote:
Melkiador wrote:
Keep in mind that caster/martial disparity isn’t even really a thing till level 5 and even then it’s minor, till around 9 or 11
Well that all depends on the build for the caster, a well built caster can make that gap from 11th level be attained at level 5 or 6.
A similarly minmaxed martial will probably keep pace with whatever you cook up. But go ahead and make an example. Standard 20 point buy with 2 traits and wealth by level rules.

I got one of those, sorcerer human, point buy doesn't matter but assume a min of 18 in cha, magical lineage and wang spell hunter both into fireball, feats empower, spell focus, spell specialization, expanded arcana. Take cross blooded and go orc bloodline and either draconic or goblin bloodline and get blood havoc you now deal +3 damage per die rolled and your fireball now does 8d6+24 x 1.5 damage which at level 6 will pretty much instantly vaporize any encounter you could face even fighting a cr+3 encounter of an elephant average damage would bring it down to 0 hp on a failed save and you should have bare minimum of 2 of them per day at that level. The difference is them increased as the party levels past 6. This isn't even touching the caster builds that can just shut down a fight like a color spray oracle build or a caster that eventually throws out dazing spells. Sure martials have the potential to go all day assuming they have the hp for it but they don't have nearly as many I declare this situation to be solved abilities at their disposal.

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Probably Sarenrae her conform or die mantra doesn't seem very good for some one who is suppose to be good aligned.

Sorry for the slight neco, but any one know a way to get faster movement speed for a t-rex with out taking fleet or the racer archetype?

TriShadow wrote:
Sorry for the necro, but is the 'unchained' Zen Archer monk legal for PFS? I know that it is legal for the standard monk. I checked the additional resources, but I can't seem to find a concrete answer. Anyone have a citation one way or the other?

Nope its not pfs legal, many of the fun things out there aren't.

Klorox wrote:
are goblins often used as an addition to a standard group, or are they used for all monster campaigns?

a little of both i reckon

wait one pc has 10 mythic ranks and the other does not?

what level are you looking to get it? hunters are pretty good at all levels for animal companions were as nature shamans can make their familiars also be animal companions so they can have an animal companion that is also a mauler familiar and when combined with some favored class bonuses it gets pretty dope

its fine, gnolls only get +2str +2 con +2 natural armor and dark vision, they also don't start out the game with common so they need to put a point into linguistics if they want to communicate with the party, so while nice for classes like fighter or barbarian its not to great for much else and most core races get much better things like a +2 to any score or a bonus feat or a massive bonus vs magical saves

paizo devs have called out specifics trump general

each spell give you a spell resistance yes or spell resistance no so not every spell is blocked by it, also not all monsters have spell resistance

Tim K wrote:
PS> The DM's argument was that is was like a globules that went flying out from that center point and then landed all over within a 20-foot radius. That too makes sense to me though.

and no its not globs spreading out at random from the center you are summoning a portal in which the tentacles come threw like how sheagorath does sometimes with dr strange

so a spell with a 20 foot radius has a diameter of 40 feet if you use 10 feet of that for the floor you will only have 30 feet for the wall or vice versa
o=spell area x=non spell area

xooooooxxxxx is what it would look like horizontally and

xxooxxxxxxxx is what it would look like from a top down

any radius at the bottom will take away from the side so if they allocate 10 feet to the floor they have 30 feet for the wall

Wonderstell wrote:
Lady-J wrote:
teifling lets them use large weapons(with the alternate trait), the archetype lets them use one size category larger so their normal weapon they can wield is huge size for 2h weapons however the titan mauler ability only works for two handed weapons so they cant use it for non two handed weapons which means no use on the shield as its counted as light so they are stuck at large sized shield from teifling

Shield-Trained (the Religion trait) allows you to treat Heavy Shields as light weapons.

As you treat the Heavy Shield as a light weapon, you can wield a Heavy Shield two size categories larger than you are as a two-handed weapon.

Weapons: Weapon Size wrote:
The measure of how much effort it takes to use a weapon (whether the weapon is designated as a light, one-handed, or two-handed weapon for a particular wielder) is altered by one step for each size category of difference between the wielder’s size and the size of the creature for which the weapon was designed. For example, a Small creature would wield a Medium one-handed weapon as a two-handed weapon. If a weapon’s designation would be changed to something other than light, one-handed, or two-handed by this alteration, the creature can’t wield the weapon at all.

Since a Huge, Light Melee weapon counts as a Two-Handed weapon for a medium creature, you should be able to use a Gargantuan light weapon with the Giant Weapon Wielder ability.

while it may have the handedness of a 2h weapon it is still classified as a light weapon and thus un able to benefit from the ability it needs to be an actual two handed weapon ei a greatsword, a great axe, a pole arm, a earth breaker ect.

Wonderstell wrote:
Andrews Donovan wrote:

Shield-Trained let me use Heavy Shield as a light weapon, can i oversize it to two-handed( 2 categorys )?

Yup. And with the 'Giant Weapon Wielder' ability you could (probably) walk around with a Shield 3 sizes larger than yourself (at a -6 penalty).

In addition to all the stacking issues Name Violation already mentioned, the Titan Fighter archetype won't reduce your attack penalty.

Incredible Heft wrote:
At 3rd level, a titan fighter becomes more skilled at wielding weapons intended for creatures one size category larger than himself. /.../

Your Shield isn't one size category larger than yourself, it's several categories larger.


Also, I don't believe you could use your Shield as armor if it's not properly sized for your character. The end result is that you're suffering from several size category penalties while you can't even benefit from the shield's AC bonus.

teifling lets them use large weapons(with the alternate trait), the archetype lets them use one size category larger so their normal weapon they can wield is huge size for 2h weapons however the titan mauler ability only works for two handed weapons so they cant use it for non two handed weapons which means no use on the shield as its counted as light so they are stuck at large sized shield from teifling

ask your dm if you can take tempered champion with your oath of vengeance

Isaac Zephyr wrote:
Dave Justus wrote:

Long and the short of it is you have made a choice that you know other characters won't really be able to work with. That character has maturely decided not to engage in conflict with you actively, but has instead just refused to make any allowance for the safety of creatures he really wants to actively destroy, and you are looking for an excuse to escalate the PvP.

Stop being a jerk. Either come up with a way that your character can work as a team with the other PCs or make a new character.

On the contrary, the GM is pushing the PVP behaviour even to things as not healing the wizard for her choices. I want an excuse to de-escalate the PVP, because frankly it's dickish that the GM gave us something, I asked explicitly the concequences of using such a thing, and in addition to the normal concequences, the cleric is being pushed to actively engage in anti-player behaviours (which was not part of considerations for making the decision), which is no fun all around the table.

My character persistently and actively works as part of the team. If I wanted to escalate PVP not all of my spells would be various buffs for our party members, including the cleric. And the cleric is not a paladin. I've done nothing that would strip the cleric of her powers, though I did strip myself of one of my spells with the decision (I had Defending Bone, which is a spell provided by Pharasma whom I have no doubt pissed off with my antics).

simply stop buffing the cleric then until they stop killing your minnions

Rhaleroad wrote:
Unless you are soloing the AP, that stat block will make the game no fun for anyone else. Could play as a Commoner and ruin it for the rest of the party. Are you sure he did not mean to allow Lizard Folk or Nagaji? Also, calling the DM foolish is a total lack of respect.

as long as they are allowing others to take similar options there should be no issues, however issues will arise if they allow one player to do something like this and not give any other players the option to do so.

Derklord wrote:
Strong Jaw itself would stack with it, but polymorph effects block size change effects.

polymorph effects block size change spells, if you have another way to change size that is not a spell polymorph wont hinder it.

take an aside with your gm ask him if you can craft some necklaces for your undead, have the effect be when they are hit with positive energy the damage is converted to negative energy and half that energy is redirected to the source. this should get the cleric to stop trying to kill your minions while also making it so the minions wont escape your control and murderize the cleric.

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Slyme wrote:
Unchained Monk - Ki Pool wrote:
By spending 1 point from his ki pool as a swift action, a monk can make one additional unarmed strike at his highest attack bonus when making a flurry of blows attack.
Feral Combat Training wrote:

Benefit: Choose one of your natural weapons. While using the selected natural weapon, you can apply the effects of feats that have Improved Unarmed Strike as a prerequisite.

Special: If you are a monk, you can use the selected natural weapon with your flurry of blows class feature.

The way it is worded, it looks like you could add an unarmed strike to your FoB/FCT attack by spending a point of Ki, but not an additional Slam. Neither FoB or the Ki Pool are feats, and FCT does not change your Slam into an unarmed strike, it just lets you apply unarmed strike feats to it.

you are missing something big Special: If you are a monk, you can use the selected natural weapon with your flurry of blows class feature. this lets flurry of blows and everything you can get that will modify flurry of blow to effect the natural attack

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Slyme wrote:

After going back and re-reading the rules for monks, druids, and feral combat training, it looks like you would not get any iterative attacks with your slam, and you would also not be able to use ki strike with it either, as FCT specifically calls out being able to be used with flurry, but not with anything if your total hit bonus with your slam is +30, you would get your basic slam at +30 and your flurry at +30, and that is it, no matter what your BAB is.

If you were just punching people instead, you would get your iteratives + FoB + Ki.

Sorry if I got your hopes up, guess the devs don't want people throwing around 35d8+ damage every round, heh.

you get bonus attacks in a flurry of blows based on your bab a monk/druid with 11 bab would get 3 iritative hits and 1 bonus hit from flurry this applies to unarmed strikes, monk weapons and if they have the relative feats(feral combat training for natural attacks or crusaders flurry for favored weapons) they can use those attacks in the flurry ki strike is also a modification to the flurry of blows feature so yes they would also get an extra attack during the flurry

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there is one thing that is good for the wizard and bad for the cleric here, when they channel to heal they only heal alive people they don't harm undead they need to actively channel to harm undead to damage them but that means alive people wont get healing.

Zarius wrote:

No, it's not. It's drain. Ability DAMAGE would be an 18 int with 1 point of int DAMAGE, which would actually have no effect.

Like a virtual size change for the purposes of weapons, ability drain doesn't actually change your stat. If taking points of ability drain reduced your real stat, using Restoration wouldn't fix it.

That's what EVERYONE here is missing. It's not REAL damage. It's like taking non-lethal damage. Yes, if it hits 0, there's effects, upto and (in the case of Con) including death, but it's still not real damage to your stat.

there is real damage, ability drain rules even call out that it actually changes the stat, and that you can fix it with restoration, so if you have 10 int and you get 5 int drain you now have 5 int, not 10 if it were ability damage you would have 10 int but you would be working as though you had 5, that's the difference between the two abilities

Zarius wrote:
No, Lady-J, you have an int of 18 with 1 point of Int drain. Your base stat is still 18.

that is ability damage not drain

retraining from unchained will let him keep his character and rebuild it so he can keep playing it while allowing him to get into what ever niche he is trying to fit now

Zarius wrote:

So, no. Because, if you can restore a creature's int to full with a spell, then even if it's int is "dropped to 1", it's int isn't ACTUALLY 1.

And no, Lady-J. As with many random things you say, that doesn't work. It's even less costly than Feeblemind, because it can be reversed with Restoration.

Your ACTUAL intelligence must be 1 or 2, not your "current" intelligence, due to a variety of damage factors.

No matter what spell you use, or drain you incur, if you have an 18 int, you have an 18 int as far as Awaken is concerned.

Ability Drain

Ability drain actually reduces the relevant ability score. Modify all skills and statistics related to that ability. This might cause you to lose skill points, hit points, and other bonuses. Ability drain can be healed through the use of spells such as restoration.

meaning if you are hit with ability drain your ability score is reduces and you no longer have that number as your ability score meaning if you had 18 int and you get hit with 17 int ability drain your int score is now actually 1 and is no longer 18 which makes you a valid target for awaken as you only need 2 or less int for awaken to work

there is a life mystery for oracles but sadly no life domain not even 3rd party, unless its some obscure thing tucked away in some crevasse of the internet

couldn't you just have an undead minion with int drain do it?

no, bab from all sources stack

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assuming feral combat training 5, 2 from bab 1 from flurry 1 from haste and 1 from ki

i would put it somewhere between hp and skill retraining both are free but one is 3 days and one is 5 days so i would say 4 days and free and you can pick a new favored class

edit oops they not both free its 10xlevelxdays needed so 40xlevel but i would just say a flat 40 gold then if you need to spend any money as 40 per level seems a bit much

i would rule that you could retrain your favored class, but per raw(it should really be updated) you can not

Cavall wrote:


"The choice of favored class cannot be changed once the character is created, and the choice of gaining a hit point or a skill rank each time a character gains a level (including his first level) cannot be changed once made for a particular level."

to be fair favored class rules were introduced before retraining rules were a thing.

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Dastis wrote:
Warped Savant wrote:
Lady-J wrote:
there's plenty of reason to not play it like pfs.

Would you mind expanding on the negativity?

What don't you like about PFS?

No houserules. Limited rewards. Limited materials for use. Limited to campaign modules. Alignment restrictions. Restrictions on possible player actions. Forced use of all official interpretations. Correct me if I'm wrong on any of those. Not entirely sure on all the rules. Not hating or saying badwrongfun but there is definitely reason

this and also needing to spend hundreds of dollars on books just to make one character because you need to own every book you take content from in order for your character to use it, there is also little to no customization, gm can't make anything new or change how game mechanics work, players also have less freedom in addition of if any one shifts to evil they just flat out lose their character and can't play them anymore which ruins a good character progression story, pfs also hates many many options and nerfes the crap out of them with and most of them just hurt martial characters while not really impeding casters in the slightest when martials need all the help they can get in the 1st place they also complain to paizo about things being omg op af even when their not so paizo goes around with their nerf bat making the things pfs deems op into the ground and making them useless thus ruining the game for all the non pfs people because there is now a pfs inspired erata on a thing that we use that is now trash just because pfs doesn't like it even though we aren't the ones playing pfs we still get effected

have you looked at automatic bonus progression? it may be what you are looking for

Volkard Abendroth wrote:
Warped Savant wrote:

Have you considered running it the way that Pathfinder Society is done? (Maybe even use the scenarios from there).

Characters level up after three sessions and the scenarios are written so that you can have characters with wide variations in their levels.

There is no reason not to run it as actual PFS games. Just have everyone create a Paizo account and register their characters. Hand out a sheet after each game.

If they ever have the opportunity to attend a convention, they can take their character with them.

there's plenty of reason to not play it like pfs.

pummeling style is locked to unarmed strikes only

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