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Ahoy Hoy,
so i've been a big fan and player of halflings since 1st edition, i've had either a halfling or dwarf in every adventure i've embarked on except for one (a human fighter with a 3 int that got killed in the first fight) however our accomplishments often get forgotten or plagiarized by you larger folk (like when my halfling was the only survivor of a dragon fight but could only carry back the toe as proof instead of being called "dragonslayer" they instead called me "Dragontoe" the name stuck thru 3 campaign worlds (FR, brothers homebrew, and Golarion)

anyway this thread is for the shorter forgotten folk to sing their praises or raise a mug for heroic deeds others took the credit for.
and yes i did bring plenty of ash back to civilization for resurrection:) the nice thing with ash is, its really light and fits in a flask:) and the dragon's toe was made into a nice hilt for a dragons bane short sword:)
anyway on to my most recent halflings

Tibbedo Dragontoe (CG bard (archaeologist archetype) for the Jade Regent, i dont know how to do spoiler tags so wont go into details but he has been my favorite so far, uses acrobatics and archaeologists luck in every battle, surprisingly bad ass in combat might go eldritch knight

Horatio "Hambone" Dragontoe (CG cleric of Desna) just started RotRL with him, older bro of Tibbedo, hasn't done much yet, a reluctant adventurer

Figueroa Dragontoe (NG Magus) younger bro of the two above, for Shattered Star, just made him five minutes ago, won't use him for awhile :)

Laszlo Dragontoe (CN Oracle of the Dark Tapestry, tongues curse) for Skull & Shackles, the black sheep of the family, ran away at a younger age:)

any way post away remember SPOILER TAGS if you can

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Dotting at the moment. Will regale you with my exploits at a later time...

Do Halflings by adoption count?

i dont see why not:)

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For Carrion Crown, I built DC Comics' Klarion the Witch Boy as a halfling witch. By 8th level, as far as the campaign got, he was a flying, cackling, jinxed-evil-eye-giving little freak who terrified the players. :)

For Curse of the Crimson Throne, I played a halfling necromancer/bloatmage named Rufus Togatus, and lived all the way through the campaign, eventually retiring after the campaign and taking Castle Scarwall as my own establishment. Still there, in fact.

Currently playing a Sorceress/Dragon Disciple(Brass) in Kingmaker.


I have Winter Witch/Winter Witch halfling that I'm currently running through Reign of Winter. As we have only three players, he makes up for it by being crazy prepared with a Handy Haversack full of almost every mundane and alchemical item you can think of.

i have a halfling made for Kingmaker but cant play due to doing Jade Regent and such.

Zapp Bramblethorn (LN Cavalier, Order of the Cockatrice) his kingdom job will be general, has a high Charisma (17) but low wisdom (8) trying to get someone to make a Grippli named Kiff :)

Ah, Meldrin Lowstroke, my 2E Myrmidarch halfling with a napolean complex and the biggest sword he could possibly wield (bastard sword?). Infamous for his use of belt of cloud giant strength and a dungeon door with a stolen silverware set inlaid into it for lyncanthropes. Good times, good times... I may have to recreate him for PF.


i'm glad i started this thread, been awesome hearing everyone's halfling stories:)

This ninja, who wacked Cheliax quite heavy. Homebrew AP though.

any more halflings out there? there's gotta be more then 7 people playing halflings posting on the internets

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I'll start with my 'Halfling by adoption', Ysme, a Changeling Paladin of Shelyn. As a Changeling, she was discovered abandoned by the side of the road, literally in a basket, by a Halfling couple who were escaped slaves from Cheliax making their way to the River Kingdoms. She started out as an idea for a Paladin character for Carrion Crown PbP, but I could never get her into a CC Campaign. When I finally did get her into a PbP Campaign, it wound up being a RotRL AE, where she is now pretty much the only divine caster in the party.

Current events:
We are just now investigating the Misgivings.
We started with a Cleric & Inquisitor but both of their players wound up dropping after we finished up 'Burnt Offerings'. Actually the party is generally 'caster poor'... The only other 'caster' is the Alchemist.

I seem to be following several of the 'Golarion/Halfling' tropes with my Halfling Characters as 'escaped Chelaxian slave' pops up somehow with all of them. Either being one, as is the case with Grey here, or the child of some, as was the case with both Ysme & Yamyra, who I will talk about later.
Grey initially was kind of a result of the idea of the slave of a Chelish Diabolist/Summoner managing to inadvertantly attract the attention of a more nebulous Outsider, who then bonded with him, resulting in something of a Kim/Mowgli/Ben 10 fusion. Yes, he's a Synthesist archetype & has the Childlike Feat. He was originally simply a Character Concept that I was amused by, but thanks to the whole 'Synthesists are OVERPOWERED' hubbub, I could never get a PbP GM to accept him. I finally got him into a Reign of Winter Campaign, where he is the only Arcane caster in the party. Of course we aren't very far in yet.
Current events:
Presently we are only just now at the Bandit Lodge, although we seem to be dealing with them fairly handily, in spite of having tripped the alarm trap on the way to the front porch.
This party has bad luck with Rogues...

As I mentioned, I seem to fall for a lot of the standard tropes regarding Halflings & Yamyra is no exception. Not only is she the child of two escaped Chelish slaves, she has a severe case of 'Hobbititis/Accidental Adventurer/I wish I were back in the Shire' syndrome. She even has her own There & back again...
The idea was that she considered her 'day job' being a Librarian for Heidmarch Manor who was just kind of 'helping' the 'real' adventurers working for Venture Captain Heidmarch in Magnimar.
Shattered Star:
Of course, thanks to a combination of having the highest Charisma & somehow being the smartest one present, as long as somebody else hasn't 'jumped in' to something, the team often winds up going with her idea for dealing with a situation, which is how we have gotten to the lower levels of the Irespan Piling with almost no deaths other than some rats & vermin. We even wound up capturing rather than killing the Were-rats. Then we took them in to the Watch for a trial...

Zstelian Jamir, Kingmaker, CG Gunslinger 12... thanks to lack of errata (at the time if this has been fixed) Pistolero/Mysterious Stranger on 20 point buy.

Zstelian was the name he gave to everyone, Jamir was his real name. He was part of the traveling circus' from around Varisia and decided to take his talents elsewhere. Specifically the Stolen Lands. By the end of the game, or when the gm had to stop running my damage was calculated in black dragons per round. With my trusty double barreled pistol I was a halfling death machine, and my adopted daughter was the half elf ragechemist I wrote about in the ragechemist help thread. Throughout the game I kept stealing people's pets, like dogs, cats, tamed a random giant dragonfly I named Buzzy. When I got leadership I brought the Circus to the kingdom, and was all about having a grand old time. By the gods do I miss my halfling of death.

Here's my first, link to her journal - short-lived as it was - in her profile.

And my raised-by-halfling Tiefling Inquisitor from a currently-running PbP.

We've had two Halfling characters - well, one and a half - make it into our AP play. The first was an Archeologist/Halfling Opportunist/Lore Warden in Rise of the Runelord. Opportunistic Maneuver opened the door to some really great moments. He made a reappearance in the beginnings of a Jade Regent campaign that never quite got off the ground.

We had a second just narrowly miss the cut for an upcoming Wrath of the Righteous campaign. The concept was a Master Summoner/Holy Tactician who summoned 'packs' of Lantern Archons or Hound Archons and then hunted evil with them, using a bow and sharing the teamwork feats like Target of Opportunity to go along with various buffs.

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Currently playing a Halfling Gunslinger (Buccaneer) in Skull & Shackles. He's basically a miniature Jack Sparrow, confusing anybody he talks to for more than a minute. He accidentally talked rival crewmembers into murdering each other and made best friends with the giant mentally challenged chicken man.

Good times.

made best friends with the giant mentally challenged chicken man.

Chicken Boo is in Skull and Shackles?!

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Orthos wrote:
made best friends with the giant mentally challenged chicken man.
Chicken Boo is in Skull and Shackles?!

I haven't put ranks in Perception or Sense Motive, so there is a very real chance that could be true.

My best halfling was from 3.5 The deadly leapfrog halfling my group called him.

He was a Halfling Fighter using an oversized greatsword. He would attack by running at people, leaping and spinning, using the momentum to destroy things. It was basically this massive sword spinning in mid air with a halfling clinging to the hilt, ricocheting off walls.

Can't remember the full details anymore but it was one hell of a feat chain to get him to work. Once I got there though he turned out to be pretty terrifying. Massive single shot damage attacks and then he was gone so his enemies never got a chance to hit back.

His Jump distance was more than his movement so DM ruled that he stayed airborn in the next round and kept moving in a straight line unless he bounced off something.

Got Baseballed by a Giant once, but I got his head later in the fight.

The one fight where I stopped moving and had to stand my ground to cover some of the other party members is the one that got him killed.

Miss that little bugger....wonder if I could recreate him for PF.

Please do and post.

Sounds like he's based off Leap Attack and maybe Shock Trooper, which required Improved Overrun and a few other feats. Nothing really perfectly copies those into PF as far as I'm aware.

Bengiant Boldfellow was a character I played during Rise of the Runelords. Based off of classic Tolkien hobbits, Bengiant fit most of the stereotypes; he dressed conservatively, enjoyed many a meal, and was very social.

He was a cleric of Desna, and eventually went from timid mouse to mighty beacon of hope. I'm proud to say he served as the lifeline and moral compass for the part. Later known as Giantbane when he single handedly killed two Stone Giants in melee combat with nothing but a frying pan, a shield, and the luck of Desna.

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Our group started out with an all halfling adventuring party to do Rise of the Runelords. Had we know, we might have done Dwarves, instead. Anyways, we put together the Cowbell clan of Halflings, a family of farmers whose farm (and parents) were killed during a giant raid.

All of the original Cowbells are still alive, and a couple have been added.

The original group (oldest first) was:

Aralia "Lee" Cowbell - Cleric of Abadar
Thistle Cowbell - Paladin of Abadar
Bladdernut Cowbell - Sorceror
Willow Cowbell - Rogue

With Bladdernut and Willow being twins.

For a while, Thistle (my character) was dead, and I played Slate Cowbell, who was an adopted human. Lee has a halfling cohort, Rosie Cotton, a Cavalier, who I believe he fancies making a Cowbell someday. Thistle now has a Dwarven Crusader Cleric of Iomedae, Luta Dagdasdottir, as his cohort. We regularly make tall jokes about her. Recently we added a new player, and he dove in with Manfreda Cowbell (a cousin), who was a halfling slingstaff expert, until a certain FAQ ruling made that a bad choice, so now he just uses a sling.

One nice aspect about playing a tight knit family unit, is the ability to award treasure in a more communal faction, and everyone having a preexisting reason to adventure together.

I won't assail your ears with too many specific tales of the Cowbell clan. I will state that in general, the best laid plans go astray a LOT, except we had two of our many plans work exceedingly well, they were the assault on Thistletop, and the Assault on Fort Rannick (now known as Caer Cowbell). I won't spoiler them, but I will say that we had plans B and C ready for them, but darn if we didn't Plan A our way right into them in amazing fashion! Now, every other plan of ours, so far (we are currently 10/11 level), has gone horribly wrong. We are currently prepping our Assault on Jorgenfist, so hopefully our history of succesful keep type Assaults will continue! I'll say our "Assault on the Storval Stairs" is somewhat off the rails at this point, but that's not a keep, so it should have been expected to fall apart at first contact with the enemy.

There comes a time in adventuring groups, where there is a desire to come up with a name for the group. It might seem obvious that we would be the Cowbells, but it seemed similarly obvious (from a metagaming perspective) to us, that as the name fo the AP was "Rise of the Runelords" and we could see ourselves rising, that obviously we should call ourselves The Runelords. I'll say that we were not as steeped on Golarian Lore then as we are now, or we might not have been quite so presumptious. Anyways, we even named our Runelordships, and had a blast with it. I'll cut and paste some info on that right here:

We've had quite a bit of fun with it. At this time:

Bladdernut: Runelord of Weights and Measures
Willow: Runelord of Ferocious and Fuzzy Things (Runelord of Bobbit)
Aralia: Runelord of Well-earned Wealth
Rosie: Runelord of Righteous Action
Thistle: Runelord of Justice
Luta: Runelord of Righteous Might
Manfreda: Runelord of Ranged Pain although it is usually referred to as the "Runelord of David vs Goliath" with the Runelord himself (or herself) having the nickname of "Dave."

I'm still unsure of how the other Runelords are organizing their respective Runelordships (or 'Ships to those in the know), but Thistle
has previously put forth the following organization:

Deputy for Vigilante Justice (a position currently vacant since Thistle's promotion, so he is dual hatted)
Deputy for Justice Delayed
Deputy for Justice Denied (slated for downsizing and a transfer into Delayed)
Deputy for Errant Justice
Deputy for Vengeance (Cold Justice)
Deputy for Lynching (Mob Justice)
Deputy for Kangaroo Court Justice

There are multiple proposals on what should replace DRLJ Denied once
the consolidation occurs.

I do know that there is a DRL for Lofty Titles within Bladdernut's 'Ship

Thistle's claim to having been the DRL for Vigilante Justice comes from an instance where, as a Paladin of Abadar, and far from civilization, he was placed in the position of having to be judge, jury, and executioner, in true "Judge Dredd" style. I'm pleased to say, he stepped up and got the job done with a swift trial and a swifter execution.

So, let me see, some things to brag about.

Bladdernut (at 8th level I believe) dropped the single best fireball I have seen in, ummmmm, let's call it 32 years of playing D&D. It was crazy how many [spoilers omitted] he caught in that one AOE, and dropped them all, thus making a fight, where we had backed up, formed a strong front line and were prepped to really slug it out, into a bit of a cake walk.

A Hasted, Flying, Improved Invisible, Dual Wielding, 10th level Rogue (Willow) can deal out a LOT of damage to just about anything.

A fully buffed charging, challenging, flying, halfling (Rosie) on a fire leaopard ("small" cat), using the "sprint" ability can charge from a LONG way away, critical, and drop just about anything in a single hit.

A non buffed, smiting, non-flying halfing Paladin (Thistle) will seemingly critical hit on his first hit just about EVERY time he is fighting Evil Outsiders, Undead and Dragons, which makes for short fights. It is statistically improbable, and yet we see it all the time.

A fully buffed, studly Cleric of Abadar (Lee), will fail EVERY save against fear in the entire game, even with the +4 from the Paladin's aura, and constantly be "going for reinforcements" or "checking on the villagers."

A hasted and buffed halfling slinger (Manfreda), can do more sustained damage over time than anyone else, even if he does end up fatigued at the end of it (due to the 1 cheesy level of Barbarian). Not to mention, of what use, to the archer, is the 30' of movement in a halfling (and 1 dwarf) party?

You can't forget Lee's amazing tracking ability...absolutely stunning for a priest...also statistically very improbable.

It lives!!! Mwahahahahaha!!!....

Napoleone, CN and orphaned Spiritualist haunted by the ghost of his former school master from the orphanage, I'm still working on specifics, just wanted to share :-)

Also resurrect an thread:-)

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back in 3.5 I had a Halfling Fighter greatsword user. I'd gotten the idea from a cartoon. Tiny character with a huge sword, but this fast moving combat style that involved leaping and using the momentum of the weapon to inflict damage.

It worked out great; Monkey Grip, Power Attack, Spring Attack, Leaping Attack, Combat Brute. Tons of stuff to increase my jumping skill.

The character became this horrifying leap frog halfling of death. Never standing still just fly by an enemy and hack at it's head. Took down a giant with one shot. Got charmed once and the only thing the group could think to do to stop me tearing them apart was for the psion to stick me in a pocket dimension for a while.

Alas he died in combat with an Iron Golem. The room was too small and I ended up stuck in one place.

Edit: and on further inspection of this thread I see I posted about him 2 years ago.

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In an homebrew campaign with a Roman-Fantasy setting we have a subrace of oversized Halflings (medium sized) who used to rule all the others halflings, and mine current backup PC is one of them (the GM agreed to use the same principle of Oversized Goblins as show in the Monster Codex).
Vexillium Brutus, is a 5ft tall Abyssal Untouchable Bloodrager , who becames 10ft tall green and Large sized when raging. In this form he is known an Gigantes.

It's so awesome to see so many great Halflings :-)

I swear I almost cried when I got to the end of Frogger Fighter Halfling, so sad!

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"Ser" Penelope Laith (Halfling Cavalier / Hunter of Erastil) rules the Kamelands with her husband Miro (Halfling Swashbuckler / Bard).

From the kingdoms capital of Tusk she promotes a pro small folk agenda (the entire party is small, three goblins and a small changling were-bat).

She rides into battle mounted on her faithful ex-circus bear Matilda.

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Moi. CE Great Old Ones cultist, gutted his own family like fish for a suitably unspeakable ritual to summon (something nasty). Became an undead monstrosity. Killed a bunch of halflings, ate some livers with fava beans and wine. Killed a few PCs, ate their livers with fava beans and wine.




Your "heroes" are worse then my villains!:-D

Good stuff :-)

Jago Cakely, halfling rogue, former con artist and smuggler.

On the run from his mum (halfling crime boss of particularly foul family).

Once burned down a tavern because they insulted his friends.

Likes to collect toes.

All round terrible person.

Shadow Lodge

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Friend had a Serpentine-blooded sorcerer in Serpent's Skull, a suave butler-on-the-run who slowly realised what his awakening ophidian powers meant. After a very satisfying conclusion to the campaign, he returned to Cheliax as an abolitionist extraordinaire.


And he took the skull. THE Skull!

Their evil has spread to every city. Two or three years ago it was just another snake cult, now... they're everywhere. It is said that they are deceivers... they murder people in the night... I know nothing.

I have a pretty awesome Halfling Ninja in kingmaker whose nickname is Ghostblade. With Ghost Step, Invisible Blade, and Celestial Mail he can fly, turn invisible, and walk through walls just like a ghost. Not to mention being able to burst out massive damage from sneak attacks.

Bunsen Bixby, Halfling Alchemist, convinced a hunting party of orcs and ogres that a cave was haunted with clever application of an old skull, a smokestick, and a decent bluff check.

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