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lantzkev wrote:
King_Of_The_Crossroads wrote:
lantzkev wrote:
I never claimed it was, "lan" tzkev. :-/

I'm very confused by your choice of where to place quotation marks...

*shrug* I was confused your adding quotations to my name in the first place. It wasn't really needed in order to make whatever point you were attempting. I followed your example.

it was to make light of your "improvement" being in quotes. It's just odd to take a user name and put quotes in part of it, and that part doesn't even form a word. like if you had done "lantz" kev... it'd of at least made some sense.

Just trying to figure out why on earth you did that, glad to know it was something unimportant.

Lol, oops. I actually meant "lantz", but I guess I slipped up. My bad :p

lantzkev wrote:
Well, when something sucks, it has to be said. Otherwise we get stuck in situations like this, where a rather vocal minority get to dictate game policy due to constant whining.

can I complain now that quick draw is situational and not very beneficial, or that earth child is situational and not optimal, that a myriad of other feats are not optimal must have. That they don't do something so awesomely amazing that it's hard not to pick them?

I'd love for improved will to do more than "just" add a +2 to the will save... the fact is crane wing was so strong that if you were considering styles, there was never a reason to take any other style than it for defense, survivability, and even to add offense in. It unlike snake style, is guaranteed to work.

The difference being that those feats are fine the way they are, while Crane Wing was fine and now isn't.

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Rynjin wrote:
Tels wrote:
3 day ban and 900 posts later...

I know that feel brother. May I never utter the phrase "that sucks" on Paizo's boards again.

Well except for that time.

Well, when something sucks, it has to be said. Otherwise we get stuck in situations like this, where a rather vocal minority get to dictate game policy due to constant whining.

lantzkev wrote:
I never claimed it was, "lan" tzkev. :-/

I'm very confused by your choice of where to place quotation marks...

*shrug* I was confused your adding quotations to my name in the first place. It wasn't really needed in order to make whatever point you were attempting. I followed your example.

lantzkev wrote:

I don't think anyone ever claimed the change was an improvement "king" of the crossroads... it's a nerf for sure.

I never claimed it was, "lan" tzkev. :-/

Umbranus wrote:
FrodoOf9Fingers wrote:
I'm a little disappointed in the pathfinder community... Why so much hate? Yes it's different, but it's not bad. Give it a little time, play with it, but don't judge a book by it's cover.
The reasons have already been given. erratas like this kill diversity, pick on the weak and by that cement the excisting power gap.

And enforces the idea that unless you are using a full attack, as a martial character your other options *will* be subpar; Hit stuff really well and suck at everything else.

Well, I guess I'm retiring my monk character now. Three feats have been rendered pointless thanks to this "improvement."

Kalvit wrote:

Never underestimate the ability of the Fighter to whip out a Liquid Blade stowed in his boot. That alone will tell you the value of Alchemy at all levels. Oozes pretty much fall to Alkeli Flasks, regardless of level.

Actually, the non-magical classes and alchemist make the best use of alchemical items. Blades, weapon blanches, splash weapons to handle different creatures, etc. can make the difference when your hammer/sword/whatever doesn't normally work.

Those weapon blanches are handy, but damn. You spend a lot of gold for a single attack.

Good call on the alkeli flasks; I'll definitely remember those.

You had me at tanglefoot bags; I love those things, and I can't believe I forgot them. Is there an index anywhere that lists all the various alchemy items and their source books?

Also, what are some good tactical uses for some of them?

Having recently saved the life of a Master Alchemist in a homebrew came I'm playing in, said alchemist has offered, as a way of reward, to train us in the alchemical arts- basically, the DM has offered give one of us a free Master Alchemist feat. We certainly aren't going to look a gift horse in the mouth, but it does bring up an important question:

Are alchemy items of any use at the higher levels. If not, is there any way to augment their potency? We've just hit 10th level, and haven't really used anything beyond a, acid flask since level 4.

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I recommend Burst of Radiance as a 2nd level spell if you can spare it; it's been a crucial control option for my lore oracle.

Another option is Sound Burst; the 1d8 sonic damage is incidental, it's the stun effect that's important. Even if it's only for one round, stunned is a nasty condition. The only down side is the fact that it's a fortitude save.

JoCa wrote:

Hold Person as a 3rd level spell, in my opinion, is always a solid choice. I was playing an inquisitor once, and new that spell. Saved the party because we were getting butchered. Three failed will saves later, and the heavy hitters were toast.

Hold Person is a solid spell under normal circumstances, but I don't think it will work in Wrath of the Righteous; From the very start, we've encountered a large number of beasts and outsiders; every other cultist has been a tiefling, and I suspect it will only get worse.

Haldrick wrote:

You have not said if there is another divine caster in the party. If not then you need access to lesser restoration and remove paralysis. The later should be ok for a scroll or two. The first on the campaign. Spectral weapon can help in combat situations without risking your own skin.

Others to consider scroll of (Greater) magic weapon and align weapon

You're right; I forgot to mention party composition. We have my oracle, a paladin, a magus, and a zen archer monk.

I'm the primary healer and only full caster in the party, so I'm trying to expand my usefulness without getting spread too thin. Lesser Restoration is definitely on my list of spells to pick up; from what I understand, there will be a lot of poison use and ability damaging monsters in this AP. I'm not certain if I want to pick up right away, though.

Ah, that wonderful feeling of being ignored. It makes me feel so alive.

Wow, that's a pretty cool table!

I'm in the Seattle region (Lynnwood, actually) and am interested. My schedule is mostly open, but I commute by bus, so that's a factor.


I'm playing a Half Orc Oracle of Lore in Wrath of the Righteous. Our characters just jumped two levels (apparently our DM forgot to give us a level during the AP, and so we gained two when we finished) from 4th to 6th.

My character is a support caster by nature; he's designed to emulate a "white mage" from the Final Fantasy series. He's not much of a melee combatant, and focuses mostly on buffing the party. I'm looking for advice on which spells I should add to my spell list, as well as spells I should just pick up as a scroll or as a Page of Spell Knowledge.

So far, I have:

Orisons: Create Water, Guidance, Detect Magic, Detect Poison, Mending, Purify Food and Drink

1st Level: Bless, Divine Favor, Protection from Evil, Identify*, Cure Light Wounds*, Burning Disarm**

2nd Level: Burst of Radiance, Tongues*, Cure Moderate Wounds*

* Oracle Bonus spell
** Half Orc favored class bonus

So if I'm right, jumping from 4th to 6th level will grant me one new spell of each level from 0 to 3rd. In addition, the Half Orc favored class option would grant me another 1st level and 2nd level spell.

In addition, I have to option of trading a 1st and 2nd level spell in for a different option. So far, I'm tempted to trade away Protection from Evil so that I can pick up the communal version.

blahpers wrote:
Pathfinder: Death Gate?

I don't get it.

Would it be possible to use the Inscribe Magic Tattoo feat to create a tattoo version of a Page of Spell Knowledge?

I've been playing an Oracle of Lore, and he's pretty much blown every knowledge check out of the water.

Dark_Mistress wrote:
Irnk, Dead-Eye's Prodigal wrote:
Dark_Mistress wrote:
Lord Fyre wrote:
Of course, we all know that Nocticula is just a pale imitation of Dark_Mistress. ;D
Very true but then again who isn't really?
I am sure in your pea sized little goblin brain you believe so, but it was a rhetorical question.

*grabs a bag of popcorn*

Go on...

mkenner wrote:

I'm always careful with selecting "fluff" for magic, because there is the danger of the fluff clashing with either the mechanics or the setting. For example the voodoo mage you describe is really cool and interesting, but raises questions about what spirits are and how they might interact with other aspects of the setting. This isn't a problem, but I think you need to discuss it with the GM and figure out if it will work and if it'll also change any of the mechanical effects.

For this particular character, the spirits were immaterial until one with a strong soul (a spellcaster) forced them to manifest through force of will, faith, or intellect. Basically, spells were manifested spirits. To his mind, they were sentient entities locked into a specific shape/effect, and forced to act in a specific manner; a fireball was simply a burst of flame conjured with the aid of sulfur and bat poop, it was the physical embodiment of a fire spirit.

Thus there was no conflict between mechanics and flavor. At least, none that my DM came up with.

No takers? Really?

Magic is my favorite aspect of the game. I love spells, and I love playing spellcasters; I can safely say that 8 out of 10 of my characters are some form of magic user.

Besides the obvious mechanical benefits, I like the potential fluff that accompanies the use of spells in a game. In fact, I enjoy that more than the mechanics.

So my question is, what do you do to make your magic magical? And when you play a magic user, do you pick a certain theme to go along with your casting?

For example, a few back I played a very voodoo themed wizard in a one shot game. All of his spells were based loosely on trapping spirits and curses; when he cast a magic missile against a foe, he pulled out a voodoo doll and stabbed it a number of times with a silver pin.

What sort of flavor do you give magic in your games or characters, if any?

williamoak wrote:
the problem I see with the chronicler is that you loose all casting. I would suggest the veiled illusionist. Interesting fluff, only requires a single feat, and a few skill ranks. It looks interesting, I'm hoping to xperiment with it.

Veiled Illusionist looks interesting. It requires being able to cast three illusions, one of which must be 2nd level or higher. Do oracles have access to any illusions?

EsperMagic wrote:

PATHFINDER CHRONICLER. She be even better at buffing. And get free stuff, and pass out buffs in later levels.

guide of them


Tirq wrote:

My good friend it all depends on what she wants to do with her PrC! For example, if she were to rework it slightly the classes Low Templar, Pathfinder Chronicler, Harrower, Divine Scion, Living Monolith, Sleepless Detective, Santified or Rage Prophet(Separate classes), or the Veiled Illusionist are available to her.

I love Prestige Classes. They're fun to conceptualize and prepare for. I have a Cleric/Harrower in a campaign, but that could have easily been an Oracle/Harrower if I so desired her to be one. The important deal is that she finds one that she really likes the sound of and for her to run with it.

She says she'd like to keep her casting mostly in tact, but wouldn't mind losing a level or twoif the prestige class was cool enough.

I haven't really seen anyone play a Harrower before. How is the class, mechanics wise? I like the flavor, but having never seen it in play, can't help but wonder how it works.

Her stats are:

Str 11
Dex 10
Con 18
Int 14
Wis 10
Cha 19

She's very durable, but otherwise sucks in hand to hand combat, being more of a researcher than a fighter. Her intelligence is decent and will likely increase if she takes a couple more levels in oracle (mental acuity revelation).

Hogeyhead wrote:

I don't know if oracle qualifies, and more specifically this one, but divine assessor is cool

Hell Knight Signifer (Enforcer) is interesting but might not fit.

Storm kindler from paths of presteige could be interesting.

I however would agree with Silver I would go loremaster unless she can't take the downgrades to bab and hd

As far as I know, she's unconcerned about her bab; she has a low strength and tends to avoid melee, usually casting buffs or healing the party. So Loremaster may be an option, although I believe it would take her a while to qualify; at 8th level, she's taken extra revelation twice, along with improved initiative.

Loremaster requires three item creation or metamagic feats, plus skill focus.

Wyren, Aasimar Paladin of Ragathiel with the Oath against Fiends
Lang, Tiefling Hexcrafter Magus
Vallus, Aaismar Zen Archer Monk
Prowltusk the Many-Scarred, Half-Orc Oracle of Lore

We just hit 4th level and are beginning the final leg of the first book. Thus far it's been fun. The paladin, magus, and zen archer have been cleaning up, while the lore oracle acts in a support role, healing, buffing, and making absurd knowledge checks. I don't know what mythic paths everyone will take once we get to that point.

So far, the only problem we've been having is dealing with all the stinking clouds and other demonic mischief.

Le Bump.

This thread is on behalf of a friend of mine who doesn't frequent the boards. She's playing a human oracle of lore, and is looking for a decent prestige class to level into.

She currently has the big three (Focused Trance, Sidestep Secret, and Lorekeeper) and has found that she has no interest in the higher level revelations of the lore mystery; Arcane Archivist is ultimately a waste, and the Spontaneous Symbology is too expensive to be use. Thus she find herself in the tricky situation of needing a way to advance her casting abilities without being "stuck" with useless abilities.

She's currently 8th level, and using the extra revelations feat, she's acquired all of the revelations she wants, and has nothing more to look forward to.

Any ideas?

Morgan Champion wrote:

Here are some witch guides to help you out: Hubble, bubble, toil and trouble. Fire burn and cauldron bubble (A guide to Witches: Pathfinder Rules) , The Viking Irishman's Witch Guide and A Witch's Guide to Shutting Down Enemies.

You might also want to look in Guide-to-the-Class-Guides.

Those are some good guides, thanks for the links. I'll take a look. :)

Any thoughts?

Okay, so game is going to be happening this coming monday, so I'm running out of time. Thanks to everyone who has contributed thus far. :)

I think I've narrowed it down to three possibilities (unless anyone has any other ideas or suggestions) that appeal to me:

1. Scarred Witchdoctor- A Constitution based caster is tempting, especially since witches are by nature kind of flimsy.

Pros- High hit points, healing ability to complement the paladin, and hexes that are supernatural and thus bypass demon spell resistance.

Cons- A very specialized spell list that I honestly don't know what to do with and being required to stay within 30 feet of any opponents to use my hexes.

2. A wizard leading into Maagambyan Arcanist- Despite some of the aforementioned flaws, it's a solid, flavorful prestige class that would lend itself well to this AP.

Pros- Constant protection from evil, druid spells added to spellbook, and having an aura of good, thus opening up Sacred Summons.

Cons- Less than optimal feat requirements, role playing requirements, and the standard wizard weaknesses coupled with dealing with demonic resistances.

3. False Priest sorcerer leading into Cyphermage- These two classes combined grants an absurd boost to the sorcerer's spell list, allowing him to use his spell slots to fuel divine scrolls and wands. And Cypher Mage will make scroll use even better.

Pros- Use Magic Device with divine items will be a breeze, allowing the character to cover the arcane and divine roles. In addition to the standard benefits of whatever bloodline I choose; so far, sylvan is *very* tempting.

Cons- A long wait period for the awesome. You don't get to use the False Channel feature until 9th level, which can be a life time of waiting. And it will get expensive hoarding divine scrolls and wands.

Morgan Champion wrote:

Yes Maagambyan Arcanist is an awesome prestige class King Of The Crossroads. However its not without its weaknesses. Yes you do gain a druid spell every class level, but it must be two levels less than your highest-level spells. And while you do gain access to the Good domain at 9th level, several spells in that domain are already in the sorceror/wizard spell list, so it's not as useful as it might seem.

(Especially Protection from Evil. Not only is it on the sorceror/wizard spell list, but the permanent Protection From Evil is gained at the 5th level of Maagambyan Arcanist). And , while Spell Mastery has 1st level wizard as a prerequisite, the FAQ at state that your DM can, as a house rule, apply the benefits of Spell Mastery to an alchemist's formula book, magus's spellbook, or witch's familiar.

Those are some valid points, Morgan Champion. Lol, I must have overlooked Halcyon Magic class feature when I first read through it.

GM Arkwright wrote:

On fixing squishyness: Prepare vanish and invisibility, get a higher Con than your Dex, use the Scarred Witch Doctor archetype, and stay in the back rank!

On spell list: They have quite a few handy spells; remember that hexes cover many weaknesses.

Witches don't have vanish or invisibility on their spell list.

I've never played a witch beyond one or two sessions; the first attempted resulted in my character being killed by a dire rat in the first hour of the first game, while the second attempt didn't last due to the game being cancelled.

That being said, I've had opportunity, but the squishy nature of the witch makes me extremely nervous. They don't seem to have anything in the way of protection spells beyond Mage Armor.

To anyone who has experience playing the witch, how do you deal with their relative frailty? They seem to me to be even more fragile then the traditional wizard or sorcerer.

And while we're on the subject of witches, what do you think of their spell list? Again, not having much experience with them, their list seems to be kind of..."meh."

Quintin Belmont wrote:

Maagambyan Arcanist....if allowed.

Seriously: Permanant Prot. from Evil, Add spells from Druid List. Spontaneous casting with your favorite spells. Gain Good Domain spells and have all Good-subtype Spells boosted extremely.

Just think: once your High enough level you could Spontainously Cast Holy Word or Holy Aura!! Plus it allows you to greate a great diversity of different Builds.

Im Currently Designing a Wood Wizard/MA and he looks awesome!! once I get him all statted I could share him.

I find that I'm both intrigued by this prestige class and disappointed in myself that I wasn't aware of it before now. Wow, that's a really awesome prestige class! Especially since Paizo seems to have it out against prestige classes.

That's for pointing it out, Quintin Belmont! It's a shame that wizards are the only class that seems to qualify for it.

Did the file disappear? I can't seem to see it.

I've never understood the term "magic mart." In my games, there is no convenient shop that sells all of the adventurers favorite toys.

Rather, when the PC's go "shopping," they are searching the city via black markets, chatting up NPC's, pestering the local churches for healing potions, and tossing gold at the reclusive alchemist who lives on the outskirts of town.

Whne the PC's are shopping, they are really hitting up collectors and making deals with other adventures who happen to be in the city, as well as retired folks who no longer have need of an enchanted sword, but who could really use the coins for a new horse or next months rent or to make desperately needed repairs on that damn leaking ceiling.

Basically, the "magic mart" idea assumes that fantasy economics functions just as our own does. I'd like to believe that when the PC's are in their down time buying and selling, they are in fact roleplaying and making new connections and rivals while trying to unload their loot.

I understand that many people are offended by the idea of a Magic Mart, believing that magic items should be rare and precious works of art, and not something you can pick up at the corner store. The problem is that that isn't the case, at least for the PC's and powerful npc's. Magic is technology in Pathfinder, and common enough that it will be readily available, as much as it saddens me.

If it isn't the case, such as in a low-magic campaign, the DM is forced to modify the rules and challenges of the game, because the game is designed with the idea that the PC's *will* have certain items at certain levels.

So we are nearing the end of the first book, and met with our first character death- mine. We have a paladin, a magus, and a zen archer.

I'm debating on playing a bard or summoner. But that leaves us in a bind of not having a full caster in what will more than likely be a difficult AP. Is this doable? Or should be try and recruit an npc to help us out?

Reynard_the_fox wrote:

IMO, there's a pretty big opportunity for an Oracle or Cleric here - you could make a pretty kickass divine caster. That being said:

-blasters are out* - demons have immunity to electricity and resistance to the other common energy types

-enchanters/illusionists are out* - too many mindless foes

How about... a Summoner? Your party could probably use another melee bro, you get Dimensional Anchor, Control Summoned Creature, Dismissal, and Banishment on your spell list, your Eidolon doesn't worry about SR (nor do some primo Conjuration spells on your list), and it essentially turns your 4-man party into a 5-man party. You could make your Eidolon look like a demon, an angel, or anything else. You can give it Alignment Smite, Celestial Appearance, and most importantly, the ability to see in Deeper Darkness.

What do you think?

*and by out I mean suboptimal

You're right about a divine caster kicking a lot of ass in this AP. I just can't seem to keep any interest in clerics/oracles; I don't like the idea of playing a character that is dependent on the good will of another being for their powers. It just rubs me the wrong way.

And on the mechanical side, cleric divine magic is so boring. It doesn't have the flare of arcane magic; it's just dull and tedious buffing. Every attempt I've made of playing a cleric or oracle eventually leaves me so bored that I retire the character.

That being said, you may be on to something with the summoner. I haven't played one since the original playtest. I eventually retired my summoner once the final version came out, due to disliking some of the changes made.

I'm hesitant, mainly because playing a summoner would effectively mean our party has no full casters, and that makes me nervous. Another meatshield would be nice, but how does it compare to a full caster?

TPK Games wrote:

Given the opportunity, always play a necromancer. :P

What about a hex magus? Pretty good versatility and capable of doing all sorts of fun stuff.

We've already got a hex magus in the party, and I would hate to step on his toes.

pendothrax wrote:
...and in general, would a chelish infernal summoner sent by the clergy of Asmodius to beat down a common enemy work with the rest of the party? i thought the evil guy with the same enemy(demons) would be lots of fun since they announced wrath of the righteous.

I had originally thought of something along those lines, but my Dm has *ahem* "suggested" against it; after what our characters ended up doing in his Skulls and Shackles game, he'd prefer us to firmly be on the side of good.

He's a spoil sport. :p

Le bump.

So after the horrific death of the most unlucky character I've ever had the displeasure to play, I find myself in need of a new character for our Wrath of the Righteous game. And seeing as my last character was heavily into melee, I think a caster would be a nice change.

The current roster of characters is an Aasimar Paladin of Iomedae, an Aasimar Zen Archer Monk, and a Tiefling Magus. We have a couple of heavy hitters as well as some long distance combat covered.

Does anyone have any fun arcane caster builds or concepts they would like to share? As of now I'm undecided as to what kind I should play. I'm open to pretty much anything, but I'd like to have the character be capable of dealing with the primary foes of the AP: Demons, as well as some undead, vermin, and aberrations.

The one thing I have decided on is that the character will be a Half-Orc; I'll be playing the oft mentioned younger brother of my last character.

Character creation:
3rd level, 1 trait plus the campaign trait, and we rolled for stats. I got lucky a came out with some good ones: 18, 17, 13, 13, 10, 10.

Right now the top contenders are either a witch (scarred witchdoctor) or some kind of sorcerer, although I'm open for any arcane caster as long as I can be useful to the party. Outside of specific build ideas, I want to beable to handle the unique challenges of this AP:

~ Dealing with demonic energy resistance and spell resistance, as well as their ability to teleport at will and summon others of their kind.

~ I'm guessing there will be all kinds of icky creepy crawlies in the form of swarms and giant insects.

~ Evil cults abound, so being able to match them magically would be great.

Any thoughts?

Waterhammer wrote:

King of the Crossroads wrote:
Well to be fair, that fumble deck has worked in our favor; the enemies are excluded from the random doom that deck can bestow.
Especially if the NPCs and monsters are not subject to the same deal. That reeks of cheating, there.

Oops. I meant to type "included." The enemies have to use the same fumble deck that we do when they roll a 1.

Matthew Downie wrote:
...and don't play with rules that mean every attack roll of 1 involves some horrible fumble. That is too many fumbles.

Well to be fair, that fumble deck has worked in our favor; the enemies are excluded from the random doom that deck can bestow.

For the past five sessions, I've suffered from really rotten dice rolls. It wasn't too noticeable at first; a few low rolls here and there at critical times. It happens to the best of us, right? But then it got worse. Despite have some of the best bonuses on my attack rolls, saving throws, and initiative, I was becoming the least effective in the party. I discovered an awful truth near the end of the second session: there are fates worse than death. In this case, constantly being unconscious/stunned/sickened/etc.

By the third session, it had become clear that I was cursed. My poor paladin could not make an attack roll to save his life; even low AC critters requiring only a 13 to hit danced around my poor holy knight of Shelyn; what's significant about this is that due to an absurdly high strength and magic weapon, I had a +9 attack bonus; not bad for a 3rd level character. Even so, I missed each and every attack that fight.

The final straw happened in the fifth session, just two days ago. That entire session, I couldn't roll anything higher than a 4. The whole night. After spending the first fight suffering the effects of a stinking cloud cast by a dretch (whose lowly DC 13 fortitude save confounded my mighty champion, despite the fact that I had a +10 to my fortitude saves), we encountered the big bad of that portion of the AP. Determined to actually be useful beyond detecting evil, I used my cool 1/day True Strike spell-like ability. I rushed the Big Bad and Power Attacked.

And rolled a one on my d20.

Cackling with glee, the DM produced some nifty (dreadful) critical fumble cards and asked me to draw. I did so, and cringed at what ill fortune had brought me. My poor paladin at managed to critically strike his right leg from his body, dealing lots of damage to himself.

Mercifully, he died on the spot.

I've been gaming for close to 16 years, and I've never had such an unlucky streak before. Honestly, it was a relief when that character bit it.

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It would never be allowed in my group (we're restricted to good alignments) but I'd love to have an imp familiar. Not because it has cool powers, but simply because I could name it Tyrion.

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