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There are a lot of misbehaving women in this thread.

You've not been scolded properly by your mothers when you were younger, I'm sure !

What did you say, racoon ?

I will teach you to respect mothers all around the world !

Until then, you're banned !


You mother did not spank you enough, despite your name !

You're stuttering, boy. Afraid of someone ?

My sons !

I've been searching all over the place for you ! Don't you love your momma anymore ?

Was I always too kind too you, my little ticks ? I'M GUILTY OF LOVE, BUT I CAN REPENT NOW !

Be good while I'm away, naughty boys !

[*leaves the thread*]

Have you seen my boys, little... men, I suppose ?

[mean laugh]


There's an awful lot of ill-behaved folks in this thread !

I'm sure they caused much grief to their mommas when they tried to raise them !

I win, of course.

P.S. And get your hair cut, Hippeh, you young beatnik !

Didn't your mother tell you that smoking is bad for your health ?

And before you tries to argue with me, take a good look at yourself: you smoked so grieviously that now you're dead !

Mothers know best.

Hey you ! scrawny aztec smoker ! Did you see my boys ?

No ? What use are you, then ?

They always try to hide from me, my boys.

They think they're clever, those two, but they forget: