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Heh, heh, heh...You guys talk funny. lights another bowl

Man I got some frumunda cheese Hehehehehe

Hehehehe...sorry man, it must be the granola

Man with freedom, books, flowers and the moon. Who could not be happy

You know what's cool man, put on the wizard of oz at the 3rd lion roar start playing dark side of the moon. That's some heavy shit man


The eyes are useless when the mind is blind...Heavy

Man, if we all had a bong we'd all get along

Did you say chicken stew man, I dig it

Man you guys know how to party

Eyes hippy chick

That's awesome, how did you braid your underarm hair.

Showers and bath's are stuff the man wants us to do, try some patchoulli man

Puts arm around zombies shoulders

You got the munchies too brother

*{I}Walks in circles[/I]


Big Mammy Grillz wrote:

Ayup. That's a close to a guarantee yew gonna get these-here days.

Hey thar hippeh! If'n yew stand in the middle of that thar pentagram there's a really rare one-a them Pokémon thingies alla yew hippehs seem to lahk so much. Go on! Yew gotta catchem all!

Po K Mahn...Sounds like reggae man, they look all red yellow and green

*Perks up* Did someone say pie, I've got the munchies bad bra

Roadkill...wasn't Swayze in that. Sway zee sway zee, man I dig that name

Hehehehehehe...Let's get the dog high on mandrake

Hick wrote:



Is it the fourth already...That mandrake is some dank shit man

Grabs some mandrake and rolls it up in a zig-zag

Maaaaan...That's some heavy duty shit

Walks in circles protesting

That's what i'm talking about... Strips down and chases

Driving that train
High on cocaine
Casey jones you better
watch your speed

I've been to pluto man and I saw stuff

Yeah way to take of the man...man

Man will that shit get me as high as boones farm strawberry hill wine?

Celestial Healer wrote:

What if, like, we're all really immortal, and it just seems like we're not, because everything happens at once?


Man your like my new guru...lets smoke out and do some yoga

Right on angel dude, that stuff will give you some serious wings.

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*Jumps out of pot* "Hey hawt mama, meat is murder man"

*starts protesting*

Man...everytime i'm making headway with that chick, she like dies man cries over his fallen love

Whoa...Where'd ya get that pipe man.

Freehold DM wrote:
a lot of the shows on if in particular and a few on cc are heavy into pot humor. If you aren't into pot, you aren't going to get it. Adult swim deals with this as well at times.


"Whoa you 2 little buggers wanna play fetch" *Throws one of his petrified birkenstocks*

Man you guys got some good shit here first a frog and now a talking hamster.

Yeah man, light that f$#@er up. We can have our own burning man festival. smokes more pot

Whips out lighter and bong "Come to Hippeh"

*Chainsaw teeth cannot penetrate Hippeh's dirty patchouli soaked shirt Heheheheheheheh...That totally tickles

Wooo...that frog just like totally talked, I wonder if I lick it. Will it get me high?

Maybe my fie lack tree is this shirt I haven't washed since the summer of of love. Do you know you can get high just by sucking on my pocket? Wanna try?

Fee lack treeee...that's pretty funny to Hehehehehehehehehe

*Looks up from bong*Hey wha happened to that hot chiquita...Chi key tah...that's a funny word hehehehehehehe.

Another Dang Hippeh wrote:
Heya! One of my hipster friends tweeted this was the place for a party... something about you all serving blackened goat and PBRs?

Far out baby, all these hicks are a real downer. Wanna play hacky sack?

Does this black goat dude party?

C'mon babes, why you playing hard to get, is it that undead dude that looks like marlon brando in "On the Waterfront". What's he got that I ain't got a job or something

Big Mammy Grillz wrote:
I wuz gonna dew that, but they don't makes pantsuits for us full-tentacled wimmin

Hey hawt momma, I got some ponchos from the burning man festival that would fit you.

*The hippeh dances away from the shotgun blasts due to his extremely high dexterity from years of hacky sack and extreme frisbee.

Damn dude, isn't it a little early to be dressing up for Halloween, what are you like a zombie marlon brando or something hehehehehe

Holy crap man, that shit was much louder than the last Phish show I saw.

Big Mammy Grillz wrote:
Durn hippehs! Allus after me virtue! Not if yewwin' had a dozen tentacles an' an unpronounceable name, sonny!

Come on hawt mamma, check out my van. I got some awesome blacklight posters.

Wooooh, man that chick is hawt, you can be my big mama anytime sweet cheeks.

*Swims up from the bottom of the lake*

Man, that was f@+&in refreshing, you guys wanna get high

Aberzombie wrote:

Ah'ma shoot this sumb#~%$.


Damn man, where is the love? *lights joint on hot barrel of shotgun*