Starfinder Adventure: Redshift Rally

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Starfinder Adventure: Redshift Rally
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It's the 20th anniversary of the Absalom Run starship race, and to celebrate, the organizers have greatly expanded the event... and the prize money! When an accident in the qualifying heat takes an accomplished pilot out of the race, the heroes must step in to help starship manufacturer Redshift Revolution against the machinations of their dastardly competitor Terminator. In a series of rallies over land, across sea, and through the air, the heroes will face off against alien threats, try to win over the media, and most importantly, beat the Terminator racers across the finish line!

"Redshift Rally" is a complete Starfinder adventure for 7th-level characters written by Jessica Catalan, and features details on the history of the Absalom Run and its current competitors, a pair of weird alien creatures, new spells and vehicle upgrades, and a new archetype perfect for players with a need for speed!

ISBN-13: 978-1-64078-441-3

Redshift Rally is sanctioned for use in Starfinder Society Organized Play. The rules for running this Adventure and Chronicle sheets are available as a free download (4.9 MB PDF).

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4.30/5 (based on 3 ratings)

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A delightful time!


I had a lot of fun as a player in this game. Yes, it's definitely very on-the-rails as it's a race with beginning and end points, but there's a ton for characters to investigate in-between their time in the cockpit of whatever vehicle they're in over the course of the adventure.

The GM will be on their toes the whole time with a lot of NPCs to play, just as a heads up, but if they're up for the challenge it's a really great cast of characters to interact with.

Definitely recommend!

Needs some prep/GM Elbow Grease - kind of a bait and switch


If you were planning on using an Experimental Vehicle Mechanic or some other vehicle-focused character for this AP, wad that up and throw it in the trash.

Most of the skill checks are obscenely easy. There will be no tension in the 'racing' part of this race. An Operative taking 10 will leave everyone else in the dust. Possibly to make it so vehicle-focused characters didn't faceroll over everything, there are only 2 planetary races in this AP. The others are all starship runs and you get the starship provided to you. It pretty much flies itself with a bit of input from someone with a high piloting check.

The meat of the adventure besides the races comes from the intrigue aboard the racing mothership itself, but the cast list is so bloated you'll need a notebook to keep everything straight.

An instant classic!


One of the best, if not The Best, Starfinder adventures out there. I cannot recommend this enough. 10 stars for everyone involved!

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roysier wrote:

This is seriously one of the hardest adventures to prep I have ever had to deal with.

Can anyone help me identify which NPC's are in the portaits:

Pg.54 Left to Right I think it should be
???don't know
Kitian Sparrs

Pg. 55 Left to Right I think it should be
??? (looks like a female halfing?)

Pg.33 Left to right
Iseph - Iconic
???(Male Human)

Correction Kittian should be #3 of Page 55. I don't know who #3 of page 54 is.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path, Starfinder Adventure Path, Starfinder Roleplaying Game, Starfinder Society Subscriber

Page 54, left to right:
Tolar Ewesa of Clan Hudess, Idari Crucible Works
Captive Wind, Dashadz Industries
Mej "the Captain" Cutter, Nebulor Outfitters
Nenvi, Sanjaval Spaceflight Systems (art is off-model; she should probably be Small, but this can be explained away with some headcanon)
Thel-Savai, Thaumtech Unlimited
TN8, Multifold Industries

Page 55, left to right:
Zenkayesh the Demon, Blood Mountain Clans
Penvo Adeah, Redshift Revolution
Kitian Sparrs, indie racer (slightly off-model; she should have crimson skin)
Tansiri Neskai and Welavor Rom, Tenworld Conglomerate (off-model; should be Small)
Orevus Eldaine, indie racer
Kexyl, Hivonyx

I'm now about 40% into GMing this. Just finishing up Rally#2. This module needs lots of GM prep and a GM who can improv role play the various NPC's. With that in place this adventure goes pretty well. Nut, there is one serious flaw that quite literally destroys and challenge the race may have for the party. A 7th level operative can 10 on a pilot roll and blow out the DC needed every pilot roll in every phase on every race. Thus the PC's max their scores every time out. Currently, they are so far ahead of the competition the encounters that have a story line that someone else got there first seems utterly silly. No one could get their first when they have maximum points. Thay are getting a max of 2 points in every phase.

I'll follow up with more thoughts when we finish.

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Starfinder Superscriber

Oftentimes when PF/SF gives me one of these "Here's a gigantic room full of important bigwigs, and here's all their motivations" I'll narrow it down to just the ones the group is interested in and use them more often.

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I have wrapped up running this. Total play time was 18 hours of game play. This takes a hell of a lot of prep and note taking by the GM. This module works better with GM's who can spontaneously Improv. multiple NPC's.

There are lots of names dropped. Hainb handout and cheat sheets for the players is required for the players to have any idea who is who.

The scenario itself is fun but not organized in a way that makes it easy for the GM. (again requiring extra GM prep time).

The setting up of the villains to be villains was nicely done.

If you run as written this scenario is a cake walk for a standard party, It's way too easy. A standard 7th level operative can beat the Pilot DC's by over 5 on every roll. Since they can take 10's at 7th level. This leaves 1/3 of the module an exercise in the GM saying this happens and the party bypassed the obstacle easily.

The combats are also way too easy. The party smoked them.

I suggest this not be run as written. The GM needs to adjust the DC's so the pilot doesn't always beat the DC's+5 - 80 straight times. At the end the party was 60 points ahead of the 2nd place team.

Every time the module said another group reached a checkpoint first that seemed rather dumb since no party could beat a perfect score by the party. So I had to adjust what I said and say there are other racing ships right with you and you are jockeying for the top spot.

I ran this with the characters starting at level 7 and advanced to level 8. I left them at level 8 and they smoked the level 9 part of the module. There was no challenge to the party at any point with the following 2 exceptions.

The attack by the sea monster during the boat race was a challenge, except the party just go back in the boat and speed off.

The final fight was a bit challenging for the party at level 8 characters facing a level 9 encounter. However only 1 party member ever reached hit points and that was quickly healed.

The final starship combat was stupidly easy. It was pointless. I don't know why authors write starship combats with ships that can't do more damage than the players ship can repair shields per round. The NPC ship could on average do 14 points of damage to the PC ship, who in turn could repair 15 points of shield each round. This makes starship combat a complete waste of time. Why even bother if the opposing ship cannot damage the players ship?

That my 2 cents. Interesting idea and plot, however it needs a lot of work by the GM to make it worthwhile to a party.

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There is an easy fix to fix to the 7th level Operative being able to take a 10 on all piloting rolls and blowing out the entire module. Start the module 1 level lower. Character start at level 6 and not leveling them to 7 until after the first 2 rallys. In that way the rallys will have a level of challenge to them. Then if the Operative blows out the piloting rolls in rally 3,4, and 5 there will be a feeling of a come back victory.

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Starfinder Superscriber

Thanks for the feedback, these are some pretty important points to consider. Liberation of Locus-1 had some similar problems with an inflated cast list that made it a pain to play without preparing dossiers and hand-outs.

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This is year late, but I agree with John for pages 54 and 55. Mej Cutter is holding in her hands same helmet she is wearing in her other picture. Kitian Spars really confused me until I realized she is 11 years old

33 seems to be Iseph, one of counsins and somebody who somewhat looks like Rosel but doesn't make sense in context?

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