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Full Name

Fen Vilsath Syvis


Half Elf/Half Ryphorian


Mechanic 7 / Soldier 2







Special Abilities

Dragonblood Knowledge, Elven Blood, Half Ryphorian, Keen Senses, Low-light Vision, Bypass, Custom Rig, Experimental Armor Prototype (Armor Prototype Proficency, Calibrate Defenses, Extra Upgrade), Bodyguard


Neutral Good






Castrovelian, Common, Draconic, Elven, Triaxian, Vercite, Vesk



Strength 10
Dexterity 16
Constitution 18
Intelligence 18
Wisdom 12
Charisma 11

About Syvis

Born on Triaxus, Fen Vilsath Syvis was jointly named and raised by his trio of parents: an elven father, a ryphorian mother, and her bonded Dragonkin partner. The unusual family arrangement helped develop a curious nature in Fen as he grew up and spent his formative years in the technologically advanced city-state of Zo.

His father, Aphanuel, is a physics professor well into his third century of age. Old enough to recall memories from his childhood of the Battle of Aledra when the Veskarium first attempted to conquer the Golarion System, he sought to instill Fen with an appreciation for the lessons of history and the virtues of preparation.

His mother, Rirre, and her bonded partner, Iotrux, are retired members of the Skyfire Legion, each now past their fiftieth cycle as Fen moves into adulthood. The two spent several tours together after bonding and decided to settle down after leaving the mercenary lifestyle. Working easier security jobs on Zo, they met Aphanuel and over time developed a relationship. Both Rirre and Iotrux care deeply for Fen and worked to instill a sense of patience, discipline and focus in the child as he grew.

Fen found himself drawn to academic studies, primarily those with tangible and physical applications. Finding his intersecting interests in mechanical engineering and the cultures of his parents, he sought to blend advanced technology with recreations of historical art pieces and armor. His focus on specifications however turned such items into personal projects more than anything else, crafting them simply for the joy of it rather than the utility.

As he neared maturity, his parents encouraged him to apply his skills to more active ventures. Taking training in basic combat lessons, first aid and threat response to augment his technical skills, Fen eventually applied to join the Starfinders.

Fen is still quite young, in his early twenties, and fairly lacking in worldly experience. He is polite and friendly, though somewhat socially awkward and has difficulty asserting himself. He seeks to be helpful and a team player, but can be overly eager to insert himself into a situation he feels he can contribute to even if his presence may not be appreciated.

Fen favors his mother's appearance, coated in a layer of fine white fur, but also exhibits milder Triaxian secondary traits thanks to his elven blood. He almost always wears his personally modified suit of prototype armor, which he often works to appear as similar to historical examples of pre-spaceflight armor. The only item possibly more precious to him than his latest experimental armor is currently his mother's old sidearm from her days in the Skyfire Legion which she gifted to him when he left to join the Starfinders.