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Operative weapon quality has half specialisation inherent in it. Making it explicit wouldnt hurt though.

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I wish that AA4 takes a year off and the slot is used for something else.

I had the Song of Silver give the party 1 mythic tier, plus the teleport lockdown etc. My party were suitably impressed.

Disappointing, but not unexpected.

How about Pathfinder Legends?

The real question relevant to this thread is how does the presence of a Gas Giant effect the military defense of an inhabited moon relative to the military defense of a planet? Does the predictable eclipse driven night facilitate more raids? Does the gas giants gravity complicate firing solutions of orbital bombardment?


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My Skittermander, Winchyflozz, served as a medical evacuation pilot for ground and air based vehicles in the vesk military before he joined the starfinder society

Now, I've not played Reign of Winter but doesn't that one contain...well, book 5 of Reign of Winter? With

RoW spoiler:
Rasputin, World War One and the Tank powered by War Crimes?

For my money I'd say Shattered Star might well be lightest, at least for me? It's a treasure hunt against a series of various evils, lots of dungeon crawling etc. Don't play up the Sorshen dungeon too much and you're pretty good, I think

Sure, if you wanna go around smashing resistance points, maybe. But governing your territory? Watching out for insurgents, dealing with environmental threats, manning customs borders, protecting important sites. Sure, a level 20 party can teleport to the capital from across the planet, as soon as they here that the capital is being besieged or whatever, and they'll kick ass across the city. But a lot of people are gonna die before they can wipe out even a small army

An important strength of numbers that gets overlooked is the ability to hold territory. You can have a team of 6 level 20 bamfs who can lay waste to armies, clear out battle cruisers and punch space whales to death or whatever...but they can still only be in a maximum of 6 places at once. Good luck using them to govern your new territory once they take it. And all your enemy needs do is attack on 7 fronts...

Agreed. Lashunta in pathfinder were eye rolling for most of my group, myself included. An outdated cliche, that starfinder dug into and salvage in a big way, to the point that my favourite SFS character is one.

The closest you're likely to get to this is the linked "king xeros of old azlant" scenarios, where the starfinder scenario follows up the plot point of the pathfinder scenario

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Like some kind of fantasy themed Alien Archive?

I just put mine in a Dice Box?

Gas giants in our solar system form past the ice line, but this is not universal! The vast majority of exoplanets we have discovered are what are known as "hot jupiters" which form closer then mercury, but many systems we've discovered in recent years contain gas giants, usually between the size of Neptune and Saturn that exist in the "goldilocks" zone.

Mow, they would be subject to some long day night cycles (which wouldn't be particularly inimical to life especially in starfinder, look at orcs!)Io, for example, has an orbital period of 42 hours, about a quarter of which would be behind Jupiter. So 10 hours of extra dark out of every 2 earth days. And be more geothermally active due to a process called tidal heating, but again that's not necessarily bad. To maintain an atmosphere, a body needs an active rotating core of liquid iron to generate an electromagnetic field that prevents said atmosphere being stripped by solar winds, hence why earth has an atmosphere and Mars doesn't.

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Also, flying down as bird? It works, but a little pedestrian? Diving off a cliff and landing like an angry bear meteor? That's kickass

I'm just gonna take issue with the suggestion that habitable moons around gas giants are a ludicrous suggestion. Exomoons are absolutely a place scientists are looking for life. I recommend looking into the research on the topic by Dr David Kipping.

I'm gonna guess it was the 4th book boss fight, which is notorious for having its AC way too high due to a typo, confirmed by the author

Having more mixed combats could help as well, a squad of vesk toughs engage your players with sniper support. Gives snipers a chance to shine while allowing the melee fighters to feel helpful not helpless.

Honestly, those situations that matter? Don't usually come up more then once a day. I'd say no.

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Ive played in Cyberpunk games with fully developed license systems for weapons, equipment etc. It worked for that system, but it was a slog. I like abstracting all that behind a level gate. If the party need something beyond that gate, well theyre gonna need a heist or something to pull it off.

Excellent, I'll take a novel, thank you.

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My 7th level solarian hits like a truck, tanks like a boss and still has enough skills to be useful in starship combat and out of combat. I cant imagine getting a buff without completely overshadowing someone

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3 Part Pirates of the Diaspora AP, between level 7 to 13.

Veskarium Book.

A book themed around the magic of the future

I personally would love that

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They also save substantial money underpaying their workers, paying no taxes, and lobbying for worker protection laws to not apply to them.

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Welcome to the horrors of copyright law where a company like Paizo needs to actively enforce their copyright or risk losing it.

Don't get annoyed at Paizo, get annoyed at the ludicrous nature of trademarks and copyrights.

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Ravingdork wrote:
Elegos wrote:
The Longarms and Advanced Melee don't need the trick attack damage boost when an operative chooses to use them.
Sure, but it's universally considered subpar.

Suboptimal options can exist though. Not every class needs to be equally good at every option.

The classes have different niches.

Operatives niches are doing trick attacks with small arms and operative melee, sniping and having more skills then the rest of the party combined.

An operative with a longarm or advanced melee weapon is as competent as an Envoy, Mystic or Technomancer with one. An Exocortex Mechanic, Soldier or Solarian will better at using those weapons cause their class is designed to focus on them.

Operatives can also use Sniper Rifles. They can use any weapons they take proficiency in, actually. They just can't trick attack with those weapons, because Trick Attack exists to boost the damage of operative melee and Small arms. You wanna play an operative with a laser rifle who just shoots? Go for it. Noone will stop you.

The Longarms and Advanced Melee don't need the trick attack damage boost when an operative chooses to use them.


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Mostly my beef with the Dataphiles Storyline is the same as my beef with the Exoguardians storyline. We haven't seen any of it since Star Sugar Heartlove! We haven't seen any actual development of the Exoguardians plotline since 1-04! A whole season and we still know nothing about Sangoro's Bulwark!

But, at least Data Breach comes out this month, and Many Minds after that.

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I'll put out another vote of support for more 3 part AP's. I think theres a lot of concepts that would suit that idea much better then a full 6 part AP. Pirates of the Diaspora as a 3 part 7-12 AP sounds good, for example.

I found the random encounter tables great when my players in Hells Rebels would veer off the books and unerringly want to do something weird, so I could throw a random encounter at them in order to distract them for 20-30 minutes while my mind churned through "so I need to populate npc's and encounters for a quest where the players infiltrate the upper class's food stores and poison their grain"

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Gorbacz wrote:

Folks, Zimmerwald is salty abut the fact that Hell's Rebels isn't about a communist revolution of downtrodden serfs and workers. He thinks Paizo fails to make their APs "Medieval society simulators except PCs are Karl Marx / Vladimir Lenin with fireballs and should be turning Golarion country by country into a communist utopia minus death camps. Except for Lumber Consortium, they deserve a death camp. Maybe even two."

It's been going on for years and I'm not really seeing much of a chance for going differently this time round.

Well, now I have a character concept for my next Wizard. Karl Marx with fireballs... someone finally sold me on a Galt AP.

Well, a Galt module, maybe.

Shattered Star begins with the open knowledge that Runelords exist, that Thassilon was a thing, and that there might be more. It will talk in some places about Runelord Karzoug, in some detail. So your player might have some additional information about Karzoug, and his whole...thing. But probably not the biggest issue. Theres nothing in Rise of the Runelords that will spoil things written for Shattered Star that I can think of.


Can we add

38 The Priory Queensway
B4 7LA Birmingham, United Kingdom

Geek Retreat Birmingham UK hosts PFS and SFS tables on a regular monthly basis.

I still want more setting information. The AP articles in the back are nice, but they tend to be limited to whats appropriate to the AP. Having a bi-monthly Starfinder Campaign Setting would allow us to explore other parts of the setting for those of us who aren't running the AP's. I'm less concerned about new rules elements as I am about not wanting to wait like...another year for a look at the Veskarium

Depending on your group, Shattered Star can be either great or awful.

Do they like big dungeons? Cause thats what Shattered star is. 6 huge dungeons in a trenchcoat.


From the perspective of a primarily Roll20 gm, id like to advocate that if you really need a huge map that you cant fit in 5ft squares, go to 15ft rather then 10. Its way easier to transfer and align to the grid

I should clarify: Archetype STATS never made it into the novels. There are several characters with identifiable archetypes.

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I maintain that a few setting focused softcover splatbooks would help soothe the shakes...

The drift shadow projector also helps 1 large ship lock down a fleet of small ships trying to flee. Hellknights probably trying to stop convoys of smugglers etc from fleeing.

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I want quantum saved for a class who actually interacts with quantum effects. I want quantum tunneling powers to pass through barriers. I want damage mitigation through positional uncertainty. I want the...well, all the turn into light stuff the solarian zenith revelations have. (Wave particle duality etc)

I want a capstone called Ultraviolet Catastrophe.

I also want an at will slumber ability as your character tries to explain the maths behind their power set.

Signed, a bitter physics graduate.

I called scientist/space alchemist. Feel pretty on point with that.

A lot of the fluff and abilities gave me a strong Elizabeth from Bioshock infinite vibe. I wish the spell list had a little more of that?

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For the first time, Paizo remembered to give classes without a need for int bonus skill points to compensate for that!

Thats the best design decision so far for me.

Im reminded of the "Hacking photosythesis" vine.

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If anything, I'd want Gunslinger as an archetype to get the grit style things available for any class. This is the future, EVERYONE's a gunslinger!

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I personally despise the "just call it quantum so it sounds future!" concept.

Unless the class gets an ability called Ultraviolet Catastrophe, it has no right to the word Quantum

Does that matter if it can't be stacked with Trick attack?

That stopped being a major issue when Armory included a zero damage injection rifle though.

I've been meaning to build a character around Injection weapons, this finally put the pieces in place for me. I'm very happy with what I've built, though I really wanna see it in action.

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