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A fun one-shot!


We had a great time running this adventure as a pre-holiday break from our larger campaign. Great to get to do a pirate-themed adventure that was easy to just pick up and run.

It's helpful if the players are used to Golarion, but if they aren't then having a map of the Inner Sea is useful.

It was also easy to adjust down for 3 players, and we were able to do the whole adventure in about 2.5 hours - a great length for a one-shot.

I'm really liking the One-Shot line of adventures, and hope we get more. Thanks!

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We had a BLAST


I got to run this adventure several times at GenCon 2019, and each time the players delivered on creative solutions and amazing role play to deliver fun responses to Lyz's set pieces.

I like that this has great intros for all the faction leaders and other key players in the society.

My favorite moment was when:


the barbarian attempted an untrained occultism check and rage-closed one of the mini shadow portals. Absolutely a delight!

Great for folks new to Pathfinder 2e AND new to society play.

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Fun repeatable adventure, great for new GMs!


I ran this quest after a Glass Cannon Podcast live show that got streamed on Twitch for some fellow fans, and we had a blast! Great characters, fun interactions, an easy enough hook to realize that something is going to go wrong pretty quickly (though they went along with it well), and a fun (and well balanced) encounter.

We were having enough fun with the hook that we played for an extra hour (could have easily been done in 1, but we had the time for 2), and added on a second encounter.

Loving this approach to quick, repeatable, "random" ways of doing quests for the new edition and Pathfinder Society. Thanks for a fun one, Linda!

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A solid introduction to Pathfinder 2E


We just finished our run of TFoP this afternoon. It definitely helped that most of us had played the playtest last year (though there were a few things that hung on in our brains and we had to get past).

This adventure gives a group a chance to utilized most of the mechanics in Pathfinder 2E, while delivering an engaging story at the same time. It does count a little bit on the players wanting to be heroic (and not villainous), something GMs should keep in mind during character creation.

Also, there is one skill that is quite important in the endgame of the adventure, so making sure that at least one character is trained in everything will help alleviate the issues my table had with no one being trained in that skill. That made it tricky to figure out how to deliver some of the necessary information, but we were able to make do.

As others have stated, if you're running this as a one-and-done, not part of an ongoing adventure, be prepared to change out the loot to something appropriate for your PCs.

If you're looking to get into 2nd Edition, I recommend this adventure for a good start! It took us somewhere between 12-15 sessions at 2 1/2 hours each to complete, but your mileage will vary. Enjoy!

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A great read!


Fantastic world building, solid main character, fun and interesting supporting cast - great stuff!