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"Roll20 is no longer a part of PaizoConnect and discounts and complimentary PDFs do not apply."

When did that happen?

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Hexane Fuels and Almost Chicken (AP 28: The Hollow Cabal)

Almost Chicken is the gift that keeps on giving in my little corner of the universe...


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May not be the right place, but if we had someone to recommend for a campaign service coin, who/where would we email for that?


Question: How will the SF GM boon work with running the Scoured Stars AP? Does it count as 12 separate scenarios or a just one AP book or something in between?

So... how is sanctioning this going to work? I'm guessing it's not 15 levels of credit, but is it the equivalent of 12 XP?

Benjamin Tait wrote:
Does anyone have this and if so, mind sharing what's in the backmatter?

The Jinsul Hierocracy article

The Kreiholm Freehold article
Sygnathrix monster and player race
Society related gear
The Tear artifact
Handouts for the adventures

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Will there be a sketch cover special edition of this as well?

Teridax wrote:
The main thing I'm looking forward to is how the removal of alignment will affect causes. I love the Champion's kit, as well as the general flavor of abiding by a rigid moral code, but alignment makes the class a little too rigid in my opinion. Edicts and anathema as promoted in the remaster should allow for much more subclass flexibility, and hopefully let traditionally evil causes receive more support.


My champion of Abadar would always be weaker than those of either good or evil gods.

It's been a while since I used it, but the main thing I recall is a lot of disappointment that drag and drop from the compendium was... inadequate. Has that improved?


Congrats, Doug!

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Usable chainsaw sword is the main thing I want from SF2.

What? Don't judge me.

Staffan Johansson wrote:
MurderHobo#6226 wrote:
PossibleCabbage wrote:
See, I would think Peter Quill would be an Envoy not a soldier. Drax is the soldier in that particular set of sci-fi people.
Operative. He's literally a thief from his first scene onward. :)
On one level, yes. But Operative is not the same as Thief. Quill, to me, seems significantly more of a social character than someone who outmaneuvers his opponents. I mean, his Cool Thing back in Guardians 1 was using dance moves to distract Ronan so someone else could kick his butt.

I have a dwarven thief who's also a face.

It's not difficult.

PossibleCabbage wrote:
See, I would think Peter Quill would be an Envoy not a soldier. Drax is the soldier in that particular set of sci-fi people.

Operative. He's literally a thief from his first scene onward. :)

Honestly, Eox has had it coming for a long time.


Team Nykiti all the way.

Page 152, Masked Assassin has Perception listed in the normal place at +16 and also in the skill list at +11. Assuming the former is the correct one.

Yakman wrote:
MurderHobo#6226 wrote:

Just ran this again for the... third? time.

The starship combat here as designed - especially after the starship errata - is bound to go on and on and on with little hope of the protozoa ever landing its big weapon.

Note to self to rewrite it if I ever run it again.

i'm about to start up book 4 next session. did you have any suggestions for this?

Just saw this. I did rework it a bit with some Hephaistos magic to make the main weapon stronger and its defenses weaker. Sort of a glass cannon: enough to scare, but not enough to really harm.

Keyona, Red Left Arm of Shotazu wrote:

Y'all are too young if you hear "mechs" and think Power Rangers.


Oh, my sweet summer child...


The lovely days of my childhood, having Luke Skywalker fight Mazinga (and later Godzilla).

theLegend76 wrote:
My favorite character I ever played in my 18 years of gaming was a drow. My second character ever was a drow. The character I played at highest level was a drow. My first campaign I ever ran centered...

And that leaves the wonderful world of Pathfinder Infinite open as our sandbox

My understanding was that anything Paizo won't put in print for legal reasons or ethical choices won't be allowed on Infinite, either (the Android Abolitionist Front in Starfinder being another example from their "ethical" side). Did I misunderstand?

AWESOME to see some official support for Foundry!

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I must undergo the Test of the Starstone Burger now.

One annoying thing that should be fixed with the PDF (and hopefully didn't make it into print): a lot of randomly missing letters in the middle of a word.

Reading through the PDF now. So far, my favorite part is the addition of Starfinder's own Worldwound/Lastwall-style location in Bulwark. I'm seeing some possibilities for extending post-Attack of the Swarm high level play there.

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Starfinder is largely designed around combat and combat simulation (how well it models this is, of course, open to interpretation) much like its Pathfinder and D&D forebears.

It's fun to do stuff like Redshift Rally, where even getting caught investigating your enemies can have severe negative consequences, let alone direct violence against them. But that's the exception, not the rule.

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Losing alignment is big because it conveys a ton of info to a GM in just 1-2 characters.

I mean, we can usually guess at it by reading all the description, but sometimes you just want to know if a mook is a bad guy, not his whole life story.

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Iommi G wrote:
Is the world really ready for whatever Thurtsy has had months and months to percolate?

I suspect the world is not ready for Thursty's mad machinations.

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Leon Aquilla wrote:
Looks like it's gonna be a pretty dry year for SF content.

Well, there's always Starfinder Infinite.

*looks at the bleak wasteland that is SF Infinite adventures*


There's always Free League, I guess...

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Looks like per Paizo on Facebook, this is going to be delayed until "early 2024." :/

Redheaded stepchild still. Sigh.

If they're only putting out 1 AP per year, that means it's over a year away, so... may be a wait for details.

VestOfHolding wrote:
MurderHobo#6226 wrote:
Richard Lowe wrote:
MurderHobo#6226 wrote:
The pool of available artwork for Infinite (especially Starfinder) is very small.
If only there was tons of free art that people using Infinite had access to, or incredibly cheap stock art.... oh, wait.
If only I'd addressed that above... oh, wait.
I've read your full post that was partially quoted here three times, and I don't see where you addressed that

It's literally quoted above. In my reply that you quoted.

If you do standard fantasy and even some subgenres, sure, there's plenty to choose from. And 3rd party stuff is there; Dean Spencer for one does great work.

But, if in Starfinder you wanted to do, say, a half dozen new Swarm creatures, some new gear, a short adventure, etc., you've got maybe 5 pieces to choose from. And nothing for the new critters. Which is great for finding a cover but not much else.

Could I create it without that? Sure. Is it worth the extra cost and effort to me (or likely anyone else)? No, for the reasons I cited above. Is that the end of the world? Nope.

Paizo announced a policy. I provided feedback. My situation may not match yours, and I'm ok with that.

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As far as the end of SF being nigh... that's sort of true for every TTRPG. How many companies can you really expect to be around a decade or so from now? How many are going to support an edition of a TTRPG for... what, six years now (seven if you count the year between announcement and release)? How many are going to put out hundreds of adventures and dozens of supplementary books?

Yes, output on SF has slowed down. No, it doesn't appear it had the confidence of certain higher-ups initially. Yes, there are some points that are pretty creaky. Yes, it's hit its maturity point.

But it's been one heck of a success. If we get another 3-4 years before another edition, that's roughly the same lifespan as other "failures" like PF1 and D&D5E.

Not sure why the militancy on both sides here. Enjoy what we have, look forward to the future.

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Driftbourne wrote:
If the new book was all about The Dominion of the Black, then I think it would be safe to say the end is nigh. in character

Only if you suspect that they'll finally succeed *this time*.

Dean is the best.

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Paizo can do what they wish.

However, in the short term, I think it means I won't be releasing the (small) projects I was working on to Infinite. I can write, but I have zero artistic talent. The pool of available artwork for Infinite (especially Starfinder) is very small.

I got some estimates for just minimal original or stock art that would have been 3-4x what I expect to make off the entire thing, making the choice either no art or AI art.

So... not worth the effort at present, IMO. I'll write up just enough for my purposes, use it with my local group, and call it a day.

It's no big loss to the community in my case, but I wonder how many other people will be in the same boat where theirs would be a loss.

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Starfinder 1.5E?

Just hoping spaceship combat gets fixed, but not holding my breath.

Going to make running Zo!World so much better...

Hmmm. On page 13, the tier 1-2 treasure is listed as a "major t-quark crystal." This does not exist per AON. Should it be a lesser t-quark crystal?


Hilary Moon Murphy wrote:

in addition to the replays available from a certain GenCon GM boon...

GenCon, Origins, and PaizoCon from a couple of years back. Still have 10 of those 30 replays to use...

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Awesome. It's about time.

No, wait. That was 3-99.

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Awesome to see Starfinder get a little love, too.

Love the astrazoan. Played one who was a hard-boiled detective (borrowing heavily from the Martian Manhunter / John Jones) in Threefold Conspiracy.

Just curious: Has anyone ever made any 3D prints of any of the advanced junsul (hierarch, boss, mage, praetorians, etc.)? I know about the Planets of PEril jinsul warrior mini and have a few already.

I can print the pics out on sticker paper and use a pawn, but if anyone's already put in the work for real minis for fan use...

Fedor Checherov wrote:


How many tables required to simultaneously play in same location for qualifying to run this SFS #2-00 scenario?

Only about a year and a half late to this, but I believe the minimum is 3.

Guessing at the modules: 1-05, 1-11, 1-13, 1-17, 1-23, 1-99, 1-26, 1-29, 1-31, 1-34, 1-39, 2-00.

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The best part? The lore.

The worst part? Starship combat.

The ugly part? New product output slowing to a trickle. The Paizo FB account literally referred me to Infinite if I wanted more content than one repurposed PF map set and one Society adventure. Sigh.

If you're going to do a digital 3-D model of something, Absalom Station's exterior would seem a natural.

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I honestly have no idea what Type40 is or what they do or what this means for PF/SF based on that corporate-speak press release.


Hilary Moon Murphy wrote:
But instead the winner was the quiet kasathan with the impossibly long name that was hard to remember.

"Ehu" is only three letters...

John Mangrum wrote:
The fifth Absalom Run, which took place in 304 AG, was won by a bantrid pilot, about nine years before their species woke up from hibernation.

He was so fast he broke the time barrier and won before he started!


Shifty wrote:
Yeah I want to know where the SPACE GOBLINS went.

Space goblins were the charity auction boon for GenCon 2021. Which means there are only a handful out there and they probably aren't getting unlocked for wider Society play for a while.

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