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About GM Numbat

I am constantly learning the intricacies of these games and refining my skills as a GM and expect I will continue to do so as long as I am active. All courteous feedback is not only welcome but also truly appreciated.

My goal is for everyone to have fun while we share an adventure and play within the rules provided. I encourage role-playing and teamwork. I also encourage all courteous conversation (discussion thread) and support.

The pace of the game
While my life and therefore my schedule can be somewhat erratic, I will endeavour to post at least once in the morning and once in the afternoon/evening. (Of note, I am usually in a West Coast Australia timezone.) Most days I should be able to check-in and post more frequently. I am willing to move the game at a faster pace if the players are willing and able.

I ask that you be prepared to post at least once per day during the week and at least once during the weekend. I also ask that you have clear botting instructions available so that should something occur either I or one of your teammates can post on your behalf and keep the game moving. If you know you will likely be absent for some reason, please advise everyone as soon as you can so that we can be prepared. Real Life takes precedence, always.

When I deem it appropriate I will invoke the rule of three, or even two: once there is agreement from three (or two) players on the direction to go or the decision to make, I will move forward. This will not be applied to critical points that may affect the outcome and success of the game.

I will also sometimes roll on behalf of players such as for group initiative, group perception, starship combat initiative and the like.

General Guidelines
Be courteous, be silly if you want, play well with others.