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I was also thinking about the mythic power beyond morality but how that power creates the mythic idiot.

Faelyn wrote:
leo1925 wrote:
Imbicatus wrote:
Mark Seifter wrote:
Protoman wrote:
The prohibitive cover rules are the only thing ranged character supporters argue that full-attacking ranged archers aren't too strong when defending their builds to skeptical GMs/party members and those cover can be negated too easily in higher levels as it is: Improved Precise Shot or Snake infusion.
Or worse, at 1st level by worshiping Erastil.
Only with a longbow. Not much use to a kineticist.
How does that happen? Is there a trait I am not aware of?
Yes, it's Called Deadeye Bowman. It's a Religion trait for Erastil and allows you to ignore Soft Cover from an ally of only one creature is granting your target Soft Cover.

Thank you, it's in the inner sea gods book, I haven't really read the traits in the inner sea gods because I thought that all of them are reprinted from other books (mainly the three faiths of companion books).

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Desna's plane is on the material plane?

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Question, what/who is the mythic idiot that Aelryinth mentioned?

Imbicatus wrote:
Mark Seifter wrote:
Protoman wrote:
The prohibitive cover rules are the only thing ranged character supporters argue that full-attacking ranged archers aren't too strong when defending their builds to skeptical GMs/party members and those cover can be negated too easily in higher levels as it is: Improved Precise Shot or Snake infusion.
Or worse, at 1st level by worshiping Erastil.
Only with a longbow. Not much use to a kineticist.

How does that happen? Is there a trait I am not aware of?

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I agree with you Aelryinth that names and appearances should matter, and yeah I don't really like the whole dressing up as evil to fight evil (Hellknights, daredevil etc. but I can understand why they exist in literature) but it's a fact that at least in some parts of Golarion names and appearances don't really matter in some cases.

I (personally) take the whole paladins in Hellknight orders as an opportunity for corruption stories, redemption stories or hubris stories.

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I have GMed the RotRL (first half original edition converted to PF and second half anniversary edition) and the players got just fine with no cleric, OK they had a healing patron witch and a bard but still...

If you are playing the anniversary edition I think that it is doable with the bard as the only spellcaster if the DM is a bit lenient but it would much better if there was also a Paladin (who is careful in his mercy selection) or an inquisitor (who is careful in his spell selection).

Very happy to see that.
I can't pre order it now (huge shipping costs) but I will when it shows in EU retailers.

Question, will there be a pawns collection for that?

Entryhazard wrote:
Empyreal Knight Paladin is a complete embarassment. They trade DIVINE GRACE for ONE LANGUAGE (basically a single skill point), and if you're thinking that he gets better stuff in the other trades, what he gets barely makes up for losing Lay On Hands and the Mercies alone, thinking that stuff should make up for Divine Grace too is complete delusion.

I agree with you but keep in mind that this paladin archetype gets access to a flying mount which for martials is WAY overrated, the flying mount for a martial is worth two feats (monstrous mount and monstrous mount mastery) and that paladin gets a a very fast flying mount.

I checked the mail and everything is OK,thank you.

I just recieved January's package, that means that it's only December's package that i am missing (Order 3742818).

Please cancel all my subscriptions and also cancel this month's subscription order (3847616).

Unfortunately my finances are in a very bad shape, the expenses keep increasing while my income keeps decreasing, that leads me to no longer being able to support my hobby.

The new postman messed up (big time) and i have lost a Paizo shipment , i am pretty sure it's December's shipment (Order 3742818) but, if it's ok with you, i am willing to wait a little longer so that i recieve January's shipment (Order 3820551) in order to make sure which one (if not both) are missing.

Is that ok?

Cyrad wrote:

Black Marketeer doesn't explain how the resource pool works, leaving you to assume that it simply gives you 100 bucks and nothing more.

I think the author intended it worked similar to the Cost of Living rules where you can automatically procure cheap illicit items, but that's not what's written on paper.

That's my guess as well.

Please cancel my comics subscription.

Money shortage and have to start cutting back on a few things.

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In my group we had one PC death so far (tomorrow beginning book 5) and that was in book 2, orc barbarian plus chainsaw is a frightening opponent, we also had a couple of close calls with the big four armed skeleton in book 1.

Let me get this straight, you are playing a PC in a party that everyone else is higher level than you and have mythic tiers?

The math doesn't up, for a cloak of +2 will you should have it at the price of cloak of res +1, for a cloak of + 4 will you should have it at the price of cloak of res +2 (those two cases the math work) but in all the other cases the math don't work.

Thank you for everything, as always Paizo's customer service people are amazing.

Guys let's not get too hung up on the December stuff, a lot of the previous November AP volume have been moved to December for various reasons (i think that it's usually the big sale), this one will also be moved (although for different reasons as it seems).

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I put money in the card, unsuspend the order.


How much is the total for all the stuff that has been piling up from July?

PS. If the shipping cost for a single order goes too high (being an international shipment and all that) you can split it to smaller shipments if that ends up being less costly; i have no problem receiving multiple orders if it ends up less on the shipping costs.

Ok i got another card, this one should work since it's not from a greek bank.
Can you make a test charge (or something like that) to my mastercard that ends with 7688 (the card has only 19 euros for now, so don't test charge with a very big number) and tell me if all goes well so that i can charge the card with enough money to reinstate my subscriptions?


I have seen a few get it wrong but none not using them.

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I like the general idea of mythic but i also believe that (at least for the PCs part of the mythic) it really needs to be revised, i haven't read the "house rule suggestions" for mythic that Legendary Games (along with others) has put out in their mythic mania so i don't know if most of the job is already done.

cibet44 wrote:

I think a crux of getting to high levels in a 6-part AP is partially due to the exponential increase in XPs to get to those high levels. I never understood why PF chose to do this. It seems like it should take less XPs to get from say 15-20 level then it does to get from 1-10 level.

Once a party is say 15th level they should essentially have one epic "event" that moves them to 16th and so on. High level PCs should abandon adding up XPs and just focus on successfully completing "events" to gain a levels. So the last book of an AP can be a series of 5 "events" that move the party to 16,17,18,19,20 levels.

These events can be things like:

- Defeating a Mythic Monster (Mythic abilities should never apply to PCs, just abandon that concept completely. Encounter a Mythic Monster, defeat it, level up. Im sure this type of battle can last for "real time" hours and "in game" days in the hands of a prepared GM as the monster retreats, recovers, hunts down the group again and so on. In fact, Mythic monsters shouldn't even have XP values they should just give a level and be very very rare and almost unstoppable.)
- Travel out of the solar system to a distant location (once at this location the PCs can have some encounters but the act of getting there means a level. The PCs could have to navigate a series of tasks and/or encounters to do this but the XPs really don't matter for these things. All that matters is setting foot on Planet X.)
- Destroy an entire evil (or good) location (this can be a city, stronghold, island, planet,demi-plane, whatever. The PCs must use their abilities to utterly remove it from existence. Once this is done: gain a level. The defenders of this location may put up a fight of course but those XPs don't matter and you probably wouldn't even do normal combat for them.)

Granted this is all a bit of a departure from the existing model but my larger point is XP calculation at high levels should be removed or drastically shortened. I don't understand why the XP gaps between higher levels...

That's part of what i like to call the "XP problem", i think that the APs would be a lot better if XP isn't used at all. That way APs could have more freedom with the encounter design which means a lot of things like not putting padding "filler" encounters in order to have PCs reach the level they need in order to face the real encounters that make sense and add to the adventure or make the encounters how they need to be in order to make a better game and adventure without worrying about the PCs getting too much XP, and of course a lot of other good things.

Don't forget inevitables and Pharasma's servants.

M1k31 wrote:
Helena Handbasket wrote:
And—not to go too far off topic—I really need to watch Stargate: Atlantis (finished SG-1, but never went further).
do it.... you can marathon it because it ended ad kind of chose a decent spot to end... the only question is whether SGU is worth watching afterwards.

It's not worth seeing SGU, or rather it's worth seeing only the second half of season 2 of SGU.

Sharaya wrote:

Hi leo1925,

I've tried all of the cards and unfortunately they were all declined with the message "General decline of the card. No other information providing by the issuing bank."


The issue is that Paizo's MCC isn't on the white list for some unknown reason (it should have been since we are allowed to buy books and Paizo is a publishing house); anyway i am still trying to find a way to get a card that works, right now the "easiest" solution seems to be me doing a 300 kilometer round trip to a neighboring EU country and get a prepaid card from there.

Since i am now in the process of finishing my dissertation and my time is really limited, it's going to be at least early October before i am able to have the time to find a solution; i want to
a)apologize and thank you for your patience
b)ask if my current pending order is also frozen (along with the rest of my subscriptions) and i won't have any issue with that order after i reactivate my subscriptions.

blackbloodtroll wrote:

Courageous and Wild enchantments are nothing like they were.

I know that wild armor now gives you the ACP penalties (for some reason) but what happened to the Courageous weapons?

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First of all don't mess with the player's wish, unless the wish comes from a Glabrezu (or similar source).

Secondly the no cost isn't needed because SLAs don't have material components.

Thirdly i suggest telling the player that you aren't comfortable with an at will permanency but you are prepared to give him permananency SLA once per day.

@Rogar Valertis

So your basic issue is the fact that aasimars can be very customizable (choice of ability bonuses) due to blood of angels, correct?
If yes then i happen to agree with you, the simple solution is to not allow the variant aasimar heritages from blood of the angels.
My issue with aasimars (and tieflings and the various "elemental-blooded") is the outsider type instead of the humanoid type, i find it that it really wreaks havoc with the monsters abilities and tactics.

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Rogar Valertis wrote:
HeHateMe wrote:
Shroud wrote:

You can never go wrong with Curse of the Crimson Throne. Well written and a LOT of fun to play.

In other news......Aasimars? Really? They are unbalanced and cheesy as hell. Usually played by people interested in bonuses without penalties instead of roleplaying opportunities. I usually place them in a category of "Ultra-Rare Choices" for my players, along with Tieflings and any other non-core race. I allow a single choice from that pool per campaign....and they can decide among themselves who gets to select it for that campaign. Then again, I am always concerned with preserving the atmosphere of the world region the game is set in. Which means you're not going to find Irrisen witches in Katapesh or Mwangi Shamans in Tien except in the rarest and strangest of circumstances.

Dude, Aasimars are the best. Playing a guy who's part Celestial is full of flavor. To me at least, they're much more interesting than tired old Elves, Dwarves and Halflings.

Sure... And they also happen to be OP compared to other races. How fortunate!


If "keeping players happy" translates to "giving them whatever they want, ballance, flavour and roleplay be damned" then I don't want my players to be "happy". And in my experience this is not that big of a problem, if you know how to be firm.

threadjack about non standard races:

Why do you think that Aasimars are overpowered?
Is it the customizable ability score bonus or the fact that their type isn't humanoid and it's outsider or something else?

I say Rise of the Runelords, it's a classic and it's easier for the DM on the rules side and it has no subsystems.

Piccolo wrote:
Actually, Carrion Crown has more Lovecraft than Runelords.

Shattered Star has more Lovecraft than RotRL.

I also suggest curse of the crimson throne, jade regent and iron gods.

What do they do? what's their effect?

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In the beggining (RotRL 1) there were the 7 virtues of rule that got twisted, corrupted, misinterpreted, focused on the negative side etc. by the runelords and then ended up being known nowadays as the 7 sins, those virtues and the sins they became are:

wealth--> greed
fertility--> lust
honest pride--> pride
abundance--> gluttony
eager striving--> envy
righteous anger--> wrath
rest--> sloth

Now on the RotRL AE without changing the lore of Thassilon (as far as i can see) the seven virtues and sins became:

generosity--> greed
love--> lust
humility--> pride
temperance--> gluttony
charity--> envy
kindness--> wrath
zeal--> sloth

With those virtues-sins it doesn't make sense, they are polar opposites instead of twisted, corrupted etc.

Why do you think this change made?

UnArcaneElection wrote:

^This points out something messed up: Why is it that Calistria, Gorum, Norgorber, and Milani (at least) can have realms that are significantly off (in some cases by more than 1 step) from their alignment, but any worshipper of theirs who is likewise off in alignment is considered a candidate for Groetus feed?

First of all where do you get that worshippers that are off in alignment is a a candidate for Groetus feed?

Secondly, yeah deities having domains in planes that are different than their alignment is problematic.
Calistria and Gorum both being CN deities (albeit with evil tendencies) having domains in Elysium (one step away) is because (in my opinion) both of them are non evil civilized human deities and couldn't/shouldn't have their domains in Maelstorm. (i personally disagree with that thinking but that's the only reason i can think).
Norgorber, a NE deity having a domain in Axis (two steps away) is very weird but then again the reason for that is another part of the mystery that is Norgorber.
Milani, a CG deity having a domain in Axis (three steps away!!!) doesn't make any sense; sure i get it, it was Aroden's domain and she seized it, what doesn't make any sense is how and why the other deities that make Axis their home haven't "evicted" Milani yet.

Purple Dragon Knight wrote:

There's a place in Pharasma's realm for false souls (i.e. people that are not of the same alignment as the god they worship)

This is the first time i hear about false souls, where can i read more about them?

Firstly, i urge you to check the rogue's character sheet because that damage really pushes things, if you find it hard to check it, you can post it here and have us check it for you.

Secondly, yeah the rogue really seems like chaotic evil and not neutral but then again (as you said) a lot of the players act like jerks, i suggest to tell them to change their characters and tell them this time to make heroes and not jerks.

Thirdly, we don't know exactly how the rogue's curse-thingy works but i have to tell you that a blanket no roll immunity to magic doesn't exist in the system, even the golems' immunity to magic only applies to spells that are SR:YES spells and SR:NO spells affect them normally. Also the whole "allies magic doesn't affect you but enemy magic affects you" seems very weird for Golarion, even in the lore i can't think of anything like that happening, sure i can think of a couple of things in Golarion that might do that but none of them is written.

Fourthly, if the party can't heal the rogue and he doesn't have any magic items how does he stays alive?

@Bob Bob Bob

You are right that the sassone leaf residue does 2d12 damage BUT also has an onset time of 1 minute so you shouldn't be adding this damage.

Now as far as i get is:

Main hand attack: 1d6(shortsword) + 5 STR + 3d6 (sneak attack) + 2 (power attack) = 21 (average rolls) and if it's critical 31.5
Off-hand attack: 1d6(shortsword) + 5 STR (let's assume double slice) + 3d6 (sneak attack) + 1 (power attack) = 20 (average rolls) and if it's critical 29.5

If both are critical then we are at 61 damage which means that the 73-75 damage (that the DM said) isn't impossible but requires very very good rolls, specifically you need to increase the average of the 10d6 from 3.5 per d6 to ~4.8 per d6.

Also the 20 STR along with the 15 DEX seems a little too high for a character with no magic items.

I know i didn't account for the poison that the DM mentioned but unless the rogue used something like the deathblade (which costs 1800gp per dose) there is no poison that could really make a difference against a drider, the only poison that maybe could do something is the greenblood oil but i really doubt it.

To make it more clear in order to work the rogue needs either:
a) Very high stats, a very good build, roll two consecutive critical threats, confirm both of them and roll exceptional on the 10d6
b) Exceptional stats, a very good build, roll two consecutive critical threats, confirm both of them, roll well on the 10d6 and the drider to lose the fort save to the poison.

PS. I am assuming that the loss of hit points from the con damage from the poison added up to the rogue's damage

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burkoJames wrote:
redpandamage wrote:

The OP doesn't say if he did it all with one attack, maybe he was TWF?

Edit: He does have TWF, if he doubles the crit that would be 75 with a couple bonuses he could get 80.

best I see with a dagger and Dex to damage and power attack he could get 11 damage at level 5. if he crit with both attacks and rolled max damage, that's 44 damage. sneak attack on both could get him an extra 36, if he rolls max on his 2 sets of 3d6. so he could just hit 80 damage. I call shenanigans for him to roll all that to the max after simultaneous crits.

Same here.

If we are wrong we really need to see his character sheet, you never know, he could have discovered something amazing for rogues.

M1k31 wrote:
leo1925 wrote:
M1k31 wrote:
and good luck ever healing to full hp with that party, what is the point of magic if you can't heal up without using potions or CLW after just about every encounter?
Ehmm... after level ~2 the party has wands of CLW and therefore is at full hit points at the beginning of each encounter with the very very rare exception where there are chain encounters.
I was referring to natural/spell only healing, without consumables.

Who does that?

It's easy, kick the problem player out of the group.

M1k31 wrote:
and good luck ever healing to full hp with that party, what is the point of magic if you can't heal up without using potions or CLW after just about every encounter?

Ehmm... after level ~2 the party has wands of CLW and therefore is at full hit points at the beginning of each encounter with the very very rare exception where there are chain encounters.

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Turin the Mad wrote:
The old Dungeon adventures ARE AP's. That's where the term came from. Of the current crop, RoW and S&S are probably the nastiest.

I insist on Carrion Crown, for added masochism maybe run it without a full divine class.

Swashbucklersdc wrote:

His alchemist was 3rd level:


naa dm_blake my first alchemist character was a Chirurgeon build focused on making cure extracts and had cure bombs and was only lvl three.

The tiger was a dire tiger:

so the dm decided that he was going to have a dire tiger steak attack my character hitting my character with two rakes and a bite attack killing my alchemist(the groups cleric) in one round

Thank you for that.

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And let's not even consider the critical fumbles on attack rolls, that leads to the hilarious case where the full bab characters become more prone to accident the higher their level.

Ok so you have a house rule that isn't always working?

I can understand how that's a house rule you might like but please do two things:
a) don't assume that it's a rule of the game*
b) don't try to present it as a sensible rule

*i am not saying that you do but i have gotten in stupid arguments just because the other person didn't mention that he was using that house rule and we were just talking past each other

Swashbucklersdc wrote:
Crimeo wrote:
Mistake in encounter design is possible.
A pouncing Dire Tiger (CR 8) against a 3rd level party? Ouch! I second that Crimeo!

We don't know the level of the party and we aren't sure if it was a tiger or a dire tiger.

Eryx_UK wrote:
blackbloodtroll wrote:
Eryx_UK wrote:
blackbloodtroll wrote:
Eryx_UK wrote:
leo1925 wrote:
The fact that many people believe (I don't know why) that a nat 1 on a skill check is auto fail (or worse) and that a nat 20 on a skill check is auto success.

My group has always done this, for all D20 rolls, as far back as 1st edition AD&D. It makes sense to us that no matter how skilled you can still screw things up, or you can be an novice but get that lucky break.

I imagine that many groups use this as a house rule rather than getting it wrong.

I will not play in a game with this houserule. No jumps to the moon.

I will not play in a game with critical failure either.

If a DM says that is the houserule, I stand up, and leave.

Every DM I play with now knows this. Put it away, or I won't play.

No, we don't have jumps to the moon. I believe the acrobatics rules do say you can't jump further than a certain distance anyway. Common sense still applies.
If common sense applies, then why is the Monk with +15 Acrobatics failing to jump over a 1 foot gap, 5% of the time?
Because with common sense I wouldn't roll to jump a 1 foot gap.

As blackbloodtroll said he would have to roll if he was in combat, because you can't take 10 during combat, so yes with that house rule you have the master acrobat fail 5% of the time.

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