The Doctor's Enemies


So a rush background: immortal pc with the scepter of ages
How many different monsters are going after this guy?
so far i have marut, akhana, bythos, plemora, and the hounds of tindalos. Did I miss anyone?

odd that these are all found in bestiary 2

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depends how old are you? if you're just in your second century, you're not going to be on the top of that many lists yet.

lets say a really old. like yottaannums old.

Could be anything... Could be as few as a standard elf... or could have crossed the entire bestiary.

You've got him listed as lvl 20 with that grand discovery... so could have crossed anything from deities to Spawns of Rovagug... to things you make up that don't exist anymore.

Personally, I think devils, demons, and general outsiders may have long lives and longer grudges... but who knows, maybe an enemy started a whole cult based on the idea of killing this guy and it took thousands of years to catch up to him... Long after the original enemy was killed.

Don't forget inevitables and Pharasma's servants.

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