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Please cancel all my subscriptions and also cancel this month's subscription order (3847616).

Unfortunately my finances are in a very bad shape, the expenses keep increasing while my income keeps decreasing, that leads me to no longer being able to support my hobby.

The new postman messed up (big time) and i have lost a Paizo shipment , i am pretty sure it's December's shipment (Order 3742818) but, if it's ok with you, i am willing to wait a little longer so that i recieve January's shipment (Order 3820551) in order to make sure which one (if not both) are missing.

Is that ok?

Please cancel my comics subscription.

Money shortage and have to start cutting back on a few things.

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In the beggining (RotRL 1) there were the 7 virtues of rule that got twisted, corrupted, misinterpreted, focused on the negative side etc. by the runelords and then ended up being known nowadays as the 7 sins, those virtues and the sins they became are:

wealth--> greed
fertility--> lust
honest pride--> pride
abundance--> gluttony
eager striving--> envy
righteous anger--> wrath
rest--> sloth

Now on the RotRL AE without changing the lore of Thassilon (as far as i can see) the seven virtues and sins became:

generosity--> greed
love--> lust
humility--> pride
temperance--> gluttony
charity--> envy
kindness--> wrath
zeal--> sloth

With those virtues-sins it doesn't make sense, they are polar opposites instead of twisted, corrupted etc.

Why do you think this change made?

I would like to suspend my subscriptions.

Because my country is under capital control and (for some reason) the banks rejects payment requests from Paizo, i don't know why this is happening, i should be able to buy books, magazines etc. but for some reason the bank rejects Paizo. I tried to talk with the bank and they told me that they should be able to authorize that payment but for some reason Paizo's merchant code is being rejected.

Since i don't know how long it will take for this thing to be corrected i have to ask, for how long can i have my subscriptions suspended?

In that order I noticed something weird. The into the haunted forest module which was sitting in my sidecart for many months got added in this order but then it got cancelled (as far as I can tell), why is that?

Will i get the forge of ashes with the current subscription deal (physical copy and digital copy)?

Do i have the option of canceling the tales subscription after the forge of ashes but before lord of runes?

Will Paizo continue to sell digital copies of the new (lord of runes and after) pathfinder tales? If yes at what price and which subscription discount would apply (the 30% from tales or the 15% from AP) if any?

PS. I am still not sure what i will do with my tales subscription, for now i want more information in order to evaluate my options.

My group is about to try and save the Hand of the Inheritor. And we know what follows after that.
Baphomet knows he is about to fight great champions of good that have opposed him many times successfully and also knows that his ressurection is on cooldown. So he is going to fight them prepared.
His greater weapon is his scroll use ability.
So he has access to any spell and can buff himself during his time stop or even before he gates himself before the PCs.

One of the most deadly tactic I have come up with is the following:
-Greater Invisibility
-Greater spell immunity for 6 spells (dispel magic, Gr. dispel magic, Invisibility purge, glitterdust +2 spells(maybe siphon magic or other similiar spell))

For 27 round the players will have to guess where he is and even when they guess correctly they will have 50% chance when he charges them and full-attacks them with no mercy.

HOW can the players counter this?

Why the sudden 50% increase in the price of pathfinder tales starting from the June novel?

In Order 3425997 there are replacement copies of pathfinder tale: pirate's promise and iron gods book 5, please CANCEL those replacement copies, i recieved them today (yes i recieved December's subscription today but that's another issue), just send this month normal subscription order.

I ask this because my post office told me that they usually call the phone number (if there is one) listed in the package if the recipient of the package doesn't show up.

Now with all those feats, classes, archetypes, PrCs etc. what's the best way to make an unarmored and unarmed melee combatant?

As i have said in this thread, i still haven't recieved that order.
Because it's exams season for me i am willing to wait a little more on this order if you are willing to wait a little more before you sent a replacement.

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From the various pathfinder tales (mostly Prince of Wolves and Queen of Thorns) i get the immpression that he was either alive when Aroden died or when the house of Thrune rose into the chelaxian throne. If he was alive when Aroden died then he is more than 100 years old (more like 120 if he was 10 when Aroden died), if he was alive when house Thrune took power then that makes him ~85 years old (again assuming he was 10 when house Thrune took power).
Which one do you think is the better estimate?

I seem to remember that flying creatures with a medium or heavy load got a reduce on their maneuverability but the only drawbacks of a medium or heavy load, on a flying creature, that i can find are the usual (speed reduction, skill penalties etc.).
Do i remember incorrectly or is there a rule that i can't find?

Just to let you know that there might be an issue with order 3362168, i haven't recieved it yet but i did revieve order 3398882 today. I will wait since there might be a hiccup in the the post office but i wanted to let you know.

I remember a list of various PF books and rough stock numbers on each of them (under 200, under 100 etc), this was a couple of years back (if not more), does this list exist today?

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Do familiars who have special abilities, whose DCs depend on hit die, increase in power when the master levels up?

For example would a 10th level wizard with an imp familiar, would that imp's sting have a poison with the normal DC 13 or it would be DC 17?

I just finished reading Pague of Shadows (great book by the way) and i really want to play a Galtan AP where the PCs crush/stop this never ending rebellion and place a good king* to rule Galtan.

*it would be better for this king to be one of the players since i didn't really enjoyed the whole "carry the NPC to opposite corner of the world and put her on the throne" thing from Jade Regent.

Amazing intiative doesn't allow you to use the granted standard action for casting a spell but can you use it for using a spell-like ability?

I got a transaction decline on this order, i retried the same payment method because there is nothing wrong with the payment method, in fact i can see the funds held in my card. The issue is that i still see the transanction declide status in this order, is it a display bug or something that i still see it?

You can't do that right?
You can't defeat a robot and then take it's stun gun or plasma rifle or whatever weaponry it has, right?

My order arrived today and i have a few things to say about it.
Firstly it arrived in record time (yay!), seriously i have had orders from the european market that took longer to arrive.
Secondly the package (the envelope thingy) was damaged and all of it's contents were a little damaged but mainly it's the AP volume and September's comic (city of secrets #4) that were mostly affected, the AP volume has a few dents and the bottom left is a little bent, the comic has a couple of tears.

I am pretty sure that this was a freak accident from the post office (both the time it took to arrive and the damage), these things can happen (very rarely fortonately). BUT if it wasn't an accident and it was something you did/asked that resulted in the speedy arrival and the damage i would like you to not do/ask it again since i prefer to wait for my physical products (after all i get the pdf when it ships) than get them damaged.

Is everything ok with my order? I got an Insufficient funds email for this order, then i changed the payment method for this order but i still see no movement in the card i selected for the changed payment method.

I am talking about stats like that

Mangimar stats:

N large city
Corruption+2; Crime+2; Economy+5; Law+2; Lore+6;
Qualities:academic, prosperous, rumormongering citizens,
strategic location, tourist attraction
Governmentautocracy (lord-mayor)
Population16,428 (13,307 humans, 821 halflings, 659
dwarves, 655 elves, 493 gnomes, 166 half-elves, 164 halforcs, 163 other)
Notable NPCs
Lord-Mayor Haldmeer Grobaras(male human aristocrat)
Base Value12,800gp; Purchase Limit75,000gp;
Minor Items 4d4; Medium Items 3d4; Major Items 2d4

to be posted in pages like that.

Is it ok? It would be a big help to find be able to find the stats easily since they are scattered between AP books, campaign setting books and sometimes player companion books.

Please move my current shopping cart (Pathfinder #1 (Standard Cover—Matteo Scalera), Pathfinder #2 (Standard Cover—Lucio Parillo) ) to my sidecart in order to ship with my subscription shipment.
It's really becoming an issue, i have managed to make the sidecart work maybe twice since the website update in the checkout proccess, btw here is a screenshot where the option "sidecart it" isn't available to me.

Another unrelated question, if i make an order of two (or more) items and one is a preorder item, then the whole order gets delayed until the preorder item is available, correct?

As i say in this this post (inside the spoiler) i will DM the iron gods AP (probably in October) and while i usually ban the gunslinger class, i want to allow it for this AP because i feel that it's appropriate and it's theme is in line with the AP's theme.
The reasons i ban the gunslinger class are two, firstly the aesthetics of the class don't fit most campaigns (but in some they do, like the iron gods), and secondly because i have noticed that the APs and modules really can't deal with the target touch AC mechanic (especially at mid+ levels).

I don't think that the technological firearms will be such a big problem since they (those that target touch AC) do energy damage and energy resistance is common on monsters, is pretty easy to get resistance (resist energy, protection from energy) and there are technological items that can help against tech weapons (either by raising the touch AC or by giving energy resistance) and lastly. Just to be clear, there are no tech items that can help against projectile firearms except the force field but those are extremely expensive because of the way they work.

Now the only thing that somewhat reassures me is that there will be a lot of robot opponents, and some (maybe a lot) robots have hardness. That way (assuming i become real strict about the reading of adamantine bullets) the gunslinger will be effectively facing an amount of DR/- that can't be bypassed in any way (including the stupid clustered shot).

Now my fear is that the hardness thing won't be enough to deal with the gunslinger because there won't be enough enemies that have it, so i am trying to make a list with all the available ways that help you against bullets, here is what i have find so far:
1) Amulet of Bullet Protection
2) 2nd level spell Bullet Ward
3) 2nd level spell bullet shield
4) 5th level spell fickle winds (which offers a 30% miss chance, which can be negated by the seeking special ability)
5) 6th/7th level spell antitech field

Did i missed anything? (other than things that could protect against attacks or touch attacks in general, like mirror image)

PS. In order to avoid the double barrel stupidity i will house rule that the double quality is the same as the semi-automatic except with a -4 penalty instead of the -2.

On the summary of the order it shows 0$ shipping costs (but are calculated for the order total) but on lower, in the Shipments section, it shows the shipping costs. I just wanted to point this out.

I finished reading most of the technology guide, i say most because i didn't read every single technological item.
My first thought is that it's a pity that this was a 64-page book, i would really like more pages of tech goodness.
I really liked how they modeled technology after the magic items.
I really liked how the technology and magic interact, although i wish for some more examples of the mix of the two (like the null blade).
I really liked the technomancer PrC, it's not too powerful (because you lose a spellcasting level) and at the same time it's not de-powering like other PrCs are, also i really liked how the mechanics fit the flavor and they work.
I liked the way that "timeworn" thingy, i think that it really helps with making a campaign better by adding flavor (again more examples of "weird" timeworn tech would be good).
I still don't like the touch attack mechanic for weapons but at least the technological firearms seem better thought out, and i think that the mechanics work better with the existing system than the regular firearms.
All in all i really like what i have seen.

I have two question though, that i hope those of you who read the book more thoroughly can answer me.
1) For how long a genarator's yeild is lowered each time a connected one charge per use item is used?
2) I have found some technological items that can offer defenses against technological weapons, what i didn't find is any technological item that can protect against regular firearms. Did i miss something or are those pesky lead projectiles so powerful that super-science can counter?

I am talking about this thread. It's the GM reference thread for iron gods book 1.

I am thinking about subscribing to the pathfinder tales line but i am having some issues/questions.

The first and most important one is that while i want reign of stars and nightblade i have no interest for a pirate adventure. So i wonder if it would be bad form, from my, to subscribe for those two books, then cancel the tales subscription for pirate's promise and then possibly start it again (dependening on what the next tales are going to be).

My second question is about the frequency of the release of pathfinder tales, in the pathfinder tales subscription page it says that they are published each month but from what i have seen they are published once every two months, so which one is it?

My third question is whether i will get the 15% discount (from being an AP subsciber) to my tales subscription or not.

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My group finished shattered star a couple of weeks ago it's second AP (the first one was jade regent DMed by my brother) and i have also run the entire RotRL for another group, i write this now, and not before, becuase now i managed to find the time (starting WotR as a player certainly didn't help).

The heroes of Magnimar were:
1) Zak Kaddren Villa (Jadogreshika), half orc blackblade magus (STR based with rhoka black blade), adopted to the family.
2) Alissa Cornwall, human XinvalrenbleX rager barbarian, gladiator from Riddleport. Currently inside the body of Shorshen.
3) Tyr Forsedi, dwarf battle cleric from Magnimar's church of Abadar. Character retired from adventuring after Asylum stone (because player had RL commitments)
4) Fitz Padraig and his wolf Rolling Thunder, halfling sword and shield using ranger, escaped chelaxian slave. Character retired after Curse of the Lady's Light (again because player had RL issues).
5) Astaroth, gnome crossblooded (primal fire, draconic gold) blaster sorcerer, from the town of Nybor. Character entered the campaign after Fitz retired.
6) Aven, undine storm (caster) druid from Nirmathas. Character entered the campaign after Tyr retired.

Now the changes i made to the story of the campaign were:

changes to the story:

1) The characters weren't pathfinders, Shiela Heidmarch was replaced by Teressa Flameheart (NG human fire blooded sorcerer 10) who is a surving character from my RotRL campaign.
2) I had the fifth crusade (WotR) start in the background, after Asylum Stone, in order to give some sense of urgency in the adventure.
3) The magus' black blade was needed for the reforging of the Sihedron.
4) Karzoug actually won at the end of RotRL and was later vanquished 5 years before the campaign started but that had as a result Cheliax invading the lands of Varissa.
If any of you want to know more about any of these things i will happily post it.

My overall impression of the AP isn't a good one. While the story was good enough (especially after considering that the adventure was simply a "gather the artifacts" game), the dungeons were, usually, very good as locales, but the encounters were very very bad, they were too many and too easy, a lot of times i found myself wanting to end the campaign and start another that would require less work from me, that's why i ended up making so much changes to the encounters.
What i really enjoyed were all those traps/puzzles that the AP had, especially the part that i was given ways within the systems for the characters to solve if the players couldn't.
The thing that annoyed me the most (and gave me the worst trouble) were the myriad CR=APL-2 or CR=APL-1 or CR=APL encounters that weren't even speed bumps for the characters, just a waste of time for the players. If that is the old school vibe that the AP is supposed to have then i really don't like old school adventures.

Book by book comments::

1st book. Very good story, lot's of RP in the Magnimar, the easy difficulty and annoying part of the book started after the PCs entered the Crow (especially after defeating the tower girls).
2nd book. Great book, great NPCs, great dungeon, MARVELOUS TRAP, i felt that me and my players missed a lot of fun because none of us has (sadly) played/run curse of the crimson throne. The battles with the troglodytes and the boggards were a joke and the same trend was present inside the dungeon as well but not to such degree.
3rd book. This book i really didn't like, don't get me wrong, the part that was in Kaer Maga was truly marvellous and anjoyable, everyone had a lot of fun for everyone, really everything was great but after the PCs enter Karzoug's ancient laboratory the things go south. Somewhere between the boring/joke combats and the weirdest mis-match of monsters i have ever seen, both my players and me nearly lost all interest in this book.
*Special mention* the orrey room was very cool.
4th book. Now this a book we really liked, the story was engaging, the NPCs (both good and evil) were excellent, the (destroyed) abbey and the ancient temple were really fleshed out, the dynamic encounters, my players employing magical means to inflitrate the abbey (they called themselves the prismatic hexagem, from rainbow six) the final battle which i used mostly as-is (i just changed Ardathanatus' spell list and a couple of feats) and finally the horror i saw in my players face when the clippoth lord showed up.
5th book. This a book i didn't like, maybe it's because that neither i nor my players like anything lovecraftian maybe it is because nearly everything in this book was SO EASY... both me and my players were bored out of our minds until we hit the embassy to leng where things, while still easy, finally became interesting. The final boss in particular was a complete joke because apart from the statblock errors (which are somewhat understandable) her whole build was weak, her tactics don't deserve the name (of tactics), her starting position (on the ground) and her inability to be buffed (for story reasons) all lead up to her dying before getting the chance to act, fortunately i managed to make the encounter a fun one for the party, she was a very interesting villan that ended up being less than a footnote in my players' mind because of all the things i mentioned above.
6th book. We ended up enjoying this book but not entirely because of the book itself. First allow me to tell you that the story and everything that happens in this book is very interesting and very good but the encounters are nearly unsalvagalbe. I managed to make the final battle memorable by giving Xin a second life (as suggested by Brandon Hodge in another thread) and having the veiled master appear in the final battle (my changed veiled master, not the weak sause there is in the book).

All in all we enjoyed the AP but not as much as we did JR or RotRL.

All of the PCs were 15 point buy, all of them were average optimized, except the barbarian who was strongly optimized (but not fully) and while i have quite a few house rules (which can be found here) but only the sorcerer benefited from them.

Now the changes i made in each book starting at book 2 after i run the 1st book as-is. I will post the changes in this post and then (since i have most of the changed statblocks) in subsequent posts i will include links with files of the changed statblocks, this might take some time since i have all the changed statblocks in one folder and i would like to group them by book before i post the links.

changes in the Curse of the Lady's Light:

D1 Nabasu (bestiary 1 p.65)
D3 CEUSTODAEMON (bestiary 2 p.65)
D5 no fight
D6 -troglotytes + advanced megatherium (bestiary 2 p.187)

F1 no fight
F3 advanced bogwid
F5 no fight
F6 + 2 giant dire abyssal frog (tome of horrors p.296)
G1 No fight, 2 large chests with treasure containing 2100gp(including the 2 jars found later)
G2 - giant frogs + lunar naga (bestiary 3 p.197)
H + 1 will o wisp (bestiary 1 277)
J + 1 caryatid column (bestiary 3 p.46)

K4 + 4 mimics (bestiary 1 p.206)
K9 + Water Naga (bestiary 3 p.199)
K10 + 1 marble sentinel
K12 + 1 Incubus (bestiary 3 73)
K13 empty
K19 empty

L2 no fight
L4 advanced giant -2 monitor lizards + 2 giant frilled lizards (bestiary 1 p.195)
L5 advanced skavelings
L6 no fight
L8 no fight
L10 + 2 sea hags - 4 fuath gremlins OR +1 cold rider (bestiary 3 p.59)
L13 + 1 grey maiden
L18 + 1 shadow mastiff
L20 + 1 bone golem (bestiary 3 p.133)
L22 + 1 ice golem (bestiary 1 p.162)
L23 + 3 grey maidens
L24 + 6 vampiric mists
L25 + 3 babau

M1 all elementals are large
M2 10 fighter level instead of 8 and +4000gp in gear
M3 +1 juvenile green dragon named Aeteperax and maybe change sorshen's spells a little and +1 wizard level and
+1800gp gear

changes in Asylum Stone:

B5 +1 Kyton
B6 +1 Hound of Tindalos
B7 no combat, RP only
B8 empty
B9 Luonim has invisibility, fly and fire shield cast before combat
B11 empty
B13 Silasni has +3 sorcerer levels
B14 +1 Hydrodaemon
C3 advanced manananggal
C5 +1 advanced wyvern
C11 +1 Mohrg +2 Mummy
C16 +1 Contract Devil

changes in Beyond the Doomsday Door:

A2 +1 redcap
A9 +1 redcap or Roy Flaxbeater +2 rogue levels
A13 +1 Nyogoth qlippoth
A15 +1 Ettin AND no sicken
A20 +1 Mummy
A21 +1 Vrock and Sufestra may come and fight here
B2 Golem not damaged
B4 empty
B6 Replace the 4 Advanced ice golems with 4 bone golems
B10 empty
C2 +2 Nyogoth Qlippoth
C4 +1 advanced shoggti qlippoth
C5 empty
D2 empty
D3 empty
D4 +2 animate dreams AND all are advanced
D5 rebuilt at +2 level with +11000gp
D9 advanced baregara
D11 +advanced devourer
D12 empty
E1 no fight
E4 +1 Greater Shadow
E6 the trap reset's is 1 round
E7 empty
E10 empty
E11 +2 mummy cleric 9
E12 +1 stone golem
E13 Ardathanatus has his new armor and the bogeyman is also here

changes in Into the Nightmare Rift:

B7 -4 Hill Giants + 2 Fire Giant
B8 -4 Hill Giants - 4 Hill Giant Concubines + 2 Fire Giants + 2 Guiltspur Hill Giants
B10 +2 Guiltspur Giants
C1 empty
C4 DC 24 and not 20
C7 1 adult silver dragon and 1 old black dragon
C8 +1 Elder Water Elemental and all are Advanced
C9 +2 Faceless Angels
D2 Advanced Ognathooga
D4 +2 Guiltspur Nagas
D6 +1 Hunt Mistress and both are changed
D9 changed Xaivanshee + 1 Glabrezu
E2 +1 Flying Polyp
E4 no battle, just RP
E7 2 "astral devas" instead of one appear for a fight but only one nalfeshnee emerges
E9 +2 advanced ice devils AND no green slime
F1 empty
F2 empty
F3 no combat, just RP
F6 3 advanced gugs instead of 4 but all of them are barbarian 3
F7 +2 advanced leng spiders
F9 3 advanced moon-beasts instead of 4 but all are cleric 6
F10 slightly changed Cadrilkasta + one mature adult red dragon sorcerer 3 named Loganth lord of fire

changes in Dead Heart of Xin:

This is a weird one because i didn't test the majority of changes because my players were so bored after the first session inside the crystal palace that they asked me to skip most encounters in order to get to the final battle, also they never went to the underwater floor.

event 4 all 3 leviathans are advanced and have 4 level of warrior
event 5 +1 scylla and both of them are advanced
A1 the 3 ogonthunn's guardians are advanced and have 7 level of fighter
A2 these axiomites of Xin are advanced, rogue 10 (instead of 8), start with mage armor active, and have different feats
A3 no battle
A4 +1 living rune
A5 no battle
A6 +2 uber advanced spectres
Ogonthunn is rebuilt
B1 empty
B4 empty
B5 2 shield guardian iron golems instead of one, both are advanced, both are 2 level fighters
C1 the clockwork dragon is advanced and has 2 more hit die
C2 empty
C4 empty
C5 the axiomites of Xin are the same as in room A2, the inevitable is changed to an advanced marut inevitable fighter (weapon master 3)
C7 empty
C9 empty
C10 +1 marut inevitable and they are both the same as in room C5
D1 the bythos aeon is advanced and has 6 sorcerer levels
D2 no battle
D3 no battle
D4 no battle
D5 the two elder crystallis have 7 fighter (weapon master) levels
D6 the iron golem has 3 fighter (weapon master) levels
E4 the axiomites of Xin are the same as those in A2 and the elder crystallis are the same as those in D5, also Xin is revived (2 rounds after he dies) by draining nearly all the remaining power inside the cetrnal palace crystal, also the veiled master (if not dead) comes into the room the round that Xin first dies

As you can see i made A LOT of changes in order to try to make a more challenging game, also because i don't own herolab (i am trying to gather the money now) i made the changes either by hand or in PCGen (a great free open source programm but worse than herolab) and because of that i apologize in advance for any minor mistakes in the changed statblocks (i had to make a few alteration by hand and i might have done some minor mistakes). And that's my biggest gripe with the Shattered Star AP, the reason i buy (and subscribe to) the APs is because i don't have the time to make my own campaign and while i was helped by having the AP volumes i feel that overpaid for them.

Again, anyone who wants to ask questions or discuss the above or anything please do (if you see that i don't answer for some time please PM me so that i do).

Are there any legendary abilities for legendary items other than the 17 (iirc) that are presented in the mythic adventures book?

I need help over here. Im very positive that I once read about a mythic power(or feat etc) that doubled the inspired courage bonuses a bard gives. But as Im looking for it now, i cant find it. Does any of you have read anything similar? Or im just imagining things?

I know it's still a little early but i have to ask:
I am seeing in My Subscriptions page that we are not going to get any AP volumes in July but instead we will get 3 volumes (mummy's mask 5,6 and iron gods 1) on August, is this true?

I am having problems again with the sidecart feature, i don't know why this keep happening to me. The problem is that i don't see a ship with my subscription option in the shipping tab (after i click on the change shipping details).
So can you please move my current shopping cart (pathfinder module J4, pathfinder module W3, pathfinder module J3, pathfinder module J2, pathfinder module W1) to my sidecart?

There is an issue with order 3142445, i am told that there is no paying method for this order. I don't know why it doesn't use the same paying method as my other subscription, also i would like this order (city of secrets #1) to ship with June's AP subscription (mummy's mask 4).

I can't put things in my sidecart, specifically i don't see the ship with my subscription option in the shipping tap of the order.

Does anyone has done any homebrewed modifications on the elemental bodies spells in order to incorporate the new elementals (ice, lightning, magma, mud) from bestiary 2?

When you give a monster (with monster hd) that has SR a few class levels, do those class level hd increase the SR?

I thing about buying some gamemastery modules (now that they are at 2$ a piece) and i would like to know which of them were good ones.
I do not have any real preference but i don't like the following in the modules:
1) Sandbox (kingmaker level)
2) Eastern/asian stuff
3) Too troublesome to convert to pathfinder.

With the above in mind what are your recommendations?

Did the shipping costs increased for standard postal delivery or is the "my subscriptions" page acting up again?

I ask this because i am seeing an increase in April's subscription (7.88$ instead of the usual 6.54$) and i am seeing an even bigger increase in May's subscription (8.22$).

My group is about to finish book 4 and in the time before they start book 5 i want them to meet some of the Sihedron Council. At this point i must say that i have changed the council (since the players aren't pathfinders) and am trying to make up another. I have already included an ambassador from Cheliax and have introduced him to them.

Now i need to make a representative from Korvosa (remember Curse of the Crimson Throne has happened), from Riddleport and from the sky citadel Janderhoff, in addition 1 or 2 of them should be spellcasters (because the sihedron ritual needs spellcasters).
Does anyone know any book(s) that have characters i can use in the above roles? If not do you have characters and NPCs of your own that i can use for the above roles?

My players found a philosopher's stone, but i can't find price for lead anywhere.
Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Here's my issue:
The shard of envy gives (along other things) a +1 insight bonus to AC, and the ioun stone needed to stop it's curse is a dusty rose prism, which gives a +1 insight bonus to AC. The bonuses don't stack, so what did you do?
Do you let it stack?
Do you leave it as it is and have the shard envy don't give the PCs a benefit?

How do i adjust the encumbrance table for a tiny flying creature (both while flying and while not if there is a difference)?

I am thinking of buying the sorshen mini of the shattered star pathfinder battles line (through ebay since i can't for the life of me find a EU miniature store) since i am running Shattered Star and one of my players triggered THAT TRAP.
My issue is that some of the photos i have seen (although low res and blurry) show the mini really really bad, so to those of you who have it, is it good to look at or not?

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