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So, what's the secret on this one? Was it passed over back in March? Or should the date be March 2019?

Almonihah wrote:
I suspect they're hard at work on things, and we're going to see some strange behavior while they're at it.

I have far better things to do than keep hoping today would be any better. So I'm out for, I don't know, a week maybe? Two weeks? Three weeks?

Maybe we could all receive a complimentary notice when this site is back and resembling a workable representation of the way it used to work.

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I just bumped my computer out of an approximate 3 hour sleep mode and opened a new browser session and bingo, didn't have to log back in!


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Not sure if anyone has reported this one.

Something as simple as closing my browser and then reopening a new browser instance and having to log back in to my account. Previously you were automatically logged back in.

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David Bowie's Blackstar album on continuous loop all night.

Congratulations, Nick!

You don't know me and we've never met but I -did- teach you everything you know.

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Makes you appreciate what Paizo has provided and maintained for us right here.

Alright, so here we are a grand total of 8 months later and the RPG Superstar Season 9 contest has ground this site to a snail's pace. Yes, I was informed about it the first time and understood. But now, 8 months later, I can't even navigate 2-3 pages any shorter than 2-3 minutes wait.

Could there seriously not have been an improvement by now? Better yet, and coming from a continued loyal Paizo consumer, just tell me when all the voting is over so I can come back and actually get somewhere on this site.


Thank you.

I will be back the date that is given. Until then, enjoy!

Knitifine wrote:
Slamy Mcbiteo wrote:
Why would you need a second edition? They have updated rules several times in the several printings plus they just add unchained. The system is complete and flexible so it would make no sense.
Profit. Money. And also flaws in the system that need to be fixed (I don't think anyone around believes Pathfinder is a flawless game).

I don't care what game you find out there to play, none of them, not a single one, is flawless.

Perhaps we should all forget the Advanced Class Guide exists?

Huzzah! Less skin adds more character. She is legit on that merit and I have yet to read her story.

From personal experience (and yes I was forever banned from playing a kender ever again) comes . . .

88. Playing as a kender with the kender voice, mannerisms and etc. Let's just say I went full-Wanderlust on the poor group.

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I personally want Iron Gods!

Um, yeah . . .

No need for me to read this thread. I'll just wait for the OFFICIAL announcement and in the meanwhile do something WORTHWHILE.


This is 2015, not 1984. The industry is changed and the people are changed. We go about purchases completely differently today. In 1984, we couldn't buy products from an online store. I had to get my old man to take me around town to find all the game books I wanted.

Unless you're a Pathfinder Society gamer or Adventurer's League gamer or is an old soul like me who enjoys visiting the local game store to play, today's rpgs are bought online. Fewer people at Cons? Well, sure, ok. But, again, this is 2015 and kids today have so many more entertainment options than 1984.

It is that simple. You can't state empty shelves are a death knell. It holds absolutely NO foundation.

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Forever Slayer wrote:
Ron Lundeen wrote:

On the most recent earning's call, Hasbro's CEO acknowledged that its games were overall on an upswing, and singled out Dungeons and Dragons in particular as doing well.

In all, D&D sales probably contribute an amount not much more than a balance sheet rounding error to Hasbro, but the CEO calling it out seems a good sign for the game.

It's a brand new edition what did he expect? All the new editions of D&D come flying out of the gates and 5th edition is no different.


It's going on 10 months since 5E has been in circulation. It better be in an upswing. The initial release has set the standard for the quarterly reports from here on out. Once it hits it's 12 month cycle, that is when the true numbers REALLY matter. It is called sustainability and we are coming closer to see where 5E will be once the first 12 months is complete.

THAT will determine where 5E will trend, not by some random earning's call. The quarterlies always determine upswings and downswings, not a random earnings call.

And plus, the scant release schedule will be difficult to sustain this 'upswing' as fewer releases are even scheduled. So many people purchase the 3 main sourcebooks and when all they're releasing are, and I quote according to their Hasbro branding guy (I forget his name) - maybe 2 - 3 'stories' per year. Plus, they will be 'listening' to the players to see what the 'players' want. I read that as so freaking non-commital which means, at least to me, they have no bleeping clue.

Material only becomes obsolete as long as you allow it to become obsolete.

So let's say Paizo moves on to a completely new system and realistically leaves the Pathfinder rules set in the dust. There would be no call for existing PFRPG content in the new edition. New edition, new rules set, new world ... everything is new. And yes, I realize Paizo would NOT do this to us but let's be able to consider the option, shall we?

This is perfectly exampled by the those dumb people (and that's not what I really wanted to call them) over at Wizards of the Coast by moving from 3.5 - 4.0.

Just as we all can play any edtion of D&D, why can we not play the current PFRPG even once Paizo moves to a completely new system editon, new rules set, new world .... new everything? The only person stopping you is ... you.

Now don't get me wrong ... I don't want them to do this at all. I want to be able to continue using all the PFRPG books I've amassed. But it would be the same as the above people stating the obvious fact we can play any D&D edition. For me, personally, I made the decision before buying into the PFRPG that I would still play the game even if/when a new edition was released. I accept change because it is necessary.

For me, I hold Paizo to a much higher standard than WotC because they've earned it in my book. I'm sure most all of you here do so, as well. So I'm confident they will handle a transition in a respectful and honorable fashion. But to be honest, it does concern me because, as we have seen with WotC, a company can and will do just about anything.

Hopefully the world just got trolled!

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I'll gladly carry around my iPad with all my RPG's and enjoy it.

Garrett Guillotte wrote:
Mark Seifter wrote:
Extra fun trivia: The picture that isn't the flumph is Kyra
That's Kyra? Her skin tone seems to have changed considerably from both her standard iconic portrait and mythic form. Who's the artist?

I agree. The skin tone is way too dark to be Kyra.

I invested in Pathfinder for the long haul. Continue as is, step on the PF2.0 or a completely new rules set, I will still continue running and playing the game. I will continue to invest in Paizo in whichever direction they go.

And also . . .

At some point, Paizo may simply be ready for something new.

I realize they listen to us and really take care of us; however, there may just come a point where they want to step past what they have so lovingly created for us all and go a different direction.

I'm normally all over the typo so forgive me. I was far too busy staring at Seoni to worry about her "sorted past".

To state my opinion flatly, I don't understand why people feel pressured or the desire to completely ditch a previous version of any RPG just because a new version is forthcoming.

Sure, the number of people will dwindle when comparing 4e to 5e, for example. Same could/would be said for PF2.0. However, all that matters is the group you have put together. All you ever have to do is appeal to a DM plus 3-5 players. You don't have to be one in a pool of thousands that still play 4e. All that matters is what you and your group is doing.

I, for one, will be playing all D&D editions and Pathfinder editions because that's what I want to play. So many fanboys always have to have the newest, shiny and most up-to-date rules sets and at the same time tossing aside everything before it to the point it really has driven me away from including those people in my groups.

Should Paizo bring about PF2.0 I will be ready to invest. I will still continue my PF campaigns as they are while starting up brand new PF2.0 campaigns.

Not everyone of us will move on and only play the latest and greatest. Afterall, while it would be the latest, a new edition of any rules set may not necessarily be the greatest.

nighttree wrote:
Dragon78 wrote:

Is she a mutant hill giant or some other kind of template?

She sure does look like something else is going on...the face looks....strange....

Her dark brownish teeth make me shiver in delight beneath the pale moon light.

Can we have a redo of the Clockwork Golem? It doesn't work for me at all.

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TheMetal1 wrote:


If you could post the link to the discussion where Paizo said that they were not planning on releasing older AP Pawn sets that would be greatly appreciated.

@Juda de Kerioth

I've been hoping that they'll make Pawn sets for the OOP adventure Paths as well. Kingmaker has been one I'd like to see personally.

Paizo Pawn Development Team:

Thanks for making these a huge help when I game face to face and the price point is great. I have most of the Big Box sets (save the Inner Sea). One suggestion, if you are not planning on going retroactively back to make Pawns for old APs

For your consideration...Would you make a Big Box for all the Old APs? Kind of Classic Adventure Path Pawn Set? An individual set for an one AP might that is OOP might not sell well, but a group of 4 (or so) collected might be just the right thing.

I would definitely be interested in buying an all-for-one release of collected older APs. Love the idea and would definitely purchase in a Big Box format.

Great idea TheMetal1 !

Don't believe anyone has p[ointed this out yet but the description says it is for 11th level characters while the module cover says for 12th level characters.

Which is it?

I would go by the cover and assume for 12th level characters and a silly person wrote the wrong level in the description. I demand to know the culprit! ;)

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I have to say Imrijka has always looked the best to me as far as all Iconics are concerned. Now, Quinn is especially cool; but in the end, Imrijka still wins as my favorite piece of art.

Great job on her, Wayne!

So my question is . . . how do I go about asking her out on a date? You know, dinner and a movie. Maybe bring her to meet the parents and such like family and friends.

I suppose you would have to give your blessing on such a matter, correct?

Just refer to me as Curious in Charlotte . . . :)

So much awesome I can barely contain my joy!

This may be ackward but I'll say it anyway. I love you, John Compton!

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Coming from the perspective as someone who has yet to play a single PFS session this is perfect. It is my way in and yes, eventually I will move on from Core and utilize all the books available for PFS play.

For someone like me just starting, I don't want to have to endure the icy glares I've seen from the maxed players who look down on those who aren't 'up to their snuff'. Quite frankly it has turned me off to the potential experience of even playing PFS.

Now, I can sit at a Core table and actually enjoy myself before it even starts. The arrogance I have witnessed, albeit not all the time, has set me off. That is simply a product of the GM not controlling the sessions that I have stood and watched firsthand as I was trying to get a sense of what it would be like. But it also is directly on the shoulders of those players who are not providing a very conducive environment to the veterans or newcomers alike.

And besides, if Core isn't your thing then why worry about it? Others like me can step in too, that isn't bad, is it? If this is a way to bring back folks how is that a bad thing?

Just my $0.02.

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I'm still relatively new to Pathfinder as a whole and this allows me a way to get into Pathfinder Society play as a Core player and ease into all available options.

Thank you!

Cort Odekirk wrote:

Hey Vhayhen, I understand your frustration when the site does not respond as quickly as you would like. In this particular case it is because of the voting in RPG Superstar, an event that encourages a high degree of participation and voting is great for the participants, but can be a little rocky on the servers.

We have longer range projects we have already begun to disentangle the site components and create more resilience and dependability. However, one of the downsides of doing things the correct way is that you have to spend the time required to do it right; particularly when you don't have legions of developers to dedicate to the task. Our team is small but determined!

So can I tell you the site will be 99.9999 next month or even next quarter? No, but I can tell you we're making steps in that direction (which unfortunately require those very downtimes that can be so annoying) and that making this site more reliable and a better resource for our players is absolutely one of our highest goals.

Very good. Very good, indeed.

I'm relatively new to Pathfinder as of this past Spring. I had no idea the RPG Superstar event would cause the servers to be rocky. I greatly appreciate the response and much luck with your work being efficient and on the mark.

I also didn't want anyone to think I was pointing fingers at anyone not doing their job(s) right. Was simply confused and more concerned.

Now, I will carry on with my perusal and know the site isn't about to implode.

Thank you!

I'm a devoted purchaser of Pathfinder and will continue giving them my hard earned money for the products they develop.

But - and there is always a but - I'm becoming overly concerned about the site outages that have been happening. Now, I'm not talking about weather outage threats such as last week. I'm also not talking about maintenance. Such things are required, afterall.

No, I'm talking about being able to pull up the Paizo website to peruse and see what all is here that I haven't purchased yet. It's becoming expected at this point to see the wheels keep churning away on my browser then 10 secs or so later it is still churning away and/or eventually displaying no more than a blank white page.

This is something that really has to be addressed, guys. I have the patience to wait, sure, but it's not very convenient for us all. I'm growing more impatient with this as the days go by.
I purchased Lost Treasures, Giant Hunter's Handbook and Pirate's Promise a couple days ago and it took me more than a 25 minute roundtrip to get my pdf's downloaded.

And if this is in the wrong place do please move it. This is the first thread I've started here, so you know.

Duncan7291 wrote:

I'm concerned about the introduction of new classes so soon after the release of the ACG. I'm concerned that Pathfinder is become bloated and creating such a load of information that new players or GM's may feel the learning curve is too high to become vested in this system.

What are yall's thoughts? (Note: I'm not complaining just to complain, this is a real concern of mine and I would appreciate some honest discourse on the subject.)

Not concerned at all. Only the material the GM wants to use in his/her campaign should be made available. It is all about the GM easing new players into the system rather than allowing an 'open content' approach and basically telling players 'have at it what you will'.

Just because there are so many much information to use, that doesn't mean it has to be used. It should always be at the discretion of the GM/players.

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Star Trek has always appealed to me more than Star Wars. And no, J.J. Abrams did no justice whatsoever to Khan. He butchered it, really. I do watch Star Wars but not with the same anticipation as Star Trek.

His mind is a wonderful thing but I agree with your assessment that less is more. To answer your question, yes, the new lightsaber's crossguard is stupid. Grey said it best and no need to repeat what he said.

I have nothing against Dreamscarred Press but I will stay in-house and use Paizo's content. This has always been my direction when GMing. All my players know we only use Paizo products for my Pathfinder plus Homebrews. It simply keeps everything so streamlined and straightforward. There will never be any potential headaches from 3rd party products.

equinoxmaster wrote:
My DM just told me that WOTC is re-releasing planescape for 5e which made me so happy!!!! I will answer questions about it because I know all about the re-release

Be very careful about what information you get from someone who spoke/was told by WotC. Wizards has a bad reputation about such crap.

It's one thing to hear they plan on doing something for a setting. It's a completely different thing, however, when they say the work is being done.

So, if I were you, take it with a grain of salt because, in the end, the source material comes from WotC. And it becomes no matter at all who the middle guy is, in this case, your DM.

Michael Gentry wrote:

My entire library of Pathfinder material is PDFs. I extract the images, and import the maps into a virtual tabletop; drop pics of major NPCs and monsters into a folder so I can put them up on the big screen TV during the session; use the decorative page borders and fonts to create handouts; print out pages, chop them up, put them in a 3-ring-binder interleaved with my own notes and any relevant chapters from setting books.

When I want to read them, I load them onto a tablet.

Pretty much the best GMing setup I've had in 30 years of gaming.

This is what I will be doing soon enough. I have all Pathfinder as PDF's and carry my iPad around everywhere with me already. So it is convenient and makes me very mobile.

Michael, you're all in on this and that's the way I will be as soon as I gather a group together and start GM'ing.

Mike Selinker wrote:
I haven't got choc-ices! I only got the Owlbeartross.

I had not seen that in quite a while. Thank you for posting it. Still plenty of laughs!

. . .

. . .

. . .


I balked at starting to buy some miniatures sets months ago. Now that WizKids really shows they care about the quality I will look into those purchases now. And that will also include future ones, too.

Oh man, you pushed the pdf back a week to October 1! Why you do this to me? I want it and I want it on Wednesday!

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Joana wrote:
Its almost like they can read the history of TSR and not make similar mistakes.

I absolutely agree. Paizo are some seriously bright and intuitive people, I trust them not to make the same mistakes as TSR and WotC.

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VigorBird wrote:
Now that D&D 5e came out with their free PDF rulebook and is a success, what is Paizo going to do about it? Are they gonna make a free PDF to headbutt WotC? I think it would be a great idea and it would definitely be easy to get more people into Pathfinder. People love free stuff.

A reaction to another company's release(s) is not good business for said reactionary company. Paizo is doing fine the way they are. To be successful, Paizo should keep doing what they're doing and not be concerned with any other company.

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OK, so after reading halfway through this thread I've noticed something. I'm not going to get into a debate because, in particular, and who will remain nameless, -coughcough- , Scott Betts, I won't be put to task and go round and round because your brain can't seem to register we have a voice that will not be walked over by your inconsistent and belittling tone. You're like a playground bully who won't take an opposing logical voice and let it stand. To the contrary, yours is the right one and all others are at fault. You are faulty. Hit your reset button, dude, and listen for a change.

Therefore, all I will say is that I don't trust WotC, not one bit. I may try 5th edition, I admitted as much a couple days ago. However, that doesn't mean I'll pay out hundreds and hundreds of dollars for the next, let's say, 6-8 years then push the reset button and have to do it all over again. I despise the 4e debacle and I especially loathe WotC by pulling PDF's. You see, I don't collect physical copies any longer. I use my iPad and store PDF's of so many different game systems in order to be remotely active and unencumbered. Yes, I was screwed over by WotC, regardless of what DTRPG said about availability. It is all summed up by this: THERE WAS NO FAIR NOTICE OF PULLING PDF ACCESS.

So this is why I'm with Paizo. I see the care and trust-building with these people. My trust, regardless of positive or negative, and also in whom that trust lies with or against, is not anyone else's business to dissect and be considered logical. Voicing our response to the OP is the point, not to be taken to task and made to seem faulty in where OUR trust resides.

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I'll be honest and say I've lightly skimmed over the 5th edition basic rules. My take is when WotC delivers a system solely for less 'rules bloat' that is the wrong approach. Who says rules bloat is a bad thing? Who says rules light is a good thing? It's all relative to us, the consumers. I honestly prefer as many options as possible and Pathfinder has so many already and more coming out.

Seems to me 5th edition is nothing but a mash-up between editions for the sake of mashing them up just for something different and they can put new artwork and call it brand new. If I want a mash-up I could have tweaked 3.5 and 2nd editions together on my own, I don't need a new edition from WotC. So in another 6 years they'll most likely start winding down 5th edition and start up designs and release 6th edition for the bloody sake of doing it all over again.

All that said, I enjoy many different systems. I may just try 5th edition and get hooked, you never know. I do know I'll be playing Pathfinder for a loooong time.

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You know, I've had the Rise of the Runelords case bundle plus the rune giant mini in my shopping cart for about a week and nearly spent the $600+ for it all. But that quality assurance gnome sitting on my shoulder where he always does told me to look around the forums to see what you fine folks have shared about the quality of them.

Right now, I'm glad I didn't buy them. I'm going to remove them from my cart and consider the pawns or another alternative. I love minis but will NOT spend my money for the quality of these things.

So, thank you all for bringing up the quality so I can be informed. I always do my due diligence and here it paid off.

Meh. WotC is dead to me.

I'll admit that I'm a huge Dragonlance fan. I was introduced to the setting way back in the early 80's with a friend showing me all the DL modules. I bought the novels and fell in love with the setting. Although Sovereign Press produced excellent products and I'm thankful for all of them, it's the continued effort of WotC to push aside Dragonlance support. If there is no Dragonlance support, frankly, I choose not to support WotC. WotC torched my interest in their products and haven't purchased a single item from them since 2006.

I see this trend continuing. I will buy specific Dragonlance material such as D&D Classics pdf's of old content, for example, plus new 5E if produced, but otherwise, not interested. I'll pass even as good as the game may be. I've heard good things about the rules from a gamer friend but refused to look at the rules.

So, in closing, I will say . . . thank the heavens for Pathfinder! My game of choice far into the future.